On this Day in History ... 04 October

04 Oct is in October.

1190 Richard I Takes Messina

1361 Plague Outbreak

1665 Great Plague of London

1693 Battle of Marsaglia

In 1043 Coventry Priory was founded by Leofric Earldorman Mercia and Godgifu aka Lady Godiva. It was consecrated on 04 Oct 1043 by Archbishop Eadsige. Among the witnesses to this foundation charter were Edward the Confessor (age 40), the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishops of Worcester and Lichfield, the abbots of Winchcombe and Pershore, and the earls Godwin (age 42), Harold (age 21), Siward (age 33), and Ordgar.

Richard I Takes Messina

On 04 Oct 1190 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 33) attacked and captured Messina.

On 04 Oct 1274 Rudolf Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria was born to Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria (age 45) and Matilda Habsburg Duchess Bavaria (age 21). He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 04 Oct 1289 Louis X King France I Navarre was born to Philip "The Fair" IV King France (age 21) and Joan Blois I Queen Navarre (age 16). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.10%.

On 04 Oct 1290 John Dampierre Bishop Metz Bishop Liège (age 40) died.

Around 04 Oct 1300 John Wake 1st Baron Wake of Liddell (age 32) died. His son Thomas Wake 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell (age 3) succeeded 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell.

On 04 Oct 1301 Thomas Monthermer 2nd Baron Monthermer was born to Ralph Monthermer 1st Baron Monthermer (age 31) and Joan of Acre Countess Gloucester and Hertford (age 29) at Ham Stoke, Wiltshire. He a grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 04 Oct 1305 Dietrich Cleves VII Count Cleves (age 49) died. His son Otto Cleves Count Cleves (age 27) succeeded Count Cleves.

On 04 Oct 1306 John Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Somerset was born to John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset (age 32) and Joan Cheduit Baroness Beauchamp Somerset at Stoke sub Hambdon.

On 04 Oct 1325 John Segrave 2nd Baron Segrave (age 69) died at Chacombe Priory [Map]. His son Stephen Segrave 3rd Baron Segrave (age 40) succeeded 3rd Baron Segrave 1C 1283.

On 04 Oct 1331 James Butler 2nd Earl Ormonde was born to James Butler 1st Earl Ormonde (age 26) and Eleanor Bohun Countess Ormonde (age 26). He a great grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

1361 Plague Outbreak

Before 04 Oct 1379 John I King Castile (age 21) and Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Castile (age 21) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Castile. She the daughter of Peter IV King Aragon (age 60) and Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Aragon. He the son of Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile and Juana Manuel. They were third cousin once removed.

On 04 Oct 1379 Henry III King Castile was born to John I King Castile (age 21) and Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Castile (age 21) at Burgos.

On 04 Oct 1437 John Wittelsbach IV Duke Bavaria was born to Albert Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria (age 36) and Anna Brunswick Grubenhagen Duchess Bavaria (age 23).

Chronicle of Gregory 1445. 04 Oct 1445. Ande that same yere there was a pechyng i-made uppon the Erle of Ormounde (age 52) by the pryour of Kylmayn (age 24)1 for certayne poyntys of treson, the whyche was takyn in to the kyngys grace, where uppon hyt lykyd oure soverayne lorde (age 23) to graunte a generalle pardon unto the sayde Erle (age 52). But nevyrtheles the sayde pryour (age 24) appayryde in Smethefylde [Map] the iiij day of the monythe of October, as hyt was apoyntyde, fulle clenly harnyssyd, redy whythe alle hys fetys and whythe alle hys wepyns, kepynge the fylde tylle hyghe none.

Note 1. Thomas Fitzgerald (age 24) grandson of Thomas Earl of Kildare, was at this time Prior of the Knights of St. John at Kilmainham in Ireland.

On 04 Oct 1497 King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 40) received the surrender of the Cornish Army at Taunton, Somerset [Map].

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

On 04 Oct 1570 Henry 1st Duke Guise (age 19) and Catherine of Cleves (age 22) were married. He the son of Francis II Duke Guise and Anna d'Este (age 38). They were second cousins.


On 04 Oct 1581 Henry Wriothesley 2nd Earl of Southampton (age 36) died. His son Henry Wriothesley 3rd Earl of Southampton (age 7) succeeded 3rd Earl of Southampton 2C 1547. His wardship was sold by the Queen to her kinsman, Charles, Lord Howard of Effingham (age 45), for £1000. Howard then transferred his wardship to William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley (age 61).NOTEXT

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On 04 Oct 1637 John Holles 1st Earl Clare (age 73) died. He was buried at St Mary's Church Nottingham. His son John Holles 2nd Earl Clare (age 42) succeeded 2nd Earl Clare 1C 1624.

On 04 Oct 1643 Edward Ford (age 38) was knighted by King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 42) at Oxford [Map].

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On 04 Oct 1655 Nicholas Knollys 3rd Earl Banbury (age 24) and Anne or Abigail Sherard (age 22) were married. He the son of William Knollys 1st Earl Banbury and Elizabeth Howard Countess Banbury (age 72).NOTEXT

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 04 Oct 1665. This night comes Sir George Smith to see me at the office, and tells me how the plague is decreased this week 740, for which God be praised! but that it encreases at our end of the town still, and says how all the towne is full of Captain Cocke's (age 48) being in some ill condition about prize-goods, his goods being taken from him, and I know not what. But though this troubles me to have it said, and that it is likely to be a business in Parliament, yet I am not much concerned at it, because yet I believe this newes is all false, for he would have wrote to me sure about it.

On 04 Oct 1679 Richard Byron 2nd Baron Byron (age 73) died at Rochdale. His son William Byron 3rd Baron Byron (age 43) succeeded 3rd Baron Byron of Rochdale in Lancashire.

On 04 Oct 1692 Francis Willoughby 2nd Baron Middleton was born to Thomas Willoughby 1st Baron Middleton (age 20) and Elizabeth Rothwell Baroness Willoughby Broke Baroness Middleton.

Battle of Marsaglia

On 04 Oct 1693 Charles Schomberg 2nd Duke Schomberg (age 48) fought for Spain and Savoy at Marsaglia during the Battle of Marsaglia: Spain and Savoy.

On 04 Oct 1743 John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll (age 62) died. His brother Archibald Campbell 3rd Duke Argyll (age 61) succeeded 3rd Duke Argyll.

PAINTINGS/AIKMAN/John_Campbell.jpg PAINTINGS/RAMSAY/Archibald_Campbell.jpg

On 04 Oct 1763 William Kerr 6th Marquess Lothian was born to William John Kerr 5th Marquess Lothian (age 26) and Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian (age 18).


On 04 Oct 1815 Caroline Anne Julie Campbell died. Monument in St Oswald's Church, Malpas [Map]. Sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 40).

Caroline Anne Julie Campbell: She was born to Colin Campbell. On 20 Oct 1812 George Cholmondeley 2nd Marquess Cholmondeley (age 20) and she were married at Gibraltar. He the son of George Cholmondeley 1st Marquess Cholmondeley (age 63) and Georgina Charlotte Bertie Marchioness Cholmondeley (age 51).

On 04 Oct 1828 Thomas Hanmer 2nd Baronet (age 81) died. His son John Hamner 1st Baron Hamner (age 18) succeeded 3rd Baronet Hamner of Hamner in Flintshire 2C 1774.

On 04 Oct 1849 John George Brabazon Ponsonby 5th Earl Bessborough (age 39) and Caroline Amelia Gordon-Lennox Countess Bessborough (age 30) were married. She by marriage Countess Bessborough. She the daughter of Charles Gordon-Lennox 5th Duke Richmond (age 58) and Caroline Paget Duchess Richmond (age 53). He the son of John Ponsonby 4th Earl Bessborough and Maria Fane. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 04 Oct 1858 John Lubbock 2nd Baron Avebury was born to John Lubbock 1st Baron Avebury (age 24) and Ellen Frances Horden Lady Lubbock.

PAINTINGS/HERKOMMER/John_Lubbock_1st_Baron_Avebury_1834_1913.jpg PAINTINGS/COLLIER/John_Lubbock.jpg

On 04 Oct 1861 Archibald William Montgomerie 13th Earl Eglinton (age 49) died.

On 04 Oct 1864 Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton 1st Earl (age 32) and Edith Villiers Countess Lytton (age 23) were married.

PAINTINGS/MILLAIS/Earl_Lytton.jpg PAINTINGS/WATTS/Edith_Villiers.jpg

On 04 Oct 1870 Clotworthy Skeffington 11th Viscount Massereene, 5th Viscount Ferrard (age 27) and Florence Elizabeth Whyte-Melville Viscountess Massereene and Ferrard were married.

On 04 Oct 1883 Ernest William Becket 2nd Baron Grimthorpe (age 26) and Lucy Tracy Lee were married.

On 04 Oct 1933 John Verney 28th Baron Latimer 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke (age 37) and Rachel Wrey Baroness Latimer and Willoughby were married. She by marriage Baroness Latimer of Corby, Baroness Willoughby Broke.

On 04 Oct 1957 Clarence Bruce 3rd Baron Aberdare (age 72) died in a car accident. He and his wife Griselda Hervey Baroness Aberdare were returning from Yugoslavia where he had attended the 53rd Session of the International Olympic Committe in Sofia, as part of their honeymoon. Their car left the road near Risan and fell into the sea. He was drowned, his wife injured.

Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce 4th Baron Aberdare (age 38) succeeded 4th Baron Aberdare of Duffryn in Glamorganshire.

On 04 Oct 1973 Walter Scott 8th Duke Buccleuch 10th Duke Queensberry (age 78) died. His son Walter Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott 9th Duke Buccleuch 11th Duke Queensberry (age 50) succeeded 9th Duke Buccleuch, 11th Duke Queensberry, 9th Earl Doncaster, 9th Baron Scott of Tynedale. Jane McNeill Duchess of Buccleuch (age 43) by marriage Duchess Buccleuch.