On this Day in History ... 05 August

05 Aug is in August.

641 Battle of Maserfield

1100 Coronation of Henry I

1305 Capture of William Wallace

1388 Battle of Otterburn

1415 Southampton Plot

1554 Creation of Garter Knights

1600 Gowrie Conspiracy

Battle of Maserfield

On 05 Aug 641 (or 642 or 644 depending on the source) King Penda of Mercia Mercian and Welsh army defeated the Northumbrian army at the Battle of Maserfield. The battle is believed to have taken place at Oswestry. Northumbria was once again separated into two kingdoms.

King Oswald of Northumberland (age 37) was killed. His body was subsequently dismembered with his head and arms mounted on poles. His brother King Oswiu of Northumbria (age 29) succeeded King Bernicia. Rhiainfellt Rheged Queen Consort Bernicia by marriage Queen Consort Bernicia.

Osric King Deira was killed. His son King Oswine of Deira succeeded King Deira.

Eowa King Mercia was killed (probably).

On 05 Aug 882 Louis III King West Francia (age 19) died.

On 05 Aug 890 Ranulf II Duke Aquitaine (age 40) died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1063. This year went Earl Harold (age 41), after mid-winter, from Gloucester to Rhyddlan; which belonged to Griffin: and that habitation he burned, with his ships and all the rigging belonging thereto; and put him to flight. Then in the gang-days went Harold with his ships from Bristol about Wales; where he made a truce with the people, and they gave him hostages. Tosty (age 37) meanwhile advanced with a land-force against them, and plundered the land. But in the harvest of the same year was King Griffin slain, on the nones of August, by his own men, through the war that he waged with Earl Harold (age 41). He was king over all the Welsh nation. And his head was brought to Earl Harold (age 41); who sent it to the king (age 60), with his ship's head, and the rigging therewith. King Edward (age 60) committed the land to his two brothers, Blethgent (age 50) and Rigwatle; who swore oaths, and gave hostages to the king and to the earl, that they would be faithful to him in all things, ready to aid him everywhere by water and land, and would pay him such tribute from the land as was paid long before to other kings.

On 05 Aug 1064 Gruffydd ap Llywelyn King Wales was killed. The Ulster Chronicle states that he was killed by Cynan ab Iago King Gwynedd in 1064, whose father Iago had been put to death by Gruffydd in 1039.

John of Worcester. 05 Aug 1064. Griffyth, king of Wales, was slain by his own people, on the nones [the 5th] of August, and his head and the beak of his ship, with its ornaments, were sent to earl Harold (age 42), who, shortly afterwards, presented them to king Edward (age 61). The king then gave the territories of the Welsh king to his brothers Blethgent (age 51) and Rithwalon77, and they swore to be faithful to him and Harold (age 42), and promised to be ready to obey their orders by sea and land, and that they would faithfully pay whatever was paid before from that country to former kings.

Note 77. Blethyn and Rhywallon, princes of North Wales and Powis, 1060—1066.

Coronation of Henry I

On 05 Aug 1103 William Adelin Normandy Duke Normandy was born to King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 35) and Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Queen Consort England (age 23). The name Adelin an Anglo-Saxon term meaning Noble, or Prince, reflecting his mother's descent from the House of Wessex (her mother was Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland ).

On 21 Aug 1148 William II Count Nevers died. Possibly 05 Aug 1089.

On 05 Aug 1157 Dirk Gerulfing VI Count Holland (age 43) died. His son Floris Gerulfing III Count Holland (age 16) succeeded III Count Holland.

On 05 Aug 1223 Hugh Despencer was born to Hugh Despencer (age 26) at Loughborough.

Capture of William Wallace

On 05 Aug 1305 William Wallace was handed over to the English forces by John Menteith (age 30) at Robroyston, Glasgow.

Battle of Otterburn

On either 05 Aug 1388 or 19 Aug 1388 a Scottish army commanded by John Swinton defeated an English army commanded by Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) during the Battle of Otterburn at Otterburn [Map]. Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) and his brother Ralph Percy (age 29) were captured as was Matthew Redman (age 60). The English suffered 1000 killed, 2000 captured. The Scottish 100 killed, 200 captured.

On the Scottish side James Douglas 2nd Earl Douglas (age 30) was killed. His sister Isabel Douglas Countess Mar (age 28) succeeded Countess Mar.

John Dunbar 1st Earl Moray (age 46) fought.

Froissart. 05 Aug 1388 or 19 Aug 1388. There began a cruel battle and at the first encounter many were overthrown of both parties; and because the Englishmen were a great number and greatly desired to vanguish their enemies, and rested 1 and greatly did put aback the Scots, so that the Scots were near discomfited. Then the earl James Douglas, who was young and strong and of great desire to get praise and grace, and was willing to deserve to have it, and cared for no pain nor travail, came forth with his banner and cried, 'Douglas, Douglas!' and sir Henry Percy and sir Ralph his brother, who had great indignation against the earl Douglas because he had won the pennon of their arms at the barriers before Newcastle, came to that part and cried, 'Percy!' Their two banners met and their men: there was a sore fight: the Englishmen were so strong and fought so valiantly that they reculed the Scots back. There were two valiant knights of Scots under the banner of the earl Douglas, called sir Patrick of Hepbourn and sir Patrick his son. They acquitted themselves that day valiantly: the earl's banner had been won, an they had not been: they defended it so valiantly and in the rescuing thereof did such feats of arms, that it was greatly to their recommendation and to their heirs' for ever after.

Note 1. In French, 'ilz se arresterent,' without 'and.'

Southampton Plot

On 05 Aug 1415 two executions of those involved in the Southampton Plot took place at the North Gate aka Bargate [Map]:

Richard of Conisbrough 1st Earl Cambridge (age 30) was beheaded. His son Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke York (age 3) succeeded 2nd Earl Cambridge 3C 1414.

Henry Scrope 3rd Baron Scrope Masham (age 42) was beheaded. His brother John Scrope 4th Baron Scrope Masham (age 27) succeeded 4th Baron Scrope Masham.

Around 05 Aug 1469 King Edward IV of England (age 27) was imprisoned at Warwick Castle [Map].

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Aug 1553. And the Qwene (age 37) grace mad ser Edward Hastyngs (age 32) master of the horse, and ser Thomas Jernyngham [Note. Mistake for Henry made before.] vysse-chamburlayne and captayn of the gard, and master Rochastur (age 59) master controller; my lord marqwes of Wynchaster (age 70) lord tresorer of England, and dyvers odur offeserse, and dyvers odur.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Aug 1553. [The Queen (age 37) released from prison the lord Courtenay (age 26), soon after created earl] of Denshyre, and odur moo.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Edward_Courtenay.jpg

1554 Creation of Garter Knights

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 05 Aug 1554. Sundaye 5 August the King (age 27) was stalled in Windsore of the noble order of the Garter, and there kept St. George's feast in his royall estate himselfe; where was kept a great feast. And the Earle of Sussex (age 47) was made knight of the Garter at that tyme allso.


Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Aug 1559. The v day of August the Quen('s) (age 25) grace removyd from Eltham [Map] unto Non-shyche [Map], my lord of Arundell('s) (age 47), and ther her grace had as gret cher evere nyght, and bankettes [banquets]; but the sonday at nyght my lord of Arundell('s) howse mad her a grett bankett [banquet] at ys cost, the wyche kyng Henry the viij byldyd, as ever was sene, for soper, bankett, and maske, with drumes and flutes, and all the mysyke that cold be, tyll mydnyght; and as for chere has nott bene sene nor hard. [On monday] the Quen('s) grace stod at her standyng [in the further park,] and ther was corse [coursing] after; and at nyght the Quen .... and a play of the chylderyn of Powlles and ther master Se[bastian], master Phelypes, and master Haywod, and after a grett bankett as [ever was s[ene, with drumes and flutes, and the goodly banketts [of dishes] costely as ever was sene and gyldyd, tyll iij in mornyng; and ther was skallyng of yonge lordes and knyghtes of the ....

Note. P. 206. Master Sebastian, Phdips, and Haywood. "Sebastian scolemaister of Powles" gave queen Mary on new-year's day 1557 "a book of ditties, written." (Nichols's Progresses, &c. of Q. Elizabeth, 1823, vol. i. p. xxxv.) Mr. Collier supposes his surname to have been Westcott (Annals of the Stage, i. 155).—Robert Phelipps was one of the thirtytwo gentlemen of the chapel to king Edward VI. (Hawkins's History of Music, vol. iii. p. 481.—Of John Heywood as an author of interludes and master of a company of "children" players various notices will be found in Mr. Collier's wor

Note. P. 206. The Queen's grace stood at her standing in the further park. "Shooting at deer with a cross-bow (remarks Mr. Hunter in his New Illustrations of Shakespeare) was a favourite amusement of ladies of rank; and buildings with flat roofs, called stands or standings, were erected in many parks, as in that of Sheffield, and in that of Pilkington near Manchester, expressly for the purpose of this diversion." They seem to have been usually concealed by bushes or trees, so that the deer would not perceive their enemy. In Shakspere's Love-Labours Lost, at the commencement of the fourth Act, the Princess repairs to a Stand—

Then, Forester my friend, where is the bush

That we must stand and play the murtherer in?

Forester. Here-by, upon the edge of yonder coppice,

A Stand where you may make the fairest shoot.

Mr. Hunter further remarks that they were often made ornamental, as may be concluded from the following passage in Goldingham's poem called "The Garden Plot," where, speaking of a bower, he compares it with one of these stands—

To term it Heaven I think were little sin,

Or Paradise, for so it did appear;

So far it passed the bowers that men do banquet in,

Or standing made to shoot at stately deer.

On 05 Aug 1599 Alexander Radclyffe of Ordsall Hall (age 26) died of wounds and fever in Ulster while campaigning with the Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex (age 33) during the unsuccessful attempt to bring Ireland under English control. The Queen (age 65) herself informed his twin sister of her brother's death.

PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Robert_Devereux_essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex_Garter.jpg

Gowrie Conspiracy

On 05 Aug 1600. The Gowrie Conspiracy was an attempt by John Ruthven 3rd Earl Gowrie (age 23) and his brother Alexander Ruthven (age 20) to kill King James I (age 34). He, King James, had had their father William Ruthven 1st Earl Gowrie executed for his part in the Raid of Ruthven eighteen years earlier.

The attempt was botched. John Ruthven 3rd Earl Gowrie (age 23) and Alexander Ruthven (age 20) were killed, the former by John Ramsay 1st Earl Holderness (age 20).

William Ruthven fled to France.

Patrick Ruthven was imprisoned for nineteen years at the Tower of London [Map].


PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Bridget_Cromwell.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Bridget Cromwell (age 37).

Bridget Cromwell: In 1624 she was born to Oliver Cromwell (age 24) and Elizabeth Bourchier (age 26). On 15 Jun 1646 Henry Ireton (age 35) and Bridget Cromwell (age 22) were married. She the daughter of Oliver Cromwell (age 47) and Elizabeth Bourchier (age 48). In 1652 Major General Charles Fleetwood (age 34) and Bridget Cromwell (age 28) were married. She the daughter of Oliver Cromwell (age 52) and Elizabeth Bourchier (age 54). In 1662 Bridget Cromwell (age 38) died.

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Thomas_Cotton.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 67).

Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet: In 1594 he was born to Robert Bruce Cotton 1st Baronet (age 22). Before 1621 Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 27) and Margaret Howard Lady Cotton (age 27) were married.NOTEXT On 06 May 1631 Robert Bruce Cotton 1st Baronet (age 60) died. His son Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 37) succeeded 2nd Baronet Cotton of Conington in Huntingdonshire. Margaret Howard Lady Cotton by marriage Lady Cotton of Conington in Huntingdonshire.NOTEXT Before 02 May 1644 Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 50) and Alice Constable Lady Cotton (age 31) were married. She by marriage Lady Cotton of Conington in Huntingdonshire. On 16 May 1662 Thomas Cotton 2nd Baronet (age 68) died. His son John Cotton 3rd Baronet (age 41) succeeded 3rd Baronet Cotton of Conington in Huntingdonshire.

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Oliver_St_John.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison. Lydiard House.

Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison: Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison and Joan Roydon Viscountess Grandison were married. She by marriage Viscountess Grandison. In 1559 he was born to Nicholas St John (age 34) and Elizabeth Blount (age 19). On 03 Jan 1612 Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison (age 53) was created 1st Viscount Grandison 1C 1620. On 24 Jan 1620 James Dillon 1st Earl Roscommon (age 70) was created 1st Baron Dillon in a ceremony performed by the Lord Deputy Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison (age 61) in the Presence Chamber of Dublin Castle. On 29 Dec 1630 Oliver St John 1st Viscount Grandison (age 71) died. His great nephew William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison (age 16) succeeded 2nd Viscount Grandison 1C 1620. Mary Bayning Countess Anglesey (age 7) by marriage Viscountess Grandison.

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/William_Hamilton.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet and John Maitland 1st Duke Lauderdale (age 45). Ham House, Richmond, Surrey.

Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet: Around 1695 he was born to Thomas Hales 2nd Baronet (age 28). On 07 Jan 1748 Thomas Hales 2nd Baronet (age 81) died. His son Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet (age 53) succeeded 3rd Baronet Hales of Beakesbourne in Kent. On 06 Oct 1762 Thomas Hales 3rd Baronet (age 67) died. His son Thomas Hales 4th Baronet (age 36) succeeded 4th Baronet Hales of Beakesbourne in Kent.

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Thomas_Coventry4.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Thomas Coventry 1st Baron Coventry.

PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/Anne_Harrison.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1661 Cornelius Johnson (age 67). Portrait of Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe (age 36). Valence House Museum.

Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe: On 25 Mar 1625 she was born to John Harrison (age 35). On 18 May 1644 Richard Fanshawe 1st Baronet (age 35) and Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe (age 19) were married in Wolvercot. On 02 Sep 1650 Richard Fanshawe 1st Baronet (age 42) was created 1st Baronet Fanshawe of Donmore. Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe (age 25) by marriage Lady Fanshawe of Donmore. Pepy's Diary. 30 Jun 1662. So settled to business, and at noon with my wife to the Wardrobe, and there dined, and staid talking all the afternoon with my Lord, and about four o'clock took coach with my wife and Lady, and went toward my house, calling at my Baroness Carteret's (age 60), who was within by chance (she keeping altogether at Deptford for a month or two), and so we sat with her a little. Among other things told my Lady how my Lady Fanshaw (age 37) is fallen out with her only for speaking in behalf of the French, which my Lady wonders at, they having been formerly like sisters, but we see there is no true lasting friendship in the world. On 20 Jan 1680 Anne Harrison Lady Fanshawe (age 54) died.

On 05 Aug 1661 Marmaduke Langdale 1st Baron Langdale (age 63) died. His son Marmaduke Langdale 2nd Baron Langdale (age 33) succeeded 2nd Baron Langdale of Holme in Yorkshire.

John Reresby's Diary 05 Aug 1665. 05 Aug 1665. The Duchess (age 28) in her return lay at Welbeck [Map], the old Duke of Newcastle (age 72) being alive, where she was splendidly entertained, the Duke of York (age 31) having directed that the same respect should be paid her wherever she passed as if he were present. The Duke of Buckingham (age 37) and my Lord Ogle (age 35) had a quarrel there.

John Reresby's Diary 05 Aug 1665. 05 Aug 1665. His royal highness (age 31) and his duchess (age 28) came down to York, where they stayed till September the 23rd, when the Duke (age 31) went for Oxford, where the King (age 35) was to meet the Parliament. The Duchess (age 28) went not till some time after. Most of the gentry attended at York whilst their liighnesses were there. The Duke passed his time in shooting and other exercises, the Duchess (age 28) in receiving the ladies, which she did very obligingly. One evening having a little snake (which I kept in bran in a box) in my hand as I was in the presence, one of the maids of honour seeing of it was frightened. The Duchess (age 28), hearing the noise, and what was the occasion, desired to see the snake, and took it into her hand without any fear. This Duchess (age 28) was Chancellor Hyde's (age 56) daughter, and she was a very handsome woman, and had a great deal of wit; therefore it was not without reason that Mr. Sydney (age 24), the handsomest youth of his time, of the Duke's bedchamber, was so much in love with her, as appeared to us all, and the Duchess (age 28) not unkind to him, but very innocently. He was afterwards banished the Court for another reason, as was reported.

Around 05 Aug 1706 James Drummond 2nd Duke Perth (age 32) and Jane Gordon Duchess Perth (age 15) were married. She the daughter of George Gordon 1st Duke Gordon (age 63) and Elizabeth Howard Duchess Gordon. He the son of James Drummond 1st Duke Perth (age 58) and Jean Douglas. They were second cousins.NOTEXT

On 05 Aug 1728 Thomas Belasyse 1st Earl Fauconberg (age 29) and Catherine Betham Countess Fauconberg were married.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Angelica_Pelissary.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1736 John Vanderbank (age 41) (circle of). Portrait of Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 70) in Coronation Robes.

Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John: In 1666 she was born to Claude Pellissary. On 01 Jan 1687 Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 34) and Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 21) were married. On 03 Jul 1708 Walter St John 3rd Baronet (age 86) died. His son Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 55) succeeded 4th Baronet St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire. Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 42) by marriage Lady St John Lydiard Tregoze in Wiltshire. In 1716 Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 63) was created 1st Viscount St John. Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 50) by marriage Viscountess St John. On 05 Aug 1736 Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 70) died.

PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Angelica_Magdelena_Pellissary.jpgBefore 05 Aug 1736 Enoch "The Younger" Seeman (age 42). Portrait of a Lady from the St John Family. Thought to be Angelica Magdalena Pellissary Viscountess St John (age 70).

On 05 Aug 1737 Beaumont Hotham 2nd Baron Hotham was born to Beaumont Hotham 7th Baronet (age 31).

On 05 Aug 1743 John Hervey 2nd Baron Hervey (age 46) died.


On 05 Aug 1749 James Bulkeley 6th Viscount Bulkeley and Emma Bridget Rowlands Viscountess Bulkeley were married. She by marriage Viscountess Bulkeley of Cashel in Tipperary.

On 05 Aug 1752 Cosmo George Gordon 3rd Duke Gordon (age 32) died. His son Alexander Gordon 4th Duke Gordon (age 9) succeeded 4th Duke Gordon 1C 1684, 7th Marquess Huntly, 12th Earl Huntley.

PAINTINGS/BATONI/Alexander_Gordon.png PAINTINGS/KAUFFMAN/Alexander_Gordon.png

On 05 Aug 1799 Richard Howe 1st Earl Howe (age 73) died. Earl Howe 1C 1788 and Viscount Howe extinct. His daughter Sophia Howe 2nd Baroness Howe succeeded 2nd Baroness Howe. His brother William Howe 5th Viscount Howe (age 69) succeeded 5th Viscount Howe, 5th Baron Glenawley. Frances Conolly Viscountess Howe by marriage Viscountess Howe.


On 05 Aug 1819 Henry Paget 2nd Marquess Anglesey (age 22) and Eleanora Campbell were married. He the son of Henry William Paget 1st Marquess Anglesey (age 51) and Caroline Elizabeth Villiers Duchess Argyll (age 44).

Around 05 Aug 1833 George Arthur Hastings Forbes 7th Earl Granard was born to George John Forbes (age 48).

On 05 Aug 1869 Henry Willoughby 8th Baron Middleton (age 51) and Eliza Maria Gordon Cumming Baroness Middleton were married. She by marriage Baroness Middleton.

On 05 Aug 1874 William Frederick Waldegrave 9th Earl Waldegrave (age 23) and Mary Dorothea Palmer Countess Waldegrave (age 24) were married. She by marriage Countess Waldegrave. She the daughter of Roundell Palmer 1st Earl Selborne (age 61) and Laura Waldegrave Countess Selborne (age 53). They were half first cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 05 Aug 1879 Edmund Bernard Fitzalan Howard 1st Viscount Fitzalan Derwent Derby (age 24) and Mary Caroline Bertie Viscountess Fitzalan Derwent Derby (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Montagu Arthur Bertie 7th Earl Abingdon (age 43) and Caroline Theresa Towneley. He the son of Henry Granville Fitzalan 14th Duke of Norfolk and Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Lyons Duchess Norfolk (age 58). They were half second cousin once removed.NOTEXT

On 05 Aug 1896 George Kemp 1st Baron Rochdale (age 30) and Beatrice Mary Egerton Baroness Rochdale (age 24) were married. She the daughter of Francis Egerton 3rd Earl Ellesmere (age 49) and Katherine Louisa Phipps Countess Ellesmere (age 46).

On 05 Aug 1903 Colonel Frank Wigram Foley and Eva Mary FitzHardinge Milman 16th Baroness Berkeley (age 28) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.