On this Day in History ... 06 August

06 Aug is in August.

1307 Return of Piers Gaveston

1332 Battle of Wester Kinghorn

1385 Richard II Creates his Two Uncles as Dukes

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1666 Great Plague of London

1917 First World War

On 06 Aug 761 Oswine Aetheling was killed by Æthelwald Moll King of Northumbria.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 763. This year was the severe winter; and Mull, king of the Northumbrians, slew Oswin at Edwin's-Cliff, on the eighth day before the ides of August.

On 06 Aug 1027 Richard Normandy III Duke Normandy (age 25) died. His brother Robert "Magnificent" Normandy I Duke Normandy (age 27) succeeded I Duke Normandy.

On 06 Aug 1162 Raymond Berenguer Barcelona V Count Barcelona (age 48) died. His son Alfonso II King Aragon (age 5) succeeded II Count Barcelona.

On 06 Aug 1195 Henry "Lion" Welf XII Duke Saxony III Duke Bavaria (age 66) died at Ravensburg.

On 06 Aug 1223 Louis "Lion" VIII King France (age 35) and Blanche Ivrea Queen Consort France (age 35) were crowned at Reims Cathedral.

On 06 Aug 1254 or 09 Aug 1254 Bishop Hugh of Northwold died. He was buried at Ely Cathedral [Map].

On 06 Aug 1270 David Strathbogie 8th Earl Atholl died at Tunis. His son John Strathbogie 9th Earl Atholl (age 4) succeeded 9th Earl Atholl 1C.

Return of Piers Gaveston

On 06 Aug 1307 Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 23) was created 1st Earl Cornwall 5C 1307 by King Edward II of England (age 23) to the shock of the nobility; Earl Cornwall usually reserved for the heir. The earldom gave Gaveston substantial landholdings over great parts of England, to the value of £4,000 a year. These possessions consisted of most of Cornwall, as well as parts of Devonshire in the south-west, land in Berkshire and Oxfordshire centred on the honour of Wallingford, most of the eastern part of Lincolnshire, and the honour of Knaresborough in Yorkshire, with the territories that belonged to it.

On 06 Aug 1316 William Ros 1st Baron Ros Helmsley (age 61) died. He was buried at Kirkham Priory North Yorkshire [Map]. His son William Ros 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley and inherited Belvoir Castle [Map].

Battle of Wester Kinghorn

On 06 Aug 1332 a Scottish army led by Duncan Fife 4th Earl Fife (age 44) and Robert Bruce Lord of Liddesdale unsuccessfully attempted to oppose the forces of Edward Balliol I King Scotland (age 49) landing near Kinghorn at a skirmish known as the Battle of Wester Kinghorn. Alexander Seton the Younger (age 42) was killed.

Richard II Creates his Two Uncles as Dukes

On 06 Aug 1393 John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley died at Paphos returning from Pilgrimage. He was buried at Rievaulx Abbey [Map]. His brother William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 23) succeeded 6th Baron Ros Helmsley and inherited Belvoir Castle [Map].

On 06 Aug 1462 William Beaumont 2nd Viscount Beaumont (age 24) and Joan Stafford Viscountess Beaumont (age 20) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Beaumont. She the daughter of Humphrey Stafford 1st Duke of Buckingham and Anne Neville Duchess Buckingham (age 54). They were first cousins. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.


1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1517. 06 Aug 1517. Giust. Desp. II. 113. 3558. SEB. GIUSTINIAN to the DOGE.

The Catholic King is in Zealand, waiting to embark. Great cruelties have been committed by the Duke of Gueldres in the invasion of Friesland. As the King, in consequence of the new malady, had withdrawn himself to a distance, found great difficulty in speaking with him. "This disease makes very quick progress, proving fatal in twenty-four hours at the furthest, and many are carried off in four or five hours. The patients experience nothing but a profuse sweat, which dissolves the frame, and when once the twenty-four hours are passed all danger is at an end." Many of his own household are sick. Few strangers are dead, but an immense number of natives. Presented the King with the letters from the Signory and Hadrian, which last he "extracted from the packet addressed by his lordship to the Cardinal of York;" otherwise Wolsey would never have delivered it to his majesty. The King said he was perfectly acquainted with the business, and had heard from the Pope that he intended to deprive and degrade Hadrian. On Sebastian's endeavoring to excuse the Cardinal's absence from Rome, rather than incur danger, the King said: "I understand this matter better than you Venetians;" and seemed greatly exasperated against him. Thinks this is owing to Wolsey. Would have presented the letter to Wolsey, but he "has been ill of this sweating sickness, and would that the perspiration had carried off his wish for these benefices." Many of his household have died from the sweat.

Sebastian's son has returned from the Bp. of Winchester; his audience was delayed because this prelate likewise had taken the sweat. He had a gracious welcome by Fox, who represented the matter as desperate, saying: "We have to deal with the Cardinal, who is not Cardinal but King, and no one in the realm dares attempt aught in opposition to his interests." He was already in possession of the see, and Fox had resigned the administration of it. He said that one of the pontifical briefs greatly exaggerated Hadrian's crimes, and urged that the see of Bath should be given to Wolsey in commendam. But in the second brief the anger of the Pope was much softened, and he seemed to delay the execution of the former one. The second brief, however, is not to be found, and your highness will comprehend by whose means it has been secreted. The Bp. also wrote a letter to Chieregato, of which Sebastian encloses a copy. London, 6 Aug. 1517.

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 06 Aug 1528. R. O. 4610. Pasqual Spinula to Wolsey.

Was unwilling to wait upon him during the prevalence of the sickness, to explain to him the loss of his alum, which had been sequestrated and sold, and the papal briefs he has received on the subject. Now that matters are quiet, begs that Wolsey will take his case into consideration. London, 6 Aug. 1528. Signed.

P. 1. Add. Endd.

PAINTINGS/LETTERS/John_Knox_1561.jpgOn 06 Aug 1561 John Knox Minister (age 47) wrote to Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 27):

Grace from god the father throught our Lord Jesus with perpetuall Encrease of his holie spiritt.

May it please your majestie that it is heir [here] certainlie spoken that the Quen of Scotland traveleht [travails, or is attempting] earnestlie to have a treatiss intitilled the ferst blast of the trompett [con]futed by the censure of the learned in divers realmes, and father that she lauboreht to inflambe the hartes of princess against the writer And becaus that it may appear that your majestie hath interest, that she myndeht [mindeth] to travall with your grace, your graces counsall, and learned menn for Judgement against such a common enemey to womenn and to thare regiment. It were but foolishnes to me to prescribe unto your majestie what is to be donn in any thing, but especiallie in such thinges as men suppos do tuoch [touch] my self…'

On 06 Aug 1584 Robert Pierrepont 1st Earl Kingston was born to Henry Pierrepont (age 38) and Frances Cavendish (age 36).

On 06 Aug 1638 James Stewart 3rd Earl Moray (age 47) died. His son James Stewart 4th Earl Moray (age 27) succeeded 4th Earl Moray 5C 1562.


On 06 Aug 1645 Lionel Cranfield 1st Earl Middlesex (age 70) died. His son James Cranfield 2nd Earl Middlesex (age 24) succeeded 2nd Earl Middlesex 1C 1622.

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Lionel_Cranfield.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/RUSSEL/James_Cranfield.jpg PAINTINGS/WEESOP/James_Cranfield_2nd_Earl_Middlesex.png

PAINTINGS/HUYSMANS/Edward_Phelips.jpgBefore 06 Aug 1658 Jacob Huysmans (age 25). Portrait of Edward Phelips (age 45).

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 06 Aug 1666. Thence to Sir Ph. Warwicke (age 56) and my Lord Treasurer's (age 59), but failed in my business; so home and in Fenchurch-streete [Map] met with Mr. Battersby; says he, "Do you see Dan Rawlinson's (age 52) door shut up?" (which I did, and wondered). "Why", says he, "after all the sickness, and himself spending all the last year in the country, one of his men is now dead of the plague, and his wife and one of his mayds sicke, and himself shut up"; which troubles me mightily.


On 06 Aug 1669 Louis Bourbon Vendôme 2nd Duke Vendôme (age 56) died. His son Louis Joseph Bourbon Vendôme 3rd Duke Vendôme (age 15) succeeded 3rd Duke Vendôme.

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Aug 1698. I dined with Pepys (age 65), where was Captain Dampier (age 46), who had been a famous buccaneer, had brought hither the painted Prince Job, and printed a relation of his very strange adventure, and his observations. He was now going abroad again by the King's (age 47) encouragement, who furnished a ship of 290 tons. He seemed a more modest man than one would imagine by the relation of the crew he had assorted with. He brought a map of his observations of the course of the winds in the South Sea, and assured us that the maps hitherto extant were all false as to the Pacific Sea, which he makes on the south of the line, that on the north end running by the coast of Peru being extremely tempestuous.


Stonehenge by William Stukeley. Table XXIX. Prospect of the Cursus & Stonehenge from the North Aug 6. 1723. A. The Entrance of the Avenue [Map]. B. The 7 Barrows. C. The Kings Barrow [Coneybury Hill Barrow [Map]?]. D. Salisbury Steeple [Map]. E. Stonehenge. [The Stonehenge Greater Cursus in the foreground. Appears to have been sketched from highground at Larkhill [Map]]

On 06 Aug 1730 Bishop Thomas Vesey 1st Baronet (age 62) died. He was buried at St Anne's Church, Dublin. His son John Vesey 1st Baron Knapton succeeded 2nd Baronet Vesey of Abbeyleix.

On 06 Aug 1746 Christian VI King Denmark and Norway (age 46) died. His son Frederick V King Denmark and Norway (age 23) succeeded V King Denmark and Norway.

On 06 Aug 1767 Richard White 1st Earl Bantry was born to Simon White.

On 06 Aug 1789 Richard Cavendish 2nd Baron Waterpark (age 24) and Juliana Cooper Baroness Waterpark (age 22) were married. They had nine children.

On 06 Aug 1809 Alfred Tennyson 1st Baron Tennyson was born to George Clayton Tennyson (age 30) at Somersby.


On 06 Aug 1837 Harriet Mellon Duchess St Albans (age 59) died. Her step-grand-daughter Angela Burdett-Coutts 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts (age 23) inherited the Coutts fortune of around £1.8 million (equivalent to £170,000,000 in 2021).


On 06 Aug 1851 Henry Edwyn Chandos Scudamore Stanhope 9th Earl of Chesterfield (age 30) and Dorothea Hay Countess Chesterfield (age 23) were married at St John's Church Edinburgh.

On 06 Aug 1858 Archibald William Douglas 8th Marquess Queensberry (age 40) died while hunting officially from the explosion of his gun however the event was widely believed to be a suicide.

On 06 Aug 1868 Arthur Hill 4th Marquess Downshire (age 56) died. His son Arthur Hill 5th Marquess Downshire (age 23) succeeded 5th Marquess Downshire.


On 06 Aug 1913 George Cholmondeley 5th Marquess Cholmondeley (age 30) and Sybil Sassoon Marchioness Cholmondeley (age 19) were married. He the son of George Cholmondeley 4th Marquess Cholmondeley (age 55) and Winifred Kingscote Marchioness Cholmondeley.


After 06 Aug 1915. Monument in Ripon Cathedral [Map] to Thomas Crow Kirk killed at the landing at Sulva Bay.

First World War

On 06 Aug 1917 Gavin William Esmond Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound (age 22) was killed during the First World War.

After 06 Aug 1927. Monument to Samuel Herbert Valentine (deceased) at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map].

Samuel Herbert Valentine: In 1857 he was born. In 1913 Samuel Herbert Valentine (age 56) was appointed Mayor of Ludlow which office he held until 1917. On 14 Aug 1914, Tuesday, the Town Crier of Ludlow Richard Morgan paraded the streets in full regalia calling upon our town's people to gather outside the Old Town Hall in Castle Square. The subsequent crowd of some three thousand listened on as the Mayor of Ludlow Councillor Samuel Valentine (age 57) officially announced the declaration of war from the Town Hall's balcony. The 10.13am train the following day was packed with men heading off to the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry depot in Shrewsbury; the platform was crowded with mothers, wives and children waving farewell. On 06 Aug 1927 Samuel Herbert Valentine (age 70) died.

After 06 Aug 1931. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to Percy Adams who with William Butters gave in life in an attempt to save Albert Butters from drowning in the River Tweed on 06 Aug 1931.

From Craster Living History:

On the Thursday following at 12 o'clock, Albert Butters was playing around the edge of the river, with all the other scouts. He being the adventurous type, he waded deeper, although he couldn't swim. Desmond, who was looking on, heard a scream as Albert got into difficulties and watched frantically as William Butters who could not swim, ran into the water to aid him. He grasped hold of him to hold him up and at this point Percy Adams, who was in a boat nearby, had seen the commotion, and he dived overboard to swim to them, but on reaching them he too was pulled under by a strong current.

One of the seven remaining scouts ran to the 18th, 19th and 24th Midlothian Girl Guides which was about 200 yards away to obtain help, whilst the other 6 stood on the bank, powerless to help. When the Guides arrived, Miss Stewart, the leader, organized two girls who were strong swimmers to swim into the area, and look to see if they could find them. They couldn't find the boys or Percy Adams. Eventually the police arrived and at that point Miss Stewart sent the guides back to their camp and she took charge of the 7 remaining scouts, and drove them back to Craster.

After 06 Aug 1931. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorials to members of the Wood, Wilson and Edwards families.

After 06 Aug 1931. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Early medieval grave slabs.

On 06 Aug 1975 Alfonso Orléans Galliera Duke Galliera (age 88) died at Sanlúcar de Barrameda.