On this Day in History ... 07 August

07 Aug is in August.

1327 Battle of Stanhope Park

1485 Marriage of Ralph Scrope and Cecily York

1485 Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay

1503 Margaret Tudor's Journey to Scotland

1632 Siege of Maastricht

1643 Battle of Portlester

1661 Creation of Baronets and Peerages by Charles II Post Coronation

On 07 Aug 1028 Alfonso "Noble" V King Leon (age 34) died. His son Bermudo III King Leon (age 13) succeeded III King Leon. Jimena Sánchez Jiménez Queen Consort Leon by marriage Queen Consort Leon.

Battle of Stanhope Park

On 07 Aug 1327 the Scots quietly broke camp and returned to Scotland. The English did not pursue. The Weardale Campaign had been a success for the Scots. The campaign had been ruinously expensive for the English, costing about £70,000, with the cost of the Hainault mercenaries being £41,000. The campaign led to the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton that brought to an end the First Scottish War of Independence.

On 07 Aug 1375 William Saye 3rd Baron Say (age 35) died. His son John Saye 4th Baron Say (age 2) succeeded 4th Baron Say 1C 1313.

On 07 Aug 1385 Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Princess Wales (age 56) died at Wallingford Castle [Map]. She was buried at Stamford [Map]. Her son Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent (age 35) succeed as 6th Baron Wake of Liddell.

On 07 Aug 1437 Marie I Countess Auvergne (age 60) died. Her son Bertrand Auvergne V Count Auvergne (age 47) succeeded Count Auvergne and Count Boulogne.

Marriage of Ralph Scrope and Cecily York

Before 07 Aug 1485 Ralph Scrope 9th Baron Scrope Masham and Cecily York, daughter of Edward IV (age 16) were married. The marriage had been arranged by King Richard III of England (age 32). There had been rumours that the King was going to marry one of his nieces, Elizabeth York Queen Consort England (age 19) or Cecily York Viscountess Welles (age 16) so this marriage quelled those rumours. The marriage was annulled after the Battle of Bosworth as "as not being in the interests of the dynasty" [Note. No sources for this information.] The date of the marriage is unknown. However, see Mary Anne Everett Green Live of the Princesses of England Volume 1 Cecilia Third Daughter of Edward IV. She the daughter of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (age 48). They were half second cousin once removed. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England.


Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay

On 07 Aug 1485 Alexander Stewart 1st Duke Albany (age 31) was killed in a duel with Louis XII King France (age 23), possibly at a tournament. His son John Stewart 2nd Duke Albany (age 1) succeeded 2nd Duke Albany 2C 1458.

Margaret Tudor's Journey to Scotland

On 07 Aug 1503 Margaret Tudor Queen Scotland (age 13) arrived at Edinburgh [Map].


On 07 Aug 1573 Léonor Valois I Duke Longueville (age 33) died. His son Henri Valois I Duke Longueville (age 5) succeeded I Duke Longueville.

On 07 Aug 1616 William Savage (age 62) died. He was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley [Map].

On 31 Jan 1631 Giles Savage (age 46) died. He was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley [Map].

On 11 Jun 1674 Katherine Dalston (age 84) died (she the wife of Giles Savage (age 31)) at Elmley Castle. She was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley [Map].

Alabaster table tomb with father, son and daughter-in-law. She holding a Chrisom Child probably representing stillborn, or died soon after birth. At their feet two lions and what is described as a stag with an arrow through its neck.

On 07 Aug 1623 Ferdinando Hastings 6th Earl Huntingdon (age 15) and Lucy Davies Countess Huntingdon (age 10) were married. He the son of Henry Hastings 5th Earl Huntingdon (age 37) and Elizabeth Stanley Countess Huntingdon (age 35). He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


On 07 Aug 1625 Edward Brabazon 1st Baron Argee (age 77) died.His son William Brabazon 1st Earl Meath (age 45) succeeded 2nd Baron Ardee.

Siege of Maastricht

On 07 Aug 1632 Robert de Vere 19th Earl of Oxford (age 56) was killed at the Siege of Maastricht. His son Aubrey de Vere 20th Earl of Oxford (age 5) succeeded 20th Earl of Oxford 2C 1141.


Battle of Portlester

On 07 Aug 1643 Charles Moore 2nd Viscount Moore of Drogheda (age 40) was killed at Ballivor, County Meath. His son Henry Moore 1st Earl Drogheda (age 21) succeeded 3rd Viscount Moore of Drogheda, 3rd Baron Moore of Mellefont in Louth.

On 07 Aug 1648 William Douglas 7th Earl Morton (age 66) died. His son Robert Douglas 8th Earl Morton (age 32) succeeded 8th Earl Morton. Elizabeth Villiers Countess Morton (age 39) by marriage Countess Morton.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Elizabeth_Villiers.jpg PAINTINGS/RUSSEL/Elizabeth_Villiers.jpg

1661 Creation of Baronets and Peerages by Charles II Post Coronation

In Aug 1661 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 31) created new Baronetcies and Peerages ...

02 Aug 1661 Thomas Carew 1st Baronet (age 29) was created 1st Baronet Carew of Haccombe in Devon.

04 Aug 1661 John Chichester 1st Baronet (age 38) was created 1st Baronet Chichester of Raleigh in Devon.

07 Aug 1661 Mark Milbanke 1st Baronet (age 23) was created 1st Baronet Milbanke of Halnaby in Yorkshire. Elizabeth Acklom Lady Milbanke by marriage Lady Milbanke of Halnaby in Yorkshire.

17 Aug 1661 William Boyd 1st Earl Kilmarnock (age 15) was created 1st Earl Kilmarnock.

On 07 Aug 1685 William Stourton 12th Baron Stourton (age 41) died. His son Edward Stourton 13th Baron Stourton (age 20) succeeded 13th Baron Stourton.

On 07 Aug 1736 Robert Rochfort 1st Earl of Belvedere (age 28) and Mary Molesworth were married.

Before 07 Aug 1744 Charles Stewart 7th Earl Traquair was born to John Stewart 6th Earl Traquair (age 45) and Christian Anstruther Countess Traquair (age 42).

On 07 Aug 1744 Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Mountnorris was born to Richard Annesley 6th Earl Anglesey (age 51) and Juliana Donovan Countess Anglesey.

On 07 Aug 1759 John Kennedy 8th Earl Cassilis (age 59) died.

On 07 Aug 1761 George Fitzroy 2nd Baron Southampton was born to Charles Fitzroy 1st Baron Southampton (age 24) and Anne Warren Baroness Southampton (age 23). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 07 Aug 1771 Francis Blake Delaval (age 44) died. He left four illegitimate children but no legitimate ones and was succeeded by his younger brother John Delaval 1st Baron Delaval (age 43).

PAINTINGS/POND/Rhoda_Delaval.jpg PAINTINGS/BELL/John_Hussey_Delaval.jpg

On 07 Aug 1799 Frederick Wentworth 3rd Earl Strafford (age 67) died. Earl Strafford 2C 1711 extinct.

On 07 Aug 1823 Vice Admiral Granville Waldegrave 2nd Baron Radstock (age 36) and Esther Caroline were married. He a great x 3 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 07 Aug 1845 Walter Stafford Northcote 2nd Earl Iddesleigh was born to Stafford Henry Northcote 1st Earl Iddesleigh (age 26) and Cecilia Frances Farrer Countess Iddesleigh.

On 07 Aug 1851 William Duncombe 1st Earl Feversham (age 22) and Mabel Violet Graham Countess Feversham (age 18) were married. They were second cousins.

On 07 Aug 1879 James Duff 5th Earl Fife (age 65) died. His son Alexander Duff 1st Duke Fife (age 29) succeeded 6th Earl Fife.

On 07 Aug 1893 Augusta Mary Elizabeth Browne 1st Baroness Bolsover (age 58) died. Her step-son William Cavendish-Bentinck 6th Duke Portland (age 35) succeeded 2nd Baron Bolsover of Bolsover in Derbyshire.

On 07 Aug 1908 Edward Curzon 6th Earl Howe was born to Francis Curzon 5th Earl Howe (age 24) and Mary Curzon Countess Howe (age 20). Coefficient of inbreeding 1.58%.


On 07 Aug 1924 Berkeley Reynolds-Moreton 4th Earl of Ducie (age 90) died. He was buried at St Leonard's Church, Tortworth [Map]. His son Capel Moreton 5th Earl of Ducie (age 49) succeeded 5th Earl Ducie.

On 07 Aug 1950 John William Beaumont Pease 1st Baron Wardington (age 91) died. His son Christopher Henry Pease 2nd Baron Wardington (age 26) succeeded 2nd Baron Wardington of Alnmouth in Northumberland.