On this Day in History ... 08 May

08 May is in May.

1063 Battle of Graus

1250 Battle of Fariskur

1360 Treaty of Brétigny

1429 Relief of Orléans

1429 Siege of Orléans

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

1483 Richard III appointed Lord Protector

1533 Cranmer declares Henry and Catherine's Marriage Invalid

1660 Charles II Proclaimed

1661 Cavalier Parliament

Battle of Graus

08 May 1063. The Battle of Graus was part of the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsular by the Spanish from the Arabs.

Ramiro Sánchez I King Aragon (age 56) was killed in battle. His son Sancho Ramírez I King Aragon V King Pamplona (age 21) succeeded I King Aragon.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 08 May 1130. On the fourth day after this was the King Henry (age 62) in Rochester, when the town was almost consumed by fire; and the Archbishop William consecrated the monastery of St. Andrew, and the aforesaid bishops with him.

Battle of Fariskur

On 08 May 1250 King Louis IX of France (age 36) and his two brothers Alphonse Capet Count Poitou II Count Toulose (age 29) and King Charles Capet of Sicily (age 23) with 12,000 fellow prisoners were allowed to leave for Acre after paying a ransom of 400,000 dinars.

On 08 May 1319 King Haakon V (age 49) died.

Treaty of Brétigny

On 08 May 1360 King Edward III of England (age 47) and King John "The Good" II of France (age 41), and their eldest sons Edward "Black Prince" (age 29) and the future King Charles V of France (age 21), ratified the Treaty of Brétigny at Calais [Map]. Louis Valois Anjou I Duke Anjou (age 20) and John Valois 1st Duke Berry (age 19) were given as hostages.

Philip "Bold" Valois II Duke Burgundy (age 18) was ransomed. The treaty confirmed lands held by King Edward III of England (age 47) including Aquitaine.

King John "The Good" II of France (age 41) was ransomed for three million écus being released after the payment of the first third.

Bishop William of Wykeham (age 40) was present.

The Treaty was signed on 24 Oct 1360 at Calais.

On 08 May 1370 Piers Butler 2nd Baron Dunboyne (age 76) died. His son Thomas "MacPiarais" Butler 3rd Baron Dunboyne (age 16) succeeded 3rd Baron Dunboyne.

On 08 May 1381 Bishop Thomas of Hatfield (age 71) died.

On 08 May 1405 Peter Luxemburg I Count Saint Pol (age 15) and Margherita Baux (age 11) were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

On 08 May 1411 William Beauchamp 1st Baron Bergavenny (age 68) died at Meaux [Map]. He was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. His son Richard Beauchamp 1st Earl of Worcester (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Bergavenny 1C 1392.

Siege of Orléans

On 08 May 1429 William Moleyns (age 23) died at the Siege of Orléans.

1429 Relief of Orléans

On 08 May 1429 Joan of Arc (age 17) led the French army to successfully relieve the Siege of Orléans.


1460 January Raid on Sandwich

Calendars. Membrane 17d. 08 May 1460. Commission to Thomas Kiriell (age 64), knight, John Cheyne, knight, Thomas Westminster. Broun, knight, John Fogge, Robert Home and William Hexstall, to take near Sandwich [Map] the muster of all men at arms and archers ordered to go with Henry, duke of Exeter (age 29), on the safe-keeping of the sea to resist the king's rebels and enemies, and to certify the king thereof in Chancery.

On 08 May 1473 John Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire (age 45) died. His son Edward Stafford 2nd Earl Wiltshire (age 3) succeeded 2nd Earl Wiltshire.

Richard III appointed Lord Protector

Before 08 May 1483 King Richard III of England (age 30) was appointed Lord Protector.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Arthur_Tudor.jpg PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

On 08 May 1513 Charles Bourbon Duke Vendôme (age 23) and Françoise Valois Alençon Countess Vendôme (age 23) were married. She by marriage Countess Vendôme. She the daughter of Rene Valois Alençon Duke Alençon and Margaret Lorraine Duchess Alençon (age 50). He the son of Francis Bourbon Count Vendôme and Soissons and Marie Luxemburg Countess Vendôme and Soissons. They were half third cousin once removed. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Cranmer declares Henry and Catherine's Marriage Invalid

Ellis' Letters S1 V2 Letter CXIV. 08 May 1533. Nevertheless the viij th daye of Maye, accordyng to the said appoyntment, I came vnto Dunstable, my Lorde of Lyncoln (age 60) beyng assistante vnto me, and my Lorde of Wyncehester (age 50), Doctour Bell, Doctour Claybroke, Doctour Trygonnel, Doctour Hewis, Doctour Olyver, Doctour Brytten, Mr. Bedell, with diuerse other lernyd in the Lawe beyng councellours in the Lawe for the King's parte: and soo there at our commyng kepte a Courte for the apperance of the said Lady Kateren (age 47), where were examyned certeyn witnes whiche testified that she was lawfully cited and called to appere, whome for fawte of apperance was declared contumax; procedyng in the said cause agaynste her in pænam contumaciam as the processe of the Lawe thereunto belongeth; whiche contynewed xv. dayes after our cummyng thither. And the morow after Assension daye I gave finall Sentance therin, howe that it was indispensable for the Pope to lycense any suche marieges.

This donne, and after our reiornynga1 home agayne, the Kings Highnes prepared al thyngs convenient for the Coronacion of the Queene, whiche also was after suche a maner as foloweth.

PAINTINGS/FLANDES/Catherine_Aragon.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Katherine_Aragon.jpg

On 08 May 1538 Bishop Edward Fox (age 42) died. He was buried at St Mary Mounthaw Church, Old Fish Street.

Valentine Knightley: In 1495 he was born to Richard Knightley (age 40). Before 1566 Valentine Knightley (age 71) and Anne Ferrers were married. On 08 May 1566 Valentine Knightley (age 71) died

Anne Ferrers: In 1495 she was born to Edward Ferrers (age 22). On 12 Dec 1554 Anne Ferrers (age 59) died.

On 08 May 1587 Victor Amadeus I Duke of Savoy was born to Charles Emmanuel Savoy I Duke Savoy (age 25) and Catherine Habsburg Spain Duchess Savoy (age 19). Coefficient of inbreeding 6.67%.


On 08 May 1630 Christopher Hatton 1st Baron Hatton (age 24) and Elizabeth Montagu Baroness Hatton (age 18) were married in Hackney.

Charles II Proclaimed

Evelyn's Diary. 08 May 1660. This day was his Majesty (age 29) proclaimed in London, etc.

Pepy's Diary. 08 May 1660. All the morning busy. After dinner come several persons of honour, as my Lord St. John (age 61) and others, for convoy to Flushing, and great giving of them salutes. My Lord and we at nine-pins: I lost 9s. While we were at play Mr. Cook brings me word of my wife. He went to Huntsmore to see her, and brought her and my father Bowyer to London, where he left her at my father's (age 59), very well, and speaks very well of her love to me. My letters to-day tell me how it was intended that the King should be proclaimed to-day in London, with a great deal of pomp. I had also news who they are that are chosen of the Lords and Commons to attend the King. And also the whole story of what we did the other day in the fleet, at reading of the King's (age 29) declaration, and my name at the bottom of it. After supper some musique and to bed. I resolving to rise betimes to-morrow to write letters to London.

On 08 May 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 29) received a letter inviting him to return to England and become King at Breda.

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Cavalier Parliament

On 08 May 1661 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) summoned his second Parliament.

John Bennet 1st Baron Ossulston (age 44) was elected MP Wallingford.

James Thynne (age 56) was elected MP Wiltshire.

Adam Browne 2nd Baronet (age 35) was elected MP Surrey.

Henry Cavendish 2nd Duke Newcastle upon Tyne (age 30) was elected MP Northumberland.

William Compton (age 36) was elected MP Cambridge.

Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry (age 32) was elected MP Camelford.

Charles Berkeley 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge (age 61) was elected MP Bath and Heytesbury.

Edward Hungerford (age 28) was elected MP Chippenham.

Robert Pierrepont (age 24) was elected MP Nottingham.

John Melbury Sampford Strangeways (age 75) was elected MP Weymouth.

Giles Strangeways (age 45) was elected MP Dorset.

John Strangeways (age 24) was elected MP Bridport.

William Wyndham 1st Baronet (age 29) was elected MP Taunton.

James Herbert (age 38) was elected MP Queenborough.

William Alington 1st and 3rd Baron Alington (age 21) was elected MP Cambridge.

William Bowes of Streatlam (age 4) was elected MP Durham.

Robert Brooke (age 24) was elected MP Aldeburgh.

Josiah Child (age 30) was elected MP Dartmouth.

Gervase Clifton 1st Baronet (age 73) was elected MP Nottinghamshire.

Thomas Crew 2nd Baron Crew (age 37) was elected MP Brackley.

Richard Jennings (age 42) was elected MP St Albans.

Robert Kemp 2nd Baronet (age 33) was elected MP Norfolk.

Edward Phelips (age 48) was elected MP Somerset.

Robert Robartes (age 27) was elected MP Bossiney.

Hender Robartes (age 25) was elected MP Bodmin.

Clement Fisher 2nd Baronet (age 48) was elected MP Coventry.

William Portman 6th Baronet (age 17) was elected MP Taunton.

John Robinson 1st Baronet (age 46) was elected MP Rye.

Before 08 May 1682 James Howard 3rd Earl Suffolk (age 63) and Anne Montagu Countess Suffolk (age 15) were married. She by marriage Countess Suffolk. The difference in their ages was 47 years. She the daughter of Robert Montagu 3rd Earl Manchester (age 48) and Anne Yelverton Countess Manchester (age 52). He the son of Theophilus Howard 2nd Earl Suffolk and Elizabeth Home Countess Suffolk.NOTEXT


Evelyn's Diary. 08 May 1688. His Majesty (age 54), alarmed by the great fleet of the Dutch (while we had a very inconsiderable one), went down to Chatham [Map]; their fleet was well prepared, and out, before we were in any readiness, or had any considerable number to have encountered them, had there been occasion, to the great reproach of the nation; while being in profound peace, there was a mighty land army, which there was no need of, and no force at sea, where only was the apprehension; but the army was doubtless kept and increased, in order to bring in and countenance Popery, the King beginning to discover his intention, by many instances pursued by the Jesuits, against his first resolution to alter nothing in the Church Establishment, so that it appeared there can be no reliance on Popish promises.


On 08 May 1690 Theophilus Hastings 7th Earl Huntingdon (age 39) and Mary Frances Fowler Countess Huntingdon (age 26) were married. She by marriage Countess Huntingdon. He the son of Ferdinando Hastings 6th Earl Huntingdon and Lucy Davies Countess Huntingdon. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.

On 08 May 1697 Richard Temple 3rd Baronet (age 63) died. His son Field Marshal Richard Temple 1st Viscount Cobham (age 21) succeeded 4th Baronet Temple of Stowe.

On 08 May 1736 Frederick Louis Hanover Prince of Wales (age 29) and Augusta Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 16) were married. She the daughter of Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg II Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg and Magdalena Augusta Anhalt Zerbst Anhaltzerbst Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg. He the son of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland (age 52) and Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England (age 53).

PAINTINGS/MERCIER/Frederick_and_his_Sisters.jpg PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Frederick_Louis_Prince_of_Wales.png PAINTINGS/LIOTARD/Frederick_Hanover.png PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Augusta_Princess_Wales.png

On 08 May 1740 Frederick Hesse-Kassel (age 19) and Mary Hanover (age 17) were married. She the daughter of King George II (age 56). She the daughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland (age 56) and Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England. He the son of William Hesse-Kassel (age 58). They were fourth cousins.


On 08 May 1783 Henry Loftus 1st Earl of Ely (age 73) died without issue. Earl of Ely in Wicklow 2C 1771, Viscount Loftus of Ely 2C 1756 and Baron Loftus of Loftus Hall in Wexford extinct. His estates passed to his nephew Charles Tottenham aka Loftus 1st Marquess Ely (age 45), the son of his sister Elizabeth Loftus, who adopted the surname Loftus.


Archaeologia Volume 9 Section XVII. Discoveries in opening a Tumulus [Garratts Piece Barrow [Map]] in Derbyshire. In a Letter from the Rev. Mr. Pegge (age 83) to the Rev. John Brand, Secretary. Read May 8, 1788.

On 24 Oct 1809 John Margetts Brewer and Sarah Dunn-Gardner Marchioness Townshend were married bigamously at Gretna Green, Dumfrieshire. She was, at the time, married to George Ferrars Townshend 3rd Marquess Townshend (age 30) although they had separated on 08 May 1808. The couple had a number of children who adopted the surname Townshend until delegitimated in 1843 by a private Act of Parliament and barred from using the surname Townshend.

On 08 May 1828 Francis Walpole (age 33) and Elizabeth Knight (age 30) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square by Reverend Robert Walpole (age 47) in the presence of [?] Knight, Frances Knight and Sophia Walpole.

On 08 May 1829 Charles Abbot 1st Baron Colchester (age 71) died. His son Charles Abbot 2nd Baron Colchester (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baron Colchester.


On 08 May 1846 Henry Lewis Hobart (age 72) died. He has a memorial at All Saints' Church, Nocton [Map] sculpted by G P White of London.

Henry Lewis Hobart: In 1774 he was born to George Hobart 3rd Earl Buckinghamshire (age 42).

On 08 May 1857 Thomas Legh (age 64) died at Milford Lodge, Lymington. His nephew William John Legh 1st Baron Newton (age 28) inherited his estates including Lyme Hall [Map].


After 08 May 1917. All Saints Church Hough-on-the-Hill [Map]. Memorial to Captain Arthur Fox MC of the 1st Kings Shropshire Light Infantry killed in action 08 May 1917 and to Percy Lord who was killed in action 28 Oct 1918.


Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey 12th Baronet: On 28 Jun 1858 he was born to Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey 10th Baronet (age 29) and Marianne Sarah Sherard Lady Wrey (age 23). On 26 Jan 1917 Robert Bourchier Sherard Wrey 11th Baronet (age 61) died. His brother Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey 12th Baronet (age 58) succeeded 12th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 08 May 1936 Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey 12th Baronet (age 77) died. His brother Reverend Albany Bourchier Sherard Wrey 13th Baronet (age 75) succeeded 13th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall.


On 08 May 2014 James Thomas Douglas-Home 28th Baron Dacre (age 61) died.