On this Day in History ... 09 November

09 Nov is in November.

1663 Treaty of Newport

1715 Battle of Preston

On 09 Nov 1225 Frederick I King Jerusalem II Holy Roman Emperor (age 30) by marriage John I King Jerusalem.

Before 09 Nov 1292 Marjorie Carrick 3rd Countess Carrick (age 39) died.

On 09 Nov 1493 Roger Townshend (age 63) died. Memorial in the Church of St Mary East Raynham [Map].

Roger Townshend: In 1430 he was born.

On 09 Nov 1501 Catherine of Aragon (age 15) arrived at London.

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On 09 Nov 1504 Frederick IV King Naples (age 52) died.

On 09 Nov 1608 John Graham 3rd Earl Montrose (age 60) died. His son John Graham 4th Earl Montrose (age 35) succeeded 4th Earl Montrose.

Before 09 Nov 1627 Garret Moore 1st Viscount Moore of Drogheda (age 63) and Mary Colley Viscountess Moore and Wilmot were married. She by marriage Viscountess Moore of Drogheda.

On 09 Nov 1643 Anthony Grey 1453- 1490-9th Earl Kent (age 86) died. His son Henry Grey 10th Earl Kent (age 48) succeeded 10th Earl Kent 8C 1465.


Treaty of Newport

Pepy's Diary. 09 Nov 1663. Thence I took leave of them, and so having taken up something at my wife's tailor's, I home by coach and there to my office, whither Shales came and I had much discourse with him about the business of the victualling, and thence in the evening to the Coffee-house, and there sat till by and by, by appointment Will brought me word that his uncle Blackburne was ready to speak with me. So I went down to him, and he and I to a taverne hard by, and there I begun to speak to Will friendlily, advising him how to carry himself now he is going from under my roof, without any reflections upon the occasion from whence his removal arose. This his uncle seconded, and after laying down to him his duty to me, and what I expect of him, in a discourse of about a quarter of an houre or more, we agreed upon his going this week, towards the latter (end) of the week, and so dismissed him, and Mr. Blackburne and I fell to talk of many things, wherein I did speak so freely to him in many things agreeing with his sense that he was very open to me: first, in that of religion, he makes it great matter of prudence for the King (age 33) and Council to suffer liberty of conscience; and imputes the losse of Hungary to the Turke from the Emperor's denying them this liberty of their religion. He says that many pious ministers of the word of God, some thousands of them, do now beg their bread: and told me how highly the present clergy carry themselves every where, so as that they are hated and laughed at by everybody; among other things, for their excommunications, which they send upon the least occasions almost that can be. And I am convinced in my judgement, not only from his discourse, but my thoughts in general, that the present clergy will never heartily go down with the generality of the commons of England; they have been so used to liberty and freedom, and they are so acquainted with the pride and debauchery of the present clergy. He did give me many stories of the affronts which the clergy receive in all places of England from the gentry and ordinary persons of the parish. He do tell me what the City thinks of General Monk (age 54), as of a most perfidious man that hath betrayed every body, and the King (age 33) also; who, as he thinks, and his party, and so I have heard other good friends of the King (age 33) say, it might have been better for the King (age 33) to have had his hands a little bound for the present, than be forced to bring such a crew of poor people about him, and be liable to satisfy the demands of every one of them. He told me that to his knowledge (being present at every meeting at the Treaty at the Isle of Wight), that the old King did confess himself overruled and convinced in his judgement against the Bishopps, and would have suffered and did agree to exclude the service out of the churches, nay his own chappell; and that he did always say, that this he did not by force, for that he would never abate one inch by any vyolence; but what he did was out of his reason and judgement.

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On 09 Nov 1677 Archbishop Gilbert Sheldon (age 79) died.

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Evelyn's Diary. 09 Nov 1685. Began the Parliament; the King (age 52) in his speech required continuance of a standing force instead of a militia, and indemnity and dispensation to Popish officers from the Test; demands very unexpected and unpleasing to the Commons. He also requir'd a supply of revenue, which they granted, but return'd no thanks to the King for his speech, till farther consideration.


On 09 Nov 1695 Theodosia Hyde was born to Edward Hyde 3rd Earl Clarendon (age 33) and Katherine O'Brien Countess Clarendon (age 32).

On 09 Nov 1706 Bishop Peter Mews (age 87) died.

On 09 Nov 1707 John Fitzgerald 18th Earl of Kildare (age 46) died. His first cousin Robert Fitzgerald 19th Earl of Kildare (age 32) succeeded 19th Earl Kildare.

1715 Battle of Preston

The 1715 Battle of Preston was the final action of the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion. It commenced on 09 Nov 1715 when Jacobite cavalry entered Preston [Map]. Royalist troops arrived in number over the next few days surrounding Preston forcing the Jaocbite surrender. 1463 were taken prisoner of which 463 were English. The Scottish prisoners included:

George Seton 5th Earl of Winton (age 37). The only prisoner to plead not guilty, sentenced to death, escaped from the Tower of London [Map] on 04 Aug 1716 around nine in the evening. Travelled to France then to Rome.

On 24 Feb 1716 William Gordon 6th Viscount Kenmure was beheaded on Tower Hill [Map].

On 09 Feb 1716 William Maxwell 5th Earl Nithsale was sentenced to be executed on 24 Feb 1716. The night before his wife (age 35) effected his escape from the Tower of London [Map] by exchanging his clothes with those of her maid. They travelled to Paris then to Rome where the court of James "Old Pretender" Stewart (age 26) was.

James Radclyffe 3rd Earl Derwentwater (age 25) was imprisoned in the Tower of London [Map]. He was examined by the Privy Council on 10 Jan 1716 and impeached on 19 Jan 1716. He pleaded guilty in the expectation of clemency. He was attainted and condemned to death. Attempts were made to procure his pardon. His wife Anna Maria Webb Countess Derwentwater (age 23), her sister Mary Webb Countess Waldegrave (age 20) [Note. Assumed to be her sister Mary], their aunt Anne Brudenell Duchess Richmond (age 44), Barbara Villiers 1st Duchess of Cleveland appealed to King George I of Great Britain and Ireland (age 54) in person without success.

On 24 Feb 1716 James Radclyffe 3rd Earl Derwentwater (age 25) was beheaded on Tower Hill [Map]. Earl Derwentwater, Baronet Radclyffe of Derwentwater in Cumberland forfeit.

William Murray 2nd Lord Nairne was tried on 09 Feb 1716 for treason, found guilty, attainted, and condemned to death. He survived long enough to benefit from the Indemnity Act of 1717.

General Thomas Forster of Adderstone (age 31) was attainted. He was imprisoned at Newgate Prison, London [Map] but escaped to France.

On 14 May 1716 Henry Oxburgh was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn [Map]. He was buried at Church of St Gile's in the Fields. His head was spiked on Temple Bar.

The trials and sentences were overseen by the Lord High Steward William Cowper 1st Earl Cowper (age 50) for which he subsequently received his Earldom.

On 09 Nov 1737 Henry Hyde (age 26) and Frances Lee (age 16) were married. There is some uncertainty whether they married. She the daughter of George Henry Lee 2nd Earl Lichfield (age 47) and Frances Hales Countess Lichfield (age 40). He the son of Henry Hyde 2nd Earl Rochester 4th Earl Clarendon (age 65) and Jane Leveson-Gower Countess Rochester and Clarendon. She a great granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Nov 1770 John Campbell 4th Duke Argyll (age 77) died. His son John Campbell 5th Duke Argyll (age 47) succeeded 5th Duke Argyll. Elizabeth Gunning Duchess Hamilton and Argyll (age 36) by marriage Countess Argyll.

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PAINTINGS/GIRTIN/Denbigh_Castle.jpgBefore 09 Nov 1802. Thomas Girtin (age 27). Great Gatehouse [Map] of Denbigh Castle.

On 09 Nov 1810 John Fleming Leicester 1st Baron Tabley (age 48) and Georgiana Cottin Baroness Tabley (age 16) were married. The difference in their ages was 31 years.

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On 09 Nov 1865 Henry George Cavendish (age 29) died. On 18 May 1891 Edward Cavendish (age 53) died. They were buried in the Cavendish Plot, St Peter's Church, Edensor [Map].

Henry George Cavendish: On 24 May 1836 he was born to George Henry Cavendish (age 25) and Louisa Lascelles (age 23).

Edward Cavendish: On 28 Jan 1838 he was born to William Cavendish 7th Duke Devonshire (age 29) and Blanche Georgiana Howard Duchess Devonshire (age 26) at Marylebone. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.65%. NOTEXT On 03 Aug 1865 Edward Cavendish (age 27) and Emma Elizabeth Lascelles were married. He the son of William Cavendish 7th Duke Devonshire (age 57) and Blanche Georgiana Howard Duchess Devonshire. They were first cousins.

On 09 Nov 1871 Algernon Temple-Gore-Langton 5th Earl Temple of Stowe was born to William Stephen Temple Gore-Langton 4th Earl Temple (age 24) and Helen Mabel Graham-Montgomery Countess Temple of Stowe.


On 09 Nov 1918 Wilhelm Hohenzollern (age 59) Abdicated II Emperor aka Kaiser.

On 09 Nov 1922 Wilhelm Hohenzollern (age 63) and Hermine Reuss (age 34) were married. The difference in their ages was 28 years. He the son of Frederick III King Prussia and Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia. He a grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 09 Nov 1924 John Knatchbull 7th Baron Brabourne was born to Michael Knatchbull 5th Baron Brabourne (age 29) and Doreen Browne Baroness Brabourne (age 28).

On 09 Nov 1996 Roger Makins 1st Baron Sherfield (age 92) died. His son Christopher Makins 2nd Baron Sherfield (age 54) succeeded 2nd Baron Sherfield-on-Loddon in Southampton.