On this Day in History ... 09 September

09 Sep is in September.

1087 King William "The Conqueror" Dies King William II Succeeds

1460 Richard of York claims the Kingdom of England

1513 Battle of Flodden

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1914 Battle of Aisne

Before 09 Sep 1087 Robert II Belleme 2nd Count Ponthieu 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (age 31) and Agnes Ponthieu Countess Ponthieu and Shrewsbury (age 7) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. She the daughter of Bishop Guy Ponthieu (age 60). He the son of Roger "The Great" Montgomery 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Mabel Belleme.

King William "The Conqueror" Dies King William II Succeeds

On 09 Sep 1087 King William "Conqueror" I of England (age 59) died at the Priory of St Gervaise, Rouen. He was buried at Abbaye-aux-Hommes, Caen, Calvados, Basse Normandie at a ceremony presided over by Gilbert Arques Bishop Evreux. King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 19) attended. His son William "Rufus" II King England (age 31) succeeded II King England. His son Robert Curthose Normandy III Duke Normandy (age 36) succeeded III Duke Normandy.

On 09 Sep 1223 Simon Apulia Bishop of Exeter died.

Before 09 Sep 1316 Robert Ufford 1st Baron Ufford (age 37) died. His son Robert Ufford 1st Earl Suffolk (age 18) succeeded 2nd Baron Ufford.

On 09 Sep 1349 Albert "With the Pigtail" Habsburg III Duke Austria was born to Albert Habsburg II Duke Austria (age 50) and Johanna Pfirt Duchess Austria.

On 09 Sep 1396 John Beaumont 4th Baron Beaumont (age 35) died. His son Henry Beaumont 5th Baron Beaumont (age 16) succeeded 5th Baron Beaumont.

On 09 Sep 1407 Thomas Fauconberg 5th Baron Fauconberg (age 62) died.

Before 09 Sep 1427 Thomas Ros 8th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 19) and Eleanor Beauchamp Duchess Somerset (age 19) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley. She the daughter of Richard Beauchamp 13th Earl Warwick (age 45) and Elizabeth Berkeley Countess Warwick. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

After 09 Sep 1456 Thomas Courtenay 14th Earl Devon (age 24) and Mary Capet Countess Devon (age 10) were married at Coventry [Map]. She by marriage Countess Devon. She the daughter of Charles Valois Anjou Count Maine (age 42). He the son of Thomas Courtenay 13th Earl Devon (age 42) and Margaret Beaufort Countess Devon. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Richard of York claims the Kingdom of England

Chronicle of Gregory 1460. 09 Sep 1460. Ande thys same yere the Duke of Yorke (age 48) come owte of Yrlonde, and londyd at the Redde Clyffe in Loncaschyre, and hys lyvery was whyte and brewe in hyr clothyng, and i-brawderyd a-bove with fetyrlockys. And thys he come forthe towarde London; ande then hys lady the duchyes (age 45) met with hym in a chare i-coveryd with blewe felewette, and iiij pore coursserys theryn. And so he come to Habyngdon, and there he sende for trompeters and claryners to bryng hym to London, and there he gave them baners with the hole armys of Inglonde with owte any dyversyte, and commaundyd hys swerde to ben borne uppe ryghte be-fore hym; and soo he rode forthe unto Lundon tylle he come to Westemyster to Kyng Harrys palys ande there he claymyde the crowne of Inglonde.

On 09 Sep 1461 Baldwin Fulford (age 46) was beheaded at Bristol, Gloucestershire [Map] on the orders of King Edward IV of England (age 19) for having supported King Henry VI of England and II of France (age 39).

Battle of Flodden

Before 09 Sep 1513 King James IV of Scotland (age 40) based himself at Ford Castle [Map] before the Battle of Flodden.

On 09 Sep 1513 at the Battle of Flodden was fought at the Branxton, Northumberland [Map]. the English army was commanded by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 70), Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 40), Edmund Howard (age 35), Thomas Dacre 2nd Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 45), Edward Stanley 1st Baron Monteagle (age 51) and Marmaduke Constable (age 56).NOTEXT

The English army included: Henry "Shepherd Lord" Clifford 10th Baron Clifford (age 59), William Conyers 1st Baron Conyers (age 44), Thomas Berkeley 5th Baron Berkeley (age 41) and Richard Neville 2nd Baron Latimer of Snape (age 45).

Randall Babington, John Bigod (age 38) and Thomas Fitzwilliam (age 39) were killed.

Marmaduke Constable (age 33), William Constable (age 38), George Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Aston (age 16), Edmund Walsingham (age 33), Thomas Burgh 7th Baron Cobham 5th Baron Strabolgi 1st Baron Burgh (age 25) and Walter Stonor (age 36) were knighted by Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 40).NOTEXT

Christopher Savage, Thomas Venables (age 44) and Brian Tunstall (age 33) were killed.

Bryan Stapleton of Wighill (age 55) was killed. (Some reports have him dying in 1518).

John Booth (age 78) was killed.

The Scottish army suffered heavy casualties:

King James IV of Scotland (age 40) was killed. His son King James V of Scotland (age 1) succeeded V King Scotland.

Alexander Stewart ArchBishop of St Andrews (age 20) was killed.

David Kennedy 1st Earl Cassilis (age 43) was killed. His son Gilbert Kennedy 2nd Earl Cassilis (age 18) succeeded 2nd Earl Cassilis. Isabel Campbell Countess Cassilis by marriage Countess Cassilis.

William Sinclair 2nd Earl Caithness (age 54) was killed. His son John Sinclair 3rd Earl Caithness succeeded 3rd Earl Caithness.

Matthew Stewart 2nd Earl Lennox was killed. His son John Stewart 3rd Earl Lennox (age 23) succeeded 3rd Earl Lennox 2C 1488.

William Hay 4th Earl Erroll was killed. His son William Hay 5th Earl Erroll (age 18) succeeded 5th Earl Erroll.

John Douglas 2nd Earl Morton was killed. His son James Douglas 3rd Earl Morton succeeded 3rd Earl Morton, 6th Lord Dalkeith.

Adam Hepburn 2nd Earl Bothwell was killed. His son Patrick Hepburn 3rd Earl Bothwell (age 1) succeeded 3rd Earl Bothwell.

Alexander Stewart 4th of Garlies (age 32) was killed. His son Alexander Stewart 5th of Garlies (age 6) succeeded 5th Lord Garlies.

Alexander Elphinstone 1st Lord Elphinstone was killed. His son Alexander Elphinstone 2nd Lord Elphinstone (age 3) succeeded 2nd Lord Elphinstone.

Thomas Hay, George Hepburn Bishop Isles (age 59), Adam Hepburn Master (age 56), Thomas "Younger of Cushnie" Lumsden

William Douglas 6th Lord Drumlanrig was killed. William "Younger" Douglas 7th Lord Drumlanrig succeeded 7th Lord Drumlanrig.

George Seton 5th Lord Seton was killed. His son George Seton 6th Lord Seton succeeded 6th Lord Seton.

John Hay 2nd Lord Hay of Yester was killed. His son John Hay 3rd Lord Hay (age 23) succeeded 3rd Lord Hay of Yester. Elizabeth Douglas Lady Hay by marriage Lord Hay of Yester.

Robert Keith Master of Marischal (age 30), Guiscard Harbottle (age 28), John Erskine, David Home (age 22), Andrew Stewart 1st Lord Avondale (age 43), Archibald Campbell 2nd Earl Argyll (age 64), Robert Douglas of Lochleven (age 89) were killed.

Henry Sinclair 3rd Lord Sinclair (age 48) was killed. His son William Sinclair 4th Lord Sinclair succeeded 4th Lord Sinclair.

James Stewart 1st Lord of Traquair (age 33) was killed. His son William Stewart 2nd Lord Traquair (age 7) succeeded 2nd Lord Traquair.

John Maxwell 4th Lord Maxwell (age 57) was killed. His son Robert Maxwell 5th Lord Maxwell (age 20) succeeded 5th Lord Maxwell.

William Murray (age 43), Colin Oliphant (age 26), William Ruthven (age 33), George Douglas (age 44) and William Douglas (age 42) were killed.

George Home 4th Lord Home and John Stewart 2nd Earl Atholl (age 38) fought.

Brothers David Lyon of Cossins, William Lyon and George Lyon were killed.

William Graham 1st Earl Montrose (age 49) was killed. His son William Graham 2nd Earl Montrose (age 21) succeeded 2nd Earl Montrose.

Robert Erskine 4th Lord Erskine 16th Earl Mar was killed. His son John Erskine 17th Earl Mar (age 26) de jure 17th Earl Mar 1C 1404, Lord Erskine.

Thomas Stewart 2nd Lord Innermeath (age 52) was killed. His son Richard Stewart 3rd Lord Innermeath succeeded 3rd Lord Innermeath.

Walter Lindsay of Arden and Walter Lindsay (age 33) were killed.

William Keith of Inverugie (age 43) was killed.

David Wemyss of Wemyss (age 40) was killed.

John Somerville 1st of Cambusnethan (age 55) was killed.

Robert Crichton 2nd Lord Crichton of Sanquhar (age 41) was killed. His son Robert Crichton 3rd Lord Crichton of Sanquhar (age 22) succeeded 3rd Lord Crichton of Sanquhar

Father and son William Rollo (age 59) and Robert Rollo 5th of Duncrub (age 34) were killed.

On 09 Sep 1534 Thomas Fiennes 8th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 62) died. He was buried at Herstmonceux. His grandson Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 19) succeeded 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321.


1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 09 Sep 1535. R. O. 312. The Fellows of Magdalene College, Oxford, to Cromwell.

We have received the good and wholesome device directed to us by the King for the reformation of study, and cannot thank you sufficiently for setting it forward. Whereas our youth were heretofore brought up very corruptly for lack of the Greek tongue, and were so blindly instructed in the principles of logic that they could not tell whereabout they went when they learned, or what profit they got by it; after a great loss of time now they have that way and order prescribed to them, that in a few years this town, that hath hitherto been rejected as a place that maintained no learning nor profited the public weal shall be able to bring forth those that shall serve the Prince and the community. Although, in consequence of the labor of certain others that have always been led in this ignorance, and will see no better way, your commissioners have suspended some of these articles until the statutes be examined, we, who are the greater part, desire you not to give ear to sinistral information, for there is nothing in our statutes prohibiting these ordinances, but what allows "a lecture of Greek to be read to the company as the abolishment of their sophistry, Duns, and such like stuff, you so appointing who knoweth what you do in this thing better than they the contrary that would stop it." Although our college is well provided with lectures, it can provide a competent stipend for a Greek lecture. If among so great a number as we be in this college, other corrupt glosses of Duns should continue, and the study of Greek be neglected, a great part of the youth of this university would be deprived of the ordinance you have provided for them. If children and other young company be let to run to seek better learning abroad out of their own house, in other colleges, besides the danger in the time of plague, they will not return again without loss of time. We hope, therefore, you will continue beneficial to us in seeing these ordinances put in force. Oxford, Magdalene College, 9 Sept. Signed by 20 fellows.

Pp. 3. Add.: Secretary. Endd.

On 09 Sep 1543 Mary Queen of Scots was crowned I King Scotland.

PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots2.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/MADOXBROWN/Execution_Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg

After 09 Sep 1588 Thomas "The Navigator" Cavendish (age 27) paraded his treasure laden ship up the River Thames on his return from his two years and forty nine days trip around the world. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 55) who was invited to dine aboard.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

On 09 Sep 1634 Richard Wingfield 1st Viscount Powerscourt (age 84) died without issue. Viscount Powerscourt 1C 1618 extinct.

On 09 Sep 1647 Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (age 50) died. His son Thomas Osborne 1st Duke Leeds (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baronet Osborne of Kiveton.

After 09 Sep 1647. Monument to Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (deceased) in the Osborne Family Chapel at All Hallows' Church Harthill [Map]. His arms impaled with those of his second wife Anne Walmesley Lady Osborne (age 47).

Anne Walmesley Lady Osborne: Around 1600 she was born to Thomas Walmesley (age 26) and Eleanor Danvers (age 20). After 13 Oct 1618 Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (age 21) and Anne Walmesley Lady Osborne (age 18) were married. On 13 Jul 1620 Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (age 23) was created 1st Baronet Osborne of Kiveton. Anne Walmesley Lady Osborne (age 20) by marriage Lady Osborne of Kiveton. On 20 Aug 1666 Anne Walmesley Lady Osborne (age 66) died.

On 09 Sep 1674 Murdough O'Brien 1st Earl Inchiquin (age 60) died. He was buried at St Mary's Cathedral, Limerick, County Limerick. His son William O'Brien 2nd Earl Inchiquin (age 34) succeeded 2nd Earl Inchiquin.


On 09 Sep 1716 Charles Bennet 3rd Earl Tankerville was born to Charles Bennet 2nd Earl Tankerville (age 18) and Camilla Colville Countess Tankerville (age 19).

After 09 Sep 1728. Grave of Joseph Nicholson Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

On 09 Sep 1740 Francis Thomas-Fitzmaurice 3rd Earl Kerry was born to William Fitzmaurice 2nd Earl Kerry (age 46) and Gertrude Lambart.

PAINTINGS/POND/Stephen_Weston.jpgBefore 09 Sep 1758. Arthur Pond (age 53). Portrait of Bishop Stephen Weston.

PAINTINGS/POND/Charles_Boyle.jpgBefore 09 Sep 1758. Arthur Pond (age 53). Portrait of Charles Boyle (age 29).

Charles Boyle: On 20 Feb 1729 he was born to John Boyle 5th Earl Cork (age 22) and Henrietta Hamilton Countess Cork. On 16 Sep 1759 Charles Boyle (age 30) died.

On 09 Sep 1764 Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond was born to George Lennox (age 26) and Louisa Kerr. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Sep 1785 George Neville 1st Earl Abergavenny (age 58) died. His son Henry Neville 2nd Earl Abergavenny (age 30) succeeded 2nd Earl Abergavenny, 2nd Viscount Neville, 18th Baron Bergavenny 1C 1392, 16th Baron Bergavenny 2C 1450. Mary Robinson Countess Abergavenny (age 25) by marriage Countess Abergavenny.

On 09 Sep 1789 Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond (age 25) and Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond (age 20) were married at Gordon Castle, Fochabers. She the daughter of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke Gordon (age 46) and Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon (age 41). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Sep 1789 Maria Archer (age 21) died in childbirth at Corby Castle [Map]. Monument in Holy Trinity Church, Wetheral, Cumberland [Map] sculpted by Joseph Nollekens (age 52) costing £1500. He regarded it as his finest work; entitled Faith. When Nollekens realized that his work was destined for so remote a part of the Kingdom it is said that he burst into tears as he felt so few people would see it. This work is represented on the Nollekens Monument in Paddington Parish Church by William Behnes. On seeing the sculpture Wordsworth wrote "XXXIX Monument Of Mrs Howard By Nollekens In Wetheral Church, Near Corby, On The Banks Of The Eden".

Maria Archer: Around 1768 she was born to Andrew Archer 2nd Baron Archer (age 31) and Sarah West Baroness Archer. On 22 Nov 1788 Henry Howard (age 31) and Maria Archer (age 20) were married.

PAINTINGS/NOLLEKENS/Design_Wetheral2.jpg PAINTINGS/NOLLEKENS/Design_Wetheral.jpg

On 09 Sep 1799 James Duff 4th Earl Fife (age 22) and Maria Caroline Manners Countess Fife were married. She the daughter of John Manners and Louisa Tollemache 7th Countess Dysart (age 54). He the son of Alexander Duff 3rd Earl Fife (age 68).

On 09 Sep 1824 Bishop Edward Grey (age 42) and Elizabeth Adair were married. He the son of Charles Grey 1st Earl Grey and Elizabeth Grey Countess Grey. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Sep 1826 Frederick Grand Duke of Baden was born to Leopold Grand Duke of Baden (age 36) and Princess Sophie of Sweden (age 25). He a great x 3 grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.


Adeliza Maria Howard: She was born to Henry Howard and Catherine Marie Mary Charlotte Neave. On 30 Apr 1830 Henry William Petre (age 39) and she were married. They were half first cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 09 Sep 1844 Miles Thomas Stapleton 8th Baron Beaumont (age 39) and Isabella Anne Browne Baroness Beaumont (age 19) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. She by marriage Baroness Beaumont. The difference in their ages was 20 years.

Wetton. On the 9th of September, we opened a mound nine yards across, near Thor's Cave, Wetton, situated midway between that object and the road to Grindon. Owing to its very slight elevation it is not easily seen, and a wall crosses it some distance from the centre. We turned most of it over, finding it to consist of red earth, mixed with chert, and to show near the surface charcoal, bits of bone, burnt and unbumt, and pieces of stags' horn. Near the centre, about a foot below the surface, we found two very curious vessels; one of rather globular form, four inches high, is carved in sandstone like some of the Irish urns, and is ornamented by four grooves round the outside. About a foot from it was another equally curious vessel, which may be styled a bronze pan or kettle, four inches higli and six diameter, with a slender iron bow like a bucket handle. It has been first cast and then hammered, and is very slightly marked by horizontal ridges. The stone vessel was found in an upright position, and the bronze one was inverted: above it were traces of decayed wood. It is probable that a deposit of burnt bones was placed near the centre of the mound, the greatest part of which was in a field that had been often tilled, so that they might easily have been so far removed by the plough as to leave only the few traces which we observed near the surface. Stone vessels of this kind are rarely found in England, but are common in the north of Scotland and the Shetland Isles, where they are not unfrequently provided with handles.

On 05 Nov 1862 Mary Anne Browne died. On 09 Sep 1853 Anna Martina ffolkes died. In 1960 Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet (age 61) died. Memorials in Church of St Mary Hillington [Map].

Mary Anne Browne: She was born to Dominick Geoffrey Browne of Castle McGarrett.

Anna Martina ffolkes: She was born to Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet.

Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet: In 1899 he was born to Francis Arthur Stanley ffolkes 5th Baronet (age 35). On 18 Oct 1938 or 20 Oct 1938 Francis Arthur Stanley ffolkes 5th Baronet (age 74) died. His son Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet (age 39) succeeded 6th Baronet ffolkes of Hillington Hall in Norfolk.

On 09 Sep 1863 Ellen Mary Palmer died. Monument in St Giles' Church, Wrexham [Map] sculpted by Thomas Woolner (age 37).

Ellen Mary Palmer: She was born to William Henry Roger Palmer 4th Baronet. On 25 May 1857 Archibald Peel (age 29) and she were married.

On 09 Sep 1882 George Grey 2nd Baronet (age 83) died. His grandson Edward Grey 1st Viscount Fallodon (age 20) succeeded 3rd Baronet Grey of Fallodon.


After 09 Sep 1882. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to George Grey 2nd Baronet (deceased) and Anne Sophia Ryder Lady Grey (age 77).

George Grey 2nd Baronet: On 11 May 1799 he was born to George Grey 1st Baronet (age 31) and Mary Whitbread Lady Grey (age 29). On 03 Oct 1828 George Grey 1st Baronet (age 60) died at the Commissioner's Residence Portsmouth Dockyard. His son George Grey 2nd Baronet (age 29) succeeded 2nd Baronet Grey of Fallodon. Before 21 Mar 1835 George Grey 2nd Baronet (age 35) and Anne Sophia Ryder Lady Grey (age 29) were married. She by marriage Lady Grey of Fallodon. She the daughter of Bishop Henry Dudley Ryder Bishop (age 57). On 09 Sep 1882 George Grey 2nd Baronet (age 83) died. His grandson Edward Grey 1st Viscount Fallodon (age 20) succeeded 3rd Baronet Grey of Fallodon.

Anne Sophia Ryder Lady Grey: On 11 May 1805 she was born to Bishop Henry Dudley Ryder Bishop (age 27). On 08 Jul 1893 Anne Sophia Ryder Lady Grey (age 88) died.

On 09 Sep 1909 Thomas Fermor-Hesketh 1st Baron Hesketh (age 27) and Florence Louise Breckinridge (age 28) were married.

1914 Battle of Aisne

On 09 Sep 1914 Captain Percy Lyulph Wyndham (age 26) missing presumed killed in action whilst serving with the 11 Guards Brigade at the 1914 Battle of Aisne.

On 09 Sep 1920 Alan Egerton 3rd Baron Egerton Tatton (age 75) died. His son Maurice Egerton 4th Baron Egerton (age 45) succeeded 4th Baron Egerton Tatton.