On this Day in History ... 10 April

10 Apr is in April.

1299 Edward I Creates New Barons

1445 Marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

1483 Funeral of Edward IV

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

1666 Great Plague of London

1685 Popish Plot

1691 Destruction of Whitehall Palace by Fire

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

On 10 Apr 1270 King Haakon V was born to King Magnus VI of Norway (age 31) and Queen Ingeborg of Norway (age 26).

1299 Edward I Creates New Barons

On 06 Feb 1299 King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 59) created a number of new Barons by writ of summons to Edward's 44th Parliament ...

John Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley (age 27) was created 1st Baron Ferrers of Chartley.

John Lovell 1st Baron Lovel (age 45) was created 1st Baron Lovel of Titchmarsh. Joan Ros Baroness Lovel (age 39) by marriage Baroness Lovel of Titchmarsh.

William Ros 1st Baron Ros Helmsley (age 44) was created 1st Baron Ros Helmsley. Maud Vaux Baroness Ros (age 42) by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley.

William Devereux 1st Baron Devereux Lyonshall (age 55) was created 1st Baron Devereux Lyonshall. Lucy Burnell Baroness Devereux Lyonshall by marriage Baroness Devereux Lyonshall.

Adam Welles 1st Baron Welles (age 50) was created 1st Baron Welles. Joan D'Engayne Baroness Welles and Ughtred by marriage Baroness Welles.

Robert Clinton 1st Baron Clinton (age 41) was created 1st Baron Clinton. Ida Odingsells Baroness Clinton (age 34) by marriage Baroness Clinton.

John Moels 1st Baron Moels (age 30) was created 1st Baron Moels.

The next baronies may not have been created on 06 Feb 1299 but were created in 1299 possibly for Edward's 45th and 46th Parliaments on 10 Apr 1299 and 21 Sep 1299 respectively.

Edmund Deincourt 1st Baron Deincourt (age 49) was created 1st Baron Deincourt 1C 1299.

John Strange 1st Baron Strange Knockin (age 46) was created 1st Baron Strange Knockin 2C 1299. Maud Eiville Baroness Strange Knockin by marriage Baroness Strange Knockin.

John St John Lagenham 1st Baron St John Lagenham (age 49) was created 1st Baron St John Lagenham.

Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford (age 24) was created 1st Baron de Clifford 1C 1299. Maud Clare Baroness Clifford Baroness Welles (age 23) by marriage Baroness de Clifford.

Henry Grey 1st Baron Grey of Codnor (age 44) was created 1st Baron Grey of Codnor 1299. Eleanor Courtenay Baroness Grey Codnor by marriage Baroness Grey of Codnor 1299.

John Mohun 1st Baron Dunster (age 30) was created 1st Baron Mohun of Dunster. Ada Tiptoft Baroness Dunster (age 24) by marriage Baroness Mohun of Dunster.

Roger Scales 1st Baron Scales was created 1st Baron Scales.

John St John 1st Baron St John Basing (age 25) was created 1st Baron St John Basing.

John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset (age 24) was created 1st Baron Beauchamp Somerset.

Alan Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Ashby (age 31) was created 1st Baron Zouche Ashby.

Henry Percy 9th and 1st Baron Percy (age 25) was created 1st Baron Percy of Alnwick 1C 1299. Eleanor Fitzalan Baroness Percy (age 15) by marriage Baroness Percy of Alnwick.

William Grandison 1st Baron Grandison (age 37) was created 1st Baron Grandison 1C 1299. Sibylla Tregoz Baroness Grandison by marriage Baroness Grandison. His brother was also created Baron Grandison on the same day.

Otto Grandison 1st Baron Grandison (age 61) was created 1st Baron Grandison 1C 1299. His brother was also created Baron Grandison on the same day.

Thomas de Multon 1st Baron Multon (age 22) was created 1st Baron Multon Egremont. Eleanor Burgh Baroness Multon Egremont (age 17) by marriage Baroness Multon Egremont.

On 10 Apr 1362 Maud Plantagenet Duchess Lower Bavaria (age 23) died. Her sister Blanche Plantagenet Duchess Lancaster (age 17) succeeded 6th Countess of Leicester. John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (age 22) by marriage Earl of Leicester 2C 1265 adding a fourth Earldom to the ones he already held: Earl Richmond 5C 1342, Earl Lancaster and Earl Derby 2C 1337.

Marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

Chronicle of Gregory 1445. 01 Apr 1445. And a pon the fyrste day of Aprylle Quene Margarete (age 15) landed at Portysmowthe [Map], and a-pon the x day of the same monythe sche was weddyd at a lytylle velage [Map] in Hampsehyre i-namyd.

On 10 Apr 1480 Philibert "Handsome Good" Savoy 2nd Duke Savoy was born to Philip "Landless" Savoy II Duke Savoy (age 42) and Margaret Bourbon (age 41). Coefficient of inbreeding 3.19%.

Funeral of Edward IV

On 10 Apr 1483, in the morning, the coffin of King Edward IV of England (deceased) was moved to St Stephen's Chapel [Map]. Bishop Edward Story sang the masses. Richard Fiennes 7th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 68), Chamberlain to Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England (age 46), offered on the Queen's behalf.

On 10 Apr 1533 King Frederick I of Denmark (age 61) died. His son Christian III King Denmark (age 29) succeeded III King Denmark.

On 10 Apr 1581 James Barry 4th Viscount Buttivant (age 61) died. His son David Barry 5th Viscount Buttevant (age 31) succeeded 5th Viscount Buttevant.

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

In Mar 1586 a virulent outbreak of gaol fever occurred during the Assizes in Exeter, Devon [Map]. The cause according to modern medical opinion was typhus transmitted by the human body-louse. Among the dead victims were eight judges, eleven of the twelve jurors, several constables, and the surrounding population which was ravaged by the disease for several months.

Edward Flowerdew died of gaol fever.

On 28 Mar 1586 Thomas Carew of Haccombe (age 70) died of gaol fever.

On 31 Mar 1586 John Chichester died of gaol fever.

On 01 Apr 1586 Robert Carey (age 71) died of gaol fever.

On 02 Apr 1586 Arthur Bassett (age 45) died of gaol fever.

On 10 Apr 1586 Bernard Drake (age 58) died of gaol fever.

On 10 Apr 1608 William Cavendish 2nd Earl Devonshire (age 18) and Christian Bruce Countess Devonshire were married. He the son of William Cavendish 1st Earl Devonshire (age 55) and Anne Keighley (age 45).

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Herbert.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Christian_Cavendish.png

On 10 Apr 1617 Henri Valois II Duke Longueville (age 22) and Louise Bourbon Condé Duchess Longueville (age 13) were married at Paris [Map]. Louise Bourbon Condé Duchess Longueville by marriage Duchess Longueville. She the daughter of Charles Bourbon Condé Count Soissons and Anne Montafié Countess Soissons (age 39). He the son of Henri Valois I Duke Longueville and Catherine Gonzaga Duchess Longueville (age 49). They were second cousins.

Before 10 Apr 1629 John Freschville 1st Baron Frescheville (age 21) and Bruce Nichols were married.

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Thomas_Howard.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Funeral_of_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/LARKIN/Philip_Herbert_4th_Earl_of_Pembroke_c_1615.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Philip_Herbert_2.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Philip_Herbert.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Henry_Clifford.jpg PAINTINGS/LARKIN/Anne_Clifford.png

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 10 Apr 1666. Up betimes, and many people to me about business. To the office and there sat till noon, and then home and dined, and to the office again all the afternoon, where we sat all, the first time of our resolution to sit both forenoons and afternoons. Much business at night and then home, and though late did see some work done by the plasterer to my new window in the boy's chamber plastered. Then to supper, and after having my head combed by the little girle to bed. Bad news that the plague is decreased in the general again and two increased in the sickness.

On 10 Apr 1673 Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Winchilsea (age 45) and Catherine Norcliffe Countess Winchelsea were married. She by marriage Countess Winchilsea. He the son of Thomas Finch 2nd Earl Winchilsea and Cecily Wentworth Countess Winchelsea.

On 10 Apr 1678 Christopher Hussey (age 79) swore allegiance to King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 47) (the first to do so) at Hampton Rockingham County New Hampshire.

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

On 10 Apr 1684 Victor Amadeus King Sardinia (age 17) and Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia (age 14) were married. Anne Marie Bourbon Queen Consort Sardinia by marriage Duchess Savoy. She the daughter of Philip Bourbon I Duke Orléans (age 43) and Princess Henrietta Stewart Duchess Orléans (age 39). They were second cousins. She a granddaughter of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Popish Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Apr 1685. I went early to Whitehall [Map] to heare Dr. Tillotson, Deane of Canterbury (age 54), preaching on 9 Eccles. 18. I returned in the evening, and visited Lady Tuke, and found with her Sr Geo Wakeman, the physician, whom I had seene tried and acquitted J, amongst the plotters for poisoning the late King, on the accusation of the famous Oates (age 35); and surely I believ'd him guiltlesse.


Destruction of Whitehall Palace by Fire

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Apr 1691. This night, a sudden and terrible fire burned down all the buildings over the stone gallery at Whitehall [Map] to the water side, beginning at the apartment of the late Duchess of Portsmouth (age 41) [Note. Not clear why 'late' since Louise Kéroualle 1st Duchess Portsmouth (age 41) died in 1734; possibly relates to her fall from grace following the death of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland] (which had been pulled down and rebuilt no less than three times to please her), and consuming other lodgings of such lewd creatures, who debauched both King Charles II and others, and were his destruction.

The King (age 40) returned out of Holland just as this accident happened-Proclamation against the Papists, etc.

PAINTINGS/GASCAR/Louise_Kerouallle.png PAINTINGS/GASCAR/Louise_Kerouallle_2.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Louise_Kerouaille.png PAINTINGS/GASCAR/Louise_Keroualle_3.png PAINTINGS/GASCAR/Louise_Keroualle_4.png PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Louise_Kerouaille.jpg PAINTINGS/WISSING/William_III.png

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Apr 1696. The quarters of Sir William Perkins (deceased) and Sir John Friend, lately executed on the plot, with Perkins's (deceased) head, were set up at Temple Bar, a dismal sight, which many pitied. I think there never was such at Temple Bar till now, except once in the time of King Charles II, namely, of Sir Thomas Armstrong.

On 10 Apr 1706 Arthur Chichester 3rd Earl Donegal (age 40) was killed at Montjuïc, Barcelona. His son Arthur Chichester 4th Earl Donegal (age 11) succeeded 4th Earl Donegal.

On 10 Apr 1721 Rich Ingram 5th Viscount Irvine (age 33) died. His brother Arthur Ingram 6th Viscount Irvine (age 31) succeeded 6th Viscount Irvine.


On 10 Apr 1739 Francis Scott 2nd Earl Deloraine (age 28) died. He was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map]. His brother Henry Scott 3rd Earl Deloraine (age 27) succeeded 3rd Earl Deloraine.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/George_Vernon.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/George_Venables_Vernon.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Martha_Harcourt.jpg

After 10 Apr 1776. St Giles' Church, Wrexham [Map]. Monument to Philip Puleston. Sculpted by Charles Bromfield (age 36).

On 10 Apr 1782 Amy Goodwin (age 82) died. She was buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

Amy Goodwin: Edmund Harwick and she were married. On 30 Oct 1699 she was born to John Goodwin (age 26) at Narborough Hall.

On 10 Apr 1792 Charles Morgan 1st Baron Tredegar was born to Charles Gould aka Morgan 2nd Baronet (age 32) and Mary Margaret or Magdalen Stoney. He was educated at Harrow School, Westminster School [Map] and Christ Church College, Oxford University.


On 10 Apr 1793 Charles Brudenell 1st Marquess Ailesbury (age 20) and Henrietta Maria Hill were married in Florence. He the son of Thomas Brudenell 1st Earl Ailesbury (age 63) and Susanna Hoare Countess Ailesbury.

PAINTINGS/BEECHEY/Charles_Brudenell.jpg PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Henrietta_Maria_Hill.jpg
PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Duke_Wellington.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Duke_Wellington.jpg

On 10 Apr 1809 Alan Hyde Gardner 2nd Baron Gardner (age 39) and Charlotte Elizabeth Smith Baroness Gardner were married. She by marriage Baroness Gardner.

On 10 Apr 1817 Charles Gordon-Lennox 5th Duke Richmond (age 25) and Caroline Paget Duchess Richmond (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Henry William Paget 1st Marquess Anglesey (age 48) and Caroline Elizabeth Villiers Duchess Argyll (age 42). He the son of Charles Lennox 4th Duke Richmond (age 52) and Charlotte Gordon Duchess Richmond (age 48). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 Apr 1827 William Holman-Hunt was born to William Hunt (age 27) and Sarah Hobman (age 29) at 41 Lifford Street or Love Lane [Map]. Originally William Hobman Hunt he changed his name when he discovered it had been erroneously entered at his baptism on 10 Apr 1827 at the St Giles without Cripplegate Church [Map].

William Hunt: In 1800 he was born. In 1856 William Hunt (age 56) died.

Sarah Hobman: In 1798 she was born to William Hobman of Rotherhithe. In 1884 Sarah Hobman (age 86) died.


On 10 Apr 1855 Thomas George Anson 2nd Earl Lichfield (age 29) and Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton Countess Lichfield (age 21) were married. Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton Countess Lichfield by marriage Countess Lichfield. She the daughter of James Hamilton 1st Duke Abercorn (age 44) and Louisa Jane Russell Duchess Abercorn (age 42). He the son of Thomas William Anson 1st Earl Lichfield and Louisa Barbara Catherine Phillips Countess Lichfield (age 55). She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 10 Apr 1856 Charles Stewart Hardinge 2nd Viscount Hardinge (age 33) and Lavinia Bingham Viscountess Hardinge (age 20) were married. She the daughter of George Charles Bingham 3rd Earl Lucan (age 55) and Anne Brudenell Countess Lucan (age 46).

On 10 Apr 1859 Arthur Walsh 3rd Baron Ormathwaite was born to Arthur Walsh 2nd Baron Ormathwaite (age 31) and Katherine Somerset Baroness Ormathwaite (age 24).

On 10 Apr 1866 Charles Rudolph Trefusis 19th Baron Clinton (age 74) died. His son Charles Hepburn Stuart Forbes Trefusis 20th Baron Clinton (age 32) succeeded 20th Baron Clinton. Harriet Williamina Hepburn-Forbes Baroness Clinton (age 31) by marriage Baroness Clinton.


On 10 Apr 1874 Ulick Burgh 1st Marquess Clanricarde (age 71) died at Stratton Street. On 10 Apr 1874 His son Hubert George Burgh 2nd Marquess Clanricarde (age 41) succeeded 2nd Marquess Clarincade 2C 1825.

On 10 Apr 1904 Isabella II Queen Spain (age 73) died.


On 10 Apr 1917 Samuel Charles Busby (age 18) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map]. TR10/17974, 29th Battalion, Training Reserve.

Samuel Charles Busby: Around 1899 he was born.

On 10 Apr 1923 George Cambridge 2nd Marquess Cambridge (age 27) and Dorothy Hastings Marchioness Cambridge (age 23) were married. She by marriage Marchioness Cambridge. He the son of Adolphus Cambridge Duke Teck (age 54) and Margaret Evelyn Grosvenor Duchess Teck (age 50). He a great x 2 grandson of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 10 Apr 1934 John Scott 4th Earl Eldon (age 35) and Magdalen Mary Charlotte Fraser Countess Eldon (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess Eldon.

Reverend Albany Bourchier Sherard Wrey 13th Baronet: On 04 Jan 1861 he was born to Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey 10th Baronet (age 31) and Marianne Sarah Sherard Lady Wrey (age 25). In 1893 Reverend Albany Bourchier Sherard Wrey 13th Baronet (age 31) was appointed Rector of St Peter's Church, Tawstock which office he held for fifty-five years until his death in 1948. On 08 May 1936 Philip Bourchier Sherard Wrey 12th Baronet (age 77) died. His brother Reverend Albany Bourchier Sherard Wrey 13th Baronet (age 75) succeeded 13th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 10 Apr 1948 Reverend Albany Bourchier Sherard Wrey 13th Baronet (age 87) died. His nephew Castel Richard Bourchier Wrey 14th Baronet (age 45) succeeded 14th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall.