On this Day in History ... 15 November

15 Nov is in November.

655 Battle of the Winwaed

1642 Battle of Brentford

1665 Great Plague of London

1677 Marriage of William of Orange and Princess Mary Stewart

1678 Popish Plot

1712 Hamilton-Mohun Duel

Battle of the Winwaed

On 15 Nov 655 King Oswiu of Northumbria (age 43) defeated the Mercian army (probably) at Cock Beck during the Battle of the Winwaed ending the period of Mercian dominance. The battle is believed to have ended Anglo-Saxon paganism.

On 15 Nov 655 Æthelwald King Deira (age 13), an ally of King Penda of Mercia, withdrew his forces, one of many Mercian allies to do so, weakening King Penda's army.

King Penda of Mercia and King Æthelhere of East Anglia were killed. Penda's son Paeda King South Mercia succeeded King South Mercia.

King Æthelwold of East Anglia succeeded King East Anglia after the death of his father at the Battle of the Winwaed.

On 15 Nov 1037 Odo Blois II Count Blois (age 54) died. His son Theobald Blois III Count Blois (age 25) succeeded III Count Blois. His son Stephen Blois II Count Troyes and Meaux succeeded II Count Troyes and Meaux.

On 15 Nov 1261 Sanchia Provence Queen Consort Germany (deceased) was buried at Hailes Abbey [Map].

On 05 Jun 1316 Louis X King France I Navarre (age 26) died. On 15 Nov 1316 His son John "The Posthumous" I King France succeeded posthumously I King France: Capet.

On 15 Nov 1347 Peter IV King Aragon (age 28) and Eleanor Burgundy Queen Consort Aragon (age 19) were married. Eleanor Burgundy Queen Consort Aragon by marriage Queen Consort Aragon. She the daughter of Alfonso "Brave" IV King Portugal (age 56) and Beatrice Ivrea Queen Consort Portugal (age 54). He the son of Alfonso IV King Aragon and Teresa Enteca Queen Consort Aragon. They were second cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Around 15 Nov 1509 George Fitzhugh 7th Baron Fitzhugh (age 23) and Catherine Dacre (age 24) were married. They were half second cousin once removed. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 15 Nov 1558 Gilbert Kennedy 3rd Earl Cassilis (age 43) died at Dieppe, Seine Maritime, Haute Normandie. His son Gilbert Kennedy 4th Earl Cassilis (age 17) succeeded 4th Earl Cassilis.

On 15 Nov 1592 Thomas Cockayne (age 71) died. He was buried at St Oswald's Church, Ashbourne [Map]. Monument to Thomas Cockayne (age 71) and his wife Dorothy Ferrers. Elizabethan Period.

Thomas Cockayne: On 27 Nov 1520 he was born to Francis Cockayne (age 21) and Dorothy Marrow (age 21). Before 1545 Thomas Cockayne (age 24) and Dorothy Ferrers were married.

Dorothy Ferrers: Dorothy Ferrers was buried at St Oswald's Church, Ashbourne. She was born to Humphrey Ferrers and Margaret or Margot Pigot.


Battle of Brentford

Evelyn's Diary. 12 Nov 1642. The 12th of November was the Battle of Brentford, surprisingly fought; and to the great consternation of the City, had his Majesty (age 41) (as it was believed he would) pursued his advantage. I came in with my horse and arms just at the retreat; but was not permitted to stay longer than the 15th, by reason of the army marching to Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map]; which would have left both me and my brothers exposed to ruin, without any advantage to his Majesty (age 41).

PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_Trentham.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_Trentham_as_Venus.jpg

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 15 Nov 1665. But, they being gone, the lady and I very civilly sat an houre by the fireside observing the folly of this Robinson (age 50), that makes it his worke to praise himself, and all he say and do, like a heavy-headed coxcombe. The plague, blessed be God! is decreased 400; making the whole this week but 1300 and odd; for which the Lord be praised!


Marriage of William of Orange and Princess Mary Stewart

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Nov 1677. The Queen's (age 38) birthday, a great ball at Court, where the Prince of Orange (age 27) and his new Princess (age 15) danced.


Popish Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Nov 1678. The Queen's (age 39) birthday. I never saw the Court more brave, nor the nation in more apprehension and consternation. Coleman (age 42) and one Staly had now been tried, condemned, and executed. On this, Oates grew so presumptuous as to accuse the Queen (age 39) of intending to poison the King (age 48); which certainly that pious and virtuous lady abhorred the thoughts of, and Oates's circumstances made it utterly unlikely in my opinion. He probably thought to gratify some who would have been glad his Majesty (age 48) should have married a fruitful lady; but the King (age 48) was too kind a husband to let any of these make impression on him. However, divers of the Popish peers were sent to the Tower of London [Map], accused by Oates; and all the Roman Catholic lords were by a new Act forever excluded the Parliament; which was a mighty blow. the King's (age 48), Queen's, and Duke's servants, were banished, and a test to be taken by everybody who pretended to enjoy any office of public trust, and who would not be suspected of Popery. I went with Sir William Godolphin (age 38), a member of the Commons' House, to the Bishop of Ely (Dr. Peter Gunning (age 64)), to be resolved whether masses were idolatry, as the text expressed it, which was so worded, that several good Protestants scrupled, and Sir William, though a learned man and excellent divine himself, had some doubts about it. The Bishop's opinion was that he might take it, though he wished it had been otherwise worded in the text.


Before 15 Nov 1698John Jeffreys 2nd Baron Jeffreys (age 25) and Charlotte Herbert Viscountess Windsor (age 22) were married. She by marriage Baroness Jeffreys. She the daughter of Philip "Infamous Earl" Herbert 7th Earl Pembroke 4th Earl Montgomery and Henrietta Kéroualle Countess Pembroke and Montgomery.

Hamilton-Mohun Duel

On 15 Nov 1739 Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford (age 67) died. He had suffered poor health for a number of years. His son William Wentworth 2nd Earl Strafford (age 17) succeeded 2nd Earl Strafford 2C 1711.

On 15 Nov 1778 Ann Casey, Lady Vere Bertie, died. She was buried at All Saints' Church, Branston [Map].

Ann Casey: She was born illegitimately to Cecil Wray 11th Baronet. On 21 Jan 1736 Cecil Wray 11th Baronet (age 58) wrote his will in which he left £14,000 and his estates to his illegitimate daughter Ann Casey. On 13 Sep 1736 or 04 Oct 1736 Vere Bertie (age 24) and she were married. They had two sons, who died young, and two daughters. He the son of Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven and Albinia Farington Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven.

PAINTINGS/ROMNEY/Richard_Aldworth_Griffin.jpgBefore 15 Nov 1802 George Romney (age 67). Portrait of Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook (age 52).

Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook: On 03 Jul 1750 he was born to Richard Neville Aldworth Neville Griffin (age 32) and Magdalen Calandrini at Duke Street. On 19 Jun 1780 Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook (age 29) and Catherine Granville Baroness Braybrook (age 19) were married. On 28 Feb 1825 Richard Griffin 2nd Baron Braybrook (age 74) died. His son Richard Griffin 3rd Baron Braybrook (age 41) succeeded 3rd Baron Braybrooke. Jane Cornwallis Baroness Braybrook (age 26) by marriage Baroness Braybrooke.

Archaeologia Volume 22 Section XV. Observations on several Circles of Stones in Scotland, presumed to be Druidical: by James Logan, Esq. F.S.A. Edinb. in a Letter addressed to the Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen, K. T. President. Read 15th November 1827.

On 15 Nov 1855 William Keppel 7th Earl Albermarle (age 23) and Sophia Mary MacNab of Dundurn Castle (age 23) were married at Dundurn Castle. He the son of George Thomas Keppel 6th Earl Albermarle (age 56). He a great x 4 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 15 Nov 1863 Frederick VII King Denmark (age 55) died.

On 15 Nov 1863 King Christian IX of Denmark (age 45) succeeded IX King Denmark.

On 15 Nov 1863 Bishop Leonard Jauncey White Thompson was born.

On 15 Nov 1876 Henry Chaplin 1st Viscount Chaplin (age 35) and Florence Sutherland Leveson-Gower (age 21) were married at Trentham, Staffordshire. She the daughter of George Leveson-Gower 3rd Duke Sutherland (age 47) and Anne Hay Mackenzie Duchess Sutherland (age 47).

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Henry_Chaplin.jpg PAINTINGS/DOWNEY/Henry_Chaplin.jpg PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Henry_Chaplin.jpg PAINTINGS/COPE/Henry_Chaplin.jpg

On 15 Nov 1893 Seymour Bathurst 7th Earl Bathurst (age 29) and Lilias Margaret Frances Borthwick Countess Bathurst Sussex (age 22) were married. She by marriage Countess Bathurst of Bathurst in Sussex. He the son of Allen Bathurst 6th Earl Bathurst and Meriel Warren. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 15 Nov 1904 Thomas Baring 1st Earl Northbrook (age 78) died at Stratton Park House. His son Francis Baring 2nd Earl Northbrook (age 53) succeeded 2nd Earl Northbrook, 3rd Baron Northbrook, 5th Baronet Baring of Larkbeer in Devon. Florence Anita Coote Countess Northbrook (age 43) by marriage Countess Northbrook.

On 15 Nov 1984 Percy Hamilton Seymour 18th Duke Somerset (age 74) died. His son John Michael Edward Seymour 19th Duke Somerset (age 31) succeeded 19th Duke Somerset 4C 1547, 17th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy. Judith Rose Hull Duchess Somerset by marriage Duchess Somerset.