On this Day in History ... 19 April

19 Apr is in April.

1012-Martyrdom of Archibishop Ælfheah

1661 Coronation of Charles II

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

1012-Martyrdom of Archibishop Ælfheah

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1012. This year came Earldorman Eadric "Streona aka Acquisitive" Mercia, and all the oldest counsellors of England, clerk and laity, to London before Easter, which was then on the ides of April; and there they abode, over Easter, until all the tribute was paid, which was 48,000 pounds. Then on the Saturday was the army much stirred against the bishop; because he would not promise them any fee, and forbade that any man should give anything for him. They were also much drunken; for there was wine brought them from the south. Then took they the bishop (age 59), and led him to their hustings, on the eve of the Sunday after Easter, which was the thirteenth before the calends of May; and there they then shamefully killed him. They overwhelmed him with bones and horns of oxen; and one of them smote him with an axe-iron on the head; so that he sunk downwards with the blow; and his holy blood fell on the earth, whilst his sacred soul was sent to the realm of God. The corpse in the morning was carried to London; and the bishops, Ednoth and Elfhun, and the citizens, received him with all honour, and buried him in St. Paul's minster [Map]; where God now showeth this holy martyr's miracles. When the tribute was paid, and the peace-oaths were sworn, then dispersed the army as widely as it was before collected. Then submitted to the king five and forty of the ships of the enemy; and promised him, that they would defend this land, and he should feed and clothe them.

On 19 Apr 1012 Bishop Ælfheah died.

On 19 Apr 1012 Archibishop Ælfheah (age 59) was executed.

On 19 Apr 1137 Amaury Montfort Count Évreux (age 66) died at Eure, Haute Normandie. His son Amaury IV Montfort 3rd Count Évreux (age 15) succeeded 3rd Count Évreux.

On 19 Apr 1319 Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick (age 6) and Katherine Mortimer Countess Warwick (age 5) were married. Katherine Mortimer Countess Warwick by marriage Countess Warwick. An arranged marriage although not clear who arranged it or whose ward Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick (age 6) was (his father Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick had died four years before) - possibly by King Edward II of England (age 34) as a means of securing the Welsh March. The Beauchamp family established, the Mortimer family aspirational. The marriage took place after Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (age 31) had returned from his tenure as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and before he rebelled against King Edward II of England (age 34) in opposition to Hugh "Younger" Despencer 1st Baron Despencer (age 33). She the daughter of Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (age 31) and Joan Geneville Baroness Mortimer 2nd Baroness Geneville (age 33). He the son of Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick and Alice Tosny Countess Warwick (age 34). They were half second cousin once removed. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 19th [Apr 1358], still in London, the Chancellor and Treasurer of England and Sir John de Wynewyk dined with the Queen (age 63); and the Prince of Wales (age 27) and Duke of Lancaster (age 48) visited her after dinner.

On 19 Apr 1390 King Robert II of Scotland (age 74) died at Dundonald Castle, Dundonald. He was buried at Scone Abbey [Map]. His son King Robert III of Scotland (age 53) succeeded III King Scotland. Anabella Drummond Queen Consort Scotland (age 40) by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. His son David Stewart 3rd Earl Strathearn 1st Earl Caithness succeeded 3rd Earl Strathearn.

On 19 Apr 1405 Thomas West 1st Baron West (age 40) died. His son Thomas West 2nd Baron West (age 25) succeeded 2nd Baron West. Ida St Amaund Baroness West by marriage Baroness West.

On 19 Apr 1452 Frederick IV King Naples was born to Ferdinand I King Naples (age 28) and Isabella Clermont Queen Consort Naples (age 28).

On 19 Apr 1557 John Williams 1st Baron Williams (age 57) and Margery Wentworth were married.

On 19 Apr 1608 Thomas Sackville 1st Earl Dorset (age 72) died suddenly at the council table, having apparently suffered a stroke. His funeral was held at Westminster Abbey [Map]. He was buried in the Sackville Chapel St Michael's Church Withyham East Sussex. His son Robert Sackville 2nd Earl Dorset (age 47) succeeded 2nd Earl Dorset 4C 1604, 2nd Baron Buckhurst 1C 1567. Anne Spencer Countess Dorset by marriage Countess Dorset.

PAINTINGS/ALMAIN_ARMOUR/Thomas_Sackville_Armour.jpg PAINTINGS/CUSTODIS/Thomas_Sackville.jpg PAINTINGS/CRITZ/Somerset_House_Conference.jpg

On 19 Apr 1632 Mary Beaumont 1st Countess Buckingham (age 62) died. She was buried at the Chapel of St Nicholas, Westminster Abbey [Map] with her husband. Their monument comprises an altar-tomb surmounted with effigies. Earl Buckingham 5C 1618 extinct.

On 19 Apr 1658 Robert Rich 2nd Earl Warwick (age 70) died. His son Robert Rich 3rd Earl Warwick (age 46) succeeded 3rd Earl Warwick 3C 1618, 5th Baron Rich Leez.


Coronation of Charles II

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Apr 1661. To London, and saw the bathing and rest of the ceremonies of the Knights of the Bath, preparatory to the coronation; it was in the Painted Chamber [Map], Westminster. I might have received this honor; but declined it. The rest of the ceremony was in the chapel at Whitehall, when their swords being laid on the altar, the Bishop delivered them.

Pepy's Diary. 19 Apr 1661. Among my workmen and then to the office, and after that dined with Sir W. Batten (age 60), and then home, where Sir W. Warren came, and I took him and Mr. Shepley and Moore with me to the Mitre [Map], and there I cleared with Warren for the deals I bought lately for my Lord of him, and he went away, and we staid afterwards a good while and talked, and so parted, it being so foul that I could not go to Whitehall to see the Knights of the Bath made to-day, which do trouble me mightily. So home, and having staid awhile till Will came in (with whom I was vexed for staying abroad), he comes and then I went by water to my father's, and then after supper to bed with my wife.

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Apr 1691. The Archbishop of Canterbury (age 74), and Bishops of Ely (age 53), Bath and Wells (age 53), Peterborough (age 63), Gloucester (age 69), and the rest who would not take the oaths to King William (age 40), were now displaced; and in their rooms, Dr. Tillotson (age 60), Dean of St. Paul's, was made Archbishop: Patrick (age 64) removed from Chichester to Ely; Cumberland (age 59) to Gloucester. Note. A mistake. Bishop Edward Fowler (age 59) was made Bishop of Gloucester. Bishop Richard Cumberland (age 59) was made Bishop of Peterborough.

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Apr 1696. Great offense taken at the three ministers who absolved Sir William Perkins (deceased) and Friend at Tyburn [Map]. One of them (Snatt) was a son of my old schoolmaster. This produced much altercation as to the canonicalness of the action.

After 19 Apr 1697. Floor markers to Richard Montagu and others at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map].

Richard Montagu: Around 1671 he was born to Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Sandwich (age 22) and Mary Anne Boyle (age 26) In 1697 Richard Montagu (age 26) died.

On 19 Apr 1709 Louis Duras 2nd Earl Feversham (age 68) died without without issue. Earl Feversham 1C 1676 and Baron Duras extinct.

On 19 Apr 1710 Charles Murray 1st Earl Dunmore (age 49) died. His son John Murray 2nd Earl Dunmore (age 24) succeeded 2nd Earl Dunmore.


On 19 Apr 1737 Susanna Wharton Lady Newton (age 86) died. She was buried at St Michael's Church, Heydour [Map]. Monument sculpted by Peter Scheemakers (age 46).

Susanna Wharton Lady Newton: Around 1651 she was born to Michael Wharton (age 27) and Susan Paulett. On 23 Jan 1691 John Newton 3rd Baronet (age 40) and Susanna Wharton Lady Newton (age 40) were married. On 31 Aug 1699 John Newton 2nd Baronet (age 73) died. His son John Newton 3rd Baronet (age 48) succeeded 3rd Baronet Newton of Barrs Court. Susanna Wharton Lady Newton (age 48) by marriage Lady Newton of Barrs Court.

On 19 Apr 1743 William Widdrington 4th Baron Widdrington (age 65) died.

On 19 Apr 1752 John Henniker-Major 2nd Baron Henniker was born to John Henniker 1st Baron Henniker (age 27) and Anne Major Baroness Henniker.

On 19 Apr 1762 Robert Edward Petre 9th Baron Petre (age 20) and Anne Howard (age 19) were married. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. NOTEXT

On 19 Apr 1762 Bishop William Buller (age 27) and Anne Thomas (age 24) were married. She the daughter of Bishop John Thomas (age 65).

On 19 Apr 1763 Wilmot Vaughan 1st Earl Lisburne (age 35) and Dorothy Shafto Countess Lisburne (age 30) were married.

On 19 Apr 1769 George de la Poer Beresford 1st Marquess Waterford (age 34) and Elizabeth Monck Marchioness Waterford (age 27) were married. He the son of Marcus Beresford 1st Earl Tyrone and Catherine Power Countess Tyrone (age 67).


PAINTINGS/GRIMM/Edward_VI_Procession.jpgArchaeologia Volume 8 Section XXXVII. An historical and descriptive account of the Ancient Painting preserved at Cowdray in Sussex, the Seat of Lord Viscount Montague: representing the Procession of King Edward VI. from the Tower of London to Westminster, February 19th, A.D. 1547, previous to his Coronation. By John Topham, Esq. F.R.A.S. Read April 19, 1787.

On 19 Apr 1804 Robert Hay-Drummond 10th Earl Kinnoul (age 53) died. Thomas Hay-Drummond 11th Earl Kinnoull (age 19) succeeded 11th Earl Kinnoull.


On 19 Apr 1824 George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron (age 36) died at Missolonghi. He was buried at Hucknall Torkard. His first cousin George Byron 7th Baron Byron (age 35) succeeded 7th Baron Byron of Rochdale in Lancashire.

PAINTINGS/SANDERS/George_Lord_Byron.jpg PAINTINGS/PHILLIPS/Lord_Byron.jpg PAINTINGS/BONE/Lord_Byron.jpg PAINTINGS/MADOXBROWN/Manfred_on_the_Jungfrau.jpg

On 19 Apr 1827 Charles Robert Siddall was born to Charles Crooke Siddall (age 26) and Elizabeth Eleanor Evans at 7 Charles Street. She was baptised 23 Aug 1830.

Charles Crooke Siddall: Around 1801 he was born.

On 19 Apr 1829 Richard Boyle 9th Earl Cork was born to Charles Boyle (age 28).


On 19 Apr 1846 William Hay 18th Earl Erroll (age 45) died. His son William Harry Hay 19th Earl Erroll (age 22) succeeded 19th Earl Erroll.

On 19 Apr 1855 Charles Bertram Bellew 3rd Baron Bellew was born to Edward Joseph Bellew 2nd Baron Bellew (age 24) and Augusta Mary Bryan (age 21). He was baptised on 26 Apr 1855 at the Roman Catholic Church, Balbriggan.

On 19 Apr 1870 Julian Henry Charles Fane (age 42) died. On 20 Oct 1868 Adine Eliza Anne Cowper (age 28) died. Memorial in the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map].

Julian Henry Charles Fane: On 10 Oct 1827 he was born to John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland (age 43) and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 34). In 1866 Julian Henry Charles Fane (age 38) and Adine Eliza Anne Cowper (age 26) were married. She the daughter of George Augustus Frederick Cowper 6th Earl Cowper and Ann Florence Robinson Countess Cowper (age 60). He the son of John Fane 11th Earl of Westmoreland and Priscilla Anne Wellesley-Pole Countess of Westmoreland (age 72).

Adine Eliza Anne Cowper: In 1840 she was born to George Augustus Frederick Cowper 6th Earl Cowper (age 33) and Ann Florence Robinson Countess Cowper (age 34).

On 19 Apr 1876 George William Lyttelton 4th Baron Lyttelton (age 59) committed suicide by throwing himself down the stairs of his London home. His son Charles Lyttelton 8th Viscount Cobham (age 33) succeeded 5th Baron Lyttelton of Frankley in Worcestershire 2C 1794, 5th Baron Westcote, 11th Baronet Lyttelton of Frankley.

On 19 Apr 1877 Edmund Parker 4th Earl Morley was born to Albert Parker 3rd Earl Morley (age 33) and Margaret Holford Countess Morley (age 22).


On 19 Apr 1890 Thomas Henry Thynne 5th Marquess of Bath (age 27) and Violet Caroline Mordaunt Marchioness Bath (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Lowry Cole 4th Earl Enniskillen (age 44) and Harriet Moncreiffe Lady Mordaunt (age 42). He the son of John Alexander Thynne 4th Marquess of Bath (age 59) and Frances Isabella Catherine Vesey Marchioness Bath.

On 19 Apr 1894 Ernest Louis Hesse Darmstadt Grand Duke (age 25) and Victoria Melita Windsor (age 17) were married. She the daughter of Prince Alfred Windsor (age 49) and Maria Holstein Gottorp Romanov (age 40). He the son of Prince Louis Hesse Darmstadt IV Grand Duke and Alice Windsor. They were first cousins. He a grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. She a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 19 Apr 1899 James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler 7th Marquess Ormonde was born to Theobald Butler (age 46) and Annabella Brydon.


On 19 Apr 1967 William Henry Dudley Boyle 12th Earl Cork (age 93) died.

On 19 Apr 2007 Dermot Chichester 7th Marquess Donegal (age 91) died.