On this Day in History ... 24 November

24 Nov is in November.

1326 Execution of Hugh Despencer The Younger

1440 Douglas Black Dinner

1496 Perkin Warbreck Plot

1531 Anne Boleyn Attacked by a Mob

On 24 Nov 1192 Albert Reginar Bishop Louvain (age 26) was assassinated at Reims.

On 24 Nov 1315 Fulk Fitzwarin 1st Baron Fitzwarin (age 64) died. His son Fulk Fitzwarin 2nd Baron Fitzwarin (age 30) succeeded 2nd Baron Fitzwarin. Eleanor Beauchamp Baroness Fitzwarin (age 37) by marriage Baroness Fitzwarin.

Froissart. 24 Nov 1326. WHEN this feast was done, then sir Hugh Spencer (age 40), who was nothing beloved, was brought forth before the queen (age 31) and all the lords and knights, and there before him in writing was rehearsed all his deeds, against the which he could give no manner of answer. And so he was then judged by plain sentence, first to be drawn on an hurdle with trumps and trumpets through all the city of Hereford [Map], and after to be brought into the market-place [Map], whereas all the people were assembled, and there to be tied on high upon a ladder that every man might see him; and in the same place there to be made a great fire, and there his privy members cut from him, because they reputed him as an heretic and so deemed, and so to be burnt in the fire before his face; and then his heart to be drawn out of his body and cast into the fire, because he was a false traitor of heart, and that by his traitor's counsel and exhortation the king (age 42) had shamed his realm and brought it to great mischief, for he had caused to be beheaded the greatest lords of his realm, by whom the realm ought to have been sustained and defended; and he had so induced the king (age 42) that he would not see the queen his wife nor Edward his eldest son (age 14), and caused him to chase them out of the realm for fear of their lives; and then his head to be stricken off and sent to London. And according to his judgment he was executed. Then the queen (age 31) and all her lords took their way toward London, and did so much by their journeys that they arrived at the city of London, and they of the city with great company met them and did to the queen and to her son great reverence, and to all their company, as they thought it best bestowed. And when they had been thus received and feasted the space of fifteen days, the knights strangers, and namely sir John of Hainault (age 38), had great desire to return again into their own countries, for they thought they had well done their devoir and achieved great honour, and so took their leave of the queen and of the lords of the realm: and the queen and the lords required them to tarry longer a little space, to see what should be done with the king (age 42), who was in prison; but the strangers had so great desire to return into their own countries that to pray them the contrary availed not. And when the queen and her council saw that, they yet desired sir John of Hainault (age 38) to tarry till it was past Christmas, and to retain with him such of his company as pleased him best. The gentle knight would not leave to perform his service, but courteously granted the queen to tarry as long as it pleased her, and caused to tarry such of his company as he could get that was but a few, for the remnant would in no wise tarry, whereof he was displeased. When the queen and her council saw that they would not abide for no prayers, then they made them great cheer and feasts. And the queen made to be given to them plenty of gold and silver for their costs and services, and did give great jewels to each of them according to their degrees, so as they all held themselves right well content. And over that they had silver for their horses, such as they would leave behind them, at their own estimation without any grudging. And thus sir John of Hainault (age 38) abode still with a small company among the Englishmen, who always did him as much honour as they could imagine, and to all his company. And in likewise so did the ladies and damosels of the country; for there were great plenty of countesses and great ladies [and] gentle pucelles, who were come thither to accompany the queen. For it seemed well to them that the knight sir John of Hainault (age 38) had well deserved the cheer and feast that they made him.

Execution of Hugh Despencer The Younger

On 24 Nov 1326 Hugh "Younger" Despencer 1st Baron Despencer (age 40) was hanged in Hereford [Map]. Isabella of France Queen Consort England (age 31) and Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (age 39) were present.

He was dragged naked through the streets, for the crowd's mistreatment. He was made a spectacle, which included writing on his body biblical verses against the capital sins he was accused of. Then he was hanged as a mere commoner, yet released before full asphyxiation could happen.

He was then tied firmly to a ladder and his genitals sliced off and burned while he was still conscious. His entrails were slowly pulled out; finally, his heart was cut out and thrown into a fire. His body was beheaded and cut into four pieces. His head was mounted on the gates of London.

Baron Despencer 2C 1314 forfeit.

Around 24 Nov 1329 Hugh 4th Earl Ross (age 32) and Margaret Graham Countess Ross were married. She by marriage Countess Ross.

On 24 Nov 1331 King David II of Scotland (age 7) was crowned II King Scotland at Scone Abbey [Map].

On 24 Nov 1370 John de Lisle 4th Baron Lisle (age 34) died. His son John de Lisle 5th Baron Lisle (age 4) succeeded 5th Baron Lisle 1C 1299.

On 24 Nov 1394 Charles Valois Duke Orléans was born to Louis Valois Duke Touraine I Duke Orléans (age 22) and Valentina Visconti (age 23). Coefficient of inbreeding 7.38%.

On 24 Nov 1426 Elizabeth Lancaster Duchess Exeter (age 63) died. She was buried at St Mary's Church Burford [Map].

On 24 Nov 1427 John Stafford 1st Earl Wiltshire was born to Humphrey Stafford 1st Duke of Buckingham (age 25) and Anne Neville Duchess Buckingham (age 19). He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.23%.

On 25 Nov 1431 Walter Fitzwalter 7th Baron Fitzwalter (age 31) drowned at sea in a storm whilst returning from France.

Elizabeth Fitzwalter Baroness Dinham 8th Baroness Fitzwalter (age 1) succeeded 8th Baroness Fitzwalter. Note. Chronicle of Gregory 1432 states 24 Nov 1432 or, more specifically, "on Syn Kateryn ys eve" - St Katherine's feast day is 25 Nov.

On 24 Nov 1435 John Valois II Count of Nevers, Etampes, Rethel and Eu (age 20) and Jacqueline Ailly Countess Nevers were married. He the son of Philip Valois II Count Nevers and Bonne Artois Duchess Burgundy. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Douglas Black Dinner

On 24 Nov 1440 William Crichton 1st Lord Crichton arranged a dinner of reconciliation at the Great Hall, Edinburgh Castle. During the course of the dinner the young brothers William Douglas 3rd Duke Touraine (age 16) and David Douglas (age 10) was beheaded in front of the young King James II of Scotland (age 10).

On 24 Nov 1492 Louis de Bruges 1st Earl of Winchester (age 65) died. His son John de Bruges 2nd Earl of Winchester (age 34) succeeded 2nd Earl Winchester.

Perkin Warbreck Plot

On 24 Nov 1496 John Radclyffe 9th Baron Fitzwalter (age 44) was beheaded at Calais [Map] for trying to bribe his jailers. His son Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl of Sussex (age 13) succeeded 10th Baron Fitzwalter 1C 1295.


Between 24 Nov 1526 and 02 May 1527 William Keith 2nd Earl Marischal (age 77) died. His son William Keith 3rd Earl Marischal succeeded 3rd Earl Marischal.

Anne Boleyn Attacked by a Mob

Calendars. Nov. 24. [1531] Sanuto Diaries, v. lv. p. 168. 701. Advices from France, received by the French Ambassador in Venice.

On the day of All Saints the King gave most gracious greeting at Compiegne to the Vice-Chancellor (Vice gran Canzelier) of England, who was accompanied by Sir Francis Bryan (age 41). On the morrow of All Souls the King went out of mourning for his mother, as did the princes, lords, and gentlemen. The Queen and the King's children did not put themselves into mourning. The Queen of Navarre and the children of the King [of Navarre] wore it from beginning to end, spontaneously. The King chose to have an exact list of all the lords, gentlemen, officials, and servants of his mother, and has provided for all of them, from the highest to the lowest, giving them the same amount of salary as they received from the deceased; placing some in his own household, others with the Dauphin and his brothers, the rest in the household of the Princesses, his daughters. The ladies of his mother's household are placed in that of the Queen, and the maids of honour with his daughters. The act was that of a magnanimous prince, such as he is.

On the 5th instant the Bishop of Bayonne returned to the Court from England, and says that the King, on hearing of the death of the late most illustrious “Madame,” made all the English princes and great lords go into mourning; and when the Bishop told this to the Legate, there was present the Emperor's ambassador, who declared that his master had done the like, which is a demonstration of great friendship.

It is said that more than seven weeks ago a mob of from seven to eight thousand women of London went out of the town to seize Boleyn's daughter (age 30), the sweetheart of the King of England, who was supping at a villa (in una easa di piacere) on a river, the King not being with her; and having received notice of this, she escaped by crossing the river in a boat. The women had intended to kill her; and amongst the mob were many men, disguised as women; nor has any great demonstration been made about this, because it was a thing done by women.

To prevent the exportation of grain from France a proclamation has been issued forbidding all millers, bakers, and usurious wheat merchants, any longer to raise the price of corn. No corn may be sold save at market, and no baker, miller, or corn merchant can purchase it two hours after the close of the market, so that the people may be enabled to buy their supply; and the granaries of Paris are to be inspected by competent and worthy men, who are to acquaint themselves with the number of persons forming the household of each proprietor, whether noblemen, councillors, citizens, or merchants, and the annual amount of grain required for their consumption; which being set apart, they will be bound to take all the rest to market and sell it to the people, by reason of the King's just fear lest the people of Paris lack the means of subsistence.

La Fère, 24th November 1531. Registered by Sanuto 18th Dec.



On 24 Nov 1534 Thomas Wriothesley (age 46) died.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 24 Nov 1554. [The same day cardinal Pole (age 54) came from Gravesend [Map] by water, with the earl of Shrewsbury (age 54), the lord Montagu (age 25), the bishops of Durham (age 80) and Ely (age 48), the lord Paget (age 48), sir Edward Hastings (age 33), the lord Cobham (age 57), and diverse] knyghts and gentyllmen, in barges, and thay all [did shoot the] bryge be-twyn xij and on of the cloke, and a-g[ainst] the steleard [Map] of Temes my lord chanseler (age 71) mett [them in his] barge, and my lord of Shrousbury (age 54) [had his] barge with the [talbot, all] ys men in bluw cotes, red-hosse, skarlett capes, [and white] fethers; and so to the cort gatt, and ther the Kyng('s) (age 27) grace [met him] and inbrasyd hym, and so lad ym thrughe the kyng('s) hall;] and he had borne a-for hym a sylver crosse, and [he was arrayed in] a skarlet gowne and a sqware skarlett cape; and my lord [North] bare the swarde a-for the Kyng; and so they whent up unto the Quens chambur, and ther her grace (age 38) salutyd hym; and after he toke ys leyffe, and toke ys barge to ys plase at Lambeth [Map], that was the bysshope of Cantorberys, Crenmer (age 65), and so to dener.

On 24 Nov 1558 George Leslie 4th Earl Rothes (age 74) died. His son Andrew Leslie 5th Earl Rothes (age 17) succeeded 5th Earl Rothes.

On 24 Nov 1654 Oliver St John 2nd Earl Bolingbroke (age 21) and Frances Cavendish Countess Bolingbroke were married. She the daughter of William Cavendish 1st Duke Newcastle upon Tyne (age 61) and Elizabeth Bassett Countess Newcastle upon Tyne. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward IV of England.

On 24 Nov 1655 Charles XI King Sweden was born to Charles Gustav X King Sweden (age 33).

Pepy's Diary. 24 Nov 1665. After dinner Captain Cocke (age 48) and I about some business, and then with my other barrel of oysters home to Greenwich [Map], sent them by water to Mrs. Penington, while he and I landed, and visited Mr. Evelyn (age 45), where most excellent discourse with him; among other things he showed me a ledger of a Treasurer of the Navy, his great grandfather, just 100 years old; which I seemed mighty fond of, and he did present me with it, which I take as a great rarity; and he hopes to find me more, older than it. He also shewed us several letters of the old Lord of Leicester's, in Queen Elizabeth's time, under the very hand-writing of Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Mary, Queen of Scotts; and others, very venerable names.

On 24 Nov 1673 Horatio Townshend 1st Viscount Townsend (age 42) and Mary Ashe Viscountess Townshend (age 21) were married. The difference in their ages was 21 years.


After 24 Nov 1679. St Peter and St Paul Church, Belton [Map]. Monument to John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet (deceased) sculpted by William Stanton (age 40).

John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet: In 1590 he was born to Richard Brownlow (age 36). In Mar 1617 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 50) stayed as a guest of John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 27) at the old house near to the church at Belton House on his way to Scotland. On 26 Jul 1641 John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 51) was created 1st Baronet Brownlow of Belton in Lincolnshire. Before 24 Nov 1679 John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 89) and Alice Pulteney Baroness Brownlow were married. She by marriage Lady Brownlow of Belton in Lincolnshire. On 24 Nov 1679 John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 89) died without issue. Baronet Brownlow of Belton in Lincolnshire extinct. He left Belton House to his great-nephew John Brownlow 3rd Baronet (age 20) (grand-son of his brother William Brownlow 1st Baronet) and niece Alice Sherard Baroness Brownlow (age 20) (grand-daughter of his sister Elizabeth Brownlow ) who had married three years before in 1676. He also left them an income of £9,000 per annum and £20,000 in cash. They immediately bought a townhouse in Southampton Square.


On 24 Nov 1681 Robert Darcy 3rd Earl Holderness was born to John Darcy (age 22) and Bridget Sutton (age 16).


On 24 Nov 1687 William Savile 2nd Marquess Halifax (age 22) and Elizabeth Grimston were married. He the son of George Savile 1st Marquess Halifax (age 54) and Dorothy Spencer Lady Savile.

On 24 Nov 1693 Archbishop William Sancroft (age 76) died.


On 24 Nov 1745 Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham (age 63) died unmarried. Baron Wyndham of Finglass extinct. Monument at Salisbury Cathedral [Map] sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack (age 51).

Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham: On 27 Dec 1681 he was born to Colonel John Wyndham (age 33) and Alice Fownes. In 1724 Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham (age 42) was appointed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. In 1726 Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham (age 44) was appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland. In 1731 Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham (age 49) was created 1st Baron Wyndham of Finglass.

On 24 Nov 1772 Edward Brabazon 7th Earl Meath (age 81) died. His son Anthony Brabazon 8th Earl Meath (age 51) succeeded 8th Earl Meath.

On 24 Nov 1837 William Brabazon 11th Earl of Meath (age 34) and Harriot Brooke Countess Meath were married. He the son of John Brabazon 10th Earl Meath (age 65).

On 24 Nov 1837 Richard Le Poer Trench 2nd Earl Clancarty (age 70) died. His son William Trench 3rd Earl of Clancarty (age 34) succeeded 3rd Earl Clancarty 2C 1803.

On 24 Nov 1862 Roland Dormer 13th Baron Dormer was born to James Charlemagne Dormer (age 28).


On 24 Nov 1909 Charles Beresford Fulke 3rd Baron Greville (age 38) and Olive Agnes Grace Baroness Greville (age 33) were married at St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge. She, a widow, brought $1million to the marriage that she had inherited from her first husband; Dollar Princess. Further, she was the nice of the millionaire brothers Michael P. Grace and William R. Grace. She was, apparently, twenty minutes late as a consequence of her car breaking down; pssoibbly the first such bride to be so affected given the earliness of the year.

The reception was held at Carlton Terrace. Guests included Alexander Teck 1st Earl Athlone (age 35).

Their honeymoon was cut short by the serious illness of his father Algernon Greville-Nugent 2nd Baron Greville (age 68) who died nine days after the wedding.


On 24 Nov 1958 Edgar Gascoyne-Cecil 1st Viscount Cecil (age 94) died.

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