On this Day in History ... 25 September

25 Sep is in September.

1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge

1396 Battle of Nicopolis

1513 Battle of the Spurs

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1618 Great Comet

1915 Battle of Loos

1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge

John of Worcester. 25 Sep 1066. However, on the fifth day afterwards, viz. on Monday, the seventh of the calends of October [25th September], Harold (age 44), king of England, having reached York, with many thousand well-armed troops, encountered the Norwegians at a place called Stanford-bridge, and put to the sword king Harold and earl Tosti (age 40), with the greatest part of their army; and, although the battle was severely contested, gained a complete victory. Notwithstanding, he allowed Harold's son Olaf, and Paul, earl of Orkney, who had been left with part of the army to guard the ships, to return to their own country, with twenty ships and the relics of the [defeated] army; having first received from them hostages and their oaths.

On 25 Sep 1066 King Harold II of England (age 44), supported by the brothers Edwin Earl of Mercia and Morcar Earl Northumbria, defeated the Viking army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge at Stamford Bridge [Map].

King Harald Hardrada III of Norway (age 51) was killed. His son Magnus II King Norway (age 18) succeeded King Norway.

Tostig Godwinson Earl Northumbria (age 40) was killed.

On 25 Sep 1254 William Cantilupe died. His son George Cantilupe 12th Baron Bergavenny (age 2) succeeded 12th Baron Bergavenny Feudal Creation.

On 25 Sep 1300 Edmund "Almain" 2nd Earl Cornwall (age 50) died. He was buried, heart and flesh, at Ashridge [Map]. His bones were interred at Hailes Abbey [Map] during a service attended by King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 61). Earl Cornwall 4C 1225 extinct.

Battle of Nicopolis

On 25 Sep 1396 at the Battle of Nicopolis ...

Henry of Bar (age 32) was captured.

Philippe of Bar (age 24) was killed. His brother Edward of Bar III Duke of Bar (age 19) succeeded III Duke Bar.

Philip Artois Count Eu (age 39) was captured.

On 25 Sep 1403 Louis Valois Anjou III Duke Anjou was born to King Louis of Naples (age 25) and Yolanda Barcelona Queen Consort Naples. Coefficient of inbreeding 4.77%.

On 25 Sep 1513 John de Vere 15th Earl of Oxford (age 42) was knighted by Henry VIII (age 22) at Tournai.


Battle of the Spurs

On 25 Sep 1513 William Compton (age 31) was knighted at Tournai after the Battle of the Spurs having mustered 578 soldiers from his manors.

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 25 Sep 1528. Cleop. F. VI. 343. B. M. 4772. Tunstal To [Wolsey].

Intended to have come to Wolsey today to inform him what he had done in his progress in the diocese of London, but will not do so, as a servant of his has fallen ill, it is feared, of the great sickness. Has summoned all the clergy of his diocese, and taken their oaths as to their substance and has taken the valuation of the benefices of men who are not resident in the diocese. Has deputed collectors in every deanery for levying the King's loan. In London, the collector has paid Mr. Wiat 450l., and is collecting the rest. In the country they are likewise busy, but many of them write that few of the priests can pay ready money till after Michaelmas, when they have thrashed and sold their tithe corn; and, as the loan touches every man, none will lend money. Has taken the substance of many persons and monasteries which were excepted by a bill in his first instructions. As to those of whom he discovered that the King's demand by his letters was under the fourth part, has put the residue of the said fourth part in the collector's books, to be levied by them. In the case of some monasteries, he does not know for what the King has written, for the bill of exceptions does not always mention the sum. The abbots of St. Osythes and Bylegh, and the lady abbess of Barkyng, have received no letters, though he knows that letters were ordered to be sent to them. They have given him bills, by which it appears that the fourth part of the lands of St. Osythes amounts to 150l.; of Barking, to 155l. 2s. 4d.; and of Bylegh, to 49l. 10s.

Advises Wolsey to send letters to them for these sums, deducting what has been paid in accordance with former letters. Could not put these sums in the collector's books, not knowing for what the King had written. Will call upon the collectors to bring up the money as soon as levied. London, 25 Sept. Signed.

Pp. 2.


On 25 Sep 1591 Christian Wettin I Elector Saxony (age 30) died. His son John George Wettin Elector Saxony (age 6) succeeded Elector Saxony.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_Stanley.jpg PAINTINGS/OLIVER/Henry_Stanley2.jpg

On 25 Sep 1613 King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland (age 47) annulled the marriage of Robert Devereux 3rd Earl Essex (age 22) and Frances Howard Countess Essex and Somerset (age 23). She married Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset (age 26) three months later.NOTEXT


1618 Great Comet

Between 06 Sep 1618 and 25 Sep 1618 a comet was visible to the naked eye.

On 25 Sep 1626 Bishop Lancelot Andrewes (age 71) died.

Before Sep 1633 Henry Carey 1st Viscount Falkland (age 58) broke his leg which subsequently had to be amputated; he died as a consequence. He was buried on 25 Sep 1633 at Aldenham. His son Lucius Carey 2nd Viscount Falkland (age 23) succeeded 2nd Viscount Falkland.


On 25 Sep 1703 Archibald Campbell 1st Duke Argyll (age 45) died. His son John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll (age 22) succeeded 2nd Duke Argyll.


On 25 Sep 1744 Frederick William II King Prussia was born to Augustus William Hohenzollern (age 22). He a great grandson of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 25 Sep 1774 Sholto Charles Douglas 15th Earl Morton (age 43) died. His son George Douglas 16th Earl Morton (age 13) succeeded 16th Earl Morton.

On 25 Sep 1777 John Tollemache (age 27) was killed in a duel in New York by Lowther Pennington who had written a sonnet derogatory to Tollemache's wife Bridget Henley. Tollemache was run through with a sword. Pennington received seven wounds but survived. His son John Tollemache (age 2) was adopted by Lionel Tollemache 5th Earl Dysart (age 43).

On 25 Sep 1843 Richard Knight Causton 1st Baron Southwark was born to Joseph Causton (age 28) and Mary Anne Porter (age 30).

On 25 Sep 1856 Richard Henry Fitzroy Somerset 2nd Baron Raglan (age 39) and Georgina Lygon Baroness Raglan (age 24) were married. She by marriage Baroness Raglan 1852. She the daughter of Henry Beauchamp Lygon 4th Earl Beauchamp (age 72) and Susan Caroline Eliot.

On 25 Sep 1862 Maria II Queen Portugal (age 65) died.

On 25 Sep 1881 David Ogilvy 10th Earl of Airlie (age 55) died. His son David Ogilvy 11th Earl of Airlie (age 25) succeeded 11th Earl Airlie.

Battle of Loos

From 25 Sep 1915 and 08 Oct 1915 the Battle of Loos was fought in France on the Western Front.

On 25 Sep 1916 George Capell 7th Earl of Essex (age 58) died at his home Stanley House having been run over by a taxi. His son Algernon George de Vere Capell 8th Earl of Essex (age 32) succeeded 8th Earl Essex 9C 1641.

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On 25 Sep 1944 John Francis Arundell 16th Baron Arundel (age 37) died.