On this Day in History ... 30 January

30 Jan is in January.

1121 Marriage of King Henry I and Adeliza of Louvain

1540 Anne of Cleves Arrival at London

1606 Gunpowder Plot

1607 Bristol Channel Floods

1649 Execution of Charles I

1661 Execution of Deceased Regicides

Marriage of King Henry I and Adeliza of Louvain

Florence of Worcester Continuation. 30 Jan 1121. On the fourth of the calends of February (30th January) the maiden (age 18) already mentioned as selected for queen was married to the king (age 53) by William, bishop of Winchester, at the command of Ralph, archbishop of Canterbury; and on the following day, the third of the calends of February (30th January), she was consecrated and crowned as queen by the archbishop in person.

Note. Some sources say 24 Jan 1121.

On 30 Jan 1164 William Plantagenet (age 27) died at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral [Map] said to have been of a broken heart since he was unable to marry Isabella Warenne Countess Boulogne 4th Countess of Surrey (age 27) as a result of Archbishop Thomas Becket (age 44) refusing to grant the necessary dispensation.

On 30 Jan 1272 William Ferrers 1st Baron Ferrers of Groby was born to William Ferrers (age 32) and Anne Despencer (age 20) at Yoxall.

Before 30 Jan 1352 Alice Plantagenet (age 28) died at Bungay. She had been assaulted by her husband Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu for which he was indicted.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. From the 30th of January to the 2nd of February, the Comte de Tancarville continues again a visitor at the Castle; and on the 1st of February, the Earl of Richmond, John (age 17), son of Edward III., dined with the Queen (age 63), his grandmother.

Chronicle of Gregory 1442. 30 Jan 1442. Ande the xxx day of Janyver was certayne poyntys of armys done in Smethefylde [Map] by twyne a knyght of Catelan and a Engelysche squyer, i-callyde Syr John Ascheley; of the whiche tyme the sone of the sayde knyght, in presens of alle the pepylle there, was made knyght opynly by the kyngys (age 20) owne hondys. And the sayde John Ayschelay also was made knyght att the same tyme.

On 30 Jan 1450 Henry Hussey 6th Baron Hussey (age 63) died. His son Nicholas Hussey 7th Baron Hussey (age 33) succeeded 7th Baron Hussey 1C 1295.

On 30 Jan 1486 Giacomo or Jacques Savoy Count Romont (age 35) died.

On 30 Jan 1493 Thomas Brugge 5th Baron Chandos (age 66) died. His son Giles Brugge 6th Baron Chandos (age 31) succeeded 6th Baron Chandos 1C 1337. Isabel Baynham Baroness Chandos (age 18) by marriage Baroness Chandos.

On 30 Jan 1495 Robert Tailboys 8th Baron Kyme (age 45) died. His son George Tailboys 9th Baron Kyme (age 28) de jure 9th Baron Kyme.

On 30 Jan 1531 Robert Brudenell (age 70) died. Monument to Robert Brudenell (age 70) and his two wives: Margaret Entwhistle and Philippa Power in St Peter's Church, Deene [Map]. The incription reads: Of your charite pray for the soules of Syr Robert Brudenell, Knight, late Chief Justice of the Kyngg's Common Bench at Westm. And Margaret, and Dame Philippe his wyves. Syr Robert dyed the xxx daye of Januaris, Anno Domini M[C/V]XXXI, and the said dame Philippe dyed xxviii daye of March, Anno Domini M[C/V]XXXII, and lye here, on whose soulles Jhu have mercy. Chunky Lions Mane. Swirling Tail.

Margaret Entwhistle: A History of the County of Leicestershire: Volume 5 Gartree Hundred: Stonton Wyville. The under-tenant in 1086 was another Hugh, founder of the family of Widville or Wyville from which the village took its name. His descendants held the manor until 1494 when the last William Wyville died, leaving a widow Margaret and the manor of Stonton in the hands of trustees. William's heir was his niece Katherine Warde, a child of eleven, who married Thomas Entwistle, the son of one of her uncle's trustees. The manor was leased from Thomas and Katherine by Sir Robert Brudenell, who married William Wyville's widow very shortly after her first husband's death, and in 1499 he purchased its reversion from them. The Brudenells did not obtain full possession of the manor until 1533, after Sir Robert's death. It descended in the Brudenell family, and was usually leased to a younger branch until the early 18th century. A lease for 61 years was made in 1582 and in 1635 the manor-house and demesne were leased, each time to Edmund Brudenell. In 1957 the owner was Mr. George Brudenell of Deene (Northants.). she was born to Thomas Entwhistle. In 1485 Robert Brudenell (age 24) and she were married. In 1502 she died. Adeline Horsey Recollections. The Brudenells have been landowners in Northamptonshire since the time of Henry III, and in 1518 Sir Robert Brudenell, a Justice of the King's Bench, bought Deene from William Litton. Robert Brundenell made a large fortune, and his wife, Margaret Entwyssel, became heiress to her brother's estates of Staunton Wyvile, which naturally added to the wealth of the family. In 1520 Sir Robert settled Deene on his eldest son, Thomas, and eleven years later he died and was buried in the transept of Deene Church.

Philippa Power: In 1505 Robert Brudenell (age 44) and she were married. On 28 Mar 1532 she died.

Anne of Cleves Arrival at London

On 30 Jan 1573 George Hay 7th Earl Erroll (age 65) died. His son Andrew Hay 8th Earl Erroll (age 42) succeeded 8th Earl Erroll. Agnes Sinclair Countess Erroll by marriage Countess Erroll.

Gunpowder Plot

On 30 Jan 1606 Everard Digby (age 28) and Robert Wintour (age 38) were hanged, drawn and quartered at Old St Paul's Cathedral Churchyard [Map]

Bristol Channel Floods

On 30 Jan 1607 around midday the Bristol Channel suffered from unexpectedly high floodings that broke the coastal defences in several places devastings significant areas of South-Wales and Somerset. It is estimated that 2,000 or more people were drowned, houses and villages were swept away, an estimated 200 square miles (51,800 ha) of farmland inundated, and livestock destroyed, wrecking the local economy along the coasts of the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary. The coast of Devon and the Somerset Levels as far inland as Glastonbury Tor, 14 miles (23 km) from the coast, were also affected. The sea wall at Burnham-on-Sea [Map] gave way, and the water flowed over the low-lying levels and moors.

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Execution of Charles I

On 30 Jan 1649 Charles I (age 48) was beheaded with one clean stroke outside the Banqueting House [Map]. He put his head on the block and, after saying a prayer, he signalled the executioner when he was ready by stretching out his hands.


After 30 Jan 1652. Memorial at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map] to Sara Voysin, wife of Richard Pollard. She a member of the Earl of Westmorland's household who followed the newlywed Lady Rachel Fane (age 39) to the Earl of Bath's household.

M: S: Here under Lieth the Remains of Sara the Wife of Richard Pollard Gent: Educated in the French and English Courts, And thought Worthy to attend on the Right Hon: the Countisse of Westmoreland, And by her, Recommended to wait on her most dear Daughter Lady Rachel Countisse of Bathe.

This Sara Was Daughter to Monsr: Voysin, a Syndique of Gineva, Who most Honorably lost his Life in defence of that free City, Her Grandfather was the learned Henricus Stephanus, And Isaac Causabon was her Uncle. She died 30th: Jan: MDCLII.

Execution of Deceased Regicides

Evelyn's Diary. 30 Jan 1661. This day (Oh, the stupendous and inscrutable judgments of God!) were the carcasses of those arch-rebels, Cromwell, Bradshawe (the judge who condemned his Majesty (age 30)), and Ireton (son-in-law to the Usurper), dragged out of their superb tombs in Westminster [Map] among the Kings, to Tyburn [Map], and hanged on the gallows there from nine in the morning till six at night, and then buried under that fatal and ignominious. Monument in a deep pit; thousands of people who had seen them in all their pride being spectators. Look back at October 22 1658, and be astonished! and fear God and honor the King (age 30); but meddle not with them who are given to change!


Pepy's Diary. 30 Jan 1661. So I went home, and there understand that my mother is come home well from Brampton, and had a letter from my brother John (age 20), a very ingenious one, and he therein begs to have leave to come to town at the Coronacion. Then to my Lady Batten's; where my wife and she are lately come back again from being abroad, and seeing of Cromwell, Ireton, and Bradshaw hanged and buried at Tyburn [Map]. Then I home1.

Note 1. "Jan. 30th was kept as a very solemn day of fasting and prayer. This morning the carcases of Cromwell, Ireton, and Bradshaw (which the day before had been brought from the Red Lion Inn, Holborn), were drawn upon a sledge to Tyburn [Map], and then taken out of their coffins, and in their shrouds hanged by the neck, until the going down of the sun. They were then cut down, their heads taken off, and their bodies buried in a grave made under the gallows. The coffin in which was the body of Cromwell was a very rich thing, very full of gilded hinges and nails".-Rugge's Diurnal.

On 30 Jan 1661 the remains of Oliver Cromwell, Henry Ireton and John Bradshaw were exhumed from and mutilated in a posthumous execution.

Before 30 Jan 1670 Arnold Keppel 1st Earl Albermarle was born to Oswald Keppel.

On 28 Jan 1678 Philip "Infamous Earl" Herbert 7th Earl Pembroke 4th Earl Montgomery (age 26) was imprisoned at Tower of London [Map] by King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 47) "for uttering such horrid and blasphemous words, and other actions proved upon oath, as are not fit to be repeated in any Christian assembly". He was released two days later on 30 Jan 1678.

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On 30 Jan 1680 Clement Spelman Judge (age 72) died. He was buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map] apparently having requested to be buried upright.

Clement Spelman Judge: Around 1608 he was born to Clement Spelman of Narborough and Ursula Willoughby (age 15).

Evelyn's Diary. 30 Jan 1689. The anniversary of King Charles I's MARTYRDOM; but in all the public offices and pulpit prayers, the collects, and litany for the King (age 38) and Queen (age 30) were curtailed and mutilated. Dr. Sharp (age 43) preached before the Commons, but was disliked, and not thanked for his sermon.


Evelyn's Diary. 30 Jan 1698. The Czar of Muscovy being come to England, and having a mind to see the building of ships, hired my house at Sayes Court [Map], and made it his court and palace, newly furnished for him by the King (age 47).

On 30 Jan 1723 Mundeford Spelman (age 82) died. He was buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

Mundeford Spelman: On 01 Aug 1640 he was born to John Spelman (age 33) and Anne Heveningham. Before 28 Sep 1691 Mundeford Spelman (age 51) and Anna Walpole (age 35) were married.


On 30 Jan 1745 Duke Ernest of Saxe Coburg Altenburg was born to Duke Frederick III of Saxe Coburg Altenburg III (age 45) and Luise Dorothea Saxe Meiningen Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 34) at Gotha.

On 30 Jan 1784 Henry Liddell 1st Baron Ravensworth (age 76) died without male issue. Baron Ravensworth 1C 1747 extinct. His nephew Henry George Liddell 5th Baronet (age 34) succeeded 5th Baronet Liddell of Ravensworth Castle.

On 30 Jan 1795 Newton Wallop aka Fellowes 4th Earl of Portsmouth (age 22) and Frances Sherard were married. He the son of John Wallop 2nd Earl Portsmouth (age 52) and Urania Fellowes (age 53).

On 30 Jan 1806 Charles Cocks 1st Baron Somers (age 80) died. His son John Cocks 1st Earl Somers (age 45) succeeded 2nd Baron Somers 2C 1784.

On 30 Jan 1819 Richard Butler 1st Earl Glengall (age 43) died.

On 30 Jan 1849 James Carnegie 5th Baronet (age 50) died. His son James Carnegie 9th Earl Southesk (age 21) de jure 9th Earl Southesk, succeeded 5th Baronet Carnegie of Pittarrow in Kincardine.

On 30 Jan 1883 Victor George Conyngham 5th Marquess Conyngham was born to Henry Conyngham 4th Marquess Conyngham (age 25) and Frances Elizabeth Sarah Eveleigh-de-Moleyns Marchioness Conyngham.

On 30 Jan 1893 John Scott 7th Duke Buccleuch 9th Duke Queensberry (age 28) and Margaret Alice "Molly" Bridgeman Duchess Buccleuch Duchess Queensbury (age 21) were married. She the daughter of George Cecil Orlando Bridgeman 4th Earl Bradford (age 48) and Ida Frances Annabella Lumley Countess Bradford (age 44). He the son of William Scott 6th Duke Buccleuch 8th Duke Queensberry (age 61) and Louisa Jane Hamilton Duchess Buccleuch and Queensbury (age 56). They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 30 Jan 1901 Francis Hastings 16th Earl Huntingdon was born to Warner Hastings 15th Earl Huntingdon (age 32) and Maud Margaret Wilson Countess Huntingdon (age 33).


On 30 Jan 1925 Antoine Alfred Agénor de Gramont 11th Duc de Gramont (age 73) died. His son Armand de Gramont 12th Duc de Gramont (age 45) succeeded 12th Duke Gramont. Élaine Greffulhe Duchess Gramont (age 42) by marriage Duchess Gramont.

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On 30 Jan 1934 Bishop Edward Stuart Talbot (age 89) died.


On 30 Jan 1953 Ernest Augustus Hanover Duke Brunswick (age 65) died.

On 30 Jan 1958 Maurice Egerton 4th Baron Egerton (age 83) died.