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On 25 Jun 1601 Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby (age 45) died at Berwick on Tweed [Map]. His son Robert Bertie 1st Earl Lindsey (age 18) succeeded 14th Baron Willoughby de Eresby. He was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby [Map].

On 15 Feb 1610 Catherine Bertie (age 15) died in childbirth. She was buried at St James' Church, Spilsby [Map].

Monument Elizabethan Period. Tall Sideboard Tomb with reclining hooded figure of Lady Katherine, daughter of Peregrine, with Chrisom Child in the crib at her feet. Above a standing figure of Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby (age 45) in a niche, with strapwork embellishments, all supported on composite columns with a dentilated cornice.

Catherine Bertie: Around 1595 she was born to Peregrine Bertie 13th Baron Willoughby and Mary Vere Baroness Willoughby Eresby. Sources are confused about her birth year stating she was born in 1610 and that she married in 1609. Date adjusted to around 1595 on the assumption she was married around twenty years of age. Her son died at six days old on 09 Feb 1610. Her father died in 1601. Sources also refer to her as Baroness Rockingham whereas she died some eleven years before her husband was created Baron Rockingham. In 1609 Lewis Watson 1st Baron Rockingham and she were married.

On 24 Sep 1607 Clement Spelman of Narborough died. In 1647 Ursula Willoughby (age 54) died. They were buried at All Saints Church, Narborough [Map]. Elbow Reclining Figure. Jacobean Hooded Monument. Possibly Cornelius Cure.

Clement Spelman of Narborough: He was born to John Spelman of and Margaret Blennerhasset. The mother assumed based on his father having married Margaret but not certain she is his only wife. In 1602 Clement Spelman of Narborough and Anne Carvill were married. Before 12 Sep 1606 Clement Spelman of Narborough and Ursula Willoughby were married.

Ursula Willoughby: Around 1593 she was born to John Willoughby of Risley.

After 19 Mar 1612. Jacobean Hooded Monument monument with a figure leaning on their elbow to Mary Dawnay Baroness Eure (deceased) at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map]. The monument is now in the south transept but was originally in a more prestigious position at the east end of the chancel, on the south side, opposite the Townshend tomb. It was moved when the chancel was restored by Scott in 1859-60. The figure of Lady Eure was originally painted: traces of black paint can still be seen in the folds of her elaborate dress. The inscription ... Here lyeth expecting a joyful resurrection the body of Dame Mary Eure late wife to the Right Ho Ralph Lord Eure (age 53) Baron of Malton, Lord President of the Principality and Marches of Wales and Leiutenant of the same and daughter of Sir John Dawney of Sessey in the County of York she departed this life the 19th day of March 1612 at the age of 55.

Mary Dawnay Baroness Eure: Around 1557 she was born to John Dawnay of Sessay, Yorkshire. In or before 1578 Ralph Eure 3rd Baron Eure and she were married. In 1594 William Eure 2nd Baron Eure died. In 1594 His son Ralph Eure 3rd Baron Eure succeeded 3rd Baron Eure. She by marriage Baroness Eure. On 19 Mar 1612 she died.

After 28 Oct 1613. Monument to George St Paul 1st Baronet (deceased) and Frances Wray Countess Warwick. at St Lawrence's Church, Snarford [Map]. Elizabethan Period. A base supporting the reclining figures of the deceased with composite Pillars supporting an entablature and armorial termination. In the base is a central semi-circular niche containing a carving of the deceased's daughter, flanked by niches containing mourning putti. Above on the lower step is a figure of Frances in full mourning dress with formal Ruff and hat, reclining on a cushion holding a prayer book. On the upper step he reclines in plate armour with a sword. The figures are contained in a semi-circular headed Recess with roses in the archivolt and on the back wall is an inscribed rectangular panel with scrolls and memento mori. The Pillars to either side support a frieze and entablature from which rise flaming urns and at the angles, and at the centre is a raised achievement of arms flanked by scrolled shields and obelisks. Possibly sculpted by Cornelius Cure.

On 18 Apr 1621 Bridget Chaworth (age 79) died. Monument in St Andrew's Church, Ufford [Map]. Marble with Corinthian Columns and reclining effigy. Corinthian Columns. Jacobean Hooded Monument.

The inscription reads "Dame Bridget, Lady Carr, widow, daughter of Sir John Chaworth of Wiverton, Nottingham, late wife to Sir William Carr of Old Sleaford in the county of Lincoln, who served the late Queen Elizabeth of most famous memory, being one of the gentlewomen of her Majesty's Privy Chamber for the space of five and twenty years, and afterwards served the most renowned Queen Anne, wife to our most gracious sovereign, King James, for the space of 14 years, being the residue of her life, and died the 18th day of April being of the age of 79 years, the which said Lady Carr, out of her love to her dear sister Katherine, the wife of George Quarles of this town of Ufford, esquire, hath caused her body to be here interred 1612". The date a mistake given she died in 1621.

Bridget Chaworth: In 1542 she was born to John Chaworth and Mary Paston. Around 1590 William Carr and she were married.

On 15 Jul 1699 Thomas Coventry 1st Earl Coventry (age 70) died. His son Thomas Coventry 2nd Earl Coventry (age 37) succeeded 2nd Earl Coventry, 6th Baron Coventry. Anne Somerset Countess Coventry (age 25) by marriage Countess Coventry. He was buried in St Mary Magdalene's Church, Croome D'Abitot [Map].

Monument in St Mary the Virgin Church, Elmley [Map]. The Monument was commissioned by his second wife (age 29) but rejected by his son. She was, apparently, somewhat imaginative in describing her provenance to the point that the second Earl (age 37), son of the first Earl's first wife, refused to have the monument erected over his father's remains.

High quality. Monument including a white marble figure elbow reclining on a deep chest in front of a lengthy inscription and under an arch crowned with armorial bearings. Large sub-figures flank the chest and the armorial bearings. Earl's coronet. Signed by William Stanton (age 60). Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

After 1708. All Saints Church, Maiden Bradley [Map]. Monument to Edward Seymour 4th Baronet (age 75). Sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack (age 13); white marble reclining figure in front of tablet with pediment with cherubs, scrolled pediment with arms over. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

1714. Monument to Lyon Pilkington 3rd Baronet (age 54) at Wakefield Cathedral [Map]. Elbow Reclining Figure.

Lyon Pilkington 3rd Baronet: Around 1660 he was born to Lyon Pilkington 2nd Baronet. Around 02 Nov 1684 Lyon Pilkington 2nd Baronet died. His son Lyon Pilkington 3rd Baronet succeeded 3rd Baronet Pilkington of Stanley in Yorkshire. On 07 Aug 1714 Lyon Pilkington 3rd Baronet died. His son Lyon Pilkington 4th Baronet succeeded 4th Baronet Pilkington of Stanley in Yorkshire. He was buried on 26 Jun 1716.

On 05 Jul 1714 Robert Shirley (age 21) died of smallpox. Monument in Holy Trinity Church Staunton Harold, Leicestershire [Map]. Elbow Reclining Figure. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Possibly by John Michael Rysbrack (age 20).

Robert Shirley: On 28 Dec 1692 he was born to Robert Shirley and Anne Ferrers.

1720. Church of St Rumbold, Stoke Doyle [Map]. Monument to Edward Ward sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack (age 25) in 1720 and was erected in 1725 during the rebuilding of the church. Elbow Reclining Figure in Judges's Robes. Ionic columns with Pediment. Arms at top being Ward impaled with his wife's Elizabeth Papillon (age 61); her arms having three butterflies being a pun on her surname Papillon. Powdered Wig. Heeled Shoes. Buckled Shoes.

Edward Ward: In or before 1714 he and Elizabeth Papillon were married. The difference in their ages was 20 years. In 1638 he was born to William Ward of Preston in Rutlandshire. On 14 Jul 1714 he died at his house at Essex Street.

Elizabeth Papillon: On 27 Jul 1658 she was born to Thomas Papillon Merchant and Jane Broadnax.

On 19 Aug 1721 Thomas Deacon (age 70) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral [Map]. Powdered Wig. Hand On Skull. Elbow Reclining Figure. Heeled Shoes. Sculpted by Robert Taylor (age 7).

Thomas Deacon: Around 1651 he was born. B 1653 he and Mary Havey were married. Before 1718 he was appointed High Sheriff of Northamptonshire.

1828. Church of St Nicholas, Alcester [Map]. Monument to Francis Ingram Seymour-Conway 2nd Marquess Hertford sculpted by Francis Leggatt Chantrey (age 46). Signed and dated 1828. Half reclining figure on high base.