On this Day in History ... 02 August

02 Aug is in August.

1100 Death of William Rufus Accession of Henry I

1415 Southampton Plot

1591 Elizabeth's Royal Progress

1660 August Creation of Baronets

1661 Creation of Baronets and Peerages by Charles II Post Coronation

1665 Great Plague of London

On 02 Aug 914 or 02 Aug 923 Archbishop Plegmund died.

Death of William Rufus Accession of Henry I

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 02 Aug 1100. And thereafter on the morning after Lammas day was the King William (age 44) shot in hunting, by an arrow from his own men, and afterwards brought to Winchester [Map], and buried in the cathedral.130 This was in the thirteenth year after that he assumed the government. He was very harsh and severe over his land and his men, and with all his neighbours; and very formidable; and through the counsels of evil men, that to him were always agreeable, and through his own avarice, he was ever tiring this nation with an army, and with unjust contributions. For in his days all right fell to the ground, and every wrong rose up before God and before the world. God's church he humbled; and all the bishoprics and abbacies, whose elders fell in his days, he either sold in fee, or held in his own hands, and let for a certain sum; because he would be the heir of every man, both of the clergy and laity; so that on the day that he fell he had in his own hand the archbishopric of Canterbury, with the bishopric of Winchester, and that of Salisbury, and eleven abbacies, all let for a sum; and (though I may be tedious) all that was loathsome to God and righteous men, all that was customary in this land in his time. And for this he was loathed by nearly all his people, and odious to God, as his end testified:-for he departed in the midst of his unrighteousness, without any power of repentance or recompense for his deeds. On the Thursday he was slain; and in the morning afterwards buried; and after he was buried, the statesmen that were then nigh at hand, chose his brother Henry (age 32) to king. And he immediately131 gave the bishopric of Winchester to William Giffard; and afterwards went to London; and on the Sunday following, before the altar at Westminster, he promised God and all the people, to annul all the unrighteous acts that took place in his brother's time, and to maintain the best laws that were valid in any king's day before him.

Note 130. His monument is still to be seen there, a plain gravestone of black marble, of the common shape called "dos d'ane"; such as are now frequently seen, though of inferior materials, in the churchyards of villages; and are only one remove from the grassy sod.

Note 131. i.e. before he left Winchester for London; literally "there-right"-an expression still used in many parts of England. Neither does the word "directly", which in its turn has almost become too vulgar to be used, nor its substitute, "immediately", which has nearly superseded it, appear to answer the purpose so well as the Saxon, which is equally expressive with the French "sur le champ".

On 02 Aug 1100 William "Rufus" II King England (age 44) was killed whilst hunting, not known whether accidentally or otherwise, in the New Forest. His brother King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 32) succeeded I King England. The brothers Robert Beaumont 1st Earl of Leicester Count Meulan (age 60) and Henry Beaumont 1st Earl Warwick (age 50), and Roger Clare (age 34) and Gilbert Clare (age 34) were present.

William of Malmesbury Book 8 Chapter 6. 02 Aug 1100. The day before the king (age 44) died, he dreamed that he was let blood by a surgeon; and that the stream, reaching to heaven, clouded the light, and intercepted the day. Calling on St. Mary for protection, he suddenly awoke, commanded a light to be brought, and forbade his attendants to leave him. They then watched with him several hours until daylight. Shortly after, just as the day began to dawn, a certain foreign monk told Robert Fitz Hamon, one of the principal nobility, that he had that night dreamed a strange and fearful dream about the king: "That he had come into a certain church, with menacing and insolent gesture, as was his custom, looking contemptuously on the standers by; then violently seizing the crucifix, he gnawed the arms, and almost tore away the legs: that the image endured this for a long time, but at length struck the king with its foot in such a manner that he fell backwards: from his mouth, as he lay prostrate, issued so copious a flame that the volumes of smoke touched the very stars." Robert, thinking that this dream ought not to be neglected, as he was intimate with him, immediately related it to the king. William, repeatedly laughing, exclaimed, "He is a monk, and dreams for money like a monk: give him a hundred shillings." Nevertheless, being greatly moved, he hesitated a long while whether he should go out to hunt, as he had designed: his friends persuading him not to suffer the truth of the dreams to be tried at his personal risk. In consequence, he abstained from the chase before dinner, dispelling the uneasiness of his unregulated mind by serious business. They relate, that, having plentifully regaled that day, he soothed his cares with a more than usual quantity of wine. After dinner he went into the forest, attended by few persons; of whom the most intimate with him was Walter, surnamed Tirel, who had been induced to come from France by the liberality of the king. This man alone had remained with him, while the others, employed in the chase, were dispersed as chance directed. The sun was now declining, when the king, drawing his bow and letting fly an arrow, slightly wounded a stag which passed before him; and, keenly gazing, followed it, still running, a long time with his eyes, holding up his hand to keep off the power of the sun's rays. At this instant Walter, conceiving a noble exploit, which was while the king's attention was otherwise occupied to transfix another stag which by chance came near him, unknowingly, and without power to prevent it. Oh, gracious God! pierced his breast with a fatal arrow.1 On receiving the wound, the king uttered not a word; but breaking off the shaft of the weapon where it projected from his body, fell upon the wound, by which he accelerated his death. Walter immediately ran up, but as he found him senseless and speechless, he leaped swiftly upon liis horse, and escaped by spurring him to his utmost speed. Indeed there was none to pursue him: some connived at his flight; others pitied him; and all were intent on other matters. Some began to fortify their dwellings; others to plunder; and the rest to look out for a new king. A few countrymen conveyed the body, placed on a cart, to the cathedral at Winchester; the blood dripping from it all the way. Here it was committed to the ground within the tower, attended by many of the nobility, though lamented by few.

Note 1. "The tradition of William having met his death by the hand of Sir Walter Tirel, whilst hunting in the New Forest, is generally received; but Suger, a contemporary historian, and, as it seems, a friend of Tirel, in his Life of Louis le Gros, king of France, alluding to the death of Rufus, observes, 'Imponebatur a quibusdam cuidam nobili Gualtero Tirello quod eum sagitta perfoderat: quem, cum nec timeret nec speraret, jurejurando sæpius audivimus quasi sacrosanctum asserere, quod ea die nec in eam partem silvæ, in qua rex venebatur, venerit, nec eum in silva omnino viderit. See also Edmer, Hist, Nov. p. 54, and Ord. Vit. Hist. Eccles. lib. x. p. 783."— Hardy.

Translation: It was imposed by some on a certain nobleman, Walter Tirellus, that he had pierced him with an arrow, whom he neither feared nor hoped for, we have often heard him swearing, as if it were sacrosanct, that he did not go to that part of the forest on that day, in which the king was being hunted, he came, and did not see him at all in the forest.

The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy by Orderic Vitalis 1100. 02 Aug 1100. The morning1 of the day following, King William, having dined with his minions, prepared, after the meal was ended, to go forth and hunt in the New Forest. Being in great spirits he was joking with his attendants while his boots were being laced, when an armourer came and presented to him six arrows. The king immediately took them with great satisfaction, praising the work, and unconscious of what was to happen, kept four of them himself and held out the other two to Walter Tirel.2 " It is but right, " he said, " that the sharpest arrows should be given to him who knows best how to inflict mortal wounds with them. " This Tirel was a French knight of good extraction, the wealthy lord of the castles of Poix and Pontoise, filling a high place among the nobles, and a gallant soldier; he was therefore admitted to familiar intimacy with the king, and became his constant companion. Meanwhile, while they were idly talking on various subjects, and the king's household attendants were assembled about him, a monk of Gloucester presented himself and delivered to the king a letter from his abbot. Having read it, the king burst out laughing, and said merrily to the knight just mentioned, " Walter, do what I told you. " The knight replied, " I will, my lord. " Slighting then the warnings of the elders, and forgetting that the heart is lifted up before a fall, he said respecting the letter he had received, " I wonder what has induced my lord Serlo to write to me in this strain, for I really believe he is a worthy abbot and respectable old man. In the simplicity of his heart, he transmits to me, who have enough besides to attend to, the dreams of his snoring monks, and even takes the trouble to commit them to writing, and send them a long distance. Does he think that I follow the example of the English, who will defer their journey or their business on account of the dreams of a parcel of wheezing old women? "

Note 1. Wednesday, August 1, 1100. Malmesbury, whom we have just quoted, tells us that the king did not go out to hunt till after dinner, but that was an early meal in those days.

Note 2. Walter Tirel, lord of Poix ( Somme ), and keeper of the castle of Pontoise.

Before 02 Aug 1218 Louis II Count Loon was fatally poisoned. His brother Henry Count Loon (age 82) succeeded Count Loon.

On 02 Aug 1218 Henry Count Loon (age 82) was fatally poisoned a few days after his brother had been. His brother Arnold III Count Loon succeeded III Count Loon.

On 02 Aug 1254 Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria (age 25) and Maria Reginar Duchess Bavaria (age 28) were married. She by marriage Duchess Bavaria. She the daughter of Henry Reginar II Duke Brabant and Marie Swabia Duchess Brabant. He the son of Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria and Agnes Welf Duchess Bavaria (age 53). He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King William "Conqueror" I of England.

On 02 Aug 1274 King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 35) and Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England (age 33) arrived at Dover [Map] after an absence of four years. They travelled to London via Tonbridge Castle [Map], home of Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester 6th Earl Hertford (age 30) and Reigate Castle, Surrey [Map], home of John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey (age 43).

The Chronicle of Adam of Usk. 07 Jun 1394. In the year of our Lord 1394, on Whitsun-day (7th June), died that most gracious lady Ann, queen of England (age 28), at the manor of Shene [Map], which lies on Thames near to Brentford. Which manor, though a royal one and very fair, did king Richard, by reason that that lady’s death happened therein, command and cause to be utterly destroyed. After the ceremony of her funeral, which was carried out with becoming honours on the morrow of Saint Peter ad Vincula (2nd August), the king, clad, with his train, in weeds of mourning, straightway passed over into Ireland with & great power, to subdue the rebellion of the Irish1. Yet he gained but little; for the Irish, then feigning submission to his will, straightway after his departure were in revolt, as all men know.

Note 1. Richard sailed for Iréland early in September, 1394, and returned in May of the next year.

Southampton Plot

On 02 Aug 1484 George Leslie 4th Earl Rothes was born.

On 02 Aug 1551 Bishop Henry Holbeach (age 74) died.

On 02 Aug 1556 Bishop George Day (age 55) died.

On 02 Aug 1589 Henry III King France (age 37) was assassinated.

1591 Elizabeth's Royal Progress

On 02 Aug 1591 Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 57) left at Nonsuch Palace [Map] to commence her Royal Progress. She travelled south to Mansion House Leatherhead, Surrey [Map]; the home of Edmund Tilney (age 55).

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

After 02 Aug 1591 Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 57) arrived at East Horsley, Surrey [Map] where she stayed with Thomas Cornwallis 1518-1604.

1660 August Creation of Baronets

In Aug 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded those who supported his Restoration by awarding them Baronetcies ...

On 02 Aug 1660 Hugh Smithson 1st Baronet (age 62) was created 1st Baronet Smithson of Stanwick in Yorkshire.

On 10 Aug 1660 Peter Leicester 1st Baronet (age 46) was created 1st Baronet Leicester of Tabley in Cheshire. Elizabeth Gerard Lady Leicester by marriage Lady Leicester of Tabley in Cheshire.

On 11 Aug 1660 William wheler 1st Baronet 1611-1666 (age 49) was created 1st Baronet Wheler of the City of Westminster with a special remainder failing the heirs male of his body, "to Charles Wheeler (age 40) [rectius Wheler], cosin to the said Sir William and the heires males of the body of the said Sir Charles."

On 16 Aug 1660 Thomas Lee 1st Baronet (age 25) was created 1st Baronet Lee of Hartwell in Buckinghamshire.

On 16 Aug 1660 John Newton 1st Baronet (age 49) was created 1st Baronet Newton of Barrs Court.

On 16 Aug 1660 Thomas Smith 1st Baronet (age 38) was created 1st Baronet Smith of Hatherton in Cheshire.

On 31 Aug 1660 John Drake 1st Baronet (age 35) was created 1st Baronet Drake of Ashe in Devon. Dionise Strode Lady Drake by marriage Lady Drake of Ashe in Devon.

1661 Creation of Baronets and Peerages by Charles II Post Coronation

In Aug 1661 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 31) created new Baronetcies and Peerages ...

02 Aug 1661 Thomas Carew 1st Baronet (age 29) was created 1st Baronet Carew of Haccombe in Devon.

04 Aug 1661 John Chichester 1st Baronet (age 38) was created 1st Baronet Chichester of Raleigh in Devon.

07 Aug 1661 Mark Milbanke 1st Baronet (age 23) was created 1st Baronet Milbanke of Halnaby in Yorkshire. Elizabeth Acklom Lady Milbanke by marriage Lady Milbanke of Halnaby in Yorkshire.

17 Aug 1661 William Boyd 1st Earl Kilmarnock (age 15) was created 1st Earl Kilmarnock.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 02 Aug 1665. Up, it being a publique fast, as being the first Wednesday of the month, for the plague; I within doors all day, and upon my monthly accounts late, and there to my great joy settled almost all my private matters of money in my books clearly, and allowing myself several sums which I had hitherto not reckoned myself sure of, because I would not be over sure of any thing, though with reason I might do it, I did find myself really worth £1900, for which the great God of Heaven and Earth be praised! At night to the office to write a few letters, and so home to bed, after fitting myself for tomorrow's journey.

On 02 Aug 1666 Alfonso VI King Portugal (age 22) and Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal (age 20) were married. She had arrived in Portugal on the same day. The marriage was not consummated. She subsequently married her brother-in-law Peter II King Portugal (age 17) when he took control of the Portuguese throne; an example of Married to Two Siblings. Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal by marriage Queen Consort Portugal. He the son of John IV King Portugal and Luisa de Guzman Queen Consort Portugal.

On 02 Aug 1670 Richard Graham 1st Viscount Preston (age 20) and Ann Howard Viscountess Preston (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Charles Howard 1st Earl Carlisle (age 41) and Anne Howard Countess Carlisle.NOTEXT

On 02 Aug 1671 Elizabeth Babington (age 63) died. She was buried at St Michael's Church, Heydour [Map].

Elizabeth Babington: On or before 09 Aug 1607, the date of her baptism at Rampton, she was born. On 30 Nov 1624 Gervase Eyre (age 25) and Elizabeth Babington (age 17) were married at Rampton.

On 02 Aug 1674 Philippe Bourbon II Duke Orléans was born to Philip Bourbon I Duke Orléans (age 33) and Elizabeth Charlotte Palatinate Simmern Duchess Orléans (age 22). He a great x 2 grandson of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland.

After 02 Aug 1697. All Saints Church, Thirkleby [Map]. Memorial to William Frankland 1st Baronet (deceased).

William Frankland 1st Baronet: Around 1640 he was born to Henry Frankland of Thirkelby in Yorkshire (age 31). In or before 1665 William Frankland 1st Baronet (age 25) and Arabella Belasyse Lady Thirkleby (age 27) were married. She by marriage Lady Frankland of Thirkleby in Yorkshire. In 1671 William Frankland 1st Baronet (age 31) was elected MP Thirsk. On 02 Aug 1697 William Frankland 1st Baronet (age 57) died. His son Thomas Frankland 2nd Baronet (age 32) succeeded 2nd Baronet Frankland of Thirkleby in Yorkshire. Elizabeth Russell Lady Thirkleby (age 33) by marriage Lady Frankland of Thirkleby in Yorkshire.

On 02 Aug 1714 Evelyn Pierrepont 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull (age 59) and Isabella Bentinck Duchess Kingston upon Hull (age 26) were married. She by marriage Marchioness Dorchester. The difference in their ages was 33 years. She the daughter of William Bentinck 1st Earl of Portland and Anne Villiers Countess Portland.

PAINTINGS/DAHL/Evelyn_Pierrepoint.jpg PAINTINGS/DAHL/Triple_Portrait.jpg

On 02 Aug 1724 James Lane 2nd Viscount Lanesborough (age 75) died.

On 02 Aug 1758 Henry St John 13th Baron St John Bletso was born to John St John 12th Baron St John Bletso (age 32) and Susanne Louise Simond.

PAINTINGS/DAHL/George_Booth.jpg PAINTINGS/DAHL/George_Booth2.jpg

On 02 Aug 1766 Hugh Carleton 1st Viscount Carleton (age 26) and Elizabeth Mercer of Dublin were married.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Richard_Brooke_5th.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of Richard Brooke 5th Baronet (age 35).

Richard Brooke 5th Baronet: Around 1753 he was born to Richard Brooke 4th Baronet (age 34). On 02 May 1780 Richard Brooke 5th Baronet (age 27) and Mary Cunliffe Lady Brooke were married. On 06 Jul 1781 Richard Brooke 4th Baronet (age 62) died. His son Richard Brooke 5th Baronet (age 28) succeeded 5th Baronet Brooke of Norton Priory in Cheshire 1662. Mary Cunliffe Lady Brooke by marriage Lady Brooke of Norton Priory in Cheshire 1662. On 06 Mar 1795 Richard Brooke 5th Baronet (age 42) died. His son Richard Brooke 6th Baronet (age 9) succeeded 6th Baronet Brooke of Norton Priory in Cheshire 1662.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/John_Hobart_2nd_Duke_Buckinghamshire.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of John Hobart 2nd Earl Buckinghamshire (age 64).

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Henry_Percy_1st_Duke_Northumberland.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of Hugh Percy 1st Duke Northumberland.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Mrs_Fitzherbert.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of Maria Anne Smythe aka "Mrs Fitzherbert" (age 32).

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/John_Frederick_Saville.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of John Frederick Sackville 3rd Duke Dorset (age 43).

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/John_Fane.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of John Fane 9th Earl of Westmoreland.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Charles_Cornwallis_1st_Marquess.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of Charles Cornwallis 1st Earl Cornwallis.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Elizabeth_Fortescue_Marchioness_Lothian.jpgBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian.

Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian: On 03 Apr 1745 she was born to Chichester Fortescue (age 26) and Elizabeth Wesley (age 25). On 15 Jul 1762 William John Kerr 5th Marquess Lothian (age 25) and Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian (age 17) were married. He the son of William Henry Kerr 4th Marquess Lothian (age 52) and Caroline Darcy Marchioness Lothian. He a great x 4 grandson of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland. On 12 Apr 1775 William Henry Kerr 4th Marquess Lothian (age 65) died at Bath. His son William John Kerr 5th Marquess Lothian (age 38) succeeded 5th Marquess Lothian. Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian (age 30) by marriage Marchioness Lothian. On 30 Sep 1780 Elizabeth Fortescue 5th Marchioness Lothian (age 35) died in Marylebone probably as a result of childbirth.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Helen_Graham.jpgBefore 02 Aug 1788 Joshua Reynolds (age 65). Portrait of Helen Graham (age 25).

Helen Graham: In 1763 she was born to John Graham. On 17 Jul 1780 Henry Watkin Dashwood 3rd Baronet (age 34) and Helen Graham (age 17) were married. In 1796 Helen Graham (age 33) died.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Henry_Scott_Duke_Buccleuch.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of Henry Scott 3rd Duke Buccleuch (age 41).

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/John_Spencer.jpgBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Georgiana_Poyntz_Countess_Spencer.pngBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 51).

Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer: On 08 May 1737 she was born to Stephen Poyntz (age 51) and Anna Maria Mordaunt at St James's Palace. On 20 Dec 1755 John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer (age 21) and Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 18) were married at Althorp House. On 03 Apr 1761 John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer (age 26) was created 1st Viscount Spencer, 1st Baron Spencer Althorp. Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 23) by marriage Viscountess Spencer, 1st Baroness Spencer Althorp. On 01 Nov 1765 John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer (age 30) was created 1st Earl Spencer, 1st Viscount Althorp. Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 28) by marriage Countess Spencer, 1st Viscountess Althorp. On 18 Mar 1814 Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 76) died.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/George_Nugent.jpgBefore 02 Aug 1788 Thomas Gainsborough (age 61). Portrait of George Nugent Temple Grenville 1st Marquess Buckingham (age 35).

On 02 Aug 1842 Francis Needham 3rd Earl of Kilmorey was born to Francis Needham Viscount Newry (age 27).

On 02 Aug 1845 George Gordon (age 82) died. Memorial at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

George Gordon: Around 1763 he was born to Reverend John Gordon (age 37) and Ann Dighton (age 45). In 1827 George Gordon (age 64) was appointed Dean of Lincoln.

On 02 Aug 1849 William Joseph Denison Banker (age 80) died unmarried. He left the bulk of his estate to his nephew Albert Denison 1st Baron Londesborough (age 43).


On 02 Aug 1854 Harry George Powlett 4th Duke Cleveland (age 51) and Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Stanhope Duchess of Cleveland (age 35) were married at Chevening. She the daughter of Philip Henry Stanhope 4th Earl Stanhope (age 72) and Catherine Lucy Smith Countess Stanhope. He the son of William Henry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland and Catharine Margaret Powlett Countess Darlington. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/WATTS/Henry_4th_Duke_Cleveland.jpg PAINTINGS/ALMATADEMA/Catherine_Stanhope.jpg

On 02 Aug 1855 Charles William Molyneux 3rd Earl Sefton (age 59) died. His son William Molyneux 4th Earl Sefton (age 19) succeeded 4th Earl Sefton, 11th Viscount Molyneux, 12th Baronet Molyneux of Sefton. Cecil Emily Jolliffe (age 17) by marriage Countess Sefton.


On 02 Aug 1861 Charles Stewart 8th Earl Traquair (age 80) died. Earl Traquair and Lord Traquair assumed to be extinct. There may be heirs if the legitimation of 1489 is sufficient to enable the collateral male heirs of the first James Stewart 1st Lord of Traquair to succeed to the Earldom.

On 02 Aug 1873 Robert Curzon 14th Baron Zouche Harringworth (age 63) died. His son Robert Curzon 15th Baron Zouche (age 22) succeeded 15th Baron Zouche Harringworth.

Henry Chaplin A Memoir: 2 Family and Social Life Part II. The Prince of Wales (age 34) was admitted to the secret a very few days after his departure from Goodwood, and on August 2 [1876] we find him writing to Mr. Chaplin (age 35):

Let me offer you my most sincere congratulations on your engagement to one of the most charming young ladies whom I know and whom I have had the advantage of knowing ever since her childhood. I certainly did think you rather reticent at Goodwood when I hinted at the subject, as I had the Duke of Sutherland's permission to do so, but I now quite understand the reason, and you were, of course, undoubtedly right to follow the wishes of the young lady. Hoping that we may meet at Dunrobin in September, from Yours most sincerely,



On 02 Aug 1885 Clarence Bruce 3rd Baron Aberdare was born to Henry Bruce 2nd Baron Aberdare (age 34) and Constance Mary Beckett Baroness Aberdare.

On 02 Aug 1927 Harold Williams Baron Berners and Vera Ruby Tyrwhitt 15th Baroness Berners (age 25) were married.

On 02 Aug 1944 Charles Hardinge 1st Baron Penshurt (age 86) died.

On 02 Aug 1962 Armand de Gramont 12th Duc de Gramont (age 82) died.

PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Armand_Gramont.jpg PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Duke_Gramont_12th.jpg PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Duke_Gramont_12th.jpg

On 02 Aug 2009. St Oswald's Church, Brereton [Map]. A Peal of 5040 Minor in 7 Methods by the Chester S. College Youths.