On this Day in History ... 02 October

02 Oct is in October.

1553 Coronation of Mary I

1664 Great Plague of London

1915 First World War

On 02 Oct 939 Gilbert Reginarids I Duke Lorraine (age 49) died.

On 02 Oct 1386 John Montfort V Duke Brittany (age 47) and Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England (age 16) were married at Saillé [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Brittany 1221 Dreux, Countess Richmond. His third marriage, her first. The marriage proceeded when her father Charles "Bad" II King Navarre (age 53) agreed to give his daughter 120,000 gold francs and to pay 6,000 francs owed to John, duke of Brittany (age 47), for the rent of certain lands. He, John, gave her the cities of Nantes [Map] and Guerrand [Map]. The difference in their ages was 31 years. She the daughter of Charles "Bad" II King Navarre (age 53) and Joan Valois Queen Consort Navarre. They were second cousin twice removed. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 02 Oct 1452 Richard was born to Richard Plantagenet 3rd Duke York (age 41) and Cecily "Rose of Raby" Neville Duchess York (age 37) at Fotheringay Castle [Map]. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.38%.

On 02 Oct 1501 Catherine of Aragon (age 15) landed at Plymouth, Devon [Map].

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Coronation of Mary I

Henry Machyn's Diary. 02 Oct 1553. The ij day her grace (age 37) mayd lxxiiij knyghts [Note. the list has eighty-nine], the morowe after her crownnasyon, the wyche her be ther names folowyng: (not inserted by the Diarist)

Note. P. 46. Knights made the morrow after the Coronation. Their names were as follow, according to a list in the MS. Coll. Arm. I. 7. f. 74.

The morowe after the day of Coronation, beinge the seconde day of October, at the palys of Wystmister, were dobyd the knightes of the carpet foloinge in the presence of the quenes majestie in her chamber of presens under the clothe of estate by therl of Arundell, lord stuarde of the quenes housse, who had of her highnes commission to execute the same:

The lord Garratte, Sir Edward Walgrave, Sir Christofer Allen, The lord Borough, Sir John Bourne, secretary, Sir Richard Freston, The lord Dudley, Sir Raff Chamberlen, Sir William Kelloway, Sir Thomas Stanley, Sir John Tyrell, Sir Henry Garton, Sir Edmond Wyndsor, Sir John Hodlestone, Sir John Tregonell, Sir Henry Ratclyff, Sir Robert Peckham, Sir Ambrose Jermyn, Sir Thomas Hastings, Sir Harry Lea, Sir Leonard Chamberlen, Sir Thomas Gerarde, Sir Rychard Tate, Sir John Croftes, The lord chef baron, Sir Edmond Grene, Sir Edmond Mauleverer, The lord chef justyce, Sir Robart Lane, Sir Rychard Bruges, Sir George Gefforde, Sir Rychard Stapleton, Sir James FytzJames, Sir Thomas Packington, Sir William Damsell, Sir Thomas Verney, Sir Thomas Lovell, Sir John Chichester, Sir James Williams, Sir John Spencer, Sir Harry Crypes, Sir William Meringe, Sir William Fitzwilliam, Sir Thomas Palmer, Sir Edward Pylson, Sir Thomas Androus, Sir Henry Ashley, Sir Edward Fytton, Sir William Courtney, Sir Rychard Stranguishe, Sir William Warham, Sir William Gresley, Sir George Mathwe, Sir Thomas Whyte, lord, Sir Thomas Cave, Sir John Cotton, mayor, Sir Edward Lytelton, Sir John Pollarde, Sir Thomas Throgmerton, Sir Philip Parreys, Sir John Warburton, Sir Edward Grevell, Sir Thomas White, Sir John Fermer, Sir Henry Stafford, Sir Thomas Metham, Sir Thomas Berenger, Sir William Wygston, Sir Rychard Lasen, Sir John Constable, Sir Harry Jones, Sir Thomas Dawney, Sir George Stanley, Sir John Bruse, Sir Robart Wyngfelde, Sir Rouland Stanley, Sir Robart Whitney, Sir Thomas Knyvett, Sir Rauf Egerton, Sir Rychard Chudley, Sir Roger Woodhouse, Sir Rychard Molineux, Sir Thomas Baskerfelde, Sir Francis Stoner, Sir Thomas Heskett, Sir Thomas Tyndall, Sir John a Lye, Sir Thomas Wayman, Sir Rychard Wallwine.

The arms of these knights are beautifully tricked in the Cottonian MS. Claud. C. III. but they are differently arranged, and some made at other times are interspersed. On this authority some slight amendment of the orthography of the names has been made where it appeared necessary.

A commission dated 17 Oct. empowering the earl of Arundel "to make so many persons knightes, within the tyme of two daies next ensuinge the date hereof, as by us shall be named, or by hymselfe may be thoughte mete, so as he excede not in the hole the numbre of threescore," is printed in Rymer's Fœdera, vol. xv. p. 350: but qu. its date?

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On 02 Oct 1600 Thomas Beaumont 1st Viscount of Swords (age 18) and Elizabeth Sapcote (age 20) were married.

On 02 Oct 1607 James Stewart 3rd Earl Moray (age 16) and Anne Gordon Countess Moray were married. Anne Gordon Countess Moray by marriage Countess Moray. She the daughter of George Gordon 1st Marquess Huntly (age 45) and Henrietta Stewart Marchioness Huntly (age 34). He the son of James "The Bonnie Earl" Stewart 2nd Earl Moray and Elizabeth Stewart 2nd Countess Moray. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


On 02 Oct 1625 Vere Essex Cromwell 4th Earl Ardglass was born to Thomas Cromwell 1st Earl Ardglass (age 31) and Elizabeth Meverell Countess Ardglass.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 02 Oct 1664. Lord's Day. My wife not being well to go to church I walked with my boy through the City, putting in at several churches, among others at Bishopsgate, and there saw the picture usually put before the King's book, put up in the church, but very ill painted, though it were a pretty piece to set up in a church. I intended to have seen the Quakers, who, they say, do meet every Lord's day at the Mouth at Bishopsgate; but I could see none stirring, nor was it fit to aske for the place, so I walked over Moorefields [Map], and thence to Clerkenwell church, and there, as I wished, sat next pew to the fair Butler, who indeed is a most perfect beauty still; and one I do very much admire myself for my choice of her for a beauty, she having the best lower part of her face that ever I saw all days of my life.

On 02 Oct 1710 Robert Needham 7th Viscount Kilmorey (age 27) died. His son Robert Needham 8th Viscount Kilmorey (age 8) succeeded 8th Viscount Kilmorey.

On 02 Oct 1742 Francis Scott (age 21) and Caroline Campbell 1st Baroness Greenwich (age 24) were married. She the daughter of John Campbell 2nd Duke Argyll (age 61). He the son of Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch (age 47) and Jane Douglas. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 02 Oct 1760 Lionel Tollemache 5th Earl Dysart (age 26) and Charlotte Walpole Countess Dysart (age 22) were married. He the son of Lionel Tollemache 4th Earl Dysart (age 52) and Grace Carteret Countess Dysart.

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On 02 Oct 1760 Garrett Wellesley 1st Earl Mornington (age 25) was created 1st Earl Mornington 1C 1760, 1st Viscount Wellesley of Dangan Castle by King George III of Great Britain and Ireland (age 22) in reward for his services to music and philanthropy. Anne Hill Countess Mornington (age 18) by marriage Countess Mornington.

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On 02 Oct 1781 Charles Noel 1st Earl Gainsborough was born to Gerard Edwardes aka Noel 2nd Baronet (age 22) and Diana Middleton 2nd Baroness Barham (age 19).

On 02 Oct 1783 Joseph Leeson 1st Earl of Milltown (age 82) died.

On 02 Oct 1786 Augustus Keppel 1st Viscount Keppel (age 61) died unmarried.

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On 02 Oct 1789 Francis Hastings 10th Earl Huntingdon (age 60) died unmarried at the home of his nephew Francis Rawdon-Hastings 1st Marquess Hastings (age 34). His fifth cousin once removed Theophilus Henry Hastings 11th Earl Huntingdon (age 60) de jure 11th Earl Huntingdon 7C 1529 although he wasn't aware of the fact. His sister Elizabeth Hastings Countess Moira (age 58) succeeded 16th Baroness Botreaux 1368, 15th Baroness Hungerford, 13th Baroness Moleyns and 13th Baroness Hastings

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On 02 Oct 1800 William Pleydell-Bouverie 3rd Earl Radnor (age 21) and Catherine Pelham-Clinton (age 24) were married. He the son of Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie 2nd Earl Radnor (age 50) and Anne Duncombe Countess Radnor (age 42). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

After 02 Oct 1864. St Swithun's Church, Leadenham [Map]. Monument to General John Reeve of Leadenham House (deceased) and Susan Sherard (deceased).

General John Reeve of Leadenham House: On 28 Jul 1783 he was born to William Reeve of Leadenham (age 32) and Millicent Mary King (age 28). In or before 1816 General John Reeve of Leadenham House (age 32) and Susan Sherard (age 13) were married. She the daughter of Philip Sherard 5th Earl Harborough. On 02 Oct 1864 General John Reeve of Leadenham House (age 81) died.

Susan Sherard: On 01 Jul 1802 she was born to Philip Sherard 5th Earl Harborough (age 35). On 03 Sep 1864 Susan Sherard (age 62) died.

On 02 Oct 1894 Algernon St Maur 14th Duke Somerset (age 80) died. His son Algernon St Maur 15th Duke Somerset (age 48) succeeded 15th Duke Somerset 4C 1547, 13th Baronet Seymour of Berry Pomeroy. Susan Margaret Richards Mackinnon Duchess Somerset (age 41) by marriage Duchess Somerset.

On 02 Oct 1902 Alexander Montagu 10th Duke of Manchester was born to William Montagu 9th Duke Manchester (age 25) and Helena Zimmerman (age 24) at Tandragee Castle.

On 02 Oct 1914 Edward Villiers 5th Earl Clarendon (age 68) died at The Grove Watford [Map]. His son George Herbert Hyde Villiers 6th Earl Clarendon (age 37) succeeded 6th Earl Clarendon 2C 1776. Adeline Verena Ishbel Cocks Countess of Clarendon (age 28) by marriage Countess Clarendon.

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First World War

On 02 Oct 1915 Ninian Edward Crichton-Stuart (age 32) was killed during the First World War.

On 02 Oct 1919 Henry Charles Bentinck 11th Earl of Portland was born to Robert Charles Bentinck (age 43) and Norah Ida Emily Noel (age 38). He a great x 3 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 02 Oct 1975 Betty Ann Torrens Lady Wilbraham (age 68) died. Memorial at All Saints Church, Old Rode.

Betty Ann Torrens Lady Wilbraham: On 12 Dec 1906 she was born to William Matt Torrens of Hayes in Kent. On 26 Feb 1930 Randle John Baker Wilbraham 7th Baronet (age 23) and Betty Ann Torrens Lady Wilbraham (age 23) were married.