On this Day in History ... 03 April

03 Apr is in April.

1043 Coronation of Edward the Confessor

1367 Battle of Nájera

1461 Battle of Towton

1643 Battle of Camp Hill

On 03 Apr 963 William "Towhead" III Duke Aquitaine (age 48) died. His son William "Proud Arm" IV Duke Aquitaine (age 26) succeeded IV Duke Aquitaine.

Coronation of Edward the Confessor

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1043. This year was Edward (age 40) consecrated king at Winchester [Map], early on Easter-day, with much pomp. Then was Easter on the third day before the nones of April. Archbishop Edsy consecrated him, and before all people well admonished him. And Stigand the priest was consecrated bishop over the East Angles. And this year, fourteen nights before the mass of St. Andrew, it was advised the king, that he and Earl Leofric and Earl Godwin (age 42) and Earl Siward (age 33) with their retinue, should ride from Gloucester to Winchester unawares upon the lady (age 58); and they deprived her of all the treasures that she had; which were immense; because she was formerly very hard upon the king her son, and did less for him than he wished before he was king, and also since: but they suffered her to remain there afterwards. And soon after this the king determined to invest all the land that his mother (age 58) had in her hands, and took from her all that she had in gold and in silver and in numberless things; because she formerly held it too fast against him. Soon after this Stigand was deprived of his bishopric; and they took all that he had into their hands for the king, because he was highest the counsel of his mother; and she acted as he advised, as men supposed.

On 03 Apr 1322 Henry Tyeys 2nd Baron Tyeys (age 36) died. Baron Tyeys extinct.

On 03 Apr 1327 Thomas Rich Berkeley 8th and 3rd Baron Berkeley (age 31) and John Maltravers 1st Baron Maltravers (age 37) were made keepers of King Edward II of England (age 42).

On 03 Apr 1348 John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent (age 17) and Isabella aka Elizabeth Julich Countess Kent (age 18) were married. Isabella aka Elizabeth Julich Countess Kent by marriage Countess Kent. She the daughter of William Jülich V Duke Jülich (age 49) and Joanna Hainault Duchess Guelders (age 33). He the son of Edmund of Woodstock 1st Earl Kent and Margaret Wake Countess Kent (age 51). They were half second cousin once removed. He a grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Battle of Nájera

On 03 Apr 1367 the forces of Peter "Cruel" I King Castile (age 32) commanded by Edward "Black Prince" (age 36) defeated the army of Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 33) at the Battle of Nájera at Nájera. The English forces included John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (age 27), William Scrope, Peter Courtenay (age 21), John Devereux 1st Baron Devereux (age 30), John Savile of Shelley and Golcar (age 42), Bernard Brocas (age 37) and Thomas Banastre (age 33).

The forces of Henry "Fratricide" II King Castile (age 33) included Bertrand Geusclin (age 47). The battle achieved little since Bertrand Geusclin (age 47) escaped.

John Ferrers 4th Baron Ferrers of Chartley (age 36) was killed. His son Robert Ferrers 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley (age 9) succeeded 5th Baron Ferrers of Chartley. Margaret Despencer Baroness Ferrers of Chartley by marriage Baroness Ferrers of Chartley.

Before 03 Apr 1374 Thomas Morley 5th Baron Marshal 4th Baron Morley (age 20) and Joan Hastings Baroness Marshal Baroness Morley (age 17) were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 03 Apr 1403 Henry IV King England (age 35) and Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England (age 33) were married by proxy at Eltham Palace [Map] with Antoine de Riczi representing Joanna of Navarre Queen Consort England (age 33).


Battle of Towton

On 29 Mar 1461 the Battle of Towton was a decisive victory for King Edward IV of England (age 18) bringing to an end the first war of the Wars of the Roses. Said to be the bloodiest battle on English soil 28000 were killed mainly during the rout that followed the battle.

The Yorkist army was commanded by King Edward IV of England (age 18) with John Mowbray 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 45), William Neville 1st Earl Kent (age 56), William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings (age 30) (knighted), Walter Blount 1st Baron Mountjoy (age 45), Henry Bourchier 2nd Count Eu 1st Earl Essex (age 57), John Scrope 5th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 23) and John Wenlock 1st Baron Wenlock (age 61).

The Lancastrian army suffered significant casualties including Richard Percy (age 35), Ralph Bigod Lord Morley (age 50), John Bigod (age 28), Robert Cromwell (age 71), Ralph Dacre 1st Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 49), Ralph Eure (age 49), John Neville 1st Baron Neville of Raby (age 51), John Beaumont (age 33), Thomas Dethick (age 61), Everard Simon Digby, William Plumpton (age 25) and William Welles (age 51) who were killed.

Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland (age 39) was killed. His son Henry Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland (age 12) succeeded 4th Earl of Northumberland 1C 1377, 7th Baron Percy of Alnwick 1C 1299, 15th Baron Percy of Topcliffe. Maud Herbert Countess Northumberland (age 3) by marriage Countess of Northumberland.

Lionel Welles 6th Baron Welles (age 55) was killed. His son Richard Welles 7th Baron Willoughby 7th Baron Welles (age 33) succeeded 7th Baron Welles.

The Lancastrian army was commanded by Henry Beaufort 2nd or 3rd Duke Somerset (age 25), Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter (age 30), Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland (age 39) and Andrew Trollope.

Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter (age 30) was attainted after the battle; Duke Exeter 1C 1397, Earl Huntingdon 4C 1388 forfeit.

Those who fought for the Lancaster included William Tailboys 7th Baron Kyme (age 46), John Dudley 1st Baron Dudley (age 60), William Norreys (age 20), Thomas Grey 1st Baron Grey of Richemont (age 43), Robert Hungerford 3rd Baron Hungerford 1st Baron Moleyns (age 30), John Talbot 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (age 12), Richard Welles 7th Baron Willoughby 7th Baron Welles (age 33), Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers (age 56), James Butler 1st Earl Wiltshire 5th Earl Ormonde (age 40), John Butler 6th Earl Ormonde (age 39), William Beaumont 2nd Viscount Beaumont (age 22), Henry Roos and Thomas Tresham (age 41). Cardinal John Morton (age 41) were captured.

On 03 Apr 1461 Thomas Courtenay 14th Earl Devon (age 29) was beheaded at York [Map] and attainted.

John Heron of Ford Castle Northumberland (age 45), Robert Dethick (age 86), Andrew Trollope and his son David Trollope were killed.

Thomas Grey 1st Baron Grey of Richemont (age 43) was executed.

Before 03 Apr 1498 John Grey 8th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 50) and Elizabeth Vaughan Baroness Grey Wilton (age 35) were married. She by marriage Baroness Grey of Wilton. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 03 Apr 1498 John Grey 8th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 50) died. On 03 Apr 1498 His son Edmund Grey 9th Baron Grey of Wilton (age 29) succeeded 9th Baron Grey of Wilton 1C 1295. Florence Hastings Baroness Grey Wilton (age 25) by marriage Baroness Grey of Wilton.


Battle of Camp Hill

On 03 Apr 1643 a company of Parliamentarians from the Lichfield garrison with the support of some of the local townsmen, approximately 300 men, attempted to stop a detachment of 1,400 Royalists under the command of Prince Rupert (age 23) from passing through the unfortified parliamentary town of Birmingham.

William Feilding 1st Earl Denbigh (age 56) was wounded during the Battle of Camp Hill.


On 03 Apr 1729 John Carnegie 2nd Baronet (age 56) died. His son James Carnegie 3rd Baronet (age 13) succeeded 3rd Baronet Carnegie of Pittarrow in Kincardine.

On 03 Apr 1735 Robert Montagu 3rd Duke Manchester (age 25) and Harriet Dunch Duchess Manchester were married. He the son of Charles Montagu 1st Duke Manchester and Doddington Greville Duchess Manchester.

Before 03 Apr 1756 Vere Paulett 3rd Earl Paulett (age 46) and Mary Butt were married. He the son of John Paulett 1st Earl Paulett and Bridget Bertie Countess Paulett.

On 03 Apr 1756 John Paulett 4th Earl Paulett was born to Vere Paulett 3rd Earl Paulett (age 46) and Mary Butt.

On 03 Apr 1770 William Chetwynd 3rd Viscount Chetwynd (age 86) died.

On 03 Apr 1781 Henry Conyngham 1st Earl Conyngham (age 76) died without issue. Earl Conyngham 1C 1781 and Baron Conyngham 1C 1753 extinct. His nephew Francis Burton aka Conyngham 2nd Baron Conyngham (age 56) succeeded Baron Conyngham 2C 1781. On 03 May 1781 Francis Burton aka Conyngham 2nd Baron Conyngham (age 56) adopted the surname Conyngham by Royal License.

On 03 Apr 1782 William Henry Lyttelton 3rd Baron Lyttelton was born to William Henry Lyttelton 1st Baron Lyttelton (age 57) and Caroline Bristow Baroness Lyttelton (age 36) at Berners Street.

PAINTINGS/WOODFORD/William Henry Lyttelton.jpg

On 03 Apr 1792 William Vane 3rd Duke Cleveland was born to William Henry Vane 1st Duke Cleveland (age 25) and Catharine Margaret Powlett Countess Darlington (age 26). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.45%.


On 03 Apr 1802 Thomas Wynn 2nd Baron Newborough was born to Thomas Wynn 1st Baron Newborough (age 66) and Maria Stella Chiappini Baroness Newborough (age 28).

On 03 Apr 1807 Charles Sloane Cadogan 1st Earl Cadogan (age 78) died. His son Charles Henry Sloane 2nd Earl Cadogan (age 57) succeeded 2nd Earl Cadogan 2C 1800, 2nd Viscount Chelsea. He was by then a lunatic.

On 03 Apr 1819 Charles William Vane 3rd Marquess Londonderry (age 41) and Frances Vane Tempest Marchioness Londonderry (age 19) were married at Bruton Street. The difference in their ages was 22 years. He the son of Robert Stewart 1st Marquess Londonderry (age 79) and Frances Pratt Marchioness Londonderry (age 68).


On 03 Apr 1820 Edward Lascelles 1st Earl Harewood (age 79) died. His son Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl Harewood (age 52) succeeded 2nd Earl Harewood in Yorkshire, 2nd Viscount Lascelles, 2nd Baron Harewood of Harewood in Yorkshire 2C 1796. Henrietta Sebright Countess Harewood by marriage Countess Harewood in Yorkshire.


On 03 Apr 1853 Edward Bootle-Wilbraham 1st Baron Skelmersdale died. His grandson Edward Bootle Wibraham 1st Earl Lathom (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Skelmersdale in Lancashhire.

On 03 Apr 1872 Major-General Gustavus Hamilton Lockwood Milman and Louisa Mary Berkeley 15th Baroness Berkeley (age 31) were married. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 03 Apr 1877 John William Plunkett 17th Baron Dunsany (age 23) and Ernle Elizabeth Louisa Maria Grosvenor Burton (age 22) were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. They were half second cousins.

03 Apr 1881. Census. 2 Warwick Gardens

William Holman-Hunt (age 54). Head. 54. Artist.

Marion Edith Waugh (age 34). Wife. 34.

Gladys Hunt (age 3). Daughter. 4.

Hilary Lushington Hunt (age 1). Son. 1.

Mary A Ottaway. 42. Nurse.

Josephine M Murphy. 23. Housemaid.

Ada M Clemens. 23. Nurse.

Annie Burton. 26. Cook.

Gladys Hunt: In 1878 she was born to William Holman-Hunt (age 50) and Marion Edith Waugh (age 31) at Jerusalem.

Hilary Lushington Hunt: On 06 May 1879 he was born to William Holman-Hunt (age 52) and Marion Edith Waugh (age 32) at 2 Warwick Gardens.


On 03 Apr 1898 Charles Mills 1st Baron Hillingdon (age 67) died. His son Charles Mills 2nd Baron Hillingdon (age 43) succeeded 2nd Baron Hillingdon. Alice Marion Harbord Baroness Fitzwalter (age 40) by marriage Baroness Fitzwalter.

On 03 Apr 1919 Hugh Denis Charles Fitzroy 11th Duke Grafton was born to Charles Alfred Euston Fitzroy 10th Duke Grafton (age 26) and Doreen Buxton Duchess Grafton (age 21) at Cape Town.

On 03 Apr 1927 Gerard Foley 7th Baron Foley (age 28) died.

On 03 Apr 1931 John Savile Lumley-Savile 2nd Baron Savile (age 77) died.