On this Day in History ... 04 November

04 Nov is in November.

1530 Death of Cardinal Wolsey

1605 Gunpowder Plot

1616 Investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales

1619 Funeral of Anne of Denmark

1677 Marriage of William of Orange and Princess Mary Stewart

1688 Glorious Revolution

1702 Aug 1702 West Indies Action

1922 Opening of Tutankhamun's Tomb

On 04 Nov 1369 Robert Ufford 1st Earl Suffolk (age 71) died. His son William Ufford 2nd Earl Suffolk (age 31) succeeded 2nd Earl Suffolk 2C 1337, 3rd Baron Ufford. Joan Montagu Countess Suffolk (age 20) by marriage Countess Suffolk.

On 04 Nov 1393 Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 52) and Joan Holland Duchess York (age 13) were married. She by marriage Duchess York. The difference in their ages was 38 years. She the daughter of Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent (age 43) and Alice Fitzalan Countess Kent (age 43). He the son of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England. They were half second cousin once removed. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Letters. 04 Nov 1405. Letter XXXI. Philippa Queen of Portugal (age 45) to her brother Henry IV (age 38).

Most high and most puissant prince, my most supremely beloved brother.

I recommend myself to your high nobleness as humbly and entirely as I can or know how with all my entire heart, supremely desiring to hear and know often of your estate and health; and in special of the prosperity of your most genteel person, as good, pleasant, and joyous news as you yourself, most noble prince, could best devise, or in any manner desire, for your sovereign ease and comfort. And because I am certain that you would most willingly hear similar things from here, I signify to you that the king my sovereign lord, all my children, your own nephews, who wish always to be most humbly recommended to you, and I their mother, your own sister, at the making of these presents were all well and hearty of body, thanks to our Creator, who ever maintain you in honour and prosperity according to your desire.

Most high and puissant prince, my best beloved brother, please it you to know that by Mr. John Wiltshire, knight and ambassador of our cousin the Earl of Arundel (age 20), I am here informed how a sum of gold is yet owing to you by the said earl, which he pledged himself to pay you for the license which it pleased your gracious lordship to grant and give him in his nonage, that he might marry according to his wish, and in whatever place he saw fitting to his estate. And since you know well, my supremely best-loved brother, that he is now married not after his own seeking but as by your commandment, in part at my instance, I therefore supplicate you, since you are so great and noble a prince, as entirely as I know how, that it will please you to quit claim to the said sum at this my request, in order that I, who am in part the cause of his marriage, may be the cause of the acquittal of the said sum. And if there be anything in these parts which might give you pleasure, may it please you to command and certify it to me, and I will do it to my utmost power without hypocrisy. So I pray our sovereign Lord Jesu ever to give you prosperity, plesaunce, and joy, and very long to endure. Written at the palace of Lisbon, the 4th day of November.

Your entire and loyal sister, P. de P.


On 04 Nov 1448 Alfonso II King Naples was born to Ferdinand I King Naples (age 25) and Isabella Clermont Queen Consort Naples (age 24) at Naples.

Before 04 Nov 1498 John de Vere 15th Earl of Oxford (age 27) and Christian Foderingay (age 17) were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Death of Cardinal Wolsey

On 04 Nov 1530 Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (age 57) was arrested by Henry Percy 6th Earl of Northumberland (age 28) on a charge of treason.


Wriothesley's Chronicle. The fourth daie of November, 1547, the Kinges Majestie (age 10) beganne his High Court of Parliament at his cittie of Westminster, his Edward the Majestic ryding from his pallace of Westminster to the church of Saint Peter [Map] in his perliament robes, with all his Lordes Spirituall and Temporall riding in their robes also; and afore the masse of the Holic Ghost there was a sermon made before the King by Doctor Ridley, Bishopp of Rochester (age 47); and after that the masse beganne, Gloria in eacelsis, the Creede, Sanctus, Benedictus, and the Agnus were all songen in Englishe; the masse ended, his Majestie with his Lordes went into the Perliament Chamber, where my Lord Chauncelor (age 50) made a grete proposition for the assembly of the said Parliament, and, that donne, the King putt of his robes, and went to his pallace at Westminster by water. Sir John Baker, knight, Chauncelor of the Tenthes, was chosen Speaker of the Commens Howse for the said Perliament.


Wriothesley's Chronicle. 04 Nov 1551. The 4 of November the sayd Quene (age 35) rode from the sayd place to the Kinges pallace at Whitehall by Westminster in hir charyot, accompanyed with diuers knightes and gentlemen, carles and lordes, the Lady Margaret Dowglas (age 36), the Duches of Richmond (age 32), the Duches of Suffolke (age 32), the Duches of Northumberland (age 42), with diuers other noble women of England and ladyes of Scotland followinge after them; the Dukes of Northumberland (age 47) and Suffolke and the Lord Treasurer (age 68) receivinge her within the Court gate, all the guard standinge on euery syde of the Court; and at her entringe in at the hall the Kinges Maiestie (age 14) stode in the upper ende of the hall, the Earle of Warwicke (age 24) [Note. assumed to be referring to the subsiduary title of the Duke of Northumberland] houldinge the sworde afore the Kinge; she kneelinge downe, the Kinges Maiestie tooke her up and, kissinge her, he tooke her by the hand, she comminge with him, he led her up into the chamber of presence, and so from thence to the Queues chamber of presence, where he kissed all the ladyes of Scotland, and so departed for a while; and that daye she dyned on the Quenes syde with the Kinges Maiestie, the Kinges service and hers comminge both togeather, richely serued in gylt plate; the Kinges seruice on the right hand of the table, and the Quenes on the left hand, she sittinge by the Kinge apart by his cloth of estate; the goodly cupbord of plate of gould and gylte that day there occupyed, with the rich hanginges and costly meates, was wondrous to see. All the ladyes of England and Scotland dyned in the Quenes great chamber, and were serued in siluer all theyr meates; dinner ended, the Kinges Maiestie shewed her his galleries and gardens, with other commodityes of that place; and about foure of the clocke he brought her downe againe by the hand into the hall, where he received her and there kissed hir, and so she departed to the Bishops house againe to Pawles in lyke manner as she went thither.NOTEXT

Henry Machyn's Diary. 04 Nov 1551. [The iiij day of November the Queen (age 35) rode unto the court, attended with a great train of noblemen, gentlemen, and ladies. At the Court gate stood all the guards in their best coats.] Ther the yerle of Pembroke (age 50) saluted her and brought her] to the hall dore, and ther mett her the duke [of Northumberland] (age 47) and broyth her into the hall, and ther mett the [King's (age 14) grace, who salu]tyd her, and dyd inbrasse her and kyssyd her, and [took her by] the hand, and led her up in to the chambur of [presence; and] so ther was a bankett, and so when all was [done, the Queen] toke her horsse and was browght unto the bysshopes palesse to soper, and ther she laye ther tyll the (blank)


On 04 Nov 1597 John Kennedy 5th Earl Cassilis (age 22) and Jean Fleming Countess Cassilis (age 43) were married. She by marriage Countess Cassilis. The difference in their ages was 21 years. He the son of Gilbert Kennedy 4th Earl Cassilis and Margaret Lyon Marchioness Hamilton. They were third cousins.


Gunpowder Plot

On 04 Nov 1605 William Parker 4th Baron Monteagle 14th Baron Marshal 13th Baron Morley (age 30) searched the basement with Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk (age 44) and discovered the gunpowder and explosives at Westminster Palace [Map].NOTEXT

PAINTINGS/CRITZ/William_Parker.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Thomas_howard_1st_Earl_Suffolk.jpg

Investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales

On 04 Nov 1616 King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 15) was created Prince of Wales. Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl of Sussex (age 43) carried the Purple Ermined Robe.

James Wriothesley (age 11), brothers Robert Howard (age 32) and William Howard, George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley (age 15), Henry Carey 1st Viscount Falkland (age 41) and John Cavendish were appointed Knight of the Bath.NOTEXT

Funeral of Anne of Denmark

On 04 Nov 1619 Frederick Palatinate Simmern V Elector Palatine Rhine (age 23) was crowned King Bohemia. Princess Elizabeth Stewart Queen Bohemia (age 23) crowned Queen Consort Bohemia.

PAINTINGS/MIEREVELT/Frederick_V.jpg PAINTINGS/HONTHORST/Frederick.jpg PAINTINGS/PEAKE/Elizabeth_Stewart.png PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_Stewart.jpg PAINTINGS/HONTHORST/Elizabeth_Stewart.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Nov 1670. Saw the Prince of Orange (age 20), newly come to see the King (age 40), his uncle; he has a manly, courageous, wise countenance, resembling his mother and the Duke of Gloucester, both deceased.


Marriage of William of Orange and Princess Mary Stewart

On 04 Nov 1677 King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 27) and Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland (age 15) were married. She by marriage Princess Orange. She the daughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 44) and Anne Hyde Queen Consort England. They were first cousins. He a grandson of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland.


Glorious Revolution

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Nov 1688. Fresh reports of the Prince (age 38) being landed somewhere about Portsmouth [Map], or the Isle of Wight [Map], whereas it was thought it would have been northward. The Court in great hurry.

Aug 1702 West Indies Action

Aug 1702. The Aug 1702 West Indies Action was a naval engagement between the English West-Indies Fleet commanded by Vice Admiral John Benbow (age 49) and the French Fleet commanded by Admiral Jean du Casse (age 55). The action lasted five days during with the English eventually being beaten off and Vice Admiral John Benbow (age 49) being mortally wounded. The action was notable for a number of English ships refusing to engage with the French. Following the action the English Fleet returned to Port Royal where a number of captains were court-martialed for cowardice and disobedience. Found guilty Captains Richard Kirkby and Copper Wade were returned to Plymouth, Devon [Map] where they were shot aboard Bristol in the presence of other officers. Captain Constable was cleared of the charge of cowardice, but was convicted on other charges and cashiered. Captain Hudson died before he could be tried. Captains Fogg and Vincent were charged with having signed a paper with the other captains of the squadron, stating they would not fight, but they represented this as a device to keep Captain Kirkby from deserting; Benbow testifying in their favour, they were merely suspended.

Benbow's (age 49) leg was amputated; but a fever developed. On 04 Nov 1702 he died.

On 04 Nov 1702 John Mainwaring 2nd Baronet (age 46) died. His son Thomas Mainwaring 3rd Baronet (age 21) succeeded 3rd Baronet Mainwaring of Over Peover.

On 04 Nov 1719 Elizabeth Whitley died.

Monument at St Lawrence's Church, Over Peover [Map].

John Mainwaring 2nd Baronet: On 08 May 1656 he was born to Thomas Mainwaring 1st Baronet (age 33) and Mary Delves (age 26). Before 07 Aug 1681 John Mainwaring 2nd Baronet (age 25) and Elizabeth Whitley were married. They were fourth cousins. On 28 Jun 1689 Thomas Mainwaring 1st Baronet (age 66) died. His son John Mainwaring 2nd Baronet (age 33) succeeded 2nd Baronet Mainwaring of Over Peover.

Thomas Mainwaring 3rd Baronet: On 07 Aug 1681 he was born to John Mainwaring 2nd Baronet (age 25) and Elizabeth Whitley. Before 20 Sep 1726 Thomas Mainwaring 3rd Baronet (age 45) and Martha Lloyd were married. On 20 Sep 1726 Thomas Mainwaring 3rd Baronet (age 45) died. His nephew Henry Mainwaring 4th Baronet succeeded 4th Baronet Mainwaring of Over Peover.


On 04 Nov 1737 Charles Medows aka Pierrepont 1st Earl Manvers was born to Philip Medows (age 29) and Frances Pierrepont (age 24).

Before 04 Nov 1745 Lewis Watson 2nd Earl Rockingham (age 31) and Catherine Furnese Countess Guilford and Rockingham were married.

On 04 Nov 1775 or 07 Nov 1775 William Robert Fitzgerald 2nd Duke Leinster (age 26) and Emilia St George Duchess Leinster were married. She by marriage Duchess Leinster. He the son of James Fitzgerald 1st Duke Leinster and Emilia Mary Lennox Duchess Leinster (age 44). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


After 04 Nov 1803. Monument at St Mary the Virgin Church, Overton to Thomas Bennion and his wife Jane.

On 04 Nov 1814 George Bertie 10th Earl Lindsey was born to Albermarle Bertie 9th Earl Lindsey (age 70) and Charlotte Layard Countess Lindsey (age 34).

On 04 Nov 1831 Thomas Brinsley Norton 4th Baron Grantley was born to George Chapple Norton (age 31) and Caroline Elizabeth Sheridan (age 19).

On 04 Nov 1833 Charles Abbott 1st Baron Tenterden (age 71) died. Note. Some sources say 1832. His grave says 1833.

On 04 Nov 1844 Charles Callis Western 1st Baron Western (age 77) died. Baron Western of Rivenhall in Essex extinct.

On 04 Nov 1866 Francis William Clegg-Hill 5th Viscount Hill was born to Rowland Hill aka Clegg-Hill 3rd Viscount Hill (age 32) and Mary Madax Viscountess Hill (age 37).

On 04 Nov 1873 William Charles Wynn 4th Baron Newborough was born to Thomas John Wynn (age 32) and Sybil Anna Catherine Corbet.

Opening of Tutankhamun's Tomb

On 04 Nov 1922 the tomb of Tutankhamun 1341BC 1323BC was discovered by Howard Carter (age 48).

On 04 Nov 1931 William Spencer Bateman-Hanbury 3rd Baron Bateman (age 75) died without issue. Baron Bateman of Shobdon extinct.

After 04 Nov 1943. Leading Aircraftman James Benn (1076715) of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve was born in 1921; the son of Braithwaite And Sarah Benn, of Lamplugh. On 04 Nov 1943, early in the morning, he took his service rifle from the rack in a hut in East Anglia, went outside and shot himself. Lancashire Evening Post, 5 November 1943.

On 04 Nov 1988 Henry Pelham-Clinton-Hope 9th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (age 81) died. His second cousin once removed Edward Pelham-Clinton 10th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (age 68) succeeded 10th Duke Newcastle under Lyme, 17th Earl Lincoln 8C 1572; he died seven and a half weeks later on Christmas day.