On this Day in History ... 05 November

05 Nov is in November.

1665 Great Plague of London

1678 Gunpowder Plot

1688 Glorious Revolution

1854 Battle of Inkerman

On 05 Nov 1219 Hugh Lusignan IX Count Lusignan (age 56) died. His son Hugh Lusignan X Count Lusignan V Count La Marche (age 36) succeeded X Count Lusignan.

On 05 Nov 1327 James "The Just" II King Aragon (age 60) died. His son Alfonso IV King Aragon (age 28) succeeded IV King Aragon since his eldest son wished to take holy orders.

Before 05 Nov 1436 Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville (age 18) and Antigone Lancaster Countess Tankerville (age 14) were married. She by marriage Countess Tankerville. She the daughter of Humphrey Lancaster 1st Duke Gloucester (age 46). He the son of John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville and Joan Charleton Countess Tankerville. They were third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a granddaughter of Henry IV King England.

On 05 Nov 1436 Richard Grey 3rd Earl Tankerville was born to Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville (age 18) and Antigone Lancaster Countess Tankerville (age 14) at Pontesbury. He a great grandson of Henry IV King England.

On 05 Nov 1450 John IV Count Armagnac (age 54) died. His son Jean V Count Armagnac (age 30) succeeded V Count Armagnac.

On 05 Nov 1463 Bishop John Kingscote died.

After 10 May 1490 Alice Southill (age 30) was buried at Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire [Map]. After 05 Nov 1524 John Harrington (age 44) was buried with his wife.

Fluted Period. Esses and Roses Collar.

Alice Southill: Around 1460 she was born to Henry Southill (age 12) at Everingham. Before 10 May 1490 Alice Southill (age 30) died. In 1500 John Harrington (age 19) and she were married. The difference in their ages was 20 years.

John Harrington: After 1480 he was born to Robert Harrington (age 15) at Exton, Rutlandshire. Date adjusted from 1473 to 1480 to be consistent with father's birth in 1465. On 05 Nov 1524 John Harrington (age 44) died at Exton, Rutlandshire.

On 26 Jan 1546 John Spelman (age 66) died. On 05 Nov 1556 Elizabeth Frowick died. They were buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

John Spelman: Around 1480 he was born to Henry Spelman (age 50) and Ela Narborough. In 1498 John Spelman (age 18) and Elizabeth Frowick were married. They had thirteen sons and seven daughters. In 1531 John Spelman (age 51) was appointed Justice of the King's Bench.

Elizabeth Frowick: She was born to Henry Frowick of South Mimms and Anne Knollys. John Coningsby of North Mimms and she were married.

Between 05 Nov 1598 and 31 Jan 1599 William Hervey 1st Baron Hervey (age 34) and Mary Browne Countess Southampton (age 46) were married. Her third husband.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Henry_Percy_2.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Algernon_Percy_2.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Algernon_Percy.png

On 05 Nov 1640 John Verney 1st Viscount Fermanagh was born to Ralph Verney 1st Baronet (age 26).

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 05 Nov 1665. To dinner, where a great deale of silly discourse, but the worst is I hear that the plague increases much at Lambeth, Surrey [Map], St. Martin's [Map] and Westminster, and fear it will all over the city.

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1673. This night the youths of the city burned the Pope in effigy, after they had made procession with it in great triumph, they being displeased at the Duke (age 40) for altering his religion and marrying an Italian lady (age 15).


Gunpowder Plot

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1678. Dr. Tillotson (age 48) preached before the Commons at St. Margaret's [Map]. He said the Papists were now arrived at that impudence, as to deny that there ever was any such as the gunpowder-conspiracy; but he affirmed that he himself had several letters written by Sir Everard Digby (one of the traitors), in which he gloried that he was to suffer for it; and that it was so contrived, that of the Papists not above two or three should have been blown up, and they, such as were not worth saving.


Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1688. I went to London; heard the news of the Prince (age 38) having landed at Torbay, coming with a fleet of near 700 sail, passing through the Channel with so favorable a wind, that our navy could not intercept, or molest them. This put the King (age 55) and Court into great consternation, they were now employed in forming an army to stop their further progress, for they were got into Exeter [Map], and the season and ways very improper for his Majesty's forces to march so great a distance.


Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1688. A declaration was published, prohibiting all persons to see or read the Prince's (age 38) manifesto, in which was set forth at large the cause of his expedition, as there had been one before from the States.

Glorious Revolution

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1688. These are the beginnings of sorrow, unless God in his mercy prevent it by some happy reconciliation of all dissensions among us. This, in all likelihood, nothing can effect except a free Parliament; but this we cannot hope to see, while there are any forces on either side. I pray God to protect and direct the King (age 55) for the best and truest interest of his people!-I saw his Majesty (age 55) touch for the evil, Piten the Jesuit, and Warner officiating.

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1688. The Archbishop of Canterbury (age 71) and some few of the other Bishops and Lords in London, were sent for to Whitehall, and required to set forth their abhorrence of this invasion. They assured his Majesty (age 55) that they had never invited any of the Prince's (age 38) party, or were in the least privy to it, and would be ready to show all testimony of their loyalty; but, as to a public declaration, being so few, they desired that his Majesty (age 55) would call the rest of their brethren and Peers, that they might consult what was fit to be done on this occasion, not thinking it right to publish anything without them, and till they had themselves seen the Prince's (age 38) manifesto, in which it was pretended he was invited in by the Lords, spiritual and temporal. This did not please the King; so they departed.

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1689. The Bishop of St. Asaph (age 62), Lord Almoner, preached before the King (age 39) and Queen (age 27), the whole discourse being an historical narrative of the Church of England's several deliverances, especially that of this anniversary, signalized by being also the birthday of the Prince of Orange, his marriage (which was on the 4th), and his landing at Torbay this day. There was a splendid ball and other rejoicings.


On 05 Nov 1702 William Stanley 9th Earl of Derby (age 47) died. On His brother James Stanley 10th Earl of Derby (age 38) succeeded 10th Earl Derby 3C 1485. Baron Strange Knockin 4C 1628 abeyant between his two daughters Henrietta Stanley Countess Anglesey (age 15) and Elizabeth Stanley. On the death of Elizabeth Stanley in 1714 the abeyance was terminated in favour of Henrietta Stanley Countess Anglesey (age 15).

On 05 Nov 1702 Henry Winchcombe 2nd Baronet (age 43) died. Baronet Winchcombe of Bucklebury in Berkshire extinct. His estates at Winchcombe, Gloucestershire were inherited by his daughter Frances Winchcombe Viscountess Bolingbroke (age 21) and her husband Henry St John 1st Viscount Bolingbroke (age 24).

PAINTINGS/DAHL/Frances_Winchcombe.jpg PAINTINGS/AGAR/Frances_Winchcombe.jpg PAINTINGS/AGAR/Henry_St_John.jpg PAINTINGS/JERVAS/Henry_St_John.png PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Henry_St_John.jpg

On 16 Nov 1745 James Butler 2nd Duke Ormonde (age 80) died. His coffin-plate says 05 Nov 1645. He was buried in the Duke of Ormonde, Vault Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey. His brother Charles Butler 3rd Duke Ormond (age 74) de jure 3rd Duke Ormonde (he didn't claim the title since his brother the second duke had been attainted for supporting the Jacobite rebellion), 3rd Marquess Ormonde 1C 1642, 14th Earl Ormonde, 7th Earl Ossory.

On 05 Nov 1770 William Charles Colyear 3rd Earl Portmore (age 25) and Mary Leslie Countess Portmore (age 17) were married. She the daughter of John Leslie 10th Earl Rothes and Hannah Cole Countess Rothes. He the son of Charles Colyear 2nd Earl Portmore (age 70).

On 05 Nov 1774 John Murray 3rd Duke Atholl (age 45) died at Dunkeld. His son John Murray 4th Duke Atholl (age 19) succeeded 4th Duke Atholl, 5th Marquess Atholl, 6th Earl Atholl 10C 1596, 7th Earl Tullibardine 2C 1628.


On 05 Nov 1803 Lucius Cary 10th Viscount Falkland was born to Charles John Cary 9th Viscount Falkland (age 35) and Christiana Anton Viscountess Falkland.


PAINTINGS/KAUFFMAN/Eleanor_Todd.jpgBefore 05 Nov 1807. Angelica Kauffmann (age 66). Portrait of Eleanor Todd (age 45).

Eleanor Todd: In 1762 she was born to Anthony Todd. On 15 Aug 1782 James Maitland 8th Earl Lauderdale (age 23) and Eleanor Todd (age 20) were married. He the son of John Maitland 7th Earl Lauderdale (age 64) and Mary Turner Lombe Countess Launderdale. In 1856 Eleanor Todd (age 94) died.

PAINTINGS/KAUFFMAN/John_Campbell.pngBefore 05 Nov 1807 Angelica Kauffmann (age 66). Portrait of John Campbell 1st Marquess Breadalbane (age 45).

On 05 Nov 1830 George James Cholmondeley (age 78) died. Memorial in St Oswald's Church, Malpas [Map].

George James Cholmondeley: On 22 Feb 1752 he was born to Robert Cholmondeley (age 24). Before 05 Nov 1830 George James Cholmondeley (age 78) and Mary Elizabeth Townshend Countess Romney (age 30) were married. The difference in their ages was 47 years.


On 05 Nov 1847 Archbishop Edward Venables-Vernon-Harcourt (age 90) died.


After 05 Nov 1853. Church of St Mary East Raynham [Map]. Memorial to Charles Vere Ferrars Townshend (deceased) and Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus.

Charles Vere Ferrars Townshend: On 16 Sep 1785 he was born to George Townshend 2nd Marquess Townshend (age 32) and Charlotte Mainwaring Ellerker Countess of Leicester (age 14). Before 05 Nov 1853 Charles Vere Ferrars Townshend (age 68) and Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus were married. He the son of George Townshend 2nd Marquess Townshend and Charlotte Mainwaring Ellerker Countess of Leicester. They were first cousins. On 05 Nov 1853 Charles Vere Ferrars Townshend (age 68) died. He was buried at Church of St Mary East Raynham.

Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus: She was born to General William Loftus and Elizabeth Townshend. On 21 Mar 1866 she died. She was buried in the Townshend family vault at Raynham Hall.

Battle of Inkerman

On 05 Nov 1854 at the Battle of Inkerman ...

Granville Charles Cornwallis Eliot (age 26) and Cavendish Hubert Greville (age 19) were killed.

On 05 Nov 1854 Captain William Kent Allix (age 31) was killed in action at the Battle of Inkerman whilst serving with the 1st Royal Regiment.

On 05 Nov 1854 Robert Lydston Newman 2nd Baronet (age 32) was killed in action at the Battle of Inkerman. His brother Lydston Newman 3rd Baronet (age 30) succeeded 3rd Baronet Newman of Stokeley and Mamhead in Devon.

The London Gazette 21997. War-Office, May 5, 1857.

The Queen (age 37) has been graciously pleased to signify Her intention to confer the Decoration of the Victoria Cross on the undermentioned Officers of Her Majesty's Army, who have been recommended to Her Majesty for that Decoration,—in accordance with the rules laid down in Her Majesty's Warrant of the 29th of January, 1856,—on account of acts of bravery performed by them before the Enemy during the late War, as recorded against their several names ; viz.

Grenadier Guards. Colonel Hon. Henry Hugh Manvers Percy (age 39). Date of Act of Bravery, 5th November, 1854 [ at the Battle of Inkerman]

At a moment when the Guards were at some distance from the Sand Bag Battery, at the Battle of Inkerman, Colonel Percy charged singly into the battery, followed immediately by the Guards; the embrasures of the battery, as also the parapet, were held by the Russians, who kept up a most severe fire of musketry.

At the Battle of Inkerman Colonel Percy, found himself with many men of various regiments, who had charged too far, nearly surrounded by the Russians, and without ammunition. Colonel Percy, by his knowledge of ground, though wounded, extricated these men, and, passing under a heavy fire from the Russians then in the Sand Bag Battery, brought them safe to where ammunition was to be obtained, thereby saving some fifty men, and enabling them to renew the combat. He received the approval of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, for this action, on the spot.—Colonel Percy was engaged with, and put hors de combat, a Russian soldier.

7th Regiment. Lieutenant William Hope. Date of Act of Bravery, 18th June, 1855.

After the troops had retreated on the morning of the 18th June, 1855, Lieutenant W. Hope being informed by the late Serjeant-Major William Bacon, who was himself wounded, that Lieutenant and Adjutant Hobson was lying outside the trenches badly wounded, went out to look for him, and found him lying in the old agricultural ditch running towards the left flank of the Redan. He then returned, and got four men to bring him in. Finding, however, that Lieutenant Hobson could not be removed without a stretcher, he then ran back across the open to Egerton's Pit, where he procured one, and carried it to where Lieutenant Hobson was lying.

All this was done under a very heavy fire from the Russian batteries.

7th Regiment. Assistant-Surgeon Thomas Egerton Hale, M.D. Date of Act of Bravery, 8th September, 1855

First. For remaining with an officer who was dangerously wounded, (Captain H. M. Jones, 7th Regiment), in the fifth parallel, on 8th September, 1855, when all the men in the immediate neighbourhood retreated, excepting Lieutenant W. Hope and Dr. Hale; and for endeavouring to rally the men, in conjunction with Lieutenant W. Hope, 7th Royal Fusiliers.

Secondly. For having, on 8th September, 1855, after the regiments had retired into the trenches, cleared the most advanced sap of the wounded, and carried, into the sap, under a heavy fire, several wounded men from the open ground, being assisted by Serjeant Charles Fisher, 7th Royal Fusiliers

Coldstream Guards (late of the 49th Regiment). Brevet-Major John Augustus Conolly Date of Act of Bravery, 26th October, 1854.

In the attack by the Russians against the position held by the Second Division, 26th October, 1854, Major Conolly, then a Lieutenant in the 49th Regiment, while in command of a company of that regiment, on outlying picket, made himself most conspicuous by the gallantry of his behaviour. He came particularly under the observation of the late Field-Marshal Lord Raglan, while in personal encounter with several Russians, in defence of his post. He ultimately fell, dangerously wounded. Lieutenant Conolly was highly praised in General Orders, and promoted into the Coldstream Guards, as a reward for his exemplary behaviour on this occasion.

After 05 Nov 1854. St Martin's Church Ancaster [Map]. Memorial to Captain William Kent Allix (deceased) who was killed at the Battle of Inkerman.

Captain William Kent Allix: Before 05 Nov 1804 he was appointed Aide-de-Camp to General George de Lacy Evans (age 17). On 09 Apr 1823 he was born to Colonel Charles Allix (age 40) and Mary Elizabeth Hammond at Willoughby Hall. He was educated at Harrow School where there is a memorial plaque to him. On 05 Nov 1854 Captain William Kent Allix (age 31) was killed in action at the Battle of Inkerman whilst serving with the 1st Royal Regiment.

On 05 Nov 1856 Digby Willoughby 7th Baron Middleton (age 86) died. His first cousin once removed Henry Willoughby 8th Baron Middleton (age 39) succeeded 8th Baron Middleton 9th Baronet Willoughby of Wollaton. Julia Louisa Bosville Baroness Middleton (age 32) by marriage Baroness Middleton.

On 05 Nov 1862 Mary Anne Browne died. On 09 Sep 1853 Anna Martina ffolkes died. In 1960 Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet (age 61) died. Memorials in Church of St Mary Hillington [Map].

Mary Anne Browne: She was born to Dominick Geoffrey Browne of Castle McGarrett.

Anna Martina ffolkes: She was born to Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet.

Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet: In 1899 he was born to Francis Arthur Stanley ffolkes 5th Baronet (age 35). On 18 Oct 1938 or 20 Oct 1938 Francis Arthur Stanley ffolkes 5th Baronet (age 74) died. His son Edward John Patrick Boschetti ffolkes 6th Baronet (age 39) succeeded 6th Baronet ffolkes of Hillington Hall in Norfolk.

05 Nov 1876. Portrait of Henry Gastineau from the Illustrated London News.

On 05 Nov 1878 Thomas Francis Anson 3rd Earl Lichfield (age 22) and Mildred Coke Countess Lichfield (age 24) were married at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map]. She the daughter of Thomas Coke 2nd Earl of Leicester (age 55) and Juliana Whitbread Countess Leicester. He the son of Thomas George Anson 2nd Earl Lichfield (age 53) and Harriet Georgiana Louisa Hamilton Countess Lichfield (age 44). They were half first cousin twice removed. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 05 Nov 1915 Thomas Carew Trollope 3rd Baron Kesteven (age 24) died from wounds received unmarried. Baron Kesteven extinct. His first cousin once removed William Henry Trollope 10th Baronet (age 57) succeeded 10th Baronet Trollope of Casewick in Lincolnshire.

On 05 Nov 1923 Robert Anthony Eden 1st Earl Avon (age 26) and Beatrice Helen Beckett (age 18) were married.

Before 05 Nov 1963 John Edward Pelham 7th Earl of Yarborough (age 43) and Florence Anne Petronel Upton Countess Yarborough (age 39) were married. He the son of Marcus Herbert Pelham 6th Earl of Yarborough (age 70).

On 05 Nov 1963 Charles Pelham 8th Earl of Yarborough was born to John Edward Pelham 7th Earl of Yarborough (age 43) and Florence Anne Petronel Upton Countess Yarborough (age 39).

On 05 Nov 2002 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 10th Earl of Shaftesbury (age 64) and Jamila Ben M'Barek Countess of Shaftesbury (age 41) were married. She by marriage Countess Shaftesbury. The marriage lasted until April 2004 when he started a relationship with Nadia Orche. The difference in their ages was 22 years.

On 05 Nov 2004 Anthony Ashley-Cooper 10th Earl of Shaftesbury (age 66) was murdered by the brother, Mohammed M'Barek, of his wife Jamila Ben M'Barek Countess of Shaftesbury (age 43) on her behalf. On 07 Apr 2005 the remains of Anthony Ashley-Cooper 10th Earl of Shaftesbury (age 66) were discovered in a valley at Théoule-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes on the outskirts of Cannes. His son Anthony Ashley-Cooper 11th Earl of Shaftesbury (age 27) succeeded 11th Earl Shaftesbury, 12th Baronet Cooper of Rockbourne in Southampton. He died six months later, six weeks after assuming the title.