On this Day in History ... 07 July

07 Jul is in July.

1307 Death of Edward I

1399 Henry IV lands at Ravenspur

1453 Battle of Castillon

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1548 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

1551 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1648 Battle of St Neots

1660 July Creation of Peerages

Around 07 Jul 705 Bishop Hædde died. Some sources suggest 703.

Around 07 Jul 705 Bishop Hedda died.

Death of Edward I

On 07 Jul 1307 King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 68) died at Burgh by Sands [Map] whilst on his way north to Scotland. His son King Edward II of England (age 23) succeeded II King England. Earl Chester 5C 1301 merged with the Crown.

Edward (age 68) had gathered around him Thomas Plantagenet 2nd Earl of Leicester, 2nd Earl Lancaster, Earl of Salisbury and Lincoln (age 29), Guy Beauchamp 10th Earl Warwick (age 35), Aymer de Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 32) and Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford (age 33) and charged them with looking after his son in particular ensuring Piers Gaveston 1st Earl Cornwall (age 23) didn't return from exile.

After 07 Jul 1307 King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 68) was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 07 Jul 1329 Richard Fitzgerald 3rd Earl of Kildare (age 12) died. His brother Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Earl of Kildare (age 11) succeeded 4th Earl Kildare.

Henry IV lands at Ravenspur

On 07 Jul 1399 Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 58) appointed William Scrope 1st Earl Wiltshire (age 49), Henry Green (age 52) and John Bussy to protect Kent against invasion by Henry Bolingbroke Earl of Derby (age 32).

After 07 Jul 1399 Henry Bolingbroke Earl of Derby (age 32) landed at Ravenspur [Map] with Thomas Rempston.

William Ros 6th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 29) joined Henry Bolingbroke Earl of Derby (age 32) with a large retinue.


Battle of Castillon

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 07 Jul 1528. R. O. St. P. I. 310. 4476. Dr. Bell To Wolsey.

In consequence of the notice from Cooksey, under-sheriff of Worcestershire, of the state of the shire, left destitute by Compton's (deceased) death, the King desires you will direct a commission to Sir Edward Feres (or Ferrers), of Warwickshire, "for the finishing of this present year," unless you know of any more suitable person. He will make a further arrangement at your next repairing here. He desires you, by virtue of your legatine prerogative, to bestow the vicarage of Thaxted on his chaplain, Mr. Wilson, and the prebend in the college of Tamworth on his chaplain, Dr. Dyngle, vacant by resignation of his chaplain, Mr. Stapulles, for whose preferment he thanks you; and that the small benefice held by Forest, servant to the duke of Richmond, named Covyngton, in Huntingdonshire, be also given to Dyngle. He wishes the high stewardship of Salisbury to be given to his servant, Sir Edward Baynton. He desires the rest of Compton's offices to be stayed; among others, the office of Furnesse, which he intends for Mr. Treasurer (Fitzwilliam) and Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy (More), as joint patentees. He orders me to tell you that himself, the Queen, and all others here are well, and the plague so far ceased that none have had the sweat these three days, except Mr. Butt. He is very desirous for your health, and that you will put aside all fear and phantasies, make as merry as you can, put apart all cares for the time, and commit all to God. Though he commends your virtuous and religious disposition, yet he ofttimes wishes your Grace's heart were as good as his is. He desires to have an answer to my former letter to you, concerning the election at Wilton. Tittenhanger [Map], St. Thomas's Day.

Letters and Papers 1528. 07 Jul 1528. Otho, C. X. 218. 4480. B. M. Burnet, I. 104. 4480. Anne Boleyn (age 27) to Wolsey.

In most humble wise that my poor heart can think, I thank your Grace for your kind letter and rich present, which I shall never be able to deserve without your help; "of the which I have hitherto had so great plenty that all the days of my life I am most bound, of all creatures, next the King's grace, to love and serve your Grace." I beseech you never to doubt that I shall ever vary from this thought while breath is in my body. As to your Grace's trouble with the sweat, I thank God those that I desired and prayed for have escaped,—namely, the King and you. I much desire the coming of the Legate, and, if it be God's pleasure, I pray Him to bring this matter shortly to a good end, when I trust partly to recompense your pains.


Letters and Papers 1528. 07 Jul 1528. Love Letters XIII. 4477. Henry VIII (age 37) to Anne Boleyn (age 27).

Since her last, Walter Welshe, Master Browne, Thomas Care, Yrion of Brearton, John Coke the potecary, are fallen of the sweat in this house, and, thank God, have all recovered, so the plague has not yet quite ceased here. The rest of us are well, and I hope will pass it. As for the matter of Wylton, my Lord Cardinal has had the nuns before him, and examined them in presence of Master Bell, who assures me that she whom we would have had abbess has confessed herself to have had two children by two different priests, and has since been kept, not long ago, by a servant of Lord Broke that was. "Wherefore I would not, for all the gold in the world, cloak your conscience nor mine to make her ruler of a house which is of so ungodly demeanour; nor I trust you would not that neither for brother nor sister I should so distayne mine honor or conscience. And as touching the prioress or dame Ellenor's eldest sister, though there is not any evident case proved against them, and the prioress is so old that of many years she could not be as she was named, yet notwithstanding, to do you pleasure, I have done that nother of them shall have it, but that some other good and well-disposed woman shall have it, whereby the house shall be the better reformed, whereof I ensure you it hath much need, and God much the better served. As touching your abode at Hever [Map], do therein as best shall like you, for you know best what air doth best with you; but I would it were come thereto, if it pleased God, that nother of us need care for that, for I ensure you I think it long. Suche (Zouch) is fallen sick of the sweat, and therefore I send you this bearer because I think you long to hear tidings from us, as we do in likewise from you.".


Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

In Jun 1548 a French army took the town of Haddington from the English.

On 07 Jul 1548 a Scottish Parliament held at a nunnery near the town of Haddington agreed to marry Mary Queen of Scots (age 5) to the Dauphin of France (age 4).

PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots2.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/MADOXBROWN/Execution_Mary_Queen_Scots.jpg PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Francis_II_France.jpg PAINTINGS/CLOUET/Francis_II.jpg PAINTINGS/VANSON/George_Seton.jpg

1551 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Around 07 Jul 1551 Edward Grey 3rd Baron Grey of Powis (age 48) died of sweating sickness without legitimate issue.

Henry Machyn's Diary. The vij day of July begane a nuw swet in London, and ... ded my lord Crumwell (deceased) in Leseter-shyre, and was bered [with a stand] ard, a baner of armes, and cote, elmett, sword, targett, and sc [ochyons, and] harold; and the sam tyme ded my lord Powes (age 48), and the x day [at W]ollwyche, sir John Lutterell (age 32), knyght, a nobull captayne.

Note. Death of lord Cromwell. Gregory lord Cromwell died on the 4th of July 1551, and was buried at Laund in Leicestershire: his mural monument there is engraved in Nichols's History of that County, vol. iii. pl. xlv.

Note. Death of lord Powis. Edward third lord Grey of Powis. The funeral of his widow, a daughter of Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, occurs in p. 163.

Note. Sir John Luttrell, of Dunster castle, co. Somerset, knighted at the taking of Leith in 1547, and made a knight banneret soon after, at the taking of Yester. Just before his death he had been divorced from his wife, for Strype notices "A Commission to sir William Petre, secretary, sir Richard Read, &c. upon due proof of the manifest adultery of the lady Mary Luttrel, to separate and divorce her from sir John Luttrel her husband. Dated in June, 1551." (Memorials, Book ii. chap. 29.) She was the daughter of sir John Griffith, K.B. and was remarried to James Godolphin, of Cornwall.


Before 07 Jul 1617 Nicholas Barnewall 1st Viscount Barnewell (age 25) and Bridget Fitzgerald Viscountess Barnewell (age 27) were married. They had five sons and four daughters. She the daughter of Henry Fitzgerald 12th Earl of Kildare and Frances Howard Countess Kildare.NOTEXT

Battle of St Neots

On 07 Jul 1648 Kenelm Digby (age 23) and Francis Villiers (age 19) were killed.

1660 July Creation of Peerages

Around 07 Jul 1667 George Carteret 1st Baron Carteret was born to Philip Carteret (age 26) and Jemima Montagu.

On 07 Jul 1670 Henry Booth 1st Earl Warrington (age 18) and Mary Langham Countess Warrington (age 18) were married.


On 07 Jul 1713 Bishop Henry Compton (age 81) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Fulham.


On 07 Jul 1719 William Grey 1st Baron Walsingham was born to Thomas Grey (age 38).

On 07 Jul 1730 George Brudenell aka Montagu 1st Duke Montagu (age 17) and Mary Montagu Duchess Montagu (age 19) were married. She the daughter of John Montagu 2nd Duke Montagu (age 40) and Mary Churchill Duchess Montagu (age 40). He the son of George Brudenell 3rd Earl Cardigan (age 44) and Elizabeth Bruce 3rd Countess Cardigan (age 41).


On 07 Jul 1743 Jocelyn Sidney 7th Earl of Leicester (age 61) died. His will left everything to his illegitimate daughter Anne Sidney (age 14) but was succeessfully contested by cousins. Earl of Leicester 4C 1618 and Viscount Lisle 6C 1605 extinct.


On 07 Jul 1764 William Pulteney 1st Earl Bath (age 80) died. Earl Bath 4C 1742 extinct.

On 07 Jul 1767 Jules 1st Duke of Polignac (age 21) and Yolande Martine Gabrielle Polastron Duchess Gramont (age 17) were married.

PAINTINGS/LEBRUN/Duchess_de_Polignac.jpg PAINTINGS/LEBRUN/Duchess_de_Polignac2.jpg

On 07 Jul 1768 Willoughby Bertie 4th Earl Abingdon (age 28) and Charlotte Warren were married. He the son of Willoughby Bertie 3rd Earl Abingdon and Anna Maria Collins Countess Abingdon.

On 07 Jul 1770 Amelia Watts (age 19) died from childbirth one month afte the birth of her son Robert Jenkinson 2nd Earl Liverpool .


On 07 Jul 1786 Thomas Bolton aka Nelson 2nd Earl Nelson was born to Thomas Bolton of Wells Norfolk and Susannah Nelson (age 31).

On 07 Jul 1802 Charles Cockayne 5th Viscount Cullen (age 91) died.


After 07 Jul 1827. St Deiniol & St Marcella Church, Marchwiel [Map]. Monument to John Edgworth. Sculpted by Wright and Harrison.

Ten Years' Digging 1849 Hurdlow. On the 7th of July we opened the first of a line of three small tumuli, occupying the summits of hills between the Buxton and Ashbourne road and the village of Church Sterndale. The field in which it is placed is called "Top of the Hurst". The mound, about 12 yards across, and not more than a foot high, consisted of earth, tempered in that part immediately above the grave, which was so far sunk into the rock as to render its floor rather more than two feet below the turf. It was cut nearly east to west, and contained a skeleton extended at length, with the head to the latter point; the lower bones were fairly preserved, but of the upper parts there were but few remains, the enamel crowns of the teeth being in the best condition. At the left hip was a small iron knife, 4 inches long; and where the right shoulder had been was an assemblage of curious articles, the most important of which was a small bronze box, or canister, with a lid to slide on, measuring altogether 2 inches high and the same in diameter. When found it was much crushed, but still retained inside remains of thread, and bore on the outside impressions of linen cloth. Close to it were two bronze pins or broken needles, and a mass of corroded iron, some of which has been wire chainwork connected with a small bronze ornament with five perforations, plated with silver and engraved with a cable pattern, near which were two iron implements of larger size, the whole comprising the girdle and chatelaine with appendages, of a Saxon lady. Many pieces of hazel stick were found in contact with these relics, which were probably the remains of a basket in which they were placed at the funeral All the iron shows impressions of woven fabrics, three varieties being distinguishable, namely, coarse and fine linen, and coarse flannel or woollen cloth. The box is very faintly ornamented by lozenges, produced by the intersection of oblique lines scratched in the metal and may be compared with one found at Stand Low in 1845 (see Vestiges, p. 75).

On or before 07 Jul 1866, the date he was buried at St Leonard's Church Swithland Charnwood, Leicestershire, George John Butler-Danvers 5th Earl of Lanesborough (age 71) died.

Adeline Horsey Recollections. The wicked Countess and her lover lived at Clieveden [Map] - "the bower of wanton Shrewsbury and of love" - and her spirit is supposed to haunt the beautiful riverside retreat, but I am thankful to say she has never appeared in the old home of her innocent girlhood. Her portrait by Sir Peter Lely hangs in the White Hall at Deene, and is a fine example of the artist's well-known very décolleté style of "robes loosely flowing, hair as free", with the usual mise en scène of a beauty of Charles II's time. The third Earl of Cardigan was Master of the Buckhounds to Queen Anne; he married a daughter of the Earl of Ailesbury, and their fourth son inherited the Ailesbury title and estates. Lord Cardigan's eldest son married the heiress of the Duke of Montagu in 1766 [Note. Married on 07 Jul 1730. He was created Duke in 1766]. He was a friend of Horace Walpole, the influence of whose pseudo-Gothic tastes may still be seen in the south front of Deene [Map], built at this time, and which now incorporates the great ball-room built for me by my dear husband.

On 07 Jul 1894 Robert Shirley 12th Earl Ferrers was born to Walter Shirley 11th Earl Ferrers (age 30) and Mary Jane Moon Countess Ferrers.

On 07 Jul 1932 William James Harris 6th Earl Malmesbury (age 24) and Diana Claudia Carleton Countess of Malmesbury (age 20) were married. He the son of James Edward Harris 5th Earl Malmesbury (age 59) and Dorothy Gough-Calthorpe Countess of Malmesbury (age 46).

On 07 Jul 1954 Edward Astley 22nd Baron Hastings (age 42) and Catherine Hinton Baroness Hastings (age 34) were married.

On 07 Jul 2005 Christopher Henry Pease 2nd Baron Wardington (age 81) died. His brother William Simon Pease 3rd Baron Wardington (age 79) succeeded 3rd Baron Wardington of Alnmouth in Northumberland. Elizabeth Jane Ormsby-Gore Baroness Wardington (age 75) by marriage Baroness Wardington of Alnmouth in Northumberland.