On this Day in History ... 07 November

07 Nov is in November.

1329 Death of Robert the Bruce

1422 Funeral of Henry V

1537 Funeral of Jane Seymour

1541 Catherine Howard Trial

On 07 Nov 1306 John Strathbogie 9th Earl Atholl (age 40) was hanged on a scaffold thirty feet higher than the others to denote his statusin London. His son David Strathbogie 10th Earl Atholl succeeded 10th Earl Atholl 1C.

Death of Robert the Bruce

Froissart. The foresaid peace, which was purchased between England and Scotland, was to endure three year; and in the meantime it fortuned that king Robert of Scotland (age 54) was right sore aged and feeble: for he was greatly charged with the great sickness, so that there was no way with him but death. And when he felt that his end drew near, he sent for such barons and lords of his realm as he trusted best, and shewed them how there was no remedy with him, but he must needs leave this transitory life, commanding them on the faith and truth that they owed him, truly to keep the realm and aid the young prince David (age 5) his son, and that when he were of age they should obey him and crown him king, and to marry him in such a place as was convenient for his estate. Then he called to him the gentle knight sir William Douglas (age 43) [Note. William appears to be a mistake since it was James "Black" Douglas (age 43) who took Robert's heart?], and said before all the lords, 'Sir William, my dear friend, ye know well that I have had much ado in my days to uphold and sustain the right of this realm; and when I had most ado, I made a solemn vow, the which as yet I have not accomplished, whereof I am right sorry: the which was, if I might achieve and make an end of all my wars, so that I might once have brought this realm in rest nd peace, then I promised in my mind to rave gone and warred on Christ's enemies, adversaries to our holy Christian faith. To this purpose mine heart hath ever intended, but our Lord would not consent thereto; for I have had so much ado in my days, and now in my last enterprise I have taken such a malady that I cannot escape. And sith it is so, that my body cannot go nor achieve that my heart desireth, I will send the heart instead of the body to accomplish mine avow. And because I know not in all my realm no knight more valiant than ye be, nor of body so well furnished to accomplish mine avow instead of myself, therefore I require you, mine own dear especial friend, that ye will take on you this voyage, for the love of me, and to acquit my soul against my Lord God. For I trust so much in your nobleness and truth, that an ye will take on you, I doubt not but that ye shall achieve it, and declare then shall I die in more ease and quiet, so that it be done in such manner as I shall declare unto you. I will that as soon as I am trespassed out of this world, that ye take my heart out of my body and embalm it, and take of my treasure, as ye shall think sufficient for that enterprise, both for yourself and such company as ye will take with you, and present my heart to the Holy Sepulchre, whereas our Lord lay, seeing my body cannot come there: and take with you such company and purveyance as shall be appertaining to your estate. And wheresoever ye come, let it be known how ye carry with you the heart of king Robert of Scotland (age 54) at his instance and desire, to be presented to the Holy Sepulchre.' Then all the lords that heard these words wept for pity: and when this knight sir William Douglas (age 43) might speak for weeping, he said: ' Ah, gentle and noble king, a hundred times I thank your grace of the great honour that ye do to me, sith of so noble and great treasure ye give me in charge; and, sir, I shall do with a glad heart all that ye have commanded me, to the best of my true power, howbeit I am not worthy nor sufficient to achieve such a noble enterprise.' Then the king said, ' Ah, gentle knight, I thank you, so that ye will promise to do it.' 'Sir,' said the knight, ' I shall ... embalmed, and honourably he was interred in the abbey of Dunfermline [Map] in the year of our Lord God MCCCXXVII., the seventh day of the month of November [Note. Appears to be an error here 1329 rather than 1327?].' And when the springing-time began, then sir William Douglas purveyed him of that which appertained for his enterprise and took his ship at the port of Montrose in Scotland, and sailed into Flanders, to Sluys, to hear tidings and to know if there were any nobleman in that country that would go to Jerusalem, to the intent to have more company. And he lay still at Sluys the space of twelve days or he departed, but he would never come a-land, but kept still his ship, and kept always his port and behaviour with great triumph, with trumpets and clarions, as though' he had been king of Scots himself; and in his company there was a knight banneret and seven other knights of the realm of Scotland, and twenty-six young squires and gentlemen to serve him; and all his vessel was of gold and silver-pots, basins, ewers, dishes, flagons, barrels, cups and all other things; and all such as would come and see him, they were well served with two manner of wines and divers manner of spices, all manner. of people according to their degrees. And when he had thus tarried there the space of twelve days, he heard reported that Alphonso king of Spain (age 17) made war against a Saracen king of Granade. Then he thought to draw to that part, thinking surely he could not bestow his time more nobly than to war against God's enemies and that enterprise done, then he thought to go forth to Jerusalem and to achieve that he was charged with. And so he departed and took the sea toward Spain, and arrived at the port of Valence the great. Then he went straight to the king of Spain (age 17), who held his host against the king of Granade Saracen, and they were near together, on the frontiers of his land.

Before 07 Nov 1370 Thomas "MacPiarais" Butler 3rd Baron Dunboyne (age 16) died without issue. His brother William Butler 4th Baron Dunboyne (age 15) succeeded 4th Baron Dunboyne.

Before 07 Nov 1379 Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester (age 6) and Constance York Countess Gloucester (age 5) were married. She by marriage Countess Gloucester. She the daughter of Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 38) and Isabella of Castile Duchess York (age 24). They were third cousin once removed. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Funeral of Henry V

On 07 Nov 1422 King Henry V of England was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map]. John Dudley 1st Baron Dudley (age 21) attended as Chief Mourner and Standard Bearer

On 07 Nov 1468 Ralph Ogle 3rd Baron Ogle was born to Owen Ogle 2nd Baron Ogle (age 28) in Bothal [Map].

On 07 Nov 1485 Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford (age 54) and Catherine Woodville Duchess Buckingham Duchess Bedford (age 27) were married. She by marriage Countess Pembroke. The difference in their ages was 26 years. She the daughter of Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers and Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford. He the son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 07 Nov 1497 Philip "Landless" Savoy II Duke Savoy (age 59) died at Turin. His son Philibert "Handsome Good" Savoy 2nd Duke Savoy (age 17) succeeded 2nd Duke Savoy.

Funeral of Jane Seymour

Letters and Papers 1537. On the 7th Nov [1537] the Bishop of Rochester officiated, 8 Nov. the Bishop of Lincoln, 9 Nov. the Abbot of Tower Hill, 10 Nov. the Bishop of Carlisle. Sunday 11 Nov. were three solemn masses by the abbots of Stratford and Westminster and the Bishop of Chichester.

Catherine Howard Trial


On 07 Nov 1622 Nathaniel Bacon (age 76) died. He was buried in the Church of St John and St Mary Stiffkey [Map]. Top left armorial his arms impaled his first wife Anne Gresham. Top right his arms impaling his second wife Dorothy Hopton (age 52).

Anne Gresham: Around 1550 she was born illegitimately to Thomas Gresham (age 31). On 29 Jun 1569 Nathaniel Bacon (age 23) and Anne Gresham (age 19) were married at St Sepulchre without Newgate Church. Around Jun 1594 Anne Gresham (age 44) died.

Dorothy Hopton: William Smith of Burgh Castle and she were married. In 1570 she was born to Arthur Hopton of Witham Friary (age 25) and Rachael Hall. On 21 Jul 1597 Nathaniel Bacon (age 51) and Dorothy Hopton (age 27) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. On 21 Aug 1629 Dorothy Hopton (age 59) died. She was buried at Great CressIngham, Norfolk.

On 07 Nov 1624 Margaret Belasyse (age 15) died. Monument in the chancel of All Hallows' Church Harthill [Map]. Kneeler in recess facing right and flanked by columns and draped figures, open pediment with finials and arm bearers. Her arms impaled with those of her husband Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (age 27). Above those her arms Belasyse Arms.

Margaret Belasyse: In or before 1609 she was born to Thomas Belasyse 1st Viscount Fauconberg (age 31) and Barbara Cholmley Viscountess Faunconberg (age 33). On 13 Oct 1618 Edward Osborne 1st Baronet (age 21) and Margaret Belasyse (age 9) were married.

On 07 Nov 1639 Thomas Arundell 1st Baron Arundel (age 79) died. His son Thomas Arundell 2nd Baron Arundel (age 53) succeeded 2nd Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.


On 07 Nov 1642 Edward Montagu 1st Earl Sandwich (age 17) and Jemima Crew Countess Sandwich (age 17) were married.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Edward_Montagu.jpg PAINTINGS/HAYLS/Jemima_Crew.jpg

After 07 Nov 1642. Monument at St Andrew's Church, Kimbolton [Map] to Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (deceased)

On 07 Nov 1664 John Egerton 3rd Earl Bridgewater (age 17) and Elizabeth Cranfield were married. She the daughter of James Cranfield 2nd Earl Middlesex and Anne Bourchier Countess Middlesex (age 33). He the son of John Egerton 2nd Earl Bridgewater (age 41) and Elizabeth Cavendish Countess Bridgewater. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.

On 07 Nov 1680 Jean Louis Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier was born to Louis de Ligonier.

On 07 Nov 1682 Susan Paulett died. Monument in Beverley Minster [Map]. Sculpted by William Stanton (age 43).

Susan Paulett: She was born to John Paulett 1st Baron Paulett and Elizabeth Ken Baroness Poulett. Before 1648 Michael Wharton (age 24) and she were married.

On 07 Nov 1735 William Henry Kerr 4th Marquess Lothian (age 25) and Caroline Darcy Marchioness Lothian were married. She the daughter of Robert Darcy 3rd Earl Holderness and Frederica Schomberg Countess Holderness and Fitzwalter (age 48). He the son of William Kerr 3rd Marquess Lothian (age 45). She a great x 3 granddaughter of King James I of England and Ireland and VI of Scotland.

Before 07 Nov 1769 Constantine Phipps 1st and 2nd Baron Mulgrave (age 25) and Anne Elizabeth Cholmley Baroness Mulgrave were married. The difference in their ages was 25 years. He a great x 2 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 07 Nov 1771 Edward Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier (age 31) and Penelope Pitt (age 22) were divorced.

On 07 Nov 1774 Richard Noel-Hill 4th Baron Berwick was born to Noel Hill 1st Baron Berwick (age 29) and Anna Vernon (age 26). He was baptised at St Martin in the Fields [Map] on 11 Nov 1774.

On 04 Nov 1775 or 07 Nov 1775 William Robert Fitzgerald 2nd Duke Leinster (age 26) and Emilia St George Duchess Leinster were married. She by marriage Duchess Leinster. He the son of James Fitzgerald 1st Duke Leinster and Emilia Mary Lennox Duchess Leinster (age 44). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 07 Nov 1789 Thomas Lister 1st Baron Ribblesdale (age 37) and Rebecca Fielding Baroness Ribblesdale (age 17) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ribblesdale of Gisburne Park in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Sarah Mary Compton Cavendish Countess Cawdor: On 27 Aug 1813 she was born to Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish (age 23) and Sarah Fawkener (age 24). On 28 Jun 1842 John Frederick Vaughan Campbell 2nd Earl Cawdor (age 25) and Sarah Mary Compton Cavendish Countess Cawdor (age 28) were married. He the son of John Campbell 1st Earl Cawdor (age 51) and Elizabeth Thynne Countess Cawdor (age 47). On 21 Apr 1881 Sarah Mary Compton Cavendish Countess Cawdor (age 67) died.

On 07 Nov 1894 William Charles Evans 8th Baron Carbery (age 82) died. His son Algernon George Evans 9th Baron Carbery (age 26) succeeded 9th Baron Carbery.

On 07 Nov 1992 Arthur Beresford 6th Baron Decies (age 77) died. His son Marcus Beresford 7th Baron Decies (age 44) succeeded 7th Baron Decies of Decies in Waterford.

On 07 Nov 2000 Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark (age 90) died.