On this Day in History ... 08 November

08 Nov is in November.

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

1483 Buckingham's Rebellion

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1537 Funeral of Jane Seymour

1605 Gunpowder Plot

1609 Stewart-Wharton Duel

1627 Battle of the Pont du Feneau

1660 November Creation of Baronets

1665 Great Plague of London

On 08 Nov 780 Archbishop Æthelbert of York died.

On 08 Nov 1171 Baldwin Flanders IV Count Hainault (age 63) died.

On 08 Nov 1226 Louis "Lion" VIII King France (age 39) died. His son King Louis IX of France (age 12) succeeded IX King France: Capet.

On 08 Nov 1246 Berengaria Ivrea I Queen Castile (age 67) died.

On 08 Nov 1344 Robert of Bar 1st Duke of Bar was born to Henry of Bar IV Count of Bar and Yolande Dampierre Countess of Bar (age 13). He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.02%.

On 08 Nov 1414 Sigismund I King Hungary I King Germany I King Bohemia Holy Roman Emperor Luxemburg (age 46) was crowned I King Germany at Aachen aka Aix le Chapelle.

1460 January Raid on Sandwich

Calendars. Membrane 27d. 08 Nov 1459. Commission to John de Clyfford (age 24) to arrest all lands, possessions and goods of any rebels in Westmoreland, except of those whom the king has taken into his protection. By K.

On 08 Nov 1471 Louis II Landgrave of Hesse (age 33) died. His son William I Landgrave of Hesse (age 5) succeeded I Landgrave Hesse.

Buckingham's Rebellion

On 08 Nov 1483 Thomas St Leger (age 43) was executed at Exeter Castle [Map].

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1517. 08 Nov 1517. Vit. B. III. 180. B. M. 3781. SILVESTER BP. OF WORCESTER to WOLSEY.

On the 3 Nov. received his agreeable letters, dated the 18th Oct., with Wolsey's excuses for writing so seldom, and his promise to write oftener hereafter. The state of affairs requires more frequent correspondence on both sides. Is sorry to hear of the sweating sickness having been so bad in England, and Wolsey's danger. Is glad the royal family have escaped. The Pope has only put off the deprivation of Cardinal Hadrian to follow the course of justice. When the 40 days are at an end, during which the Pope is absent for the sake of his health, process cannot long be delayed; and as the Pope has told him, he considers Hadrian deserving of this deprivation, not merely for the reasons stated in the King's letter, but for his many crimes. He has acted always so faithlessly that every one desires his fall. The Pope says nothing shall change his mind. At last he speaks positively, and Worcester is inclined to believe him; but if it prove otherwise Worcester must not be blamed. Has done all he could in the matter, and reported the Pope's words exactly, as the Pope himself desired him. But in this court, as in others, nothing can be effected without gifts; and Worcester will distribute a few, as sparingly as he can. The Pope is most grateful to Wolsey for letting him know of the French embassy coming to England, and promising that nothing shall be negociated against the interests of the Holy See. As to the pension Wolsey has promised him, Worcester will depend upon his bounty. Has received the original deed of endowment of the King's house, and will use it when occasion offers. Thanks Wolsey for the protection granted to his cousin John Campucci.

(Here a leaf or more is evidently lost.) * * * "[nume]rosam classem tormentis atque aliis machinis et instrum[entis belli]cis optime munitam et instructam parat, ut proxima ... æstate magnam aliquam suscipiat provinciam, aliquodque cru ... gerere possit, quod contra rempublicam Christianam futurum omnes ... te scribunt, licet dignosci præcise non possit quo adhuc animu[m] suum converterit." The Pope summoned the ambassadors of all princes, and, in presence of the Cardinals, with tears in his eyes, related this unhappy news, conjuring them by the mercy of God to beseech their sovereigns to come to some speedy determination for the protection of Christendom. It is thought the tyrant will first attack Hungary and Poland. It is needful to have a good fleet to turn the war into his own country. If he be not resisted now the danger to Christendom is manifest. All the ambassadors, except Worcester and the Emperor's, have commissions from their princes; the latter expects one. Worcester excused the King not having sent one, by reason of the sweating sickness, and declared openly that Henry had frequently shown his zeal for the defence of Christendom, as the Pope could testify. The French ambassador said he had been very urgent with the Pope for a universal peace. Worcester replied, that the object was a very desirable one, but it was important that it should be sincere and unfeigned, and not a pretext for injury, and that if all were as well disposed to it as England the expedition could be easily accomplished.

"Præterea sanctissimus dominus noster mihi dixit se certo scire regem Catholicum proximis præteritis diebus Illustrissimæ Dominæ Margaritæ manu propria scripsisse, quod nullo pacto auderet se in administratione dominiorum Flandriæ amplius impedire, si ejus gratiam et vitam propriam caram habebat, sed dicta dominia administranda relinqueret illis, de quibus videbitur domino de Cevres et ille significaret; quo facile cuique judicium esse potest, dictum dominum de Cevres administrationem ipsius regis Catholici ut prius in manus habere; quod non est valde opportunum, ut dominatio vestra reverendissima sua innata prudentia optime cognoscere potest. Sanctissimus dominus noster ratum et gratum habuit fædus nostrum, ut ex forma bullæ desuper jam confectæ et plumbatæ apparet, quam ejus sanctitas intro octo dies mihi omnino dare promisit. Declaravi sanctissimo domino nostro quod illa brevia [quæ po] stremo ad D. V. Reverendissimam misi pro decima, non erant illius tenoris cujus ipsa commiserat, et iccirco rursus nunc alia brevia ... secundum informationem ab ea acceptam, ut ex eorum exemp[10] .. poterit. Ego video quod sanctissimus dominus no[ster] tantum fidei promissis sibi de decima factis [ha]buit, ut nullo pacto existimare possim quin m[axi]mam caperet displicentiam et indignationem ni eam haberet. Iccirco dominatio vestra reverendissima velit sua prudentia et autoritat[e] præsentis inopiæ ejus sanctitatis opportune [mi]sereri, efficereque ut promissis eidem ab[Re]gia Maiestate et dominatione vestra Rev[eren] dissima factis fideliter stetur, et ego cer[tus sum] ut ejus quoque sanctitas promissa observet [fideli]ter. Si dominatio vestra reverendissima in meam [con]descenderit sententiam, pecuniæ non persol[ven]tur, nisi solutis ad plenum promissis; inte[rea] vero dominatio vestra reverendissima omnem [di]ligentiam adhibere potest, ut dicta decim[a] cedatur et exigatur; qua concessa eidem [senten]tiam meam aperiam, quæ non inutilis erit e... longioribus intelliget."

Complained to his holiness that he had deferred giving Wolsey the licence for the bull of Tournay. He must be content to wait a month longer. As to Peter Vannes, Wolsey's devoted servant, would gladly assist him, as requested, for three reasons;—because Wolsey wishes it, out of regard for Andreas Ammonius, and because Vannes deserves it; but is so much in debt on account of the collectorship conferred on him, that he can only give him a small assistance. Will remember him at some more convenient time. Thanks him and the King for writing in his behalf about the collectorship, and for not favoring his opponents. Rome, 8 Nov. 1517.

Hol., pp. 10, Lat., part cipher, undeciphered. Add. f. 211*.

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 08 Nov 1528. R. O. 4916. John Chekyng to Cromwell.

Various reports were spread here about Cromwell, which he is glad proved false. Gregory (age 8) is well, et reliqui tui have now got cloaks to shield them from the cold. They have also a blazing fire to keep them comfortable. Little Gregory is becoming great in letters. Christopher (fn. 7) does not require much stirring up. Acknowledges a bundle of cloth received yesterday from Cromwell. Pembroke Hall, 8 Nov.

P.S.—The plague which sent us into the country has nearly consumed our money.

Hol., Lat., p. 1. Add.: Suorum studiorum nequaquam vulgari patrono, D. Thomæ Crumwello, viro ut claro ita multis nominibus inclyto. Ex Cantabrigia.

On 08 Nov 1534 William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy (age 56) died. His son Charles Blount 5th Baron Mountjoy (age 16) succeeded 5th Baron Mountjoy 1C 1465.

Funeral of Jane Seymour

Hall's Chronicle 1537. 08 Nov 1537. And the eighth day of November the corpse of the Queen (deceased) was carried to Windsor with great solemnity, and there was buried in the midst of the choir in the Castel Church [Map]: And at the same time was made in Paul’s a solemn hearse for her, where was mass and dirge, and in like manner was sung Mass and dirge in every parish church in London.

PAINTINGS/HOLBEIN_YOUNGER/Hans_Holbein_the_Younger_Jane_Seymour.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 08 Nov 1562. The viij day of November the Quen('s) (age 29) grace removyd from Hamtun cowrt [Map] toward London, and be-twyn iij and [iiij o'clock] cam by Charyng-crosse [Map], and so rod unto Some[rset plac]e with mony nobull men and women, and with har[olds of a]rmes in ther cotte armurs; and my lord Thomas [Howard bare] the sword a-for the quen to Somersett plase [Map], and the [Queen will abide] ther tyll Criustynmas, and then to Whyt-halle.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

On 08 Nov 1565 Louis Bourbon Prince Condé (age 35) and Francoise Valois Princess Condé (age 16) were married. She by marriage Princess Condé. He the son of Charles Bourbon Duke Vendôme and Françoise Valois Alençon Countess Vendôme.

On 08 Nov 1592 John Power 3rd Baron Power (age 76) died. His son Richard Power 4th Baron Power (age 39) succeeded 4th Baron Power.

On 08 Nov 1596 a double marriage ceremony, both daughters of Edward Somerset 4th Earl of Worcester (age 46) was held at Essex House. William Petre 2nd Baron Petre (age 21) and Katherine Somerset Baroness Petre (age 21) were married. Henry Guildford (age 30) and Elizabeth Somerset (age 6) were married. The difference in their ages was 24 years. She the daughter of Edward Somerset 4th Earl of Worcester (age 46) and Elizabeth Hastings Countess of Worcester (age 50). She the daughter of Edward Somerset 4th Earl of Worcester (age 46) and Elizabeth Hastings Countess of Worcester (age 50).

Gunpowder Plot

On 08 Nov 1605 Robert Catesby (age 33) and Thomas Percy (age 45) were killed, reportedly by the same musket ball, at Holbeche House Kingswinford.

Stewart-Wharton Duel

On 08 Nov 1609 George Wharton (age 26) and James Stewart (age 24) were both killed in a duel with each other over a game of cards. They were buried together in the same grave in Islington, by the King's command on 10 Nov 1609.


Battle of the Pont du Feneau

On 08 Nov 1627 Mountjoy Blount 1st Earl Newport (age 30) was captured at the Battle of the Pont du Feneau in Pont du Feneau, Île de Ré. He was released soon after.

On 08 Nov 1627 Ralph Bingley (age 57) was killed in action at the Battle of the Pont du Feneau.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Mountjoy_Blount_2.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Mountjoy_Blount.png

1660 November Creation of Baronets

In Nov 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded of further tranche of those who supported his Restoration by awarding them Baronetcies ...

On 08 Nov 1660 William Russell 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet Russell of Laugherne in Carmarthenshire.

On 12 Nov 1660 John Cutler 1st Baronet (age 57) was created 1st Baronet Cutler of London.

On 21 Nov 1660 John Clotworthy 1st Viscount Massereene was created 1st Viscount Massereene, 1st Baron Lough Neagh, in the Irish peerage, with remainder in default of male heirs to his son-in-law,

On 21 Nov 1660 Thomas Foote 1st Baronet (age 62) was created 1st Baronet Foote of London with a special remainder for title to revert on his death to his son-in-law, Arthur Onslow of West Clandon (age 36).

On 29 Nov 1660 John Wroth 1st Baronet (age 33) was created 1st Baronet Wroth of Blenden Hall in Kent.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 08 Nov 1665. Thence after dinner to the office again, and thence am sent for to the King's Head [Map] by my Lord Rutherford, who, since I can hope for no more convenience from him, his business is troublesome to me, and therefore I did leave him as soon as I could and by water to Deptford [Map], and there did order my matters so, walking up and down the fields till it was dark night, that 'je allais a la maison of my valentine, [Bagwell's wife] and there 'je faisais whatever je voudrais avec' [I did whatever I wanted with] her, and, about eight at night, did take water, being glad I was out of the towne; for the plague, it seems, rages there more than ever, and so to my lodgings, where my Lord had got a supper and the mistresse of the house, and her daughters, and here staid Mrs. Pierce to speake with me about her husband's business, and I made her sup with us, and then at night my Lord and I walked with her home, and so back again.

On 08 Nov 1673 Thomas Foley 1st Baron Foley was born to Thomas Foley (age 32).

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Nov 1702. Our affairs in so prosperous a condition both by sea and land, that there has not been so great an union in Parliament, Court, and people, in memory of man, which God in mercy make us thankful for, and continue! The Bishop of Exeter (age 52) preached before the Queen (age 37) and both Houses of Parliament at St. Paul's [Map]; they were wonderfully huzzaed in their passage, and splendidly entertained in the city.


On 08 Nov 1708 Anne Carteret (age 79) died. She was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Anne Carteret: Around 1629 she was born to Philippe Carteret 3rd Seigneur Sark (age 44) and Anne Dowse. Before 05 May 1695 Daniel Brevint (age 78) and Anne Carteret (age 66) were married.

On 08 Nov 1734 William Jessop of Broom Hall, Sheffield (age 69) died. His son James Jessop aka Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy of Navan had predeceased him without issue. His daughter Barbara Jessop and her husband Andrew Wilkinson of Boroughbridge, Yorkshire (age 37) inherited Broom Hall, Sheffield.


On 08 Nov 1766 Christian VII King Denmark and Norway (age 17) and Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway (age 15) were married at Christiansborg Castle. She by marriage Queen Consort Denmark and Norway. She the daughter of Frederick Louis Hanover Prince of Wales and Augusta Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 46). He the son of Frederick V King Denmark and Norway and Louise Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway. They were first cousins. He a grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland. She a granddaughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 08 Nov 1771 John Upton 2nd Baron Templetown was born to Clotworthy Upton 1st Baron Templetown (age 50) and Elizabeth Boughton Baroness Templetown (age 18).


On 08 Nov 1793 Henry Cavendish 3rd Baron Waterpark was born to Richard Cavendish 2nd Baron Waterpark (age 28) and Juliana Cooper Baroness Waterpark (age 26).

On 08 Nov 1811 Andrew St John 15th Baron St John Bletso was born to Andrew St John 14th Baron St John Bletso (age 52) and Louise Rouse-Boughton Baroness St John (age 26).

On 08 Nov 1813 Bishop Spencer Madan (age 84) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral [Map].

On 08 Nov 1825 John Benn Walsh 1st Baron Ormathwaite (age 26) and Jane Grey Baroness Ormathwaite (age 22) were married. She the daughter of George Grey 6th Earl Stamford 2nd Earl Warrington (age 60) and Henrietta Charteris Countess Stamford and Warrington.

On 08 Nov 1828 Charles Ellis 6th Baron Walden 2nd Baron Seaford (age 29) and Lucy Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck (age 21) were married at All Souls Church Langham Place Marylebone. She the daughter of William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck 4th Duke Portland (age 60) and Henrietta Scott Duchess Portland (age 54).

On 08 Nov 1834 Augusta Mary Elizabeth Browne 1st Baroness Bolsover was born to Reverend Henry Montagu Browne Dean of Lismore (age 35).

On 08 Nov 1840 Nathan Meyer 1st Baron Rothschild was born to Lionel Nathan de Rothschild (age 31) and Charlotte von Rothschild.

On 08 Nov 1863 Frederick Hervey 4th Marquess Bristol was born to Augustus Henry Charles Hervey (age 26) in Dresden.

On 08 Nov 1867 John Stuart 12th Earl Moray (age 70) died. His brother Archibald Stuart 13th Earl Moray (age 57) succeeded 13th Earl Moray 5C 1562.

On 08 Nov 1902 Cecil Baring 3rd Baron Revelstoke (age 38) and Maude Baring nee Lorillard (age 26) were married.

PAINTINGS/MCEVOY/Maude_Baring.jpg PAINTINGS/MCEVOY/Maude_Baring2.jpg

On 08 Nov 1906 Georg Donatus Hesse Darmstadt Grand Duke was born to Ernest Louis Hesse Darmstadt Grand Duke (age 37) and Eleonore Solms Hohensolms Lich Grand Duchess. He a great grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 08 Nov 1914 John Henry Guy Neville 5th Marquess Abergavenny was born to Guy Larnach Neville 4th Marquess Abergavenny (age 31) and Isabel "Nellie" Larnach Marchioness Abergavenny (age 24).

After 08 Nov 1915. St Mary's Churchyard, Chirk. Commonwealth War Grave of 16/30 Rifleman J Collins of the Royal Irish Rifles died aged eighteen. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William John Collins, of Banoge, Donacloneg, Lurgan. 16th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles. Private Joseph Collins had taken ill and was invalided home from France to Brynkinalt Hospital, Wrexham, Wales, where after undergoing an operation he died on his eighteenth birthday. His mother received letters of sympathy from Captain H. F. Shepard, Lieutenant E. Somerfield, Rifleman R. McKeown and Rifleman W. J. Dreaning who wrote on behalf of the servicemen from Donaghcloney and district. Joseph was born in Donaghcloney and enlisted in Lurgan, prior to his enlistment he had been employed by Liddell and Sons.

On 08 Nov 1941 Adam Ivo Stuart Bligh 11th Earl of Darnley was born to Esme Ivo Bligh 9th Earl of Darnley (age 55) and Rosemary Potter Countess Darnley (age 25).