On this Day in History ... 10 February

10 Feb is in February.

1163 Baldwin III King Jerusalem Dies Almaric I King Jerusalem Succeeds

1305 Robert "The Bruce" murders John "Red" Comyn

1355 St Scholastica Day Riot

1397 John Beaufort created Earl Somerset

1503 Death of Elizabeth of York Queen Consort

1536 Anne Boleyn's Miscarriage

1536 Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

1567 Murder of Lord Darnley

1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade

1840 Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

1846 Battle of Sabraon

1904 Marriage of Princess Alice and Alexander Teck

On 10 Feb 1056 Bishop Athelstan died. He had been blind for thirteen years.

Baldwin III King Jerusalem Dies Almaric I King Jerusalem Succeeds

On 10 Feb 1163 Baldwin III King Jerusalem (age 33) died at Beirut. His brother Almaric I King Jerusalem (age 27) succeeded I King Jerusalem.

On 10 Feb 1280 Margaret II Countess Flanders (age 77) died.

Robert "The Bruce" murders John "Red" Comyn

John of Fordun's Chronicle. The same year, after the aforesaid Robert (age 30) had left the king of England (age 65) and returned home, no less miraculously than by God's grace, a day is appointed for him and the aforesaid John (age 36) to meet together at Dumfries [Map]; and both sides repair to the above-named place. John Comyn (age 36) is twitted with his treachery and belied troth. The lie is at once given. The evil-speaker is stabbed, and wounded unto death, in the church of the Friars [Map]; and the wounded man is, by the friars, laid behind the altar. On being asked by those around whether he could live, straightway his answer is: - "I can." His foes, hearing this, give him another wound; - and thus was he taken away from this world on the 10th of February.

On 10 Feb 1305 John Comyn 3rd Lord Baddenoch (age 36) was murdered by Robert the Bruce (age 30), future King of Scotland, before the High Altar of the Greyfriars Monastery Chapel [Map]. Robert Comyn, John's uncle, was killed by Christopher Seton (age 27). Christopher's brother John Seton (age 27) was also present.

Murder, in a church, in front of the altar, regarded as a terrible crime. The act gave King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 65) cause to invade Scotland. Robert the Bruce was ex-communicated by the Pope for his actions.

King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 65) charged Bishop David de Moravia as being complicit in the murder.

Before 10 Feb 1346 Mark Hussey 3rd Baron Hussey (age 30) died. His grandson Henry Hussey 4th Baron Hussey succeeded 4th Baron Hussey 1C 1295.

St Scholastica Day Riot

On 10 Feb 1355, St Scholatica's Day, the St Scholastica Day Riot took place in Oxford [Map]. What started as a disagreement between students and the landlord over the quality of the wine at the Swindlestock Tavern Carfax Oxford grew into a three day riot in which around thirty townspeople and sixty students were killed.

On 10 Feb 1383 John Mowbray 1st Earl Nottingham (age 17) died. He was buried at Whitefriars. Earl Nottingham 1C 1377 extinct. His brother Thomas Mowbray 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 14) succeeded 6th Baron Mowbray 1C 1129, 7th Baron Segrave 1C 1283.

John Beaufort created Earl Somerset

Calendars. 30. Also, on the Saturday [10 February 1397], the chancellor (age 53) announced by the king's (age 30) command that reason willed that one should honour and enhance the estate of worthy and virtuous persons. Wherefore the king (age 30) - considering the nobility and virtue of his cousin Sir John Beaufort (age 24), son of his uncle of Guyenne and Lancaster (age 56), and the great honour he had done his person on various expeditions and labours in many kingdoms and lands overseas, to the great honour of the king and kingdom; and also to encourage him and others to do such honour; and also to strengthen the royal sceptre which could best be supported in honour by worthy and valiant persons - had, of his royal dignity and special grace, made and created the said John an earl, and given him the name and honour of the Earl of Somerset, to have to him and his male heirs lawfully engendered of his body, with twenty pounds a year to be taken from the issues and profits of the county of Somerset for his title and the name of earl.

Note. On 10 Feb 1397 John Beaufort 1st Marquess Somerset and Dorset (age 24) was created 1st Earl Somerset 2C 1397.

Calendars. 32. The king (age 30) to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, dukes, earls, barons, justices, sheriffs, reeves, ministers, and other his bailiffs and faithful men, greeting. Know that we, considering the strenuous probity and prudent mind, distinguished conduct and nobility of birth of our beloved and faithful kinsman John Beaufort (age 24), knight, son of our beloved uncle John duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster (age 56), and willing therefore deservedly to exalt the same John Beaufort with the prerogative of honour, we do appoint and create John Beaufort earl of Somerset in our present parliament, and invest him with the style and name and honour of the aforesaid earl by girding him with the sword, to have to him and his male heirs issuing from his body in perpetuity. And that the same earl and his aforesaid heirs, given such name and honour, may the better and more honourably support the burdens incumbent upon the same, of our special grace in our present parliament we have given and granted, and by this our charter confirmed, to the same earl and his aforesaid heirs twenty pounds to be received each year from the issues of the aforesaid county by the hand of the sheriff of that county for the time being, at the terms of Easter and Michaelmas [29 September] in equal portions, in perpetuity. Witnessed by these, the venerable father Thomas archbishop of Canterbury (age 44) primate of all England, John of Aquitaine and Lancaster, and Edmund of York (age 55), dukes; Robert of London, William of Winchester (age 77), John of Ely, Edmund of Exeter, our chancellor (age 53), bishops; Henry of Derby (age 29), Edward of Rutland (age 24), Thomas of Nottingham and marshal of England (age 28), earls; Reginald Grey (age 35), Ralph Neville (age 33), John Lovell, knights; Roger Walden dean of York, our treasurer, Thomas Percy (age 54), steward of our household, Guy Mone, keeper of our privy seal, and others. Given by our hand at Westminster on 10 February in the twentieth year of our reign [10 Feb 1397].

Death of Elizabeth of York Queen Consort

On 02 Feb 1503 Katherine Tudor was born to King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 46) and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England (age 36) at the Tower of London [Map]. She died eight days later on 10 Feb 1503.

On 11 Feb 1503 (her birthday) Elizabeth York Queen Consort England (age 36) died from childbirth.

PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_York.jpg

On 10 Feb 1525 John III King Portugal (age 22) and Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal (age 18) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Portugal. She the daughter of Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile and Joanna "The Mad" Trastámara Queen Castile (age 46). He the son of Manuel "Fortunate" I King Portugal and Maria Trastámara Queen Consort Portugal. They were first cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.


On 10 Feb 1525 Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal (age 18) was crowned Queen Consort Portugal.

Anne Boleyn's Miscarriage

Letters 1536. 10 Feb 1536. Vienna Archives. 283. Chapuys to Granvelle.

This notable and good Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, in his preaching on Sunday last, among other blasphemies against the Pope, proposed to prove that all the passages in Scripture about Antichrist referred to his Holiness, and, to injure at a blow the Holy See and the Imperial authority, cited one author who said that Antichrist should come when the empire was ruined. This, he said, it was now, because of all the monarchy only a small portion of Germany obeyed the empire; and he decried the Imperial authority as much as he could, ending by saying that the Pope was the true Antichrist, and no other need be looked for. Thus you may see the virtue and honesty of this apostate, and what has come of the good treatment shown him when he was with his Majesty, and what good cause I had to send my man to Bologna when his Majesty was there to prevent the Pope from allowing his promotion. I must not forget to say there are innumerable persons who consider that the concubine (age 35) is unable to conceive, and say that the daughter said to be hers and the abortion the other day are supposititious. Eight days ago the goods of the Dantzic merchants, which the King had sequestrated, were released. London, 10 Feb. 1535.

The King has lately given a Bishopric to one who some time ago abandoned the Augustinian habit1, and like a Lutheran fled to Germany, where it is said he has a wife. Fr., from a modern copy, p. 1.

Note 1. Barlow, who was about this time promoted to the Bishopric of St. Asaph, was certainly an Augustinian originally, but there seems here to be some confusion between him and Barnes (age 41).


Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

Letters 1536. Vienna Archives. 284. Death and Burial of Katharine of Arragon.

The good Queen (deceased) died in a few days, of God knows what illness, on Friday, 7 Jan. 1536. Next day her body was taken into the Privy Chamber and placed under the canopy of State (sous le dhoussier et drapt destat), where it rested seven days, without any other solemnity than four flambeaux continually burning. During this time a leaden coffin was prepared, in which the body was enclosed on Saturday, the 15th, and borne to the chapel. The vigils of the dead were said the same day, and next day one mass and no more, without any other light than six torches of rosin. On Sunday, the 16th, the body was removed again into the Privy Chamber, where it remained till Saturday following. Meanwhile an "estalage," which we call a chapelle ardente, was arranged, with 56 wax candles in all, and the house hung with two breadths of the lesser frieze of the country. On Saturday, the 22nd, it was again brought to the chapel, and remained until the masses of Thursday following, during which time solemn masses were said in the manner of the country, at which there assisted by turns as principals the Duchess of Suffolk (age 16), the Countess of Worcester (age 34), the young Countess of Oxford (age 18), the Countess of Surrey (age 19), and Baronesses Howard (age 21), Willoughby (age 24), Bray, and Gascon (sic). NOTEXT

25 Jan 1536. On Tuesday1 following, as they were beginning mass, four banners of crimson taffeta were brought, two of which bore the arms of the Queen, one those of England, with three "lambeaulx blancs," which they say are of Prince Arthur; the fourth had the two, viz., of Spain and England, together. There were also four great golden [standards]. On one was painted the Trinity, on the second Our Lady, on the third St. Katharine, and on the fourth St. George; and by the side of these representations the said arms were depicted in the above order; and in like manner the said arms were simply, and without gilding (? dourance), painted and set over all the house, and above them a simple crown, distinguished from that of the kingdom which is closed. On Wednesday after the robes of the Queen's 10 ladies were completed, who had not till then made any mourning, except with kerchiefs on their heads and old robes. This day, at dinner, the countess of Surrey held state, who at the vigils after dinner was chief mourner. On Thursday, after mass, which was no less solemn than the vigils of the day before, the body was carried from the chapel and put on a waggon, to be conveyed not to one of the convents of the Observant Friars, as the Queen had desired before her death, but at the pleasure of the King, her husband, to the Benedictine Abbey of Peterborough, and they departed in the following order:—First, 16 priests or clergymen in surplices went on horseback, without saying a word, having a gilded laten cross borne before them; after them several gentlemen, of whom there were only two of the house, "et le demeurant estoient tous emprouvez," and after them followed the maître d'hotel and chamberlain, with their rods of office in their hands; and, to keep them in order, went by their sides 9 or 10 heralds, with mourning hoods and wearing their coats of arms; after them followed 50 servants of the aforesaid gentlemen, bearing torches and "bâtons allumés," which lasted but a short time, and in the middle of them was drawn a waggon, upon which the body was drawn by six horses all covered with black cloth to the ground. The said waggon was covered with black velvet, in the midst of which was a great silver cross; and within, as one looked upon the corpse, was stretched a cloth of gold frieze with a cross of crimson velvet, and before and behind the said waggon stood two gentlemen ushers with mourning hoods looking into the waggon, round which the said four banners were carried by four heralds and the standards with the representations by four gentlemen. Then followed seven ladies, as chief mourners, upon hackneys, that of the first being harnessed with black velvet and the others with black cloth. After which ladies followed the waggon of the Queen's gentlemen; and after them, on hackneys, came nine ladies, wives of knights. Then followed the waggon of the Queen's chambermaids; then her maids to the number of 36, and in their wake followed certain servants on horseback.

In this order the royal corpse was conducted for nine miles of the country, i.e., three French leagues, as far as the abbey of Sautry, where the abbot and his monks received it and placed it under a canopy in the choir of the church, under an "estalage" prepared for it, which contained 408 candles, which burned during the vigils that day and next day at mass. Next day a solemn mass was chanted in the said abbey of Sautry, by the Bishop of Ely, during which in the middle of the church 48 torches of rosin were carried by as many poor men, with mourning hoods and garments. After mass the body was borne in the same order to the abbey of Peterborough, where at the door of the church it was honorably received by the bishops of Lincoln, Ely, and Rochester, the Abbot of the place, and the abbots of Ramsey, Crolain (Crowland), Tournan (Thorney), Walden and Thaem (Tame), who, wearing their mitres and hoods, accompanied it in procession till it was placed under the chapelle ardente which was prepared for it there, upon eight pillars of beautiful fashion and roundness, upon which were placed about 1,000 candles, both little and middle-sized, and round about the said chapel 18 banners waved, of which one bore the arms of the Emperor, a second those of England, with those of the King's mother, prince Arthur, the Queen of Portugal, sister of the deceased, Spain, Arragon, and Sicily, and those of Spain and England with three "lambeaulx," those of John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, who married the daughter of Peter the Cruel, viz., "le joux des beufz," the bundle of Abbot of arrows, the pomegranate (granade), the lion and the greyhound. Likewise there were a great number of little pennons, in which were portrayed the devices of king Ferdinand, father of the deceased, and of herself; and round about the said chapel, in great gold letters was written, as the device of the said good lady, "Humble et loyale." Solemn vigils were said that day, and on the morrow the three masses by three bishops: the first by the Bishop of Rochester, with the Abbot of Thame as deacon, and the Abbot of Walden as sub-deacon; the second by the Bishop of Ely, with the Abbot of Tournay (Thorney) as deacon, and the Abbot of Peterborough as sub-deacon; the third by the Bishop of  Lincoln (age 63), with the Bishop of Llandaff as deacon, and that of Ely as sub-deacon; the other bishops and abbots aforesaid assisting at the said masses in their pontificals, so the ceremony was very sumptuous. The chief mourner was lady Eleanor (age 17), daughter of the Duke of Suffolk (age 52) and the French Queen, and niece of King Henry, widower now of the said good Queen. She was conducted to the offering by the Comptroller and Mr. Gust (Gostwick), new receiver of the moneys the King takes from the Church. Immediately after the offering was completed the Bishop of Rochester preached the same as all the preachers of England for two years have not ceased to preach, viz., against the power of the Pope, whom they call Bishop of Rome, and against the marriage of the said good Queen and the King, alleging against all truth that in the hour of death she acknowledged she had not been Queen of England. I say against all truth, because at that hour she ordered a writing to be made in her name addressed to the King as her husband, and to the ambassador of the Emperor, her nephew, which she signed with these words—Katharine, Queen of England—commending her ladies and servants to the favor of the said ambassador. At the end of the mass all the mourning ladies offered in the hands of the heralds each three ells in three pieces of cloth of gold which were upon the body, and of this "accoutrements" will be made for the chapel where the annual service will be performed for her. After the mass the body was buried in a grave at the lowest step of the high altar, over which they put a simple black cloth. In this manner was celebrated the funeral of her who for 27 years has been true Queen of England, whose holy soul, as every one must believe, is in eternal rest, after worldly misery borne by her with such patience that there is little need to pray God for her; to whom, nevertheless, we ought incessantly to address prayers for the weal (salut) of her living image whom she has left to us, the most virtuous Princess her daughter, that He may comfort her in her great and infinite adversities, and give her a husband to his pleasure, &c. Fr., from a modern copy, pp. 6.

Note 1. This would be Tuesday, 1 Feb., if the chronology were strict; but the latest Tuesday that can be intended is 25 Jan.

Letters 1536. 10 Feb 1536. Vienna Archives. 282. Chapuys to Charles V.

Wrote on the 29th ult. The same day the Queen (deceased) was buried, and besides the ladies whom I mentioned, there were present four bishops and as many abbots, but no other man of mark except the comptroller of the King's Household. The place where she is buried in the church is far removed from the high altar, and much less honorable than that of certain bishops buried there; and even if they had not taken her for princess dowager as they have done in death and life, but only as simple baroness, they could not have given her a less honorable place, as I am told by men acquainted with those matters. Such are the great miracles and incredible magnificence which they gave me to understand they would put forth in honor of her memory as due alike to her great virtues and to her kindred. Possibly they will repair the fault by making a becoming monument in some suitable place.

PAINTINGS/FLANDES/Catherine_Aragon.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Katherine_Aragon.jpg

Between 20 Jun 1544 and 10 Feb 1548 William Paulet 3rd Marquess Winchester (age 16) and Agnes Howard Marchioness Winchester (age 9) were married. He the son of John Paulet 2nd Marquess Winchester (age 34) and Elizabeth Willoughby.NOTEXT

Henry Machyn's Diary. 10 Feb 1553. The x day of January [Note. Probably February] rod my lade Mare('s) (age 36) grasse from Saynt [John's] and thrugh Flettstrett unto the kyng at Westmynster, with a grett nombur of lords and knyghtes, and alle the [great] women lades, the duches of Suffoke (age 35) and Northumberland (age 44), my lade marqwes of Northamptun (age 26), and lade marqwes of Wynchester, and the contes of Bedfford (age 74), and the contes of Shrowsbere (age 53), and the contes of Arundelle, my lade Clynton (age 26), my lade Browne (age 24) and Browne [sic in manuscript], and many mo lades and gentyllwomen; and at the oter gatt ther mett her my lord of Suffoke (age 36) and my lord of Northumberland (age 49), my lord of Wynchester (age 70), my lord of Bedfford (age 68), and therle of Shrusbery (age 53), the therle of Arundell (age 40), my lord Chamburlayn, my lord Admerolle, and a gret nomber of knyghtes and gentyllmen, and so up unto the chambur of pressens, and ther the Kynges (age 15) grace mett her and salutyd her.... owyn a-pon payne of presunmentt and a grett [penalty, as ye] shalle fynd in the actes in secund yere of kyng ... the perlementt tyme of the sayd yere, and nott to be ... plasse as taverns, alle-howses, ines, or wher ... for cummers and gestes, and has commandyd unto alle shreyffes and baylles, constabulls, justes of pesse, or any .. thay shall se truthe (and) justys as thay shalle [inform the] kyng and ys consell, and bryng them to pressun of ... sun or poyssuns as be the offenders ther off for ... her of odur.

On 29 Jul 1558 Henry Sacheverell (age 32) died at Ratcliffe on Soar [Map]. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map].

On 10 Feb 1554 Lucie Pole (age 26) died.

She wearing a puffed sleeve gown with triple chain with French Hood. His head on a great helm with Goat Crest. Possibly Richard Parker of Burton on Trent with Dogs chewing at her dress.

Henry Sacheverell: In 1526 he was born to Ralph Sacheverell (age 20) and Cecilia Durance (age 18) at Ratcliffe on Soar. Before 1547 Henry Sacheverell (age 21) and Lucie Pole (age 18) were married.

Lucie Pole: In 1528 she was born to John Pole of Hartington (age 18).

On 10 Feb 1561 John Bourchier 2nd Earl Bath (age 62) died. He was buried on 10 Mar 1561 at the Church of St John Lateran, Hengrave. His grandson William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath (age 3) succeeded 3rd Earl Bath 2C 1536, 13th Baron Fitzwarin.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 10 Feb 1562. The x day of February, was Shrowse tuwsday, [was a just] at Westmynster agaynst the qwyne('s) (age 28) grase plase; the chalengers the duke of Northfoke (age 25) and the yerle of Westmoreland (age 37).NOTEXT

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Thomas_Howard.jpg

Murder of Lord Darnley

PAINTINGS/LETTERS/Kirk_o_Field.jpgOn 10 Feb 1567 Henry "Lord Darnley" Stewart (age 21) was murdered at Kirk O Field. Around two in the morning two barrels of gunpowder exploded beneath his room. His body and that of his valet William Taylor were found outside, surrounded by a cloak, a dagger, a chair, and a coat. Darnley was dressed only in his nightshirt. There were no visible marks on the body. He was buried at Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood.

On 10 Feb 1587 Henry Neville 6th and 4th Baron Bergavenny (age 57) died. His first cousin Edward Neville 7th and 5th Baron Bergavenny (age 61) succeeded 7th Baron Bergavenny 1C 1392, 5th Baron Bergavenny 2C 1450. By modern doctrine the successor should have been Mary Neville 3rd Baroness Despencer (age 33). She was subsequently awarded the Despencer Barony in compensation.

On 10 Feb 1639 Susan Doyly (age 5) died aged five. Grave slab at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map].

Susan Doyly: Around 1634 he was born to Edmund Doyly (age 22) and Bridget Coke.

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Feb 1681. I was at the wedding of my nephew, John Evelyn of Wotton (age 28), married by the Bishop of Rochester (age 56) at Westminster, in Henry VII's chapel [Map], to the daughter and heir of Mr. Eversfield, of Sussex, her portion £8,000. The solemnity was kept with a few friends only at Lady Beckford's, the lady's mother.

Note. John Evelyn of Wotton (age 28) and Catherine Eversfield were married.

Evelyn's Diary. 10 Feb 1685. Being sent to by the Sheriff of the County to appeare and assist in proclayming the King (age 51), I went the next day to Bromely, where I met the Sheriff of and the Commander of the Kentish Troop, with an appearance, I suppose, of above 500 horse, and innumerable people, two of his Ma*'s trumpets and a Serjeant with other officers, who having drawn up the horse in a large field neere the towne, march'd thence, wifh swords drawne, to the market-place, where making a ring, after sound of trumpets and silence made, the High Sheriff of read the pro claiming titles to his Bailiffe, who repeated them aloud, and then after many shouts of the people, his Ma*'s health being drunk in a flint glasse of a yard long, by the Sheriff, Commander, Officers and cheife Gentlemen, they all dispers'd, and I return'd.


On 10 Feb 1711 Thomas Arundell 4th Baron Arundel (age 78) died. His son Henry Arundell 5th Baron Arundel (age 50) succeeded 5th Baron Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire. Elizabeth Panton Baroness Arundel Wardour by marriage Baroness Arundel Wardour in Wiltshire.


On 10 Feb 1728 John Hobart 1st Earl Buckinghamshire (age 34) and Elizabeth Bristow Countess Buckinghamshire were married. She by marriage Lady Hobart of Intwood in Norfolk.

On 10 Feb 1732 George Carpenter 1st Baron Carpenter (age 75) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church Owlesbury [Map]. His son George Carpenter 2nd Baron Carpenter (age 37) succeeded 2nd Baron Carpenter of Killaghy in County Tipperary. Elizabeth Petty Baroness Carpenter by marriage Baroness Carpenter of Killaghy in County Tipperary.

On 10 Feb 1744 John Fleming 6th Earl Wigtown (age 71) died. His brother Charles Fleming 7th Earl Wigtown (age 69) succeeded 7th Earl Wigtown 2C 1606, 12th Lord Fleming.

On 10 Feb 1768 Alexander Home 9th Earl of Home and Abigail Browne Ramey Countess Home were married. He the son of Alexander Home 7th Earl of Home and Anne Kerr Countess Home.

On 10 Feb 1772 George Mason Villiers 2nd Earl Grandison (age 20) and Gertrude Seymour-Conway (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford (age 53) and Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford (age 45). He the son of Alan Mason Viscount Grandison and Elizabeth Fitzgerald Villiers 1st Countess Grandison. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 19 Feb 1780 Samuel Egerton (deceased) was buried at St Mary's Church, Rostherne [Map]. Sculpted by John "The Elder" Bacon (age 39). Figures representing Hope and Patience

The monument inscription describes those also buried in the vault: John Egerton, his wife Elizabeth Barbour buried 10 Feb 1743, her mother Elizabeth Hill (age 55) buried 17 Apr 1713 and John and Elizabeth's daughter-in-law Beatrix Copley (age 34) buried 01 May 1755.

On 10 Feb 1790 Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton was born to George Henry Fitzroy 4th Duke Grafton (age 30) and Charlotte Maria Waldegrave (age 28). He was educated at Harrow School and Trinity College, Cambridge University [Map]. He a great x 3 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.


Abolition of the Slave Trade

On 25 Mar 1807 the Slave Trade Act received Royal Assent. The Act prohibited the slave trade in the British Empire. The Bill was first introduced to Parliament in January 1807. It went to the House of Commons on 10 Feb 1807. After a debate lasting ten hours, the House agreed to the second reading of the bill to abolish the Atlantic slave trade by an overwhelming 283 votes for to 16. The Act took effect on 01 May 1807.

The last legal slave voyage was that of Kitty's Amelia which sailed on 27 Jul 1807 having received permission to sale on 27 Apr 1807 before the Act came into force. Kitty's Amelia arrived with 233 slaves at Jamaica 25 Jan 1808.

PAINTINGS/DOUGLAS-HAMILTON/Louisa Lowry-Corry.jpgBefore 10 Feb 1808. Hugh Douglas Hamilton (age 68). Portrait of Louisa Lowry-Corry Countess of Sandwich (age 26).

Louisa Lowry-Corry Countess of Sandwich: On 03 Apr 1781 she was born to Armar Lowry-Corry 1st Earl Belmore (age 40) and Harriet Hobart Viscountess Belmore (age 18). On 09 Jul 1804 George Montagu 6th Earl Sandwich (age 31) and Louisa Lowry-Corry Countess of Sandwich (age 23) were married. She the daughter of Armar Lowry-Corry 1st Earl Belmore and Harriet Hobart Viscountess Belmore (age 42). He the son of John Montagu 5th Earl Sandwich (age 60) and Maria Henrietta Powlett. On 06 Jun 1814 John Montagu 5th Earl Sandwich (age 70) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell. His son George Montagu 6th Earl Sandwich (age 41) succeeded 6th Earl Sandwich. Louisa Lowry-Corry Countess of Sandwich (age 33) by marriage Countess Sandwich. On 19 Apr 1862 Louisa Lowry-Corry Countess of Sandwich (age 81) died. She was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell.

PAINTINGS/DOUGLAS-HAMILTON/Marquess_Londonderry.jpgBefore 10 Feb 1808. Hugh Douglas Hamilton (age 68). Portrait of Robert Stewart 1st Marquess Londonderry (age 68).

PAINTINGS/DOUGLAS-HAMILTON/Countess_Belmore.jpgBefore 10 Feb 1808. Hugh Douglas Hamilton (age 68). Portrait of Mary Anne Caldwell Countess Belmore (age 52).

Mary Anne Caldwell Countess Belmore: On 17 Apr 1755 she was born to John Caldwell 4th Baronet. On 01 Mar 1794 Armar Lowry-Corry 1st Earl Belmore (age 53) and Mary Anne Caldwell Countess Belmore (age 38) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Belmore of Fermanagh. On 30 Nov 1797 Armar Lowry-Corry 1st Earl Belmore (age 57) was created 1st Earl Belmore in the County of Fermanagh. Mary Anne Caldwell Countess Belmore (age 42) by marriage Countess Belmore in the County of Fermanagh. On 13 Dec 1841 Mary Anne Caldwell Countess Belmore (age 86) died.

On 10 Feb 1808 Murrough O'Brien 1st Marquess Thomond (age 82) died. His nephew William O'Brien 2nd Marquess Thomond (age 43) succeeded 2nd Marquess Thomond, 6th Earl Inchiquin. Rebecca Trotter Marchioness Thomond (age 33) by marriage Marchioness Thomond.

On 10 Feb 1818 William John Butler was born to John La Forey Butler (age 32) and Henrietta Patrick.

PAINTINGS/PHILLIPS/Elizabeth_Wyndham.jpgBefore 10 Feb 1826 . Thomas Phillips (age 55). Portrait of Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon (age 73).

Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon: Before 29 Nov 1752 she was born to Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont (age 42) and Alicia Carpenter Countess Egremont (age 26). On 29 Nov 1752 Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon was baptised. On 05 Jul 1771 Henry Herbert 1st Earl Carnarvon (age 29) and Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon (age 18) were married. She the daughter of Charles Wyndham 2nd Earl Egremont and Alicia Carpenter Countess Egremont (age 45). In 1780 Henry Herbert 1st Earl Carnarvon (age 38) was created 1st Baron Porchester. Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon (age 27) by marriage Baroness Porchester. In 1793 Henry Herbert 1st Earl Carnarvon (age 51) was created 1st Earl Carnarvon 3C 1793. Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon (age 40) by marriage Countess Carnarvon. On 10 Feb 1826 Elizabeth Alicia Maria Wyndham Countess Carnarvon (age 73) died.

Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

PAINTINGS/HAYTER/Queen_Victoria_Wedding.jpg10 Feb 1840. George Hayter (age 47). Wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Hayter included portraits of fifty-six of those present at the occasion and sittings took place over the next year. The Queen (age 20) sat for him in March in her 'Bridal dress, veil, wreath & all', and Prince Albert (age 20) also posed for his portrait several times during the following months. Hayter's family too helped out with his son, Henry, modelling the Prince's costume, while his daughter Mary posed for the Queen's arm and wearing the veil. Victoria's aunt Queen Adelaide (age 47), however, was unwilling to co-operate and the artist had to refer to a miniature for her likeness. Hayter included himself in the painting, on the lower right, with his sketchbook and pencil.

11 Feb 1840. Tuesday. Supplement to the London Gazette.

St James's Palace [Map]. February 10, 1840.

THIS day the Marriage of the QUEEN'S MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY (age 20) with Field Marshal His ROYAL HIGHNESS FRANCIS ALBERT AUGUSTUS CHARLES EMANUEL, DUKE OF SAXE, PRINCE OF SAXE COBOURG AND GOTHA, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (age 20), was solemnized at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace.

Field Marshal His Royal Highness the Prince Albert (age 20), attended by his Suite, proceeded from Buckingham-Palace [Map] this day, about half past eleven o'clock, to St. James's-Palace [Map], in the following order:

The first Carriage,.

Conveying General Sir George Anson, G.C.B. (age 43); George Edward Anson, Esq (age 28); and Francis Seymour, Esq (age 26); the Bridegroom's Gentlemen of Honour.

The second Carriage,.

Conveying the Lord Chamberlain of the Household, the Earl of Uxbridge (age 42) (who afterwards returned to Buckingham-Palace [Map], to attend in Her Majesty's Procession), and the Officers of the Suite of His Serene Highness the Reigning Duke of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha, and the Hereditary Prince of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha, viz. Count Kolowrath (age 62), Baron Alvensleben, and Baron De Lowenfels.

The third Carriage,.

Conveying His Royal Highness the Prince Albert (age 20), His Serene Highness the Reigning Duke of Saxe Colourg and Gotha (age 56) (father), and the Hereditary Prince of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha (age 21) (elder brother).

Her Majesty (age 20), attended by Her Royal Household, accompanied by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent (age 53), proceeded, at twelve o'clock, from Buckingham-Palace [Map] to St James's Palace [Map], in the following order:

The first Carriage,

Conveying two Gentlemen Ushers, Charles Heneage, Esq (age 33) and the Honourable Heneage Legge (age 51); Yeoman of the Yeomen of the Guard, Charles Hancock, Esq,; and the Groom of the Robes, Captain Francis Seymour (age 51).

The second Carriage,.

Conveying the Equerry in Waiting, Lord Alfred Paget (age 23); two Pages of Honour, Charles T. Wemyss, Esq and Henry William John Byng (age 8), Esq j and the Groom in Waiting, the Honourable George Keppel.

The third Carriage,.

Conveying the Clerk Marshal, Colonel the Honourable H. E. G. Cavendish (age 50); the Vice-Chamberlain, the Earl of Belfast, G. C. H. (age 43); and the Comptroller of the Household, the Right Honourable George Stevens Byng (age 33).

The fourth Carriage,.

Conveying the Woman of the Bedchamber in Waiting, Mrs. Brand (age 60); the Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, the Earl of Ilchester (age 52); the Master of the Buck Hounds, Lord Kinaird; and the Treasurer of the Household, the Earl of Surrey (age 48).NOTEXT

The fifth Carriage,.

Conyeying the Maid of Honour in Waiting, the Honourable Caroline Cocks (age 45); the Duchess of Kent's Lady in Waiting, Lady K Howard; the Gold Stick, General Lord Hill, G. C.B., G. C. H.; and the Lord in Waiting, Viscount Torrington (age 27).

The sixth Carriage,.

Conveying the Lady of the Bedchamber in Waiting, the Countess of Sandwich (age 27); the Master of the Horse, the Earl of Albemarle, G. C.H. (age 67); the Lord Steward, the Earl of Erroll, K.T. G.C.H. (age 38); and the Lord Chamberlain, the Earl of Uxbridge (age 42).

The seventh Carriage,.

Conveying Her Most Excellent Majesty the QUEEN (age 20); Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent (age 53); and the Duchess of Sutherland, the Mistress of the Robes to Her Majesty (age 33).NOTEXT

The illustrious Personages, and others composing the Procession, then assembled in the Throneroom, and, having been called over by Garter Principal King of Arms, the Processions, moyed in the following order, to the Chapel Royal:


Drums and Trumpets.

Serjeant Trumpeter.

Master of the Ceremonies, Sir Robert Chester, Knt.

Lancaster Herald, George Frederick Beltz, Esq K.H (age 65), York Herald, Charles George Young, Esq (age 44).

The Bridegroom's Gentlemen of Honour, viz. Francis Seymour, Esq (age 26) Gen. Sir George Anson, G.C B. (age 43) George Edward Anson, Esq (age 28).

Vice-Chamberlain of Her Majesty's Household, The Earl of Belfast, G.C.H. (age 43), Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty's Household, The Earl of Uxbridge.

Continues ...

THE QUEEN. Wearing the Collar of the Order of the Garter.

Her Majesty's Train borne by the following twelve unmarried Ladies, viz.

Lady Adelaide Paget (age 20), Lady Caroline Amelia Gordon-Lennox (age 20), Lady Sarah Frederica Caroline Villiers (age 18), Lady Elizabeth Anne Georgiana Dorothea Howard (age 23), Lady Frances Elizabeth Cowper (age 20), Lady Ida Harriet Augusta Hay (age 18), Lady Elizabeth West (age 21), Lady Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Stanhope, Lady Mary Augusta Frederica Grimston (age 20), Lady Jane Harriet Bouverie (age 20), Lady Eleanora Caroline Paget (age 12), Lady Mary Charlotte Howard (age 18).NOTEXT

Assisted by the Groom of the Robes, Captain Francis Seymour (age 51).

Master of the Horse, The Earl of Albemarle, G.C.H. (age 67), Mistress of the Robes, The Duchess of Sutherland (age 33).NOTEXT

Ladies of the Bedchamber, The Marchioness of Normanby (age 41), The Duchess of Bedford (age 56), The Countess of Burlington (age 28), The Countess of Sandwich (age 27), The Baroness Portman (age 30), The Dowager Lady Lyttleton (age 52), The Lady Barham (age 25).NOTEXT

Maids of Honour, The Hon. Amelia Murray, The Hon. Harriet Pitt, The Hon. Caroline Cocks, The Hon. Henrietta Anson, The Hon. Matilda Paget, The Hon. Harriet Lister, The Hon. Sarah Mary Cavendish.

Battle of Sabraon

On 10 Feb 1846 the Battle of Sabraon was a decisive victory by the forces of the East India Company and over the army of the Sikh Empire of the Punjab.

On 10 Feb 1858 Charles Hanbury-Tracy 1st Baron Sudeley (age 79) died. His son Thomas Charles Hanbury-Tracy 2nd Baron Sudeley (age 57) succeeded 2nd Baron Sudeley of Toddington in Gloucestershire. Emma Elizabeth Alicia Dawkins-Pennant Baroness Sudeley by marriage Baroness Sudeley of Toddington in Gloucestershire.

On 10 Feb 1858 William Henry Fitzroy 6th Duke Grafton (age 38) and Marie Anne Louise Baring Duchess Grafton (age 25) were married. He the son of Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton (age 68) and Mary Caroline Berkeley Duchess Grafton (age 62). He a great x 4 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 10 Feb 1880 Henry Bruce 2nd Baron Aberdare (age 28) and Constance Mary Beckett Baroness Aberdare were married. She by marriage Baroness Aberdare of Duffryn in Glamorganshire.

On 10 Feb 1887, coincidentally the same day his father died, 10 February, Charles William Fitzgerald Fitzgerald 4th Duke Leinster (age 67) died at Carton House, Carton, Kildare, County Kildare. His son Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Duke Leinster (age 35) succeeded 5th Duke Leinster. Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe Duchess Leinster (age 22) by marriage Duchess Leinster.

On 10 Feb 1892 Henry Gerard Sturt 1st Baron Alington (age 66) and Evelyn Henrietta Leigh Baroness Alington were married. She by marriage Baroness Alington.


On 10 Feb 1894 Harold Macmillan 1st Earl Stockton was born.

On 10 Feb 1902 Ivor Churchill Guest 1st Viscount Wimborne (age 29) and Alice Katherine Sibell Grosvenor (age 21) were married.

Marriage of Princess Alice and Alexander Teck

On 10 Feb 1904 Alexander Teck 1st Earl Athlone (age 30) and Princess Alice Countess Athlone (age 20) were married at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle [Map]. She the daughter of Leopold Saxe Coburg Gotha 1st Duke Albany and Helena Waldeck Duchess Albany. They were second cousin once removed. He a great grandson of King George III of Great Britain and Ireland. She a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 10 Feb 1926 Algernon George de Vere Capell 8th Earl of Essex (age 41) and Alys Montgomery Falkiner Countess of Essex were married at the Saint Albans registry office. She by marriage Countess Essex. He the son of George Capell 7th Earl of Essex and Ellenor Harriet Maria Harford.

PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Algernon_Capell_1.jpg PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Algernon_Capell_2.jpg

On 10 Feb 1942 Bishop Nugent Hicks (age 70) died. He was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

10 Feb 1945. St Vincent's Church, Caythorpe [Map]. Memorial to those who lost their lives in an air accident whilst on a training mission on 10 Feb 1945. Avro Lancaster PB812 crashed into the old Caythorpe Railway Station with the loss of all lives.

On 10 Feb 1947 David William Anthony Blyth Macpherson 2nd Baron Strathcarron (age 23) and Valerie Cole Baroness Strathcarron were married. She by marriage Baroness Strathcarron of Banchor in Invernessshire. The marriage was annulled by the end of the year. Note the National Portrait Gallery has a photo with Valerie Cole Baroness Strathcarron taken on 16 Mar 1939 so the date of this marriage may be incorrect.

On 10 Feb 1965 Kenelm Edgcumbe 6th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (age 91) died. His nephew Edward (age 62) succeeded 7th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.