On this Day in History ... 13 September

13 Sep is in September.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1666 Great Plague of London

1705 Siege of Barcelona

On 13 Sep 1215 Henry de Loundres Archbishop of Dublin was appointed Dean of St Michael's Church Penkridge [Map] by King John "Lackland" of England (age 48). From that time until the recently the Archbishop of Dublin has always been Dean of St Michael's Church Penkridge [Map].

On 13 Sep 1321 Edmund Butler 1st Earl Carrick (age 53) died.

On 13 Sep 1366 Walter Leslie Earl of Ross and Euphemia 6th Countess of Ross were married. She the daughter of William 5th Earl Ross.

On 13 Sep 1370 Simon Fleming 1st Baron Slane (age 52) died. His son Thomas Fleming 2nd Baron Slane (age 12) succeeded 2nd Baron Slane.

On 13 Sep 1438 Edward "The Philosopher" I King Portugal (age 46) died. His son Alfonso "The African" V King Portugal (age 6) succeeded V King Portugal: Aviz.

On 13 Sep 1488 Charles Bourbon Archbishop Lyons (age 54) died.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 13 Sep 1535. 358. Hears that the sickness in London rather increases .... Will, therefore, stay at Old Ford, beside Stratford. Two only of the commissions for the spiritualty have come to his hands. Asks him to find out whether the King will prorogue the Parliament and adjourn the term till Hallowmas, or prorogue Parliament, as it was last, till Feb. 4.

On 13 Sep 1544 Archbishop Edward Lee (age 62) died.

On 13 Sep 1548 Maximilian Habsburg Spain II Holy Roman Emperor (age 21) and Maria of Spain Holy Roman Empress (age 20) were married. She the daughter of Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (age 48) and Isabel Aviz Queen Consort Spain. He the son of Ferdinand I Holy Roman Emperor (age 45) and Anne Jagiellon Holy Roman Empress. They were first cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.


On 13 Sep 1588 Edward Vaux 4th Baron Vaux Harrowden was born to George Vaux (age 23) and Elizabeth Roper.

On 13 Sep 1598 Philip "The Prudent" II King Spain (age 71) died. His son Philip III King Spain (age 20) succeeded III King Spain.


Evelyn's Diary. 13 Sep 1649. The King (age 19) invited the Prince of Condé (age 28) to supper at St. Cloud; there I kissed the Duke of York's (age 15) hand in the tennis court, where I saw a famous match between Monsieur Saumeurs and Colonel Cooke, and so returned to Paris. It was noised about that I was knighted, a dignity I often declined.


On 13 Sep 1650 Ferdinand Wittelsbach Archbishop Cologne (age 72) died.


Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 13 Sep 1666. Up, and down to Tower Wharfe [Map]; and there, with Batty and labourers from Deptford [Map], did get my goods housed well at home. So down to Deptford [Map] again to fetch the rest, and there eat a bit of dinner at the Globe, with the master of the Bezan with me, while the labourers went to dinner. Here I hear that this poor towne do bury still of the plague seven or eight in a day.

Evelyn's Diary. 13 Sep 1666. I presented his Majesty (age 36) with a survey of the ruins, and a plot for a new city, with a discourse on it; whereupon, after dinner, his Majesty (age 36) sent for me into the Queen's (age 27) bed-chamber, her Majesty (age 27) and the Duke (age 32) only being present. They examined each particular, and discoursed on them for near an hour, seeming to be extremely pleased with what I had so early thought on. The Queen (age 27) was now in her cavalier riding-habit, hat and feather, and horseman's coat, going to take the air.

Evelyn's Diary. 13 Sep 1679. To Windsor [Map], to congratulate his Majesty (age 49) on his recovery; I kissed the Duke's (age 45) hand, now lately returned from Flanders to visit his brother the King (age 49), on which there were various bold and foolish discourses, the Duke of Monmouth (age 30) being sent away.


Siege of Barcelona

Between 14 Sep 1705 and 19 Oct 1705 a multinational Grand Alliance army led by Lord Peterborough (age 47) captured the city of Barcelona from its Spanish defenders, most of whom then joined the Grand Aliance army.

On 13 Sep 1705 Prince George of Hesse Darmstadt (age 36) was killed.


On 13 Sep 1731 John Bellew 4th Baron Bellew (age 29) and Anne Maxwell Baroness Bellew were married. Anne Maxwell Baroness Bellew by marriage Baroness Bellew of Duleek.

On 13 Sep 1731 George Onslow 1st Earl Onslow was born to Arthur Onslow (age 39).


On 13 Sep 1745 Francis I Holy Roman Emperor (age 36) succeeded I Holy Roman Emperor. Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress (age 28) by marriage Holy Roman Empress.

On 13 Sep 1758 Frederick Keppel Bishop of Exeter (age 30) and Laura Walpole were married. He the son of William Anne Keppel 2nd Earl Albermarle and Anne Lennox Countess Albermarle (age 55). He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Walpole_Children.jpg PAINTINGS/COTES/Laura_Walpole.png
PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Anne_Countess_Northampton.png PAINTINGS/LIOTARD/Anne_Somerset.png

On 13 Sep 1764 Richard Edgecumbe 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe was born to George Edgecumbe 1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (age 44) and Emma Gilbert Countess Mount Edgcumbe.

On 13 Sep 1768 Vere Bertie (age 56) died. He was buried at All Saints' Church, Branston [Map].

Vere Bertie: Around 1712 he was born to Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven (age 51) and Albinia Farington Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven. On 19 Mar 1729 Vere Bertie (age 17) was commissioned an ensign in the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards. He retired in Jul 1737. On 13 Sep 1736 or 04 Oct 1736 Vere Bertie (age 24) and Ann Casey were married. They had two sons, who died young, and two daughters. He the son of Robert Bertie 1st Duke Ancaster and Kesteven and Albinia Farington Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven. In 1741 Vere Bertie (age 29) was elected MP Boston.

On 13 Sep 1812 James Jones was born to Charles Jones (age 38).

On 13 Sep 1836 Charlotte Fitzgerald 1st Baroness Rayleigh (age 78) died. Her son John James Strutt 2nd Baron Rayleigh (age 40) succeeded 2nd Baron Rayleigh of Terling Place in Essex.


On 13 Sep 1846 Bishop William Carey (age 76) died at his home in Portland Place, Marylebone. He was buried at St Asaph Cathedral where he has a memoral.

Minninglow. We spent the 13th of September [1851] in excavating at the large chambered barrow at Minninglow [Map], where we cleared out a very large and perfect megalithic chamber, on the south side, which had previously escaped a close examination at our hands, though it had evidently been explored before; as we found only one or two pieces of ancient human bone, and many animal bones of recent date. The plan shews the arrangement of the stones forming the chamber, with the interior dimensions, excepting the height, which is rather more than five feet; the largest capstone is about seven feet square.

There are several imperfect cists in the same barrow, and one of similar structure to the present, in the centre, which yet remains perfect, and is covered in by a capstone. At the west side of the mound we found two small brass coins of Constantino, jun., with the common reverse of two soldiers with standards - legend, GLORIA EXERCITVS, - which lay just below the turf, and numerous pieces of Romano-British pottery, which may be accounted for by the following extract from the MS. Diary of White Watson, F.L.S., of Bakewell, the friend and associate of many scientific men and antiquaries of the last century. Under a drawing of two urns similar to Roman ollæ in shape: - "1784, April 20th. Drawing of the fragments of two urns, found in a barrow at Minninglow, by Mi. C. Taylor, Stanton." "Time was, these ashes lived; A time must be. When others thus may stand And look on thee."

After 13 Sep 1852. Church of St Mary East Raynham [Map]. Memorial to Lt General William Francis Bentinck Loftus (deceased) and Major Henry Loftus (age 29).

Lt General William Francis Bentinck Loftus: Around 1783 he was born to General William Loftus (age 31) and Margaret King. On 13 Sep 1852 Lt General William Francis Bentinck Loftus (age 69) died.

Major Henry Loftus: Around 1823 he was born to Lt General William Francis Bentinck Loftus (age 40). On 22 Nov 1862 Major Henry Loftus (age 39) died at Murree, India.

On 13 Sep 1857 Henry David Erskine 12th Earl of Buchan (age 74) died. His son David Stuart Erskine 13th Earl of Buchan (age 41) succeeded 13th Earl Buchan.

On 13 Sep 1867 Wilfred William Ashley 1st Baron Mount Temple was born to Evelyn Melbourne Ashley-Cooper (age 31) and Sybella Charlotte Farquhar.

On 13 Sep 1962 Hubert William Ponsonby 5th Baron de Mauley (age 84) died.

On 13 Sep 1964 Fitzroy Somerset 4th Baron Raglan (age 79) died.