On this Day in History ... 15 September

15 Sep is in September.

1189 Richard I Appoints his Bishops

1397 Battle of Otterburn

1408 Battle of Île de Bréhat

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1648 Treaty of Newport

1916 Battle of Flers-Courcelette

1916 Battle of the Somme

On 15 Sep 1054 García III King Pamplona (age 42) died in Barcelona. His son Sancho "Noble" IV King Pamplona succeeded IV King Pamplona.

Richard I Appoints his Bishops

On 15 Sep 1189 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 32) held a Council meeting at Pipewell [Map] at which he appointed a number of Bishops:

Bishop William Longchamp was elected Bishop of Ely.

Bishop Godfrey Lucy was elected Bishop of Winchester.

Bishop Richard Fitzneal (age 59) was elected Bishop of London.

Archbishop Hubert Walter (age 29) was elected Bishop of Salisbury.

On 15 Sep 1231 Louis Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria (age 57) was murdered. His son Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria (age 25) succeeded II Duke Bavaria.

Before 15 Sep 1317 William Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Mortimer (age 52) and Alice Tosny Countess Warwick (age 33) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

After 15 Sep 1317 William Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Mortimer (age 52) and Eleanor Clare Baroness Zouche Mortimer (age 24) were married. The difference in their ages was 27 years. She the daughter of Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester 6th Earl Hertford and Joan of Acre Countess Gloucester and Hertford. She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 15 Sep 1375 John Mohun 2nd Baron Mohun of Dunster (age 55) died. Since he had no male issue the title Baron Mohun of Dunster went into abeyance between his three daughters. Elizabeth Mohun Countess of Salisbury had one child who died in 1397. Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York (age 8) didn't have issue. Maud Mohun Baroness Strange Knockin (age 18) had one son Richard Strange 3rd Baron Dunster 7th Baron Strange Knockin who succeeded as 3rd Baron Mohun of Dunster on the death of his aunt Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York (age 8).

Battle of Otterburn

On 15 Sep 1397 Ralph Percy (age 38) was killed in the Battle of Otterburn or he was captured then executed.

Battle of Île de Bréhat

On 15 Sep 1500 Cardinal John Morton (age 80) died at Knole House.

Before 15 Sep 1512 John Stewart 1st Earl Atholl (age 72) died. He was buried at Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld. His son John Stewart 2nd Earl Atholl (age 37) succeeded 2nd Earl Atholl 8C 1457. Janet Campbell Countess Atholl by marriage Countess Atholl.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 15 Sep 1535. R. O. St. P. I. 448. 370. Sir Thomas Audeley, Chancellor, to Cromwell.

Has received the King's letters, dated the 13th inst., for writs to be made to all sheriffs to notify the prorogation of Parliament to 4 Feb. Will use diligence. Audeley, the Speaker, and some others, must assemble in the Houses 3 Nov. next, to prorogue the same. Is glad of the adjournment of the term, considering the increase of sickness in the city. His advice, since the King desires it, is that Parliament be prorogued till 4 Feb., and the term till Crastino Animarum, by which time, by coldness of the weather, the plague should cease; if not, it may then be prorogued till Hilary Term. To adjourn the whole term suddenly would be prejudicial. One justice must sit in every Court on the first day of the term to receive the King's writ for the adjournment. Asks whether the Exchequer shall be adjourned with the rest, and advises that all should be adjourned together.

The new sheriffs of London have granted Audeley the nomination of under-sheriff of Middlesex. Hears Cromwell has since written to the sheriffs for the same; and reminds him that last year he (Audeley) had such a grant, but abstained from using it, when Cromwell promised not to interrupt him again. Has few advancements for his servants, Cromwell has many; begs he may enjoy the grant. Humble commendations to the King and Queen. Old Forde, 15 Sept. Signed.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1561. The sam day the Quen('s) (age 28) grace removyd from Hatford castyll [Map] in Hatford-shyre unto Enfeld [Map] within x mylle of London.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

Henry Machyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1561. The xv day of September tydynges cam to London [that] the kynge of Sweythland (age 27) was landyd in the North at ...., and yt be truw as the sayng was then.

On 15 Sep 1574 Margaret Valois Duchess Berry and Savoy (age 51) died.


On 15 Sep 1643 Richard Boyle 1st Earl Cork (age 76) died. His son Richard Boyle 2nd Earl Cork 1st Earl Burlington (age 30) succeeded 2nd Earl Cork.


Treaty of Newport

Between 15 Sep 1648 and 27 Nov 1648 the Treaty of Newport attempted to reconcile King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 47) (who was imprisoned at nearby Carisbrooke Castle [Map]) with Parliament. Denzil Holles 1st Baron Holles (age 48) and Henry Vane "The Younger" (age 35) represented Parliament. James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde (age 37) represented King Charles. The Treaty eventually came to nothing.

Parliament was also represented by John Crew 1st Baron Crew (age 50), John Glynne Judge (age 46), Nathaniel Fiennes (age 40), William Pierrepont of Thoresby (age 40), Algernon Percy 10th Earl of Northumberland (age 45), William Fiennes 1st Viscount Saye and Sele (age 66), Philip Herbert 4th Earl Pembroke 1st Earl Montgomery (age 63), William Cecil 2nd Earl Salisbury (age 57), James Cranfield 2nd Earl Middlesex (age 27) and Thomas Wenman 2nd Viscount Wenman (age 52).

Evelyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1651. I accompanied Sir Richard Browne (age 46), my father-in-law, to the French Court, when he had a favorable audience of the French King (age 13), and the Queen (age 49), his mother; congratulating the one on his coming to the exercise of his royal charge, and the other's prudent and happy administration during her late regency, desiring both to preserve the same amity for his master, our King, as they had hitherto done, which they both promised, with many civil expressions and words of course upon such occasions. We were accompanied both going and returning by the Introductor of Ambassadors and Aid of Ceremonies. I also saw the audience of Morosini, the Ambassador of Venice, and divers other Ministers of State from German Princes, Savoy, etc. Afterward I took a walk in the King's gardens, where I observed that the mall goes the whole square there of next the wall, and bends with an angle so made as to glance the wall; the angle is of stone. There is a basin at the end of the garden fed by a noble fountain and high jetto. There were in it two or three boats, in which the King now and then rows about. In another part is a complete fort, made with bastions, graft, half-moons, ravelins, and furnished with great guns cast on purpose to instruct the King in fortification.

PAINTINGS/LELY/George_Villiers.png PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Mary_Fairfax.jpg

On 15 Sep 1665 John Paulett 2nd Baron Paulett (age 50) died. His son John Paulett 3rd Baron Paulett (age 24) succeeded 3rd Baron Poulett. Essex Popham Baroness Poulett (age 23) by marriage Baroness Poulett.

On 15 Sep 1667 Edgar Stewart 1st Duke Cambridge was born to James Duke of York (age 33) and Anne Hyde Duchess of York (age 30).


Evelyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1685. I accompanied Mr. Pepys (age 52) to Portsmouth [Map], whither his Ma* (age 51) was going the first time since his coming to the Crowne, to see in what state the fortifications were. We tooke coach and six horses, late after dinner, yet got to Bagshot that night. Whilst supper was making ready I went and made a visit to Mrs. Graham (age 34), some time maid of honour to ye Queene Dowager (age 46), now wife to James Graham, Esq (age 36) of the privy purse to the King; her house being a walke in the forest, within a little quarter of a mile from Bagshot towne. Very importunate she was that I would sup, and abide there that night, but being obliged by my companion, I return'd to our inn, after she had shew'd me her house, wch was very commodious and well furnish'd, as she was an excellent housewife, a prudent and virtuous lady. There is a parke full of red deere about it. Her eldest son was now sick there of the small-pox, but in a likely way of recovery, and other of her children run about, and among the infected, wnh she said she let them do on purpose that they might whilst young pass that fatal disease she fancied they were to undergo one time or other, and that this would be the best: the severity of this cruell disease so lately in my poore family confirming much of what she affirmed.NOTEXT


Evelyn's Diary. 15 Sep 1692. There happened an earthquake, which, though not so great as to do any harm in England, was universal in all these parts of Europe. It shook the house at Wotton, but was not perceived by any save a servant or two, who were making my bed, and another in a garret. I and the rest being at dinner below in the parlor, were not sensible of it. The dreadful one in Jamaica this summer was profanely and ludicrously represented in a puppet play, or some such lewd pastime, in the fair of Southwark [Map], which caused the Queen (age 30) to put down that idle and vicious mock show.


On 15 Sep 1701 John Germain 1st Baronet (age 51) and Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk (age 42) were married. She by marriage Lady Germain of Westminster. She the daughter of Henry Mordaunt 2nd Earl Peterborough and Penelope O'Brien Countess Peterborough (age 79).

On 15 Sep 1707 Christopher Wandesford 1st Viscount Castlecomer (age 51) died. His son Christopher Wandesford 2nd Viscount Castlecomer (age 23) succeeded 2nd Viscount Castlecomer, 2nd Baron Wandesford, 3rd Baronet Wandesford of Kirklington.

PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Francis_Godolphin.jpg PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/Francis_Godolphin.jpg

On 15 Sep 1743 David Erskine 9th Earl Buchan (age 71) and Isabella Blackett Countess Buchan (age 52) were married. She by marriage Countess Buchan.

PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Isabella_Blackett2.jpg PAINTINGS/SEEMAN/Isabella_Blackett.jpg

On 15 Sep 1791 George Spencer-Churchill 5th Duke Marlborough (age 25) and Susan Stewart Duchess Marlborough (age 24) were married. She the daughter of John Stewart 7th Earl Galloway (age 55) and Anne Dashwood Countess Galloway (age 48). He the son of George Spencer 4th Duke Marlborough (age 52) and Caroline Russell Duchess Marlborough (age 48).

On 15 Sep 1794 Thomas Anson 1st Viscount Anson (age 27) and Anne Margaret Coke Viscountess Anson (age 15) were married at St Withburga's Church, Holkham [Map]. She the daughter of Thomas Coke 1st Earl of Leicester (age 40) and Jane Dutton (age 40).


The London Gazette 18851. Whitehall, September 15, 1831.

The King (age 66) has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, granting the dignity of a Baronet of the said United Kindom to the following Gentlemen, and the respective heirs male of their bodies lawfully begotten, viz.

Lieutenant-General John Slade (age 68).

Lieutenant-General Sir William Anson (age 59), of Birchhall, in the county palatine of Lancaster, K. C. B. [Note. Louisa Frances Mary Dickenson Lady Anson by marriage Lady Anson of Birch Hall in Lancashire.]

Lieutenant-General Kenneth Mackenzie, of Glenbervie, in the county.of Kincardine.

Vice-Admiral Sir Robert Waller Otway (age 61), of Brighthelmstone, in the county of Sussex, K. C. B. [Note. Clementia Holloway Lady Otway (age 49) by marriage Lady Otway of Brighthelmstone in Sussex.]

Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell, G.C. B. and Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick.

Augustus John Foster, of Stone-house, in the county of Loath, Esq. His Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of Sardinia.

Sir James McGregor, of Campden-hill, in the county of Middlesex, M. D. Director-General of the Army Medical Department.

Robert Way Harty, of Prospect-house, Roebuck, in the county of Dublin, Esq. Lord Mayor of Dublin.

Colonel John Thomas Jones, of Cranmer-hall, in the county of Norfolk.

Robert Greenhill Russell, of Checquers-court, in the county of Buckingham, Esq.

William Chaytor, of Croft, in the county of York, and of Witton-castle, in the county of Durham, Esq.

William Wrixon Becher, of Ballygiblin, in the county of Cork, Esq.

Joseph Birch, of the Hazles, in the county palatine of Lancaster, Esq.

Robert Campbell, of Carrick Buoy, in the county of Donegal!, Esq.

Wilfrid Lawson (age 35), of Brayton-house, in the county of Cumberland, Esq. [Note. Caroline Graham Lady Lawson (age 38) by marriage Lady Lawson of Brayton House in Cumberland.]

John Nugent Humble, of Cloncoskoran, in the county of Waterford, Esq.

James Martin Lloyd, of Lancing, in the county of Sussex, Esq.

James Gibson Craig, of Riccaiton, in the county of Mid-Lothian, Esq.

Joseph Barrington, of the city of Limerick, Esq.

Theodore Henry Lavington Broadhead (age 33), of Burton, or Monk-Bretton, in the county of York, Esq. [Note. Charlotte Osborne Lady Broadhead by marriage Lady Broadhead aka Brinckman of Burton or Monk-Bretton in Yorkshire.]

John Colman Rashleigh, of Prideaux, in the county of Cornwall, Esq.

J Campbell, of Barcaldine, in the county of Argyll, Esq.

Percy Fitzgerald Nugent, of Donore, in the county of Westmeath, Esq.

John James Garbett Walsham, of Knill-court, in the county of Hereford, Esq.

William Heygate, of Southend, in the county of Essex, Esq. one of the Aldermen of the city of London.

Thomas McKenny, Esq. one of the Aldermen of the city of Dublin.

Henry Meux, of Theobald's-park, in the county of Hertford, Esq.

Charles Mansfield Clarke, of Dunham-lodge, in the county of Norfolk, M. D. one of the Physicians in Ordinary to Her Majesty.

PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/John_Cust.jpg PAINTINGS/SHEE/John_Cust.jpg PAINTINGS/GRANT/John_William_Egerton_Cust.png

Richard Brownlow 2nd Baronet: Before 1643 he was born to William Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 47) and Elizabeth Duncombe (age 40). Before 26 Jun 1659 Richard Brownlow 2nd Baronet (age 16) and Elizabeth Freke Lady Brownlow (age 26) were married. In 1666 William Brownlow 1st Baronet (age 71) died. His son Richard Brownlow 2nd Baronet (age 23) succeeded 2nd Baronet Brownlow of Humby in Lincolnshire. Elizabeth Freke Lady Brownlow (age 33) by marriage Lady Brownlow of Humby in Lincolnshire.

On 15 Sep 1884 Gilbert Henry Chandos Leigh (age 33) died in a hunting accident on a shooting expedition in the Big Horn Mountains Wyoming. Monument in Church of the Virgin Mary Stoneleigh [Map] sculpted by Edwardo Orlandini.

Gilbert Henry Chandos Leigh: On 01 Sep 1851 he was born to William Henry Leigh 2nd Baron Leigh (age 27) and Caroline Amelia Grosvenor Baroness Leigh (age 23).

On 15 Sep 1909 Edward Marjoribanks 2nd Baron Tweedmouth (age 60) died. His son Dudley Marjoribanks 3rd Baron Tweedmouth (age 35) succeeded 2nd Baron Tweedmouth of Edington in Berwickshire.

On 15 Sep 1913 Thomas Percy Tuchet-Jesson was born to Thomas Touchet-Jesson (age 34).

Battle of the Somme

On 15 Sep 1916 Lt Colonel Arthur Paston Mack (age 53) was killed in action at the Battle of the Somme. Memorial at St Margaret's Church Paston [Map].

Lt Colonel Arthur Paston Mack: On 22 Jan 1863 he was born to John Mack of Paston Hall (age 64).

Battle of Flers-Courcelette

On 15 Sep 1916 Charles William Reginald Duncombe 2nd Earl Feversham (age 37) was killed in action at Flers-Courcelette, Somme during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette. His son Charles Duncombe 3rd Earl Feversham (age 9) succeeded 3rd Earl Feversham 3C 1868, 5th Baron Feversham Duncombe Park in Yorkshire.

On 15 Sep 1929 John Julius Cooper 2nd Viscount Norwich was born to Alfred Duff Cooper 1st Viscount Norwich (age 39) and Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners Viscountess Norwich (age 37).

On 15 Sep 1932 William Craven 5th Earl Craven (age 35) died of peritonitis at Pau, France. His son William Craven 6th Earl Craven (age 15) succeeded 6th Earl Craven in Yorkshire 2C 1801, 6th Viscount Uffington, 12th Baron Craven of Hamstead Marshall in Berkshire.

15 Sep 1938. A Page from the Visitors Book, Commemorating the Royal Visit of King George VI (age 42) to St Michael's Church, Coxwold [Map] with signatures of the King, top, and Captain Victor Malcolm Wombwell (age 45), bottom.

Captain Victor Malcolm Wombwell: On 28 Apr 1893 he was born to William Dudgeon Graham Menzies and Cecilia Clementia Wombwell (age 28). On 17 Feb 1920 Captain Victor Malcolm Wombwell (age 26) and Sybil Rose Neumann Baroness Grimston were married. This marriage was annulled in 1921. In Oct 1942 Captain Victor Malcolm Wombwell (age 49) and Eileen Beryl Tilley (age 34) were married. On 08 Jun 1986 Captain Victor Malcolm Wombwell (age 93) died.

On 15 Sep 1943 Norton Knatchbull 6th Baron Brabourne (age 21)was executed by the SS in Bronzolo after having attempted to escape whilst on his way to captivity. He was buried in Padua War Cemetery. His brother John Knatchbull 7th Baron Brabourne (age 18) succeeded 7th Baron Bradbourne, 16th Baronet Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch in Kent.

On 15 Sep 1952 Very Reverend Frederic Athelwold Iremonger (age 74) died. Memorial in Winchester Cathedral [Map] sculpted by Bertram Mckennal.

Very Reverend Frederic Athelwold Iremonger: On 08 Jul 1878 he was born to William Henry Iremonger (age 33) and Mary Sophia Iremonger.

On 15 Sep 1954 Peter Griffiths Earl Loudon (age 30) and Barbara Abney-Hastings 13th Countess of Loudoun (age 35) were married. She the daughter of Reginald Mowbray Chichester Huddleston (age 60) and Edith Maud Rawdon-Hastings 12th Countess Loudon (age 71).

On 15 Sep 1954 Frederick William John Augustus Hervey 7th Marquess Bristol was born to Victor Hervey 6th Marquess Bristol (age 38) and Pauline Mary Bolton.

On 15 Sep 1972 Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher (age 85) died.

On 15 Sep 1973 Gustaf Adolph VI King Sweden (age 90) died. His grandson Carl XVI King Sweden (age 27) succeeded XVI King Sweden. Silvia Sommerlath Queen Consort Sweden by marriage Queen Consort Sweden.

On 15 Sep 1979 Richard Bridgeman 7th Earl of Bradford (age 31) and Joanne Elizabeth Miller Countess Bradford were married. He the son of Gerald Bridgeman 6th Earl of Bradford (age 67) and Mary Willoughby Montgomery Countess Bradford.