On this Day in History ... 17 January

17 Jan is in January.

1469 Execution of Warwick's Supporters

1537 Bigod's Rebellion

1559 Coronation of Elizabeth I

1668 Buckingham Shrewsbury Duel

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

On 17 Jan 1168 Thierry Metz Count Flanders (age 69) died.

On 17 Jan 1400 Bryan Cornwall 4th Baron Burford (age 44) died at Burford [Map]. His brother Richard Cornwall 5th Baron Burford (age 39) succeeded 5th Baron Burford.

After 17 Jan 1425. Monument in Church of St Oswald, Methley [Map] to Henry Savile.

Henry Savile: On 17 Sep 1763 he was born to John Savile 1st Earl Mexborough (age 43) and Sarah Delaval Countess Mexborough (age 21). In 1828 Henry Savile (age 64) died.

After 17 Jan 1425. Monument in Church of St Oswald, Methley [Map] to Robert Waterton Constable (deceased) and Cecily Fleming.

York School of Carving. Crocketed arch. He in Early Plate Bascinet Period armour. Large Orle highly decorated with head resting on great helm with feathered crest. Beard with spiral twists. Collar Esses and Crowns Alternating. Misericorde. Hip Belt with decorated buckle. She wearing a squared crespine headress and small Esses Collar. Chest with Angels with Rounded Wings holding Shields. Chunky Lions Mane.

Robert Waterton Constable: Around 1360 he was born to John Waterton and Joan Mauley. Before 1398 Robert Waterton Constable (age 38) and Cecily Fleming were married. In 1399 Robert Waterton Constable (age 39) was appointed Constable of Pontefract Castle. In Jan 1400 he was given custody of King Richard II of England (age 31) who died shortly thereafter. On 20 Nov 1399 Robert Waterton Constable (age 39) was appointed Master of the Horse to the newly crowned Henry IV King England (age 32). In or before 1422 Robert Waterton Constable (age 62) and Margaret Clarell Lady of the Garter (age 24) were married. The difference in their ages was 37 years. On 17 Jan 1425 Robert Waterton Constable (age 65) died.

Cecily Fleming: She was born to Robert Fleming of Woodhall.

On 17 Jan 1458 Louis I Landgrave of Hesse (age 55) died. His son Louis II Landgrave of Hesse (age 19) succeeded I Landgrave Hesse.

Execution of Warwick's Supporters

On 17 Jan 1469 Warwick's supporters were executed in Salisbury Marketplace [Map] in the presence of King Edward IV of England (age 26):

Thomas Hungerford was beheaded. His father Robert Hungerford 3rd Baron Hungerford 1st Baron Moleyns had been executed five years previously after the Battle of Hexham.

Henry Courtenay was beheaded.

Bigod's Rebellion

On 17 Jan 1537 Thomas Darcy 1st Baron Darcy Templehurst (age 70) wrote to Robert Aske (age 37) and Robert Constable (age 59) ... Of Sir Fras Bigod (age 29) I heard, this day at dinner, as you wrote; and more, that Hallum was taken at Hull yesterday with a letter in his purse from Sir Francis Bigod (age 29) promising that he and all the West Base Countries would rise and come forward. This day with my servant, Alan Gefreyson, I sent you my news which are of such bruits, rages, and furies as the like I have not read nor heard of. I sent to my cousin Ellerker and Whartton for the premises concerning Hull. My advice is that you stay the people till the coming of my lord of Norfolk (age 64), which, I hear, shall be shortly, and all the gentlemen that is above of the North with him. He brings gracious answers of the Parliament and petitions. Good Mr. Aske, where you write desiring me to stay my quarters; there has yet been no stir in my rooms and lands, but what was caused by other wild countries and dales. I shall do my duty, and play my part therein, though I lie in my bed. I hear my lord of Cumberland is likely to have business for two prisoners he keeps.NOTEXT

Coronation of Elizabeth I

Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Jan 1559. The xvij day of January was tornayhyng at the barears at Whythalle.

On 17 Jan 1625 Henry Sacheverell (age 59) died. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church Ratcliffe on Soar [Map].

Dutch School mural monument with his three wives (Marie Giddings wearing Bongrace, Elizabeth Copley and Lucie Boughton) above and he recumbent. Below effigies of children including Chrisom Child. Possibly Jasper Hollemans or Nicholas Stone (age 38).


Buckingham Shrewsbury Duel

Pepy's Diary. 17 Jan 1668. Up, and by coach to White Hall to attend the Council there, and here I met first by Mr. Castle (age 39) the shipwright, whom I met there, and then from the whole house the discourse of the duell yesterday between the Duke of Buckingham (age 39), Holmes, and one Jenkins, on one side, and my Lord of Shrewsbury (age 45), Sir John Talbot (age 37), and one Bernard Howard (age 27), on the other side: and all about my Lady Shrewsbury (age 25)1, who is a whore, and is at this time, and hath for a great while been, a whore to the Duke of Buckingham (age 39). And so her husband (age 45) challenged him, and they met yesterday in a close near Barne-Elmes, and there fought: and my Lord Shrewsbury (age 45) is run through the body, from the right breast through the shoulder: and Sir John Talbot (age 37) all along up one of his armes; and Jenkins killed upon the place, and the rest all, in a little measure, wounded. This will make the world think that the King (age 37) hath good councillors about him, when the Duke of Buckingham (age 39), the greatest man about him, is a fellow of no more sobriety than to fight about a whore. And this may prove a very bad accident to the Duke of Buckingham (age 39), but that my Baroness Castlemayne (age 27) do rule all at this time as much as ever she did, and she will, it is believed, keep all matters well with the Duke of Buckingham (age 39): though this is a time that the King (age 37) will be very backward, I suppose, to appear in such a business. And it is pretty to hear how the King (age 37) had some notice of this challenge a week or two ago, and did give it to my Lord Generall (age 59) to confine the Duke (age 39), or take security that he should not do any such thing as fight: and the Generall trusted to the King (age 37) that he, sending for him, would do it, and the King (age 37) trusted to the Generall; and so, between both, as everything else of the greatest moment do, do fall between two stools. The whole House full of nothing but the talk of this business; and it is said that my Lord Shrewsbury's (age 45) case is to be feared, that he may die too; and that may make it much the worse for the Duke of Buckingham (age 39): and I shall not be much sorry for it, that we may have some sober man come in his room to assist in the Government. Here I waited till the Council rose, and talked the while, with Creed, who tells me of Mr. Harry Howard's' (age 39) giving the Royal Society a piece of ground next to his house, to build a College on, which is a most generous act. And he tells me he is a very fine person, and understands and speaks well; and no rigid Papist neither, but one that would not have a Protestant servant leave his religion, which he was going to do, thinking to recommend himself to his master by it; saying that he had rather have an honest Protestant than a knavish Catholique. I was not called into the Council; and, therefore, home, first informing myself that my Lord Hinchingbrooke (age 20) hath been married this week to my Lord Burlington's (age 55) daughter (age 23); so that that great business is over; and I mighty glad of it, though I am not satisfied that I have not a Favour sent me, as I see Attorney Montagu (age 50) and the Vice-Chamberlain have (age 58). But I am mighty glad that the thing is done.NOTEXT

Note 1. Anna Maria (age 25), daughter of Robert Brudenel, second Earl of Cardigan (age 60). Walpole says she held the Duke of Buckingham's (age 39) horse, in the habit of a page, while he was fighting the duel with her husband. She married, secondly, George Rodney Bridges, son of Sir Thomas Bridges of Keynsham, Somerset (age 51), Groom of the Bedchamber to Charles IL, and died April 20th, 1702. A portrait of the Countess of Shrewsbury, as Minerva, by Lely.

On 17 Jan 1695 Edward Seymour 8th Duke Somerset was born to Edward Seymour 5th Baronet (age 34) and Laetitia Popham Baroness Seymour (age 35). He was christened the same day at Easton Royal, Wiltshire.

1696 Plot to Assassinate King William III

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Jan 1697. The severe frost and weather relented, but again froze with snow. Conspiracies continue against King William. Sir John Fenwick (age 52) was beheaded..

On 17 Jan 1709 Margaret Rolle Countess Orford was born to Samuel Rolle.

On 17 Jan 1718 John Maitland 7th Earl Lauderdale was born to Charles Maitland 6th Earl Lauderdale (age 30) and Elizabeth Ogilvy Countess Lauderdale (age 25).


On 17 Jan 1732 St Andrew St John was born to John St John 11th Baron St John Bletso (age 44) at Bletsoe.

PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/George_Byng.jpgBefore 17 Jan 1733. Joseph Highmore (age 40). Portrait of George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington (age 69).

George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington: On 27 Jan 1663 he was born. 11 Aug 1718. The Battle of Cape Passaro, aka the Battle of Avola and the Battle of Syracuse, was a major naval battle fought on between a fleet of the British Royal Navy under Admiral Sir George Byng (age 55) and a fleet of the Spanish Navy under Rear-Admiral Antonio de Gaztañeta. The British fleet secured a decisive victory. Calendars. 02 Sep 1718. Royal sign manual for 1,000l. to Paty Byng, Esq.: without account: as a mark of royal favour in consideration of his service in bringing letters from our Admiral Sir George Byng (age 55) with a particular account of the engagement [1718 Battle of Cape Passaro] with the Spanish Fleet off Cape Passaro the 31st July last. (Money warrant dated Sept. 3 hereon.) (Money order dated Sept. 3 hereon.) (Letter of direction dated Sept. 5 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XXIX, p. 104. Order Book X, p. 157. Disposition Book XXIV, p. 147. On 21 Sep 1721 George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington (age 58) was created 1st Viscount Torrington. On 17 Jan 1733 George Byng 1st Viscount Torrington (age 69) died. His son Pattee Byng 2nd Viscount Torrington (age 33) succeeded 2nd Viscount Torrington. Charlotte Montagu Viscountess Torrington (age 28) by marriage Viscountess Torrington.


On 17 Jan 1764 Hamilton Boyle 6th Earl Cork (age 33) died. His brother Edmund Boyle 7th Earl Cork (age 21) succeeded 7th Earl Cork.

PAINTINGS/RICHARDSON/Francis_Godolphin.jpg PAINTINGS/HIGHMORE/Francis_Godolphin.jpg

On 17 Jan 1771 Bishop Brownlow North (age 29) and Henrietta Maria Bannister (age 21) were married. He the son of Francis North 1st Earl Guildford (age 66) and Elizabeth Kaye Baroness North Baroness Guildford.


On 17 Jan 1788 Bishop John Lonsdale was born to John Lonsdale (age 51) and Elizabeth Steer. He was educated at Eton College [Map] and King's College, Cambridge University [Map].

After 17 Jan 1798. St Helen's Church Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire [Map]. Monument to Thomas Kirkland (deceased).

Thomas Kirkland: In 1721 he was born at Ashbourne. On 18 Jan 1760 Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers (age 39) shot his old family steward Johnson at Staunton Harold Hall Staunton Harold, Leicestershire. Thomas Kirkland (age 39) was called to attend the steward. He subsequently left the house covertly, brought a magistrate with armed men, and removed the wounded steward, Johnson, who soon died. In Apr 1760 Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers (age 39) was tried by his peers; Thomas Kirkland (age 39) was a witness. Laurence Shirley 4th Earl Ferrers (age 39) was found guilty. On 17 Jan 1798 Thomas Kirkland (age 77) died.

On 17 Jan 1838 Charles Long 1st Baron Farnborough (age 78) died.


Ten Years' Digging 1848. January 17th. - A molar tooth from the lower jaw of a horse, and a piece of white flint, were found in the rubbish that had fallen out of the cist the day before. The cist itself was removed and re-erected in conformity with its original plan, in the garden at Lomberdale House [Map], where it now remains.

The articles found in Gib Hill in 1824, comprise a battered celt of basaltic stone, a dart or javelin point of flint, and a small iron fibula which has been enriched with a setting of some precious stone now absent: the last was found in the upper part of the mound, and might have been deposited with a late interment which was destroyed about the year 1812, or earlier, in an abortive attempt to open the barrow. (See Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, page 31.)

On 17 Jan 1848 Edward Herbert 2nd Earl Powis (age 62) was shot and killed accidentally by his son Robert Charles Herbert (age 20) during a pheasant shoot at Powis Castle. His son Edward Herbert 3rd Earl Powis (age 29) succeeded 3rd Earl Powis 3C 1804.

PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey_2.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Edward_Herbert.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Frederick_William_Hervey_3.png PAINTINGS/GRANT/Edward_Herbert_2.png

After 17 Jan 1851. Monumen to Spencer Compton 2nd Marquess Northampton (deceased). Angel of the Resurrection sculpted by Pietro Tenerani (age 61) in 1866. The quote from First Letter to the Corinthians Chapter 15 Verse 52. The inscription on the side Marmoris hoc sculpti eloquens silentium spe futuri patri charissimo dicavit filius.

PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Duke_Gramont_11th.jpg PAINTINGS/LASZLO/Margeurite_Rothschild.jpg

On 17 Jan 1884 Gerald Fitzgerald 5th Duke Leinster (age 32) and Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe Duchess Leinster (age 19) were married. She the daughter of William Duncombe 1st Earl Feversham (age 54) and Mabel Violet Graham Countess Feversham (age 50). He the son of Charles William Fitzgerald Fitzgerald 4th Duke Leinster (age 64) and Caroline Leveson-Gower Duchess Leinster (age 56). He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 17 Jan 1893 or 19 Jan 1893 Rowland Winn 1st Baron St Oswald (age 72) died. His son Rowland Winn 2nd Baron St Oswald (age 35) succeeded 2nd Baron St Oswald of Nostell in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Mabel Susan Forbes Baroness Winn by marriage Baroness St Oswald of Nostell in the West Riding of Yorkshire.


On 17 Jan 1918 George Josslyn L'Estrange Howard 11th Earl Carlisle (age 23) and Bridget Helen "Biddy" Ruthven Countess Carlisle (age 21) were married. She by marriage Countess Carlisle. He the son of Charles James Stanley Howard 10th Earl Carlisle and Rhona Ankaret Estrange Countess Carlisle (age 50).NOTEXT

On 17 Jan 1932 Bishop Charles Gore (age 78) died.

On 17 Jan 1991 Olav Glücksburg V King Norway (age 87) died.