On this Day in History ... 20 June

20 Jun is in June.

1347 Battle of La Roche Derrien

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1541 Executions

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

1665 Great Plague of London

1684 Rye House Plot

1837 Death of King William IV Succession of Queen Victoria

On 20 Jun 840 Louis "Pious" King Aquitaine I King Franks (age 62) died. His son Pepin I King Aquitaine succeeded I King Aquitaine. Ingeltrude Madrie Queen Consort Aquitaine by marriage Queen Consort Aquitaine.

On 20 Jun 1100 William I of Nevers (age 70) died. Renaud II Count Nevers and Count Auxerre was for sometime co-ruler of Count Nevers but predeceased his father.

On 20 Jun 1119 Henry Beaumont 1st Earl Warwick (age 69) died. His son Roger Beaumont 2nd Earl Warwick (age 17) succeeded 2nd Earl Warwick 1C 1088.

On 20 Jun 1320 Roger la Warr 1st Baron de la Warr (age 70) died. His son John la Warr 2nd Baron de la Warr (age 43) succeeded 2nd Baron De La Warr 1C 1299.

Battle of La Roche Derrien

On 20 Jun 1347 Charles "Saint" Chatillon Duke Brittany (age 28) was captured by Thomas Dagworth 1st Baron Dagworth (age 71) at La Roche Derrien during the Battle of La Roche Derrien.

Around 20 Jun 1353 Louis I King Hungary King Poland (age 27) and Elizabeth Bosnia Queen Consort Hungary were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Hungary. He the son of Charles I King Hungary and Elisabeth Unknown Queen Consort Hungary. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 20 Jun 1389 John Lancaster 1st Duke Bedford was born to Henry IV King England (age 22) and Mary Bohun (age 21). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.60%.


On 20 Jun 1413 Philip Valois II Count Nevers (age 23) and Bonne Artois Duchess Burgundy (age 17) were married at Beaumont en Artois. She by marriage Countess Nevers. She the daughter of Philip Artois Count Eu and Marie Valois I Duchess Auverge (age 38). He the son of Philip "Bold" Valois II Duke Burgundy and Margaret Dampierre Duchess Burgundy. They were first cousin once removed. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 20 Jun 1483 Fernando II Duke of Braganza (age 53) was executed by John II King Portugal (age 28) who then confiscated the assets of the House of Braganza and the family fled to Castile.

On 20 Jun 1528 John Neville 3rd Baron Latimer (age 34) and Elizabeth Musgrave Baroness Latimer Snape (age 30) were married. They were half third cousin once removed. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England.

1528 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1528. 20 Jun 1528. Love Letters III. 4403. Henry VIII (age 36). to Anne Boleyn (age 27).

The doubt I had of your health troubled me extremely, and I should scarcely have had any quiet without knowing the certainty; but since you have felt nothing, I hope it is with you as with us. When we were at Waltham [Map], two ushers, two valets de chambre, your brother (age 25), master "Jesoncre" (Treasurer), fell ill, and are now quite well; and we have since removed to Hunsdon [Map], where we are very well, without one sick person. I think if you would retire from Surrey, as we did, you would avoid all danger. Another thing may comfort you:-few women have this illness; and moreover, none of our court, and few elsewhere, have died of it. I beg you, therefore, not to distress yourself at our absence, for whoever strives against fortune is often the further from his end.


Letters and Papers 1528. 20 Jun 1528. R. O. St. P. II. 134. 4398. Norfolk To Wolsey.

Yesterday at Esterforde heard that Wolsey had broken up the term, because of the infection in London. Returned hither, and intends to go to Kenynghale. Asks how long he may stay here before being sent for by the King or Wolsey. Is well amended of his sickness, not having been ill since Thursday week. Sends letters which he has received from Ireland. Unless Wolsey remedies the great danger of "that poor land," fears it will not be recovered without great expense. If the land is overrun and spoiled by the Irish, there will not be victuals to support the force the King will send to punish the rebels, and his Grace will be forced to begin a new conquest as Henry II. did. The only cause is the malice between Kildare and Ossory. Stoke, 20 June.

Hol. Add.: To my [lord] Legate's good grace.

1541 Executions

On 20 Jun 1541 Thomas Fiennes 9th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 26) was tried for the murder of John Busbrig, servant of Nicholas Pelham (age 24) on whose land they were poaching on 30 Apr 1541. Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 68) was appointed Lord High Steward for the trial.NOTEXT

On 29 Jun 1541 he was hanged at Tyburn [Map]. He was buried at St Sepulchre without Newgate Church. Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321 forfeit. His son Gregory (age 1) would be restored to the title in 1558.

Note. Hall's Chronicle says strangled.


Hall's Chronicle 1541. [20 Jun 1541] In this season was arraigned and condemned three gentlemen, called Mantell, Roydon, and Frowdes, and were hanged at Saint Thomas of Wateringes. Likewise was Thomas Fiennes (age 26) Lord Dacres of the South, arraigned before the Lord Audley of Walden (age 53), then Chancellor of England, and that day High Steward of the same at Westminster, and there before the said Lord Chancellor and his Peers, he confessed the inditement, and so had judgement to be hanged. And so the twenty and nine day of June , being Saint Peter’s day at afternoon, he was led on foot, between the two Sheriffs of London, from the Tower through the city to Tyburn, where he was strangled, as common murderers are, and his body buried in the Church of Saint Sepulchres. The cause of the death of this noble man, and the other gentlemen, was a murder of a simple man and an unlawful assembly made in Sussex. Great moan was made for them all, but most especially for Mantell, who was as witty, and toward a gentleman, as any was in the realm, and a man able to have done good service.


Between 20 Jun 1544 and 10 Feb 1548 William Paulet 3rd Marquess Winchester (age 16) and Agnes Howard Marchioness Winchester (age 9) were married. He the son of John Paulet 2nd Marquess Winchester (age 34) and Elizabeth Willoughby.NOTEXT

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Herbert.jpgBefore 20 Jun 1628 Daniel Mijtens (age 38). Portrait (attributed) of William Cavendish 2nd Earl Devonshire (age 38).

On 20 Jun 1628 William Cavendish 2nd Earl Devonshire (age 38) died at Devonshire House. He was buried at Derby Cathedral [Map]. His son William Cavendish 3rd Earl Devonshire (age 10) succeeded 3rd Earl Devonshire 2C 1618.

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Herbert.jpg PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/William_Cavendish.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/William_Cavendish.jpg

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 20 Jun 1665. So I home and to supper and to bed, my wife come home when I come from the office. This day I informed myself that there died four or five at Westminster of the plague in one alley in several houses upon Sunday last, Bell Alley, over against the Palace-gate; yet people do think that the number will be fewer in the towne than it was the last weeke! The Dutch are come out again with 20 sail under Bankert; supposed gone to the Northward to meete their East India fleete.

Evelyn's Diary. 20 Jun 1665. This evening making my court to the Duke (age 31), I spake to Monsieur Comminges, the French Ambassador, and his Highness (age 31) granted me six prisoners, Embdeners, who were desirous to go to the Barbadoes with a merchant.


Battle of Lowestoft

Pepy's Diary. 20 Jun 1665. Thankes-giving-day for victory over ye Dutch. Up, and to the office, where very busy alone all the morning till church time, and there heard a mean sorry sermon of Mr. Mills. Then to the Dolphin Taverne, where all we officers of the Navy met with the Commissioners of the Ordnance by agreement, and dined: where good musique at my direction. Our club [share] 1 -come to 34s. a man, nine of us.

Note 1. "Next these a sort of Sots there are, Who crave more wine than they can bear, Yet hate, when drunk, to pay or spend Their equal Club or Dividend, But wrangle, when the Bill is brought, And think they're cheated when they're not". The Delights of the Bottle, or the Compleat Vintner, 3rd ed., 1721, p. 29.

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

Rye House Plot

On 20 Jun 1684 Thomas Armstrong (age 51) was dragged by hurdle to Tower Hill [Map] where he was hanged, drawn and quartered for his involvement in the Rye House Plot.

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Jun 1684. Last Friday Sir Tho. Armstrong (deceased) was executed at Tyburn [Map] for treason, without tryal, having ben outlaw'd and apprehended in Holland, on the conspiracy of the Duke of Monmouth (age 35), Lord Russell, &c. which gave occasion of discourse to people and lawyers, in reguard it was on an outlawry that judgment was given and execution.

PAINTINGS/RILEY/James_Scott.jpg PAINTINGS/SOEST/William_Russell.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/William_Russell.jpg

On 20 Jun 1730 Thomas Needham 9th Viscount Kilmorey (age 26) and Mary Shirley Viscountess Kilmorey (age 17) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Kilmorey. She the daughter of Washington Shirley 2nd Earl Ferrers and Mary Levinge Countess Ferrers.

On 20 Jun 1757 Anthony James Radclyffe 5th Earl of Newburgh was born to James Radclyffe 4th Earl of Newburgh (age 31) and Barbara Kemp Countess Newburgh. He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 20 Jun 1779 John Hamilton 1st Marquess Abercorn (age 22) and Catherine Moyle Marchioness Abercorn (age 19) were married at St Marylebone Church.

On 20 Jun 1793 John Rawdon 1st Earl Moira (age 73) died. His son Francis Rawdon-Hastings 1st Marquess Hastings (age 38) succeeded 2nd Earl Moira.

PAINTINGS/SHEE/John_Rawdon.jpg PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Francis_Rawdon_Hastings.png PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings2.jpg PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings.jpg

On 20 Jun 1803 Edward Wadding Plunkett 14th Baron Dunsany (age 30) and Charlotta Louisa Lawless (age 34) were married.

On 20 Jun 1806 Lewis Watson 2nd Baron Sondes (age 52) died. His son Lewis Richard Watson 3rd Baron Sondes of Lees Court (age 14) succeeded 3rd Baron Sondes.

On 20 Jun 1812 Henry Fitzroy 5th Duke Grafton (age 22) and Mary Caroline Berkeley Duchess Grafton (age 17) were married at Lisbon. He the son of George Henry Fitzroy 4th Duke Grafton (age 52) and Charlotte Maria Waldegrave. He a great x 3 grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 20 Jun 1817 Charles Joseph Comte de Flahaut (age 32) and Margaret Mercer Elphinstone Countess Flahaut and 2nd Baroness Keith (age 29) were married at Edinburgh [Map].

After 20 Jun 1823. Monument to Reverend Joseph Venables and Mary daughter of Edward Rowland.

Death of King William IV Succession of Queen Victoria

On 20 Jun 1837 King William IV of the United Kingdom (age 71) died at Windsor Castle [Map]. His niece Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 18) succeeded I Queen Great Britain and Ireland. His brother Ernest Augustus King Hanover (age 66) succeeded King Hanover. Frederica Mecklenburg Strelitz Queen Consort Hanover (age 59) by marriage Queen Consort Hanover.

At 5am Francis Nathaniel Conyngham 2nd Marquess Conyngham (age 40) and Archbishop William Howley (age 71) went to Kensington Palace to inform the Princess she was now Queen. Francis Nathaniel Conyngham 2nd Marquess Conyngham (age 40) was the first to address her as 'Your Majesty'.

Emily Frances Percy Baroness Goldolphin Helston: In 1788 she was born to Hugh Percy 2nd Duke Northumberland (age 45) and Frances Julia Burrell Duchess Northumberland (age 35). On 19 May 1810 James Murray 1st Baron Glenlyon (age 27) and Emily Frances Percy Baroness Goldolphin Helston (age 22) were married at St Martin in the Fields. She the daughter of Hugh Percy 2nd Duke Northumberland (age 67) and Frances Julia Burrell Duchess Northumberland (age 57). He the son of John Murray 4th Duke Atholl (age 54).

On 20 Jun 1850 Euphemia "Effie" Gray Lady Millais (age 22) was presented to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 31).

On 20 Jun 1867 William Amelius Aubrey Beauclerk 10th Duke St Albans (age 27) and Sybil Mary Grey Duchess St Albans (age 18) were married. She by marriage Duchess St Albans. He the son of William Beauclerk 9th Duke St Albans and Elizabeth Catherine Gubbins Duchess St Albans (age 49). They were fourth cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 20 Jun 1880 Francis Needham 2nd Earl Kilmorley (age 92) died. His grandson Francis Needham 3rd Earl of Kilmorey (age 37) succeeded 3rd Earl Kilmorley.

On 20 Jun 1900 Herbrand Sackville 9th Earl De La Warr was born to Gilbert Sackville 8th Earl De La Warr (age 31) and Muriel Agnes Brassey Countess De La Warr.

Richard Charles Rodes Crewe Milnes: In 1882 he was born to Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe Milnes 1st Marquess of Crewe (age 23) and Sibyl Marcia Graham Baroness Houghton (age 24).

On 20 Jun 1961 Henry Robin Ian Russell 14th Duke Bedford (age 21) and Henrietta Joan Tiarks Duchess Bedford were married. He the son of John Ian Robert Russell 13th Duke Bedford (age 44) and Clare Bridgman.