On this Day in History ... 21 June

21 Jun is in June.

1016 Battle of Sherston

1377 Death of Edward III

1460 June Yorkist Landing at Sandwich

1813 Battle of Vitoria

Battle of Sherston

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. After 21 Jun 1016. A second battle he fought, after midsummer, at Sherston; where much slaughter was made on either side, and the leaders themselves came together in the fight. Earldorman Eadric "Streona aka Acquisitive" Mercia and Aylmer the darling were assisting the army against King Edmund. Then collected he his force the third time, and went to London, all by north of the Thames, and so out through Clayhanger, and relieved the citizens, driving the enemy to their ships.

On 21 Jun 1208 Philip King Germany (age 30) was killed.

On 21 Jun 1213 Eleanor Capet Countess Vermandois (age 64) died.

On 21 Jun 1221 Henry Luxemburg III Duke Limburg (age 81) died.

On 21 Jun 1221 Alexander II King Scotland (age 22) and Joan Plantagenet Queen of Scotland (age 10) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. She the daughter of King John "Lackland" of England and Isabella of Angoulême Queen Consort England (age 33). He the son of William "Lion" I King Scotland and Ermengarde Beaumont Sarthe Queen Consort Scotland (age 51). They were half third cousins. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

On 21 Jun 1305 King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Poland (age 33) died.

Death of Edward III

On 21 Jun 1377 King Edward III of England (age 64) died of a stroke at Sheen Palace [Map]. He was buried in the Chapel of St Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey [Map]. His grandson King Richard II of England (age 10) succeeded II King England.


The Chronicle of Adam of Usk. Our gracious king Edward (age 64) departing this life on the eve A.D. 1377. of the Nativity of Saint John Baptist1, in the fifty-second year of his reign, Richard (age 10), son of Edward, prince of Wales, the eldest son of king Edward—a boy of eleven years, and fair among men as another Absalom—came to the throne, and was crowned at Westminster on Saint Kenelm’s day2.

Note 1. This date is not correct. Edward III. died on the Sunday next before the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, the 21st of June, 1877, not on the eve of the feast, the 23rd of the month; and in the fifty-first, not the fifty-second, year of his reign.

Note 2. More correctly, the eve of St. Kenelm, the 16th July.

1460 June Yorkist Landing at Sandwich

Chronicle of Gregory 1460. 21 Jun 1460. Alle soo thes for sayde lordys come agayne unto Sondewyche [Map] the xxj [21] day of June nexte folowyng. And the comyns of Kente and there welle-wyllers brought hem to Lundon, and so forthe to Northehampton.

Ellis' Letters S2 V1 Letter LIV. [21 Jun 1484.] King Richard the Third (age 31) to his Chancellor, to prepare a Proclamation against Henry Tudor and other rebels his followers.

[MS. Donat. Mus. Brit. 4616. art. 98. ex bund, infra turr. LOND. temp. ric. hi. n. 28.]

R. R.

Right reverend fader in God, right trusty and right welbeloved, we grete yow wele, and wol and charge yow that under oure Greate Seale, being in your warde, ye do make in all haist our lettres of Proclamation, severally to be directed unto the shirrefs of everie Coun tie within this oure Royaume, according to the tenure hereafter ensueing.

"Forasmoche as the King oure Soverain Lorde hathe certaine knowledge that Piers Bisshop of Excestre, Jasper Tidder sone of Owen Tidder calling himself Erie of Pembroke, John late Erie of Oxon, and Sir Edward Widevile, with other diverse his rebells and traitours disabled and attayntedby authoritie of high Courte of Parliament, of whom many been knowon for open niiirtlrors, advowtcrs, and extortioners, contrarie to the pleasure of God and against all treuthe, honour, and nature, have forsaken thair naturall countrev, takin^j theim furst to be vuider the obeissaunce of the Due of Britaigne, and to him promised certain things which by hym and his Counseill were thought thinges to gretly unnaturall and abominable for theim to graunte, observe, kepe, and perfourme ; and therfor the same utterly refused. The said Traitours seeing that the said Due and his Counseill would not aide and succour theim, nor folow their weyes, prively departed out of his countrey into Fraunce1, there taking theim to be undre th''obbeisance of the Kings auncient ennemie Charles, calling himself King of Fraunce ; and to abuse and blynde the Commones of this said Koyaume, the said Rebeles and Traitours have chosen to be their Capitayne oon Henry Tidder son of Edmond Tidder son of Owen Tidder, whiche of his ambitious and insatiable covetise incrocheth and usurpeth hym the name and title of royal estate of this Roialme of Englande, wherunto he hath no maner interest, right, title, or colour, as every man wel knoweth ; for he is descended of bastard blode both of the fader side and moder side ; for the said Owen, the grandfader, was a bastard borne, and his moder was doughter unto John Duc of Somerset, sone unto John Erie of Somerset, son unto dame Kateryne Swynford, and of her in double advoutrow goten ; wherby it evidently appereth that noo title can or may be in hym, whiche fulley entendeth to entre this Royaume purposing a conquest : and if he should atcheve this false entent and purpose, every mannys lif, livelood, and goods shuld be in his hands, libertie, and disposition : wherby shuld ensue the disheriting and distruction of all the noble and worshipfull blode of this Royalme for ever. And to the resistence and withstanding wherof, every true and naturall Englisheman born must lay to his handes for his own suertie, and well, and to the entent that the said Henry Tidder might the rather eschewe his said fals entent and pourpous by the aide, supporte, and assistence of the Kings said auncient ennemye of Fraunce, hath covenaunted and bargayned with hym and with all the Counseill of Fraunce to geve . and relesse in perpetuyte alle the right, title, and clayme that the Kings of England have had and mighte to have to the Corone and Royaume of Fraunce, togidder with the Duchies of Normandye, Angeoye and IVIaygne, Gascoygne and Guyenne, the Castelles and Townes of Caleys, Guisnes, Hammes, with the merches apperteignyng to the same, and to dessever and exclude the armes of Fraunce out of the armes of England for ever. And in more prove and sheweing of his said pourpose of conquest, the said Henry Tidder hath geven aswele to divers of the Kings said eiRMnycs as to Iiis said rebelles and traitoures, the Aichbisshoprekes, Bissliopriches, and other dignities spirituel, and also the Diiehies, Earledomes, Baronies, and otlu-e possessions and inheritaunces of Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, and othre the Kings true subgets within this Roialnie ; and entendeth also to chaunge and subvert the lawes of the same, and to enduce and establisshe newe lawes and ordinaunces amongs the Kings said subjiettes. And over this and besids the alienations of all the premisses into the possession of the Kings said ancient enemyes, to the gretest augeutisement, shame, and rebuke that ever might falle to this lande, the said Henry Tider and othre the Kings rebells and traietours aforesaid, have entended at thair cummyng, if theye can be of powair, to doo the moost cruell murdres, slaghters, robberies, and disherisons that ever wer seen in any Cristen Royaume. For the whiche and othre inestimable daungieres to be eschew'ed, and to the entent that the Kings said rebells, traitours, and enemyes may be utterly putt from their said malicious and fals pourpose, and soon disconfitcd of their enforce to lande, the King oure soverayn Lorde desireth, willeth, and commaundeth all and everych of the naturel and true subgiets of this his Royaume, to call the premisses into their myndes, and like good and true Enghsshemen to ... thaym self with all their powairs for the defense of theini, thair wifs, children, goocles, and hereditaments, agenst the said malicious purposes and conspirations whiche the said auncient ennemyes have made with the Kings said rebelles and traitours for the fynal destruction of this lande as is aforesaid. And oure sayde soverayn Lord, as awelewilled, diligent, and couragious Prince wol put his royal persone to all .... and payne necessarie in this behalve for the resistence and subdueing of his said ennemyes, rebelles and traitours to the moost comfort, wele, and suertie of all his true and feithfull liegemen and subgiettes; and over this cure said soverayn Lorde willeth and comaundeth all his said subgietts to be redy in their moost defensible arraye, to doo his Highnesse service of Werre, whan they by open proclamation or otherwise shall be commanded so to do for the resistence of the Kings said rebells, traitours, and enemyes" And thise oure Lettres shall be your sufficient warrant in that behalve.

Yeven under oure Signet, at oure Castell of Notyngham, the xxi day of Juyn the secund yere of our reigne.

To the right reverend fader in God our right trusty and right welbeloved the Bisshop of Lincoln our Chauncellour of England.

Note 1. For a comment upon this passage of the Letter, the reader may refer to Hall's Chronicle, edit. 1548. foll. xlv. b. xlvi.

Another Letter to the Bishop, directing a similar Proclamation to be prepared, dated December 3d m the same year, occurs in the Harleian Manuscript 433. fol. 273 b.

On 21 Jun 1581 Edward Barrett 1st Baron Barrett was born to Charles Barrett of Belhouse and Christian Mildmay.

On 21 Jun 1585 Henry Percy 8th Earl of Northumberland (age 53) committed suicide at Tower of London [Map]. He was found dead in his bed in his cell, having been shot through the heart. A jury was at once summoned, and returned a verdict of suicide. He was buried in St Peter ad Vincula Church, Tower of London [Map]. His son Henry "Wizard Earl" Percy 9th Earl of Northumberland (age 21) succeeded 9th Earl of Northumberland 1C 1377, 12th Baron Percy of Alnwick 1C 1299, 20th Baron Percy of Topcliffe, 3rd Baron Percy of Alnwick 2C 1577, 11th Baron Poynings 1C 1337. Dorothy Devereux Countess Northumberland (age 21) by marriage Countess of Northumberland.

PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Henry_Percy_3.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Henry_Percy_2.png PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Dorothy_Devereux.png

On 21 Jun 1688 William Cavendish 2nd Duke Devonshire (age 16) and Rachel Russell Duchess Devonshire (age 14) were married. He the son of William Cavendish 1st Duke Devonshire (age 48) and Mary Butler Duchess Devonshire (age 42). They were half third cousins.

PAINTINGS/JERVAS/William_Cavendish.png PAINTINGS/DAHL/Rachel_Russell.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 21 Jun 1693. I saw a great auction of pictures in the Banqueting house, Whitehall [Map]. They had been my Lord Melford's (age 42), now Ambassador from King James (age 59) at Rome, and engaged to his creditors here. Lord Mulgrave (age 45) and Sir Edward Seymour (age 60) came to my house, and desired me to go with them to the sale. Divers more of the great lords, etc., were there, and bought pictures dear enough. There were some very excellent of Vandyke, Rubens, and Bassan. Lord Godolphin (age 48) bought the picture of the Boys, by Murillo the Spaniard, for 80 guineas, dear enough; my nephew Glanville, the old Earl of Arundel's head by Rubens, for £20. Growing late, I did not stay till all were sold.

On 21 Jun 1702 Arthur Ingram 3rd Viscount Irvine (age 36) died. In 1714 His son Edward Machell Ingram 4th Viscount Irvine (age 16) succeeded 4th Viscount Irvine.


On 21 Jun 1767 John Chetwynd 2nd Viscount Chetwynd (age 85) died. His brother William Chetwynd 3rd Viscount Chetwynd (age 83) succeeded 3rd Viscount Chetwynd of Bearhaven in Kerry,.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VIII_Dover.jpgArchaeologia Volume 6 Section XXIV. A Description of an antient Picture in Windsor Castle, representing the Embarkation of King Henry VIII at Dover, May 31, 1520; preparatory to his Interview with the French King Francis I. By John Topham, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. Read June 21, 1781.

On 21 Jun 1797 Robert Jocelyn 1st Earl Roden (age 65) died at York Street, Dublin. His son Robert Jocelyn 2nd Earl Roden (age 40) succeeded 2nd Earl Roden.


Battle of Vitoria

On 21 Jun 1813 Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fane (age 32) was killed in action at the Battle of Vitoria.

On 21 Jun 1813 the Battle of Vitoria was fought between a British, Portuguese and Spanish army under the Marquess of Wellington (age 44) and the French army under King Joseph Bonaparte and Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan.

Brothers General Thomas Bradford (age 35) and Lieutentant-Colonel Henry Hollis Bradford (age 31) fought.

Hugh Gough 1st Viscount Gough (age 33) fought.

General Henry Fane (age 34) commanded.

General Mildmay Fane (age 18) fought.

After 21 Jun 1813. Memorial to Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fane (deceased) at the Church of St Leonard, Apethorpe [Map].

Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fane: On 14 May 1781 he was born to Henry Fane of Fulbeck (age 42) and Anne Buckley Batson (age 23). On 21 Jun 1813 Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fane (age 32) was killed in action at the Battle of Vitoria.

After 21 Jun 1813. Memorial to Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fane (deceased) at St Nicholas' Church, Fulbeck.

On 21 Jun 1817 Robert Collier 1st Baron Monkswell was born to John Collier (age 48).

Thomas Bateman 1845. On the 21st of June, 1845, an attempt was made to open a large barrow near Alstonefield, Staffordshire, called Steep Lowe, measuring about fifty yards in diameter, and about fifteen feet in central elevation which is constructed almost entirely of loose stones. It was found, on reaching the place, that some of the neighbouring villagers had already, in a vain search after imaginary treasure, found near the apex of the mound, the body of a Romanized Briton, extended on its back, accompanied by an iron spear-head, a lance-head and knife of the same, placed near the head, and three Roman coins, in third brass, namely; one of Constantine the Greats one of Tetricos, the other illegible firom the friction of sand-paper applied by the finder, in the delusive hope of making evident its golden character. They also found some pieces of a highly-ornamented drinking-cup, a curious piece of iron ore, and various animal bones, amongst others, horses' teeth, and rats' bones. All the antiquities discovered by these enterprising individuals were ceded to the writer, on their being reimbursed for their labour and loss of time. On continuing the excavation, there was discovered close to where the spears were found a small stud or circular ornament of copal amber, perforated with a double hole at the back for attachment, in a similar manner to the two ornaments found on Alsop Moor on the 4th of June. In the opposite direction was found a large plain urn of globular form, with four holes through the upper edge, containing a deposit of burnt human bones, two quartz pebbles, and a piece of flint; it was not more than one foot six inches beneath the surface. An attempt was made to penetrate to the floor of the barrow, but owing to the great depth, and the loose nature of the stones, of which the mound is composed, it was found advisable to desist, on account of the hazardous nature of the undertaking, when the excavation had reached the depth of about six feet. It is evident that there yet remains the original interment, and it is by no means unlikely that there may be many more in the interior of the tumulus, which could not be thoroughly examined without a great deal of time and labour being expended.

On 21 Jun 1851 George Ralph Payne Jarvis (age 77) died. Memorial at St Peter's Church, Doddington [Map].

George Ralph Payne Jarvis: On 13 May 1774 he was born. Before 1851 George Ralph Payne Jarvis (age 76) and Sarah Delaval were married.

On 21 Jun 1865 John Lubbock 3rd Baronet (age 62) died. His son John Lubbock 1st Baron Avebury (age 31) succeeded 4th Baronet Lubbock of Lammas in Norfolk. Ellen Frances Horden Lady Lubbock by marriage Lady Lubbock of Lammas in Norfolk.

PAINTINGS/HERKOMMER/John_Lubbock_1st_Baron_Avebury_1834_1913.jpg PAINTINGS/COLLIER/John_Lubbock.jpg

On 21 Jun 1879 Auckland Geddes 1st Baron Geddes was born.

On 21 Jun 1949 Robert Walter Sigismund Grimston 2nd Baron Grimston (age 24) and June Mary Ponsonby (age 25) were married.

On 21 Jun 1971 John Lubbock 3rd Baron Avebury (age 56) died.

On 21 Jun 1975 Anthony Methuen 5th Baron Methuen (age 83) died. His son John Methuen 6th Baron Methuen (age 49) succeeded 6th Baron Methuen of Corsham in Wiltshire.

On 21 Jun 1982 William Windsor Prince of Wales was born to King Charles III (age 33) and Diana Spencer Princess Wales (age 20). He a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.