On this Day in History ... 22 March

22 Mar is in March.

871 Battle of Marton

1322 Despencer War Executions

1666 Great Plague of London

1668 Bawdy House Riots

1670 Lord Ross Divorce

1683 Rye House Plot

1694 Turkish Fleet Disaster

1741 Battle of Cartgenas

Battle of Marton

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Around 22 Mar 871. About two months after this, King Ethered (age 24) and Alfred (age 22) his brother fought with the army at Marden. They were in two divisions; and they put them both to flight, enjoying the victory for some time during the day; and there was much slaughter on either hand; but the Danes became masters of the field; and there was slain Bishop Heahmund, with many other good men. After this fight came a vast army in the summer to Reading. And after the Easter of this year died King Ethered (age 24). He reigned five years, and his body lies at Winburn-minster [Map]. Then Alfred (age 22), his brother, the son of Ethelwulf, took to the kingdom of Wessex.

Around 22 Mar 871 Halfdan Ragnarsson defeated the Wessex army led by King Æthelred of Wessex (age 24) and King Alfred "The Great" of Wessex (age 22) at the Battle of Marton. The location of 'Marton' is not known; suggestions include Marden, Wiltshire in Wiltshire and Winterborne St Martin in Dorset. Bishop Heahmund of Wessex was killed.

On 22 Mar 875 William "Pious" Poitiers I Duke Aquitaine was born to Bernard Plantapilosa Poitiers Margrave Aquitaine (age 34) and Ermengard Auvergne.

On 22 Mar 880 Carloman King Bavaria (age 51) died.

Despencer War Executions

On 22 Mar 1329 Robert Capet V Count Dreux (age 36) died. His brother John Capet III Count Dreux (age 34) succeeded III Count Dreux.

After 22 Mar 1354. Monument to Edmund Cornwall (deceased) at St Mary's Church Burford [Map]. Early Plate Bascinet and Gorget Period. Feet resting on a Lion. Curious laminated gorget.

Edmund Cornwall: Edmund Cornwall and Elizabeth Brampton were married. He a great grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. Around 1280 he was born to Richard Cornwall (age 28) and Joan Fitzalan (age 13) at Asthall Leigh. He a great grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. On 22 Mar 1354 Edmund Cornwall (age 74) died at Cleobury Mortimer. He was buried at St Mary's Church Burford.

On 22 Mar 1368 Thomas Mowbray 1st Duke of Norfolk was born to John Mowbray 4th Baron Mowbray Baron Segrave and Elizabeth Segrave 5th Baroness Segrave Baroness Mowbray. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Elizabeth Aldeburgh: Brian Stapleton and she were married. Richard Redman Master of the Horse and she were married. Around 1362 she was born to William Aldeburgh 1st Baron Aldeburgh Harewood (age 40) and Elizabeth Lisle Baroness Ferrers Harewood (age 22). On 21 Dec 1417 Elizabeth Aldeburgh (age 55) died.

On 22 Mar 1454 Cardinal John Kempe (age 74) died.

On 22 Mar 1458 Antoine Count of Vaudémont (age 58) died.

On 22 Mar 1459 Maximilian Habsburg I Holy Roman Emperor was born to Frederick "Peaceful or Fat" Habsburg III Holy Roman Emperor (age 43) and Eleanor Aviz Holy Roman Empress (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 Mar 1556. The Sonday xxij day of Marche was at the Gray-ffrers at Grenwyche was my lord cardenall Polle (age 56) was consecratyd, with x byshopes mytyred-the iij yer of the quen Mare.

Note. P. 102. Consecration of Cardinal Pole. An account of this ceremony, at which the queen (age 40) was present, will be found in Strype, Memorials, iii. 287.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

On 22 Mar 1601 John Scudamore 1st Viscount Scudamore was born to James Scudamore (age 33) and Mary Throckmorton (age 61).

On 22 Mar 1603 Robert Seton 1st Earl Winton (age 50) died.


Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 22 Mar 1666. After dinner to my office close, and did very much business, and so late home to supper and to bed. The plague increased four this week, which troubles me, though but one in the whole.

1668 Bawdy House Riots

Around 22 Mar 1668, Easter Day, the 1668 Bawdy House Riots were riots over several days caused by Dissenters who resented the King's proclamation against conventicles aka private lay worship while turning a blind eye to the equally illegal brothels. Thousands of young men besieged and demolished brothels throughout the East End, assaulting the prostitutes and looting the properties.

Lord Ross Divorce

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Mar 1670. I went to Westminster, where in the House of Lords I saw his Majesty (age 39) sit on his throne, but without his robes, all the peers sitting with their hats on; the business of the day being the divorce of my Lord Ross. Such an occasion and sight had not been seen in England since the time of Henry VIII.

On 22 Mar 1676 Anne Clifford Countess Dorset and Pembroke (age 86) died. She was buried in St Lawrence's Church, Appleby-in-Westmoreland [Map]. Free-standing with Reredos displying family tree.

Rye House Plot

Before 21 Mar 1683 the Rye House Plot was an attempt to assassinate King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 52) and his brother King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 49) as they passed Rye House Hoddesdon when were returning from the races at Newmarket on 01 Apr 1683. In the event a fire at Newmarket on the 22 Mar 1683 the races were cancelled.


On 22 Mar 1686 James Hamilton 7th Earl Abercorn was born to James Hamilton 6th Earl Abercorn (age 25) and Elizabeth Reading.

Turkish Fleet Disaster

Evelyn's Diary. 22 Mar 1694. Came the dismal news of the disaster befallen our Turkey fleet by tempest, to the almost utter ruin of that trade, the convoy of three or four men-of-war, and divers merchant ships, with all their men and lading, having perished.

On 22 Mar 1715 Richard Bellew 3rd Baron Bellew died. His son John Bellew 4th Baron Bellew (age 13) succeeded 3rd Baron Bellew of Duleek 1C 1686.

Hugh Smithson 3rd Baronet: In 1657 he was born to Jerome Smithson 2nd Baronet (age 25). In 1684 Jerome Smithson 2nd Baronet (age 52) died. His son Hugh Smithson 3rd Baronet (age 27) succeeded 3rd Baronet Smithson of Stanwick in Yorkshire.

Battle of Cartgenas

On 22 Mar 1741 Aubrey Beauclerk was killed in action during the Battle of Cartgenas.

After 22 Mar 1742. St Martin's Church Ancaster [Map]. Memorial to John Black.

On 22 Mar 1753 James Brydges 3rd Duke Chandos (age 21) and Margaret Nicol were married. He the son of Henry Brydges 2nd Duke Chandos (age 45) and Mary Bruce.

On 22 Mar 1753 Thomas Trevor 2nd Baron Trevor Bromham (age 61) died. His brother John Trevor 3rd Baron Trevor (age 57) succeeded 3rd Baron Trevor Bromham.

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On 22 Mar 1786 Charles Gough-Calthorpe 2nd Baron Calthorpe was born to Henry Gough-Calthorpe 1st Baron Calthorpe (age 37) and Frances Carpenter Baroness Calthorpe (age 24).

On 22 Mar 1797 William I King Prussia was born to Frederick William II King Prussia (age 26). He a great x 3 grandson of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 22 Mar 1840 John Dalrymple 7th Earl of Stair (age 55) died without issue.

On 22 Mar 1864 George John Hamilton-Gordon 5th Earl Aberdeen (age 47) died.

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On 22 Mar 1869 Gilbert Sackville 8th Earl De La Warr was born to Reginald Windsor Sackville 7th Earl De La Warr (age 52) and Constance Mary Elizabeth Baillie-Cochrane Countess De La Warr (age 23).

On 22 Mar 1890 William Drogo Montagu 7th Duke Manchester (age 66) died. His son George Victor Drogo Montagu 8th Duke Manchester (age 36) succeeded 8th Duke Manchester, 11th Earl Manchester, 11th Viscount Mandeville, 11th Baron Montagu of Kimbolton. Consuelo Yznaga Duchess Manchester (age 37) by marriage Duchess Manchester.


On 22 Mar 1904 Arthur Baldwin 3rd Earl Baldwin of Bewdley was born to Stanley Baldwin Prime Minister 1st Earl Baldwin (age 36) and Lucy Ridsdale Countess Baldwin (age 34).


Elizabeth Sophia Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond: On 20 Apr 1838 she was born to Gilbert John Heathcote 1st Baron Aveland (age 43) and Clementina Drummond Willoughby 24th Baroness Willoughby Eresby Baroness Aveland (age 28). On 22 Mar 1920 Elizabeth Sophia Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond (age 81) died.

On 22 Mar 1922 John Granville Cornwallis Eliot 6th Earl St Germans (age 31) died of an injury sustained during a point to point at Wrangton Totnes. His first cousin Granville Eliot 7th Earl of St Germans (age 54) succeeded 7th Earl St Germans, 8th Baron Eliot of St Germans in Cornwall.

On 22 Mar 1951 Ian Campbell 11th Duke of Argyll (age 47) and Margaret Whigham Duchess Argyll (age 38) were married. She by marriage Duchess Argyll.


On 22 Mar 2012 Matthew White Ridley 4th Viscount Ridley (age 86) died.