On this Day in History ... 27 December

27 Dec is in December.

1605 Marriage of Philip Herbert and Susan Howard

1664 Comet

1665 Great Plague of London

1683 Frost Fair

On 27 Dec 1350 King John I of Aragon was born to Peter IV King Aragon (age 31) and Eleanor Barcelona Queen Consort Aragon. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.45%.

On 27 Dec 1370 Robert Everingham 3rd Baron Everingham of Laxton (age 2) died. Baron Everingham of Laxton abeyant between his two sisters Joan Everingham (age 8) and Katherine Everingham (age 7).

On 31 Dec 1426 Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter (age 49) died at Greenwich [Map]. Some sources say 27 Dec 1426 and 01 Jan 1427. Duke Exeter 2C 1416 and Earl Dorset 2C 1411 extinct.

On 27 Dec 1439 Isabel Despencer Countess Warwick and Worcester (age 39) died. Her son Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick (age 14) succeeded 6th Baron Burghesh 2C 1330.

On 27 Dec 1545 John Spelman of died. He was buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

John Spelman of: He was born to John Spelman and Elizabeth Frowick. Before 27 Dec 1545 John Spelman of and Margaret Blennerhasset were married.

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Before 27 Dec 1591 Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford (age 41) and Elizabeth Trentham Maid of Honour Countess of Oxford were married. She by marriage Countess of Oxford. She brought her husband a dowry of £1000 bequeathed to her in her father's will, payable at the rate of 500 marks a year for three years. He the son of John de Vere 16th Earl of Oxford and Margery Golding Countess of Oxford.


Marriage of Philip Herbert and Susan Howard

On 27 Dec 1605 Philip Herbert 4th Earl Pembroke 1st Earl Montgomery (age 21) and Susan Vere Countess Montgomery (age 18) were married at Whitehall. The bride was escorted into the church by the Queen's (age 31) brother Prince Ulrik Oldenburg (age 26) and her son Henry Frederick Stewart Prince of Wales (age 11). She the daughter of Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford and Anne Cecil Countess of Oxford. He the son of Henry Herbert 2nd Earl Pembroke and Mary Sidney Countess Pembroke (age 44).

Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q Elizabeth and K James I Volume 2 Dudley Carleton to Mr Winwood Jan 1605. Jan 1605. Dudley Carleton (age 32) to Ralph Winwood (age 42)


I had written unto you at this time, though I had not been invited by your Letters I received by Captain Doyly. For in Mr. Chamberlain's Absense, I come in quarter, and have waited so diligently at Court this Christmas, that I have Matter enough, if the Report of Masks and Mummings can please you.

On St. John's Day we had the Marriage of Sir Philip Herbert (age 21) and the Lady Susan (age 18) performed at Whitehall, with all the Honour could be done a great Favourite. The Court was great, and for that Day put on the best Bravery. The Prince (age 11) and Prince Ulrik Oldenburg (age 26) led the Bride (age 18) to Church, the Queen (age 31) follow'd her from thence. The King (age 39) gave her, and she in her Tresses, and Trinketts brided and bridled it so handsomly, and indeed became her self so well, that the King (age 39) said, if he were unmarried he would not give her, but keep her himself. The Marriage Dinner was kept in the great Chamber, where the Prince (age 11) and the Prince Ulrik Oldenburg (age 26), and the great Lords and Ladies accompanied the Bride. The Ambassador of Venice was the only bidden Guest of Strangers, and he had place above the Prince Ulrik Oldenburg (age 26), which the Duke took not well. But after Dinner he was as little pleased himself; for being brought into the Closet to retire himself, he was there suffered to walk out his Supper unthought of. At Night there was a Mask in the Hall, which for Conceit and Fashion was fuitable to the Occasion. The Actors, were the Earle of Pembrook (age 25), the Lord Willoby, Sir Samuel Hays, Sir Thomas Germain, Sir Robert Cary (age 22), Sir John Lee, Sir Richard Preston, and Sir Thomas Eager. There was no smal Loss that Night of Chaines and Jewells, and many great Ladies were made shorter by the Skirts, and were well enough served that they could keep cut no better. The Presents of Plate, and other Things given by the Noblemen, were valued at £2500, but that which made it a good Marriage, was a Gift of the King's of £500 Land for the Bride's Joynture. They were lodged in the Councill Chamber, where the King in his Shirt and NightGown gave them a Reveille Matin before they were up, and spent a good time in or upon the Bed, chuse which you will believe. No Ceremony was omitted of Bride-Cakes, Points, Garters, and Gloves, which have been ever since the Livery of the Court; and at Night there was sewing into the Sheet, casting off the Bride's left Hose, with many other petty Sorceries.

1664 Comet

Pepy's Diary. 27 Dec 1664. The Comet appeared again to-night, but duskishly. I went to bed, leaving my wife and all her folks, and Will also, too, come to make Christmas gambolls to-night.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 27 Dec 1665. Up, and with Cocke (age 48), by coach to London, there home to my wife, and angry about her desiring a mayde yet, before the plague is quite over. It seems Mercer is troubled that she hath not one under her, but I will not venture my family by increasing it before it be safe.

On 27 Dec 1681 Thomas Wyndham 1st Baron Wyndham was born to Colonel John Wyndham (age 33) and Alice Fownes.

Frost Fair

Evelyn's Diary. 27 Dec 1683. I went to visite Sir John Chardin (age 40), a French gentleman who had travell'd three times by land into Persia, and had made many curious researches in his travells, of which he was now setting forth a relation. It being in England this year one of the severest frosts that had hap pen'd of many yeares, he told me the cold in Persia was much greater, the ice of an incredible thicknesse; that they had little use of iron in all that country, it being so moiste (tho' the aire admirably clear and healthy), that oyle would not preserve it from rusting, so that they had neither clocks nor watches; some padlocks they had for doores and boxes.

On 27 Dec 1707 Robert Leke 3rd Earl Scarsdale (age 53) died without surviving issue. His nephew Nicholas Leke 4th Earl Scarsdale (age 25) succeeded 4th Earl Scarsdale, 4th Baron Deincourt of Sutton, 4th Baronet Leke of Sutton in Derbyshire.

On 27 Dec 1712 Charles Tracy 5th Viscount Tracy (age 22) and Elizabeth Keyt (age 23) were married.

On 27 Dec 1731 James Brydges 3rd Duke Chandos was born to Henry Brydges 2nd Duke Chandos (age 23) and Mary Bruce (age 21).

On 27 Dec 1777 Frederick Keppel Bishop of Exeter (age 49) died.

On 27 Dec 1777 George Irby 3rd Baron Boston was born to Frederick Irby 2nd Baron Boston (age 28) and Christian Methuen. He was baptised on 28 Jan 1778; King George III of Great Britain and Ireland (age 39) was his godfather.


On 27 Dec 1783 Bishop John Kaye was born.

On 27 Dec 1787 Thomas Hay 9th Earl Kinnoul (age 77) died. His nephew Robert Hay-Drummond 10th Earl Kinnoul (age 36) succeeded 10th Earl Kinnoull.

After 27 Dec 1807. Monument to Randle Jones of Bryn.


On 27 Dec 1830 Lucius Cary 10th Viscount Falkland (age 27) and Amelia Fitzclarence Viscountess Falkland (age 23) were married at the Brighton Royal Pavilion. King William IV (age 65) gave away his daughter. The service was conducted by Bishop Charles Richard Sumner. She the daughter of King William IV of the United Kingdom (age 65) and Dorothea Bland aka "Mrs Jordan".


On 27 Dec 1847 Henry Fitzalan Howard 15th Duke of Norfolk was born to Henry Granville Fitzalan 14th Duke of Norfolk (age 32) and Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Lyons Duchess Norfolk (age 26).NOTEXT


On 27 Dec 1965 Christabel Florence Arthur Startin (age 70) died.

Memorial at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Exton, Rutlandshire [Map].

Christabel Florence Arthur Startin: On 19 Jan 1895 she was born. In or before 1927 Commander Montague Wriothesley Noel (age 34) and Christabel Florence Arthur Startin (age 31) were married.