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1694 Death and Funeral of Queen Mary II

1711 Smallpox Epidemic

Henry Machyn's Diary. Jan 1562. The (blank) day of (blank) master Recherd Alyngtun (age 27), the sune of ser Gylles Alyngtun (age 62) knyght of Cambryge-shyre, the wyche he ded of the smalle pokes.

On 09 Feb 1605 Filippo Emanuele Prince of Piedmont (age 18) died of smallpox at Valladolid. His brother Victor Amadeus I Duke of Savoy (age 17) succeeded Duke Savoy.


In 1620 Jane Okeover (age 46) died of smallpox. The year also reported as 1622 when her former husband remarried and 1628.


On 27 Feb 1643 Tobias Crispe (age 43) died of smallpox. He was buried at St Mildred's Church, Bread Street.


On 24 Jun 1649 Henry Hastings (age 19) died of smallpox.

On 29 Nov 1649 John Leventhorpe 3rd Baronet (age 20) died of smallpox unmarried at Chancery Lane [Map]. His brother Thomas Leventhorpe 4th Baronet (age 13) succeeded 4th Baronet Leventhorpe of Shingey Hall in Hertfordshire.

On 07 Dec 1657 Johanna Saxe Gotha (age 12) died of smallpox at Gotha.

On 31 Dec 1657 Johann Ernest Saxe Gotha (age 16) died of smallpox at Gotha.

In 1660 Bassingbourne Gawdy (age 22) died of smallpox.

On 10 Aug 1660 Esmé Stewart 2nd Duke Richmond 5th Duke Lennox (age 11) died of smallpox at Paris [Map]. He was buried in on 04 Sep 1660 in the Richmond Vault, Westminster Abbey. His first cousin Charles Stewart 6th Duke Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond (age 21) succeeded 6th Duke Lennox, 3rd Duke Richmond 2C 1641. 4th Earl March 3C 1619. Elizabeth Rogers Duchess Richmond by marriage Duchess Richmond. His sister Mary Stewart Countess Arran (age 9) succeeded 5th Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold in Huntingdonshire.


On 17 Dec 1661 Charles Coote 1st Earl Mountrath (age 51) died of smallpox. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Dublin [Map].

On 17 Mar 1665 Mary Gardiner (age 38) died of smallpox. On 01 Apr 1665 she was buried at Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 06 Jan 1668 Henry Caesar (age 37) died of smallpox.

On 30 Jul 1671 Louis Guise Duke Guise (age 20) died of smallpox.

In 1675 William Sarsfield died of smallpox.

In 1676 William Brydges 7th Baron Chandos (age 55) died of smallpox with no male issue. His third cousin James Brydges 8th Baron Chandos (age 33) succeeded 8th Baron Chandos of Sudeley. Elizabeth Barnard Baroness Chandos (age 33) by marriage Baroness Chandos of Sudeley.

In 1678 William Dummer (age 21) died of smallpox.

In 1680 Mary Wood Duchess Southampton (age 17) died of smallpox. She was buried with her mother Mary Gardiner (who also died of smallpox) in Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 22 Jun 1680 Elisabeth Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 1) died of smallpox at Gotha.

In 1681 Edward Turbeville (age 33) died of smallpox.

In 1685 Anne Killigrew (age 25) died of smallpox. She was buried at Savoy Chapel Royal [Map].

On 14 Mar 1685 Mary Evelyn (age 20) died of smallpox.

On 09 Jul 1685 John Hussey (age 26) died of smallpox.

On 27 Aug 1685 Elizabeth Evelyn (age 17) died of smallpox.

Around 18 Apr 1686 Archbishop John Dolben (age 61) died of smallpox. He had been returned from York to London when he came into contact with a person infected with small-pox. Becoming infected himself he died a few days later.


Death and Funeral of Queen Mary II

On 28 Dec 1694 Mary Stewart II Queen England Scotland and Ireland (age 32) died of smallpox shortly after midnight at Kensington Palace. Her body lay in state at the Banqueting House [Map].

On 05 Mar 1695 she was buried in Westminster Abbey [Map]. Archbishop Thomas Tenison (age 58) preached the sermon.

She had reigned for five years. Her husband King William III of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 44) continued to reign for a further eight years.


In Nov 1695 John Guise 2nd Baronet (age 41) died of smallpox. He was buried in St John the Baptist's Church, Elmore. His son John Guise 3rd Baronet (age 18) succeeded 3rd Baronet Guise of Elmore in Gloucestershire.

On 25 Feb 1699 Robert Shirley (age 25) died of smallpox.

On 16 Sep 1700 Thomas Morgan (age 36) died of smallpox. John Morgan of Tredegar (age 29) inherited Tredegar House and estates worth £7000.

On 08 Nov 1702 John Evelyn of Nutfield (age 25) died of smallpox.

On 20 Feb 1703 John Churchill (age 17) died of smallpox.

On 21 Nov 1703 Karl Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 1) died of smallpox (possibly) at Gotha.

On 29 Nov 1703 Sophie Saxe Coburg Altenburg (age 6) died of smallpox at Gotha.

On 27 Feb 1705 Christian Saxe Coburg Altenburg was born to Frederick Saxe Coburg Altenburg II Duke Saxe Gotha Altenburg (age 28) and Magdalena Augusta Anhalt Zerbst Anhaltzerbst Duchess Saxe Gotha Altenburg at Gotha. He died of smallpox on 05 Mar 1705 at Gotha.

In 1710 Margaret Brownlow (age 23) died of smallpox. Her estate of £40,000 was divided between her four sisters: Jane Brownlow Duchess Ancaster and Kesteven, Elizabeth Brownlow Countess Exeter (age 29), Alicia Brownlow Baroness Guildford (age 26) and Eleanor Brownlow Viscountess Tyconnel (age 19).

In Jul 1710 Catherine Taylor died of smallpox.

On 27 Nov 1710 Robert Lovett (age 43) died of smallpox.

1711 Smallpox Epidemic

In 1711 Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor (age 32) died of smallpox. His brother Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor (age 26) succeeded VI Holy Roman Emperor.

In 1711 William Henry Osborne (age 21) died of smallpox in Utrecht.

On 22 Feb 1712 John Reade 3rd Baronet (age 21) died of smallpox unmarried at Rome in exile having become a Jacobite. He was buried on 11 Jun 1712 in the Brocket Chapel at St Elthreda's Church Bishop's Hatfield. Baronet Reade of Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire extinct.

Robert Shirley: On 28 Dec 1692 he was born to Robert Shirley (age 19) and Anne Ferrers (age 14).

In 1721 Helen Froggatt (age 22) died of smallpox during an epidemic at Kinder.

On 21 May 1721 Francis Gee (age 17) died of smallpox. He was buried at St Matthew's Church, Hayfield [Map].

On 23 May 1721 Essex Finch (age 34) died of smallpox.

On 04 Jul 1721 Percy Seymour (age 25) died of smallpox.

On 21 Sep 1721 John Froggat (age 19) died of smallpox.

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On 31 Aug 1724 Louis I King Spain (age 17) died of smallpox. He was buried at the El Escorial Palace. Philippe V King Spain (age 40) returned to the Spanish throne.


In 1732 Elizabeth Tenison died of smallpox.

On 13 May 1737 William Wodehouse (age 31) died of smallpox without issue. He was buried in St James'.

In 23 Feb 1738 Edmund Quincy (age 56) died of smallpox.

In 1746 Elizabeth Fazakerley died of smallpox.

On 01 Apr 1750 Francis Scott (age 29) died of smallpox. He was buried at Buccleuch Crypt, St Nicholas Church, Dalkeith.

On 24 Aug 1751 James Aston 5th Baronet (age 28) died of smallpox without male issue. His half fourth cousin once removed Philip Aston 6th Baronet (age 40) succeeded 6th Baronet Aston of Tixall.

On 23 Dec 1753 Thomas Gresley 5th Baronet (age 30) died of smallpox. His brother Nigel Gresley 6th Baronet (age 26) succeeded 6th Baronet Gresley of Drakelow in Derbyshire. Elizabeth Wynn Lady Gresley by marriage Lady Gresley of Drakelow in Derbyshire.

On 06 Jun 1759 Bluett Wallop (age 33) died of smallpox.

On 31 Jan 1760 Mary Radclyffe (age 46) died of smallpox in Brussels.