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1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1712 French Royal Family Deaths from Measles

1517 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1518. 14 Jul 1518. R. O. 4320. Pace (age 36) to WOLSEY.

Could not send by the bearer the commission signed by the King, as he is gone "in hunting." Tomorrow the King leaves for Bisham, "as it is time; for they do die in these parts in every place, not only of the small pokkes and mezils, but also of the great sickness." Wallingford, 14 July.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my Lord Cardinal's grace.

Letters and Papers 1535. 08 Apr 1535. R. O. 516. John Husee to Lord Lisle (age 70).

Has received his letter by John Broke. As for the £100 the King is cessed at, has delivered his Lordship's letter to Mr. Treasurer, who is in doubt how the King will take it, and says Mr. Secretary knows not but that his Lordship has paid the £135 already. Will do his best to show Mr. Secretary the full contents of his Lordship's pleasure; but Fowler refuses to meddle with the account if Lisle's request be granted, as it will have to be audited before the Commissioners. Smyth is in the country. Will ask Hidd's bonds of him on his return. The patent of £10 is at your pleasure. Mr. Densell has promised I shall have by Sunday next the minute for the assurance of the £120 Mr. Saymer must pay you yearly. Will endeavour to get it finished before he departs, and bring Lisle's part of the award and Saymer's bond with him. Has spoken for six pair of hose to be sent by next ship. Has received the King's letter and Mr. Secretary's, touching Oye Sluice, and will do his best therein. As for Buck's confession against Fryer, he goes now with my Lady to Calais, and cannot tarry to depose before my Lord Chancellor. He will always abide by what he has said. Cannot get Lisle's bill of victualling signed, but hopes to have it on Saturday. The King was at supper with Mr. Secretary on Wednesday last, and is now at Hackney; will be here on Saturday, and so to Hampton Court, whither the Queen (age 34) is removed, as one of her gentlewomen has got the measles. Mr. Secretary says you shall have the Staple Inn, and he will cause the King to write in it. Can get no answer of Bryan touching your patent. The saddle and harness is ready to be sent by next ship. Thinks it will turn out that Norfolk, Mr. Secretary, Mr. Treasurer, and Mr. Almoner or Mr. Comptroller of the King's house, go to the French king about Whitsuntide. London, 8 April.

Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 21 Jul 1535. R. O. 1080. Roland Lee (age 48), Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, to Cromwell.

Thomas Rotheray has the measles. As the plague is in "Merisseis" (the Marches), I hintend to remove, and not go to Court till I know the King's pleasure. Write to the dean of the Chapel with my excuse. Wednesday.

Hol., p. 1. Add.: Mr. Secretary.

In Jan 1661 Anne Ogilvy Countess Glancairn died of measles.

Pepy's Diary. 11 Jan 1661. Office day. This day comes news, by letters from Portsmouth, Hampshire [Map], that the Princess Henrietta (age 16) is fallen sick of the meazles on board the London, after the Queen (age 51) and she was under sail. And so was forced to come back again into Portsmouth, Hampshire [Map] harbour; and in their way, by negligence of the pilot, run upon the Horse Sand. The Queen (age 51) and she continue aboard, and do not intend to come on shore till she sees what will become of the young Princess. This news do make people think something indeed, that three of the Royal Family should fall sick of the same disease, one after another.

Pepy's Diary. 31 May 1663. The King of France (age 24) was given out to be poisoned and dead; but it proves to be the measles: and he is well, or likely to be soon well again. I find myself growing in the esteem and credit that I have in the office, and I hope falling to my business again will confirm me in it, and the saving of money which God grant!

Pepy's Diary. 28 Dec 1663. The Duchesse of York (age 26) is fallen sicke of the meazles.

Pepy's Diary. 31 Dec 1663. The Duchesse of York (age 26), at this time, sicke of the meazles, but is growing well again. The Turke very far entered into Germany, and all that part of the world at a losse what to expect from his proceedings. Myself, blessed be God! in a good way, and design and resolution of sticking to my business to get a little money with doing the best service I can to the King (age 33) also; which God continue! So ends the old year.

Pepy's Diary. 29 Apr 1664. Thence to the 'Change [Map], and there, after some business, home to dinner, where Luellin and Mount came to me and dined, and after dinner my wife and I by coach to see my Lady Sandwich (age 39), where we find all the children and my Lord removed, and the house so melancholy that I thought my Lady had been dead, knowing that she was not well; but it seems she hath the meazles, and I fear the small pox, poor lady. It grieves me mightily; for it will be a sad houre to the family should she miscarry.

Pepy's Diary. 30 Apr 1664. My poor Lady Sandwich (age 39) is fallen sick three days since of the meazles.

Pepy's Diary. 09 May 1664. Up and to my office all the morning, and there saw several things done in my work to my great content, and at noon home to dinner, and after dinner in Sir W. Pen's (age 43) coach he set my wife and I down at the New Exchange, and after buying some things we walked to my Lady Sandwich's (age 39), who, good lady, is now, thanks be to God! so well as to sit up, and sent to us, if we were not afeard, to come up to her. So we did; but she was mightily against my wife's coming so near her; though, poor wretch! she is as well as ever she was, as to the meazles, and nothing can I see upon her face. There we sat talking with her above three hours, till six o'clock, of several things with great pleasure and so away, and home by coach, buying several things for my wife in our way, and so after looking what had been done in my office to-day, with good content home to supper and to bed. But, strange, how I cannot get any thing to take place in my mind while my work lasts at my office.

Pepy's Diary. 10 Nov 1664. So abroad, intending to have spoke with my Chancellor (age 55) about the old business of his wood at Clarendon, but could not, and so home again, and late at my office, and then home to supper and bed. My little girle Susan is fallen sicke of the meazles, we fear, or, at least, of a scarlett feavour.

French Royal Family Deaths from Measles

On 12 Feb 1712 Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) died of measles at Versailles.

On 18 Feb 1712 Louis Bourbon Duke Burgundy (age 29) died of measles contracted when nursing his wife Maria Adelaide Savoy (age 26) who had died six days previously.

On 08 Mar 1712, their eldest son, heir to the throne, Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany (age 5) died of measles.

The heir to the French throne their only remaining son Louis (age 1), aged two, great-grandson of the reigning monarch Louis "Sun King" XIV King France (age 73) succeeded his great-grandfather three years later in 1715.