On this Day in History ... 11 June

1381 Peasant's Revolt

1429 Battle of Jargeau

1430 Birth of Edmund Tudor

1467 Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

1469 Amnesty

1488 Battle of Sauchieburn

11 Jun is in June.

11 Jun 1662 Royal Society Meeting Minutes. 11 Jun 1662. 82. Royal Society Meeting Minutes.
Sir Robert Moray (54) President.
Dr Petty's (51) brother (42) showed the Society a draft of the pleasure boat he is to make for the King (32).
Lord Berkeley of Berkely (13) presented the Society with a Bird of Paradise having two feet.
Dr Goddard brought in a moth with feathered wings.
Mr Evelyn (41) presentd the Society with a book called 'The History of Chalcogrphij'.
Mr Ball to be asked to produce his 'Magnetick Instruments',
Mr Boyle presented the Society with a book of the 'Weight and Spring of Air'; and also with a glass tube filled with Minium, wherewith the experiment of filtering was made.
Note. TT. Not clear which Mr Boyle this is since Richard Boyle -1665 was elected 20 May 1663 and Robert Boyle Scientist 1627-1691 (35) 22 Apr 1663.
The Amanuensis to enquire about the depth of the water under the arches of London Bridge.
Mr Croone (28) to write to Dr Power about the trial of heat and cold in deep caves.
The Amanuensis to bespeak the long glass tube for the Torricellian Experiment.

On 11 Jun 1349 William Montagu 1st Earl Salisbury 1301-1349 (48) died. His son William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury 1328-1397 (20) succeeded 2nd Earl Salisbury 2C 1337, 4th Baron Montagu. Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Princess Wales 1328-1385 (20) by marriage Earl Salisbury 2C 1337.

Peasant's Revolt

On 11 Jun 1381 Richard II King England 1367-1400 (14) held council with his mother Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Princess Wales 1328-1385 (52), Thomas Beauchamp 12th Earl Warwick 1338-1401 (43), William Montagu 2nd Earl Salisbury 1328-1397 (52), Richard Fitzalan 9th Earl Surrey 11th Earl Arundel 1346-1397 (35), Simon Sudbury Archbishop of Canterbury 1316-1381 (65) and Robert Hales 1325-1390 (56) at the Tower of London.

Battle of Jargeau

On 11 Jun 1429 Joan Arc 1412-1431 (17) and Jean Poton Xaintrailles 1390-1461 (39) fought at Jargeau, Loiret during the Battle of Jargeau. Alexander Pole -1429 was killed. William "Jackanapes" Pole 1st Duke Suffolk 1396-1450 (32) surrendered.

Birth of Edmund Tudor

On 11 Jun 1430 Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond 1430-1456 was born to Owen Tudor 1400-1461 (30) and Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England 1401-1437 (28) at Much Hadham Palace Much Hadham (which belonged to the Bishops of London). There is speculation that the biological father was Edmund Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset 1406-1455 (24) with whom Catherine of Valois Queen Consort England 1401-1437 (28) was rumoured to have had an affair. Interesting, perhaps, that he was named Edmund rather than Owen. Interesting that he took the Royal Arms of England differenced. Also interesting that his younger brother was named Jasper; a Persian name meaning 'Keeper of the Treasure'.

On 11 Jun 1446 Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick 1425-1446 (21) died. His daughter Anne Beauchamp 15th Countess Warwick 1443-1448 (3) succeeded 15th Earl Warwick 1C 1088, 7th Baron Burghesh 2C 1330. She was buried at Reading Abbey.

On 11 Jun 1456 Anne Neville Queen Consort England 1456-1485 was born to Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick 6th Earl Salisbury 1428-1471 (28) and Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick 1426-1492 (29).

Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

On 11 Jun 1467 the fighting on horseback took place witnessed by Edward IV King England 1442-1483 (25). John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl Worcester 1427-1470 (40) was Master of the Ceremonies accompanied by John Howard 1st Duke Norfolk 1425-1485 (42). The day ended with the Bastard's (46) horse having being accidentally fatally injured by Lord Scales' saddle.


On 11 Jun 1469 an Amnesty was declared excepting Humphrey Neville of Brancepeth (30).

Battle of Sauchieburn

On 11 Jun 1488 James III King Scotland 1451-1488 (36) was killed in action or attempting to escape, at the Battle of Sauchieburn. His son James IV King Scotland 1473-1513 (15) succeeded IV King Scotland: Stewart.

On 11 Jun 1488 Alexander Stewart 3rd of Garlies -1500 fought at the Battle of Sauchieburn. Alexander Cunningham 1st Earl Glencairn 1426-1488 (62) was killed at the Battle of Sauchieburn. Robert Cunningham de jure 2nd Earl Glencairn 1451-1490 (37) succeeded 2nd Earl Glencairn.

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII Volume 4 1524 1530. 11 Jun 1528. R. O. St. P. VII. 77. 4355. Gardiner (45) to Henry VIII (36).
Has at last conduced to the setting forward of Campeggio, as will appear by the Cardinal's letters sent to Fox. Thinks the King will be satisfied with their services. It is a great heaviness to them to be accused of want of diligence and sincerity. After many altercations and promises made to the Pope, he has consented at last to send the commission by Campeggio. We urged the Pope to express the matter in special terms, but could not prevail with him in consequence of the difficulty. He said you would understand his meaning by the words, "inventuri sumus aliquam formam." I may be deceived, but I think the Pope means well. If I thought otherwise I would certainly tell the truth, for your Majesty is templum fidei et veritatis unicum in orbe relictum. Your Majesty will now understand how much the words spoken by you to Tuke do prick me. Apologises for his rude writing. Viterbo, 11 June.

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII Volume 4 1524 1530. 11 Jun 1528. Vit. B. XII. 4. B. M. Burnet, I. 103. Anne Boleyn (27) to Wolsey (55).
My Lord, in my most humble wise I desire you to pardon me that I am so bold to trouble you with my simple and rude writing, proceeding from one who is much desirous to know that your Grace does well, as I perceive by this bearer. The great pains you take for me, both day and night, are never likely to be recompensed, "but alonely in loving you, next unto the King's grace, above all creatures living," as my deeds shall manifest. I long to hear from you news of the Legate, and hope they will be very good.
Added by the King:—The writer of this would not cease till she had called me likewise to set to my hand. Both of us desire to see you, and are glad to hear you have escaped the plague so well, trusting the fury of it is abated, especially with those that keep good diet, as I trust you do. The not hearing of the Legate's arrival in France causeth us somewhat to muse; but we trust by your diligence shortly to be eased of that trouble.

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII Volume 4 1524 1530. 11 Jun 1528. R. O. St. P. I. 289. 4356. Thomas Hennege to Wolsey (55).

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII Volume 4 1524 1530. 11 Jun 1528. R. O. 4358. Brian Tuke to Thomas Derby (19).
Perceived by his letters that my Lord's pleasure is that lady Margaret's secretaries should be with him on Friday morning. Tuke will be there, but is forbidden to ride, and will therefore go by water. Is to assure Wolsey (55) that Stephens' letters did not come in the packet, as the bishop of Bath stated; and therefore Tuke supposed they were either in Mr. Peter's (Vannes') packet, or the same as the letters in Latin to Wolsey (55). Doubts not that the Cardinal will find they were not sent in the packet Tuke had. Missed them as soon as he read the bishop of Bath's letters, expecting himself to have heard from Mr. Stephens. This is all he can say. Thinks they have been left out of the packet by inadvertence, or else that my lord of Bath called Mr. Gregory's Mr. Stephens' letters. The bishop of Bath's packet came whole in a cover from the deputy of Calais, who said they had "flyen over the walls to him at 10 of the clock at night, and should fly over again to the post, to send them over incontinently; and with that packet was a truss in canvas, directed to my Lord's grace, which was not cast over the walls." The letters of sundry dates were put by Twichet into one packet. Sends various letters, and mentions others that came; some directed to the ambassador of Florence, others for Anthony Vivaldi, one to Nich. Carewe. Begs he may come on Friday, as, but for the King and Wolsey's (55) commandment, he would not stir from his chamber for 100l., "till a thing that is amiss in my body be better amended, for stirring is the most dangerous thing I can do, and besides potions and other medicines I am anointed morning and evening, and have other things administered to me not meet to be used in Court." London, Corpus Christ evening, late.

Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic Henry VIII Volume 4 1524 1530. 11 Jun 1528. R. O. Wood's Lett., vol. II. 39. 4357. Lady Elizabeth Tailbois (57) to Wolsey (55).
Has received his letters, dated Durham Place, 15 May, desiring her to deliver to Sir Gilbert Tailbois (30), her son, lands to the yearly value of 100l., the residue of those worth 200l., appointed by Act of Parliament to him (30) and his wife (30) after her husband's decease, an annuity of 40l., and the money received from the lands from Mayday last. Will give him the lands, but begs to be excused from giving the money for the following reasons:—1. Since her husband's (61) visitation, when he was committed to Wolsey by the King, his rents have been employed for household expences and the marriages of his children, and not in wasteful expences. 2. There is now 150 marks owing of the marriage money of one of their children, for which her nearest friends are bound. 3. Her other son (26), brother to Sir Gilbert, has no assignment for his living, and must be provided for. 4. Wm. Bongham, an old servant of her husband's (61), who was accustomed to provide wheat and grain for the household, has gone away with money enough to provide for the whole year, and she is obliged to make fresh provision with the rents of the lordships for which her son Sir Gilbert asks, and of other lands also. 6. There are 10 score wild beasts in the lordship of Kyme, from which they used to provide beef for the household, but from which they can now get no profit. Has had little comfort since her husband's (61) last visitation, "and for the pleasure of God I have yielded me thereunto," and now my husband (61) is aged it would be hard to live in penury, and be unable to discharge our friends of the sums in which they are bound for us. If my son obtain his demands, we shall be obliged to break up house and "sparpull" our children and servants. He has now in his hands lands worth 342l. 17s. 11¾d.,—more than she and her husband (61) have. Will do all she can for him when her children are provided for and her debts paid. Goltaght, 11 June. Signed.

On 11 Jun 1557 John III King Portugal 1502-1557 (55) died. His grandson Sebastian King Portugal 1554-1578 (3) succeeded King Portugal: Aviz. Sebastian's paternal grandmother Catherine of Austria Queen Consort Portugal 1507-1578 (50) acted as Regent during his minority being replaced by Henrique Aviz Cardinal King Portugal 1512-1580 (45) when she resigned in 1562.

On 11 Jun 1560 Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland 1515-1560 (44) died at Edinburgh Castle.

On 11 Jun 1570 Mary Percy 1570-1643 was born to Thomas Percy 7th Earl of Northumberland 1528-1572 (42) and Anne Somerset Countess Northumberland 1538-1596 (32).

On 07 Aug 1616 William Savage 1554-1616 (62) died. He was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church Elmley.
On 31 Jan 1631 Giles Savage 1585-1631 (46) died. He was buried at St Mary the Virgin Church Elmley.
On 11 Jun 1674 Katherine Dalston 1590-1674 (84) died (she the wife of Giles Savage 1585-1631 (31)) at Elmley Castle Elmley. She buried at St Mary the Virgin Church Elmley.
Alabaster table tomb with Father, Son and Daughter-in-Law. She holding a Chrisom Child probably representing stillborn, or died soon after birth. At their feet two lions and what is described as a stag with an arrow through its neck.

On 11 Jun 1660 Henry Wright 1st Baronet 1637-1664 (23) was created 1st Baronet Crew of Dagenham by Charles II King England Scotland and Ireland 1630-1685 (30). Lady Ann Crew -1708 by marriage Baronet Crew of Dagenham.

Samuel Pepys' Diary 11 June 1661. 11 Jun 1661. At the office this morning, Sir G. Carteret (51) with us; and we agreed upon a letter to the Duke of York (27), to tell him the sad condition of this office for want of money; how men are not able to serve us more without some money; and that now the credit of the office is brought so low, that none will sell us any thing without our personal security given for the same. All the afternoon abroad about several businesses, and at night home and to bed.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 June 1683. 11 Jun 1683. The Lord Dartmouth (10) was elected Master of the Trinity House; son to George Legge (36), late Master of the Ordnance, and one of the grooms of the bedchamber; a great favorite of the Duke's (49), an active and understanding gentleman in sea affairs.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 June 1686. 11 Jun 1686. I went to see Middleton's (36) receptacle of water at the New River, and the new Spa Wells neere.

On 11 Jun 1695 Ford Grey 1st Earl Tankerville 1655-1701 (39) was created 1st Earl Tankerville 2C 1695. Mary Berkeley Countess Tankerville -1718 by marriage Earl Tankerville 2C 1695.

John Evelyn's Diary 11 June 1696. 11 Jun 1696. Dined at Lord Pembroke's (40), Lord Privy Seal, a very worthy gentleman. He showed me divers rare pictures of very many of the old and best masters, especially one of M. Angelo of a man gathering fruit to give to a woman, and a large book of the best drawings of the old masters. Sir John Fenwick (51), one of the conspirators, was taken. Great subscriptions in Scotland to their East India Company. Want of current money to carry on the smallest concerns, even for daily provisions in the markets. Guineas lowered to twenty-two shillings, and great sums daily transported to Holland, where it yields more, with other treasure sent to pay the armies, and nothing considerable coined of the new and now only current stamp, cause such a scarcity that tumults are every day feared, nobody paying or receiving money; so imprudent was the late Parliament to condemn the old though clipped and corrupted, till they had provided supplies. To this add the fraud of the bankers and goldsmiths, who having gotten immense riches by extortion, keep up their treasure in expectation of enhancing its value. Duncombe, not long since a mean goldsmith, having made a purchase of the late Duke of Buckingham's estate at nearly £90,000, and reputed to have nearly as much in cash. Banks and lotteries every day set up.

On 11 Jun 1721 Thomas Howard 14th Earl Suffolk 7th Earl Berkshire 1721-1783 was born to Henry Bowes Howard 4th Earl Berkshire 11th Earl Suffolk 1686-1757 (35) and Catherine Graham Countess Berkshire Countess Suffolk.

On 11 Jun 1726 Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain 1726-1746 was born to Philippe V King Spain 1683-1746 (42) and Elisabeth Farnese Queen Consort Spain 1692-1766 (33).

On 11 Jun 1727 George I King Great Britain and Ireland 1660-1727 (67) died. His son King George II of Great Britain and Ireland 1683-1760 (43) succeeded II King Great Britain and Ireland. Caroline Hohenzollern Queen Consort England 1683-1737 (44) by marriage Queen Consort England.

On 11 Jun 1734 William Bentinck 2nd Duke Portland 1709-1762 (25) and Margaret Cavendish Harley 2nd Duchess Portland 1715-1785 (19) were married at St Peter aka Oxford Chapel Vere Street Marylebone. Margaret Cavendish Harley 2nd Duchess Portland 1715-1785 (19) by marriage Duke Portland.

On 11 Jun 1758 Seymour Finch 1758-1794 was born to Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Aylesford 1715-1777 (42) and Charlotte Seymour Countess Aylesford 1728-1761 (27).

On 11 Jun 1784 Catherine Compton Countess Egmont 1731-1784 (53) died at Langley. Her son Charles George Perceval 2nd Baron Arden 1st Baron Arden Arden 1756-1840 (27) succeeded 2nd Baron Arden of Lohort Castle in County Cork.

On 11 Jun 1797 Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl Harewood 1797-1857 was born to Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl Harewood 1767-1841 (29) and Henrietta Dashwood.

On 11 Jun 1817 John Frederick Vaughan Campbell 2nd Earl Cawdor 1817-1898 was born to John Campbell 1st Earl Cawdor 1790-1860 (26) and Elizabeth Thynne Countess Cawdor 1795-1866 (22).

On 11 Jun 1820 Fitzroy George Charles Gordon Lennox 1820-1841 was born to Charles Gordon Lennox 5th Duke Richmond 1791-1860 (28) and Caroline Paget Duchess Richmond 1796-1874 (24).

On 11 Jun 1843 Albert Parker 3rd Earl Morley 1843-1905 was born to Edmund Parker 2nd Earl Morley 1810-1864 (33) and Harriet Sophia Parker Countess Morley 1809-1897 (34).

On 11 Jun 1874 James Henry Robert Innes Kerr 7th Duke Roxburghe 1839-1892 (34) and Anne Emily Spencer Churchill Duchess Roxburghe 1854-1923 (19) were married. Anne Emily Spencer Churchill Duchess Roxburghe 1854-1923 (19) by marriage Duke Roxburghe.

On 11 Jun 1876 Lawrence John Lumley Dundas 2nd Marquess Zetland 1876-1961 was born to Lawrence Dundas 1st Marquess Zetland 1844-1929 (31) and Lilian Selina Elizabeth Lumley Marchioness Zetland 1851-1943 (24).

On 11 Jun 1889 William Cavendish Bentinck 6th Duke Portland 1857-1943 (31) and Winifred Anna Dallas Yorke Duchess Portland 1863-1954 (25) were married. Winifred Anna Dallas Yorke Duchess Portland 1863-1954 (25) by marriage Duke Portland.

On 11 Jun 1891 Lillian Winifred Grey 1891-1895 was born to Albert Henry George Grey 4th Earl Grey 1851-1917 (39) and Alice Holford Countess Grey -1944.

On 11 Jun 1917 Constantine I King Greece 1868-1923 (48) abdicated King Greece. His son Alexander I King Greece 1893-1920 (23) succeeded I King Greece. Aspasia Manos Queen Consort Greece by marriage Queen Consort Greece.

On 11 Jun 1996 Edward William Dawnay 1950- and Jane Meriel Grosvenor Duchess Roxburghe 1953- were married (he was her second cousin).