Biography of Archbishop Eadsige -1050

Around 1035 Archbishop Eadsige served as a suffragan or coadjutor bishop to Archbishop Æthelnoth of Canterbury, with his see located at the church of St Martin in Canterbury.

In 1038 Archbishop Eadsige was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

John of Worcester. 1038. Æthelnoth, archbishop of Canterbury, departed this life on the fourth of the calends of November [29th September]. Seven days after, Ethelric, bishop of Sussex, died; for he had prayed to God that he might not long survive his beloved father Ethelnoth. Grimkytel succeeded him in the bishopric, and Eadsige, one of the king's chaplains, succeeded Ethelnoth in the archbishopric. In the same year died Ælfric, bishop of East-Anglia, and Brihteag, bishop of the Hwiccas [Worcester], ended his days on Wednesday the third of the calends of January [20th December], whose see king Harold (age 22) gave to Living, bishop of Crediton. Stigand, the king's chaplain, was appointed in Ælfric's place, but was afterwards ejected, and Grimkytel chosen in his stead; so that he held for the tune the two dioceses of Sussex and Essex; but Stigand was restored, and Grimkytel ejected, and Stigand kept the bishopric of Sussex for himself, and procured that of East-Anglia for his brother Ethelmar; but not satisfied with this, he was raised to the thrones of Winchester and Canterbury: he also strove hard to hold with them the bishopric of Sussex, and nearly carried his point. Ethelmar; was succeeded by Ærfast, bishop of Elmham, who, lest he should have seemed to have done nothing—for the Normans are very ambitious of future renown—transferred the see from Elmham to Thetford.

Charter S998 King Edward to Ordgar. 1042. King Edward to Ordgar, his faithful minister; grant of a half hide (mansa) at Littleham, Devon. Latin with English bounds

Px In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi. Omnis quidem susceptio et datio passionum terrarum melius litterarum exemplis confirmanda sit ne in posterum aliquis testamenti confirmationem ignorans presumptionis peccatum uel direptionis incaute crimen incurrat. Qua de re ego EADWARD (age 39) rex regali fretus dignitate aliquam terram cuidam fideli meo ministro uocitato nomine ORDGAR - unum dimidium mansam in loco ubi dictum est Littleham; cum sylua ad se pertinente in australi parte in hereditatem perennem impendere curaui. Sit uero predictum rus ab omni seculari grauedine expers. nisi expeditione pontis arcisue munitione. Quicumque hoc decretum minuere seu transmutare satagerit; noscat se reum esse in die iudicii coram Christo et sanctis eius. Terra autem ista his terminibus circumdatur. Ðis syndon þære healfan hide landgemæro æt Lytlanhamme. Ærest on Exanmuðan. þonne up on stryem. be norðan lydewicnæsse on þone norþran mere. up andlang riðan of þone æwylm. þanone east rihte to hafocys setle. þanone east rihte to þan hricgwege. andlang þæs hricgweges. on þa ealdan dic. east andlang þære dic of þære wega gelæto be norðan ðam fulan landa. þanon norð on þone grenan weg on auan ford. of þam fordan up andlang stryemes on þone sele. of þam sele norð on þone grenan weg to þam slæde. east up andlang þæs slædes to ðære plegin stowe. þonne to þan herpaðe. andlang þæs herpaðas to fugelis beorh dune. andlang þære dune to fuhgeles beorhge. fram þam beorhge suð to ellewurðie. þanon to þan broce. adun þonne andlang þæs broces eft ut on sæ: - Acta est autem hec prefata donatio anno ab incarnatione domini nostri Iesu Christi. millesimo. xl. ii. indictione. x.

Ego Eadweard rex Britannie totius Anglorum (age 39) monarchus hoc agie Crucis taumate roboraui.

Eadsige Dorobernensis ecclesie archiepiscopus eiusdem regis principatum et beniuolentiam sub sigillo Sancte Crucis conclusi.

Ego Ælfgyfu (age 57) regina humillima adiuui.

Ego Ælfwine episcopus assensum prebui.

Ego Byrhtwold episcopus dictando titulaui.

Ego Dudoc episcopus consolidaui.

Ego Lyfing episcopus dignum duxi.

Ego Godwine dux.

Ego Sigwerd dux.

Ego Leofric dux.

Ego Sigwerd abbas.

Ego Ælfwine abbas.

Ego Odda (age 49) minister.

Ego Ordgar minister.

Ego Ælfgar minister.

Ego Godwine minister.

Ego Æþelric minister.

Ego Toky minister.

Ego Toui minister.

Ego Dodda minister.

Ego Ælfwerd minister.

Ego Osmær minister.

Charter S999 King Edward to Ælfstan. A.D. 1043. King Edward (age 40) to Ælfstan, his minister; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Sevington in Leigh Delamere, Wilts. Latin with English bounds

Nichil ergo in hoc seculo prolixa felicitate fruitur, nichil diuturna dominatione potitur, nichil quod non ad fatalem uite terminum ueloci cursu tendatur, ideoque ut ortodoxorum demonstrant paracdigmata sic nobis mundanarum rerum patrimonie sunt perfruende ut tamen eterne patrie emolumentis numquam fraudemur. Quam ob rem ego Eadward, annuente altitroni moderatoris imperio Anglorum basileus, quodam ministro meo Ælfstan nominato .x. mansas ubi dicitur æt Seofonhæmtune libens donabo, quatinus habeat atque possideat ac post se qualicumque uoluerit heredi derelinquat. Sit autem rus predictum ab omni mundano seruitio liberum, tribus tam exceptis, uiatici restauratione pontis, arcis construccione regalis, expeditione etiam populari. Siquis uero quod absit cupiditatis flamma accensus hoc nostrum infringere temptauerit donum, sciat se dampnaturum cum filiis perdicionis in tartareis tormentis, nisi resipiscens digna satisfactione emendauerit. Nam predicta ruris particula his metis constat circumcincta. Erest on þa haran apeldran, of þare apeldran 7lang pinnan rode, of þære rode betweox Mor sceagan 7 Middel lea, ðwyres on þa ealdan dic, of ðære dic andlang hricges on byde wil, of ðan wille 7lang stræte on hægla þorn, of þan ðorne 7lang hricges on hodan mere, on gerihte on fif þornas, of fif þornon þwyres on ðane ealdan ellen styb, of ðan stybbe on ða ealdan dic, of þære dic andlang herpaðes þæt hit cymð be norðan bien hylle in on þæt slæd, swa 7lang fura on þæne smalan weg, swa 7lang weges on ðone wiðig, of ðan wiþige on stan wyl, of þan wille þwyres on ðæne garan, of þan garan on þæs broces bige, of þan bige on þa ealdan eorð byrig, of þære byrig on ðone ac styb, of þan stibbe eft on þa haran apeldran. Scripta est ergo huius regalis doni cartula anno dominice incarnationis .xliii. post mille, indiccione .xi., his confirmantibus quorum uocabula infra sunt pretitulata et cernentibus apparent adnotata.

Ego Eadward (age 40) rex Anglorum meum donum signo crucis confirmaui [King of the English, I confirmed my gift with the sign of the cross].

Ego Ælfgyfa (age 58) predicti regis mater regium munus corroboraui [the royal office of the mother of the said king].

Ego Eadsinus archiepiscopus almo sancte crucis uexillo confortaui [archbishop with the standard of the holy cross].

Ego Ælfric archipresul istud datum consolidaui.

Ego Bryhtwold episcopus.

Ego Æþelstan episcopus.

Ego Godwine dux.

Ego Godeman presbiter.

Ego Karl minister.

Ego Ælfeget minister.

Ego Ælfwig prefectus.

Ego Ælfwine episcopus.

Ego Grimkyl episcopus.

Ego Dudoca episcopus.

Ego Lyfing episcopus.

Ego Brihtwine episcopus.

Ego Eadnoþ episcopus.

Ego Æþelweard abbas.

Ego Ælfwine abbas.

Ego Siward abbas.

Ego Wulfsige abbas.

Ego Leofric presbiter.

Ego Siward (age 33) dux.

Ego Swegen dux.

Ego Eadwold presbiter.

Ego Hereman presbiter.

Ego Leofric presbiter.

Ego Osgod miles.

Ego Ælfstan miles.

Ego Esbern miles.

Ego Lyfing miles.

Ego Ordgar miles.

Ego Odda minister.

Ego Brihtric minister.

Ego Dodda, Æþelmer.

Ego Urki minister.

Ego Ælfget minister.

Ego Wulfnoð prefectus.

Ego Kinewerd prefectus.

Ego Tokig minister.

Ego Æþelwig minister.

Ego Leofric 7 Tofig ministri.

Ego Ælfwig prefectus.

Ego Æþelmær minister.

Ego Æþelric minister.

Ego Totig minister.

Ego Leofwine minister.

Ego Godsunu minister.

Ego Ulfkitel 7 Æþelric ministri.

Coronation of Edward the Confessor

John of Worcester. 1043. Edward (age 40) was anointed king at Winchester on the first day of Easter, being the third of the nones [the 3rd] of April, by Eadsige, archbishop of Canterbury, Jilric, archbishop of York, and nearly all the bishops of England. In the same year, fourteen days before the feast-day of St. Andrew the apostle [16th November], the king went suddenly and unexpectedly from the city of Gloucester to Winchester, accompanied by the earls Godwin (age 42), Leofric, and Siward (age 33); and by their advice took from his mother (age 58) all the gold, silver, jewels, precious stones, and other valuables she possessed, because she had been less liberal to him than he expected, and had treated him harshly both before and after he was king. Notwithstanding, he gave orders for her being supplied with all necessaries, and ordered her to remain there quiet.

On 03 Apr 1043 King Edward "Confessor" of England (age 40) was crowned King England at Winchester Cathedral [Map] by Archbishop Eadsige.

In 1043 Coventry Priory was founded by Leofric Earldorman Mercia and Godgifu aka Lady Godiva. It was consecrated on 04 Oct 1043 by Archbishop Eadsige. Among the witnesses to this foundation charter were Edward the Confessor (age 40), the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishops of Worcester and Lichfield, the abbots of Winchcombe and Pershore, and the earls Godwin (age 42), Harold (age 21), Siward (age 33), and Ordgar.

Charter S1001 King Edward to Ælfwine. A.D. 1044. King Edward (age 41) to Ælfwine, bishop (of Winchester); grant of 30 hides (mansae) at Witney, Oxon [Map]. Latin with English bounds

Rubric: ˘is is ∂ara .xxx. hidæ boc æt Witanigæ ∂e Eadward cing gebocode Ælfwinæ bisceope on ece yrfe. + Christi omnipotentis dei largiflua bonitas omnino laudanda, omnique est laude praeferenda, quae nullo bonitatis termino ualet concludi, utpote idem deus ipse sit suae bonitatis bonitas, distribuens gratis non tantum dignis uerum etiam indignis participium bonitatis suae; est quippe rex regum, omniumque subsistentium uisibilium aeque inuisibilium creator et suae creationis discretissimus dispositor, disponens omnia sibi libito uti competi diuinae dominationi eius; nam quosdam libero arbitrio quibusdam praeficit dignitate huius saeculi et opibus diuersis, quibus rursum mandat ut ipsi eorum inopiam sua sufficientia releuare debeant qui minus abundant saecularibus negociis, et pro hoc possint maiori mercede ab eo donari. Unde ego Eadwardus rex Anglicae nationis eius ammonitione prouocatus, pro adipiscenda remunerationis mercede, dono cuidam familiari episcopo meo Ælfwino pro fideli obsequio quo michi fideliter obsecundatur .xxx. uidelicet mansas, in loco quem soicolae illius uocant Wittannige, ut eas quoad uiuit libere possideat; et post mortem det sibi placito cuicunque elegerit. Sit itaque rurisculum illud ab omni mundiali seruitio liberum, excepto communi seruitio, hoc est, arcis recuperatione, et pontis restauratione, ac expeditione in hostes patriae. Si quispiam quoquomodo malae mentis conamine hoc meum donatiuum donum infringere uel abripere per uiolentiam uoluerit, priuatus a consortio dei qui nos imperat iuniorum nostrorum necessitatibus subuenire pro suo amore, constringatur et obligetur inextricabilium nodorum habenis perpetuae dampnationis, nisi resipiscat et poenitentiae uenia deleat. ˘is synt ∂a landgemæra to Wittannige. Ærest andlang ∂æs streames on ∂one mædham ∂e hyrn∂ into Scylftune; and fram Scylftune andlang streames ∂æt it cym∂ to ∂am mylewere ∂e hyrn∂ into duceling dune; of ∂æm wære ofær ∂one wegean mor into hocslew; ∂anon on ∂a niwan dic; of ∂ære dic on horninga mære; of horninga mære andlang ∂æs gemæres to hlæwan slæde; of ∂am slæde into dufan doppe and swa andlang gemæres into Leofstanes bricge; of Leofestanes bricge into kytelaceras; of kytelacæras innon ∂a wudestret; andlang ∂ære strete into hafoces hlæwe; of hafoces hlewæ innon wænric; of wenric to swondæne; æfter swondæne to ∂ære haran apeldran; of ∂ære apeldran andlang gemæres innan swonlege; of swonleage upp to ∂am heafdam; of ∂am heafdan andlang surode innan huntenan weg; andlang huntenan wege into Wicham; of Wicham a be ∂are wyrtruman ∂æt hit cym∂ on sceapa weg; of sceapa wege andlang rihtes gemæres innan æcenes feld; of æcenes felda andlang rihtes gemæres of kicgestan; of kicgestane into æceres felda; of æcenes felda ∂ær ∂a cnihtas licga∂; and fram ham ∂e ∂a cnihtas licga∂ on mætseg; andlang metseg into wenric. Anno dominicae incarnationis millesimo quadragesimo quarto, indictione duodecima et septem concurrentibus, atque .xviii. epactis rotantibus, haec regalis concessio atque donatio facta est sub astipulatione primatum quorum nomina hic caraxata sunt.

Ego Eadwardus (age 41) rex totius Brittanniae praefatam meam donationem cum sigillo sanctae crucis regali stabilimento affirmaui.

Ego Ælfgyfu (age 59) eiusdem regis mater hanc regalem donationem cum trophaeo agiae crucis ouanter diuulgaui.

Ego Eadsinus archiepiscopus triumphalem agiae crucis trophaeum huic regio muneri gaudenter impressi.

Ego Ælfricus archipraesul hanc territoriam scedulam signo sanctae crucis diligenter adsignare curaui.

Ego Ælfwinus Wintoniensis episcopus consolidaui.

Ego Beorhtwoldus Wiltuniensis episcopus coadunaui.

Ego Ea∂no∂us Dorcensis episcopus corroboraui.

Ego Lyfingus Cridiensis episcopus confirmaui.

Ego Æ∂elstanus Herfordensis episcopus consigillaui.

Ego Ælfweardus Lundoniensis episcopus conscripsi.

Ego Duduco Uuillensis episcopus condixi.

Ego Grimkyllus Australium Saxonum episcoups consensi.

Ego Wulfsynus Licetfeldensis episcopus conclusi.

Ego Bryhtwinus Scirburnensis episcopus commodum duxi.

Ego Godwine (age 43) dux.

Ego Leofric dux.

Ego Siwerd (age 34) dux.

Ego Swegen dux.

Ego Ælfwine dux.

Ego Ælfwerd dux.

Ego Sywerd dux.

Ego Leofsige dux.

Ego Ælfsige dux.

Ego Ælfstan dux.

Ego Ordgar minister.

Ego Osgod minister.

Ego Odda minister.

Ego Ælfgar minister.

Ego Brihtric minister.

Ego Æ∂elwig minister.

Ego ˘ure∂ minister.

Ego Ælfstan minister.

Ego Carl minister.

Ego Ordulf minister.

Charter S1004 King Edward to Orc. 1044. King Edward to Orc, his faithful minister; grant of 5 perticae at Abbots Wootton in Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset. Latin with English bounds

Px Postquam protoplasti serpentina suasione seducti stola immortalitatis perdita in huius terre peregrinationis erumpnis multiplicibus onustam creatoris sententia multati sudatis uultibus proprio conamine humum terre colere coeperunt . Semper sequacibus necessitas inoleuit alimoniam ceu mortalibus ex terre germinibus adquirere . ne deficiente uictu defeceret et uita; Ideoque ego Eadweard rex Anglorum dedi cuidam meo fideli ministro qui iuxta sue proprie gentis consuetudinem ab infantili etate nomen accepit . Orc . in eternam hereditatem impendo telluris particulam . id est .v. perticarum agelluli . illo in loco ubi iamdudum solicole regionis illius nomen inposuerunt æt Wudetune . libenter concedo quatenus ille libere possideat uita [comite] cum cunctis utilitatibus campis . paschuis . pratis . siluis . et post metam huius labilis uite cuicumque heredi sibi placuerit derelinquat in eternam hereditatem; Si autem tempore contigerit aliquo quempiam hominum aliqum libellum ob istarum apicum adnichilationem in palam producere sit omnimodis ab omnibus hominum ordinibus condempnatus omnique abolitus industria ueritatis cuiuscumque regum fuerit tempore perscriptus. Sit autem istud prefatum rus liberrimum ab omni mundiali obstaculo exceptis que usuali ritu obseruantur . id est cum glomerata sibi alternatim expeditioni compulerit populari commilitonum confligere castra atque cum sua petunt pontis titubantia muniri uada. Ac cum conciuium turma urbium indigent muniri stabiliter septa; Et si quis hanc nostram largitionem uoluerit cupido conamine adnullare et ad proprium usum peruertere sciat se digna mercedem recepturum suae tyrannidis cum complicibus Iude proditoris Christi . nisi satisfactione emendare antea satagerit. His namque confiniis prefatum rus circum cincta est. + Ærest of strætforda up andlang ˇæs grenan weges to smiceran æc. Andlang weges to Ketanlege upewerdre. Andlang herpa∂es to ˇam herpaˇes on nor∂ healfe lobirihtes gete. Of ˇam herpa∂e benorˇan labrihtes gete on ∂ære dice hyrnan adune on ˇære land sceare to ˇam twam wicon adune 7langes drian hyrstes lace . fram ∂ære lace to ˇan ligcgendum æc . fram ∂am licgendum æc innan sticelan ford . of ∂am forda andlang herpa∂es of wulfrices dice . hyrnan . fram ∂ære dice hyrnan 7lang hæccean . to bridian beara lace on ˇare hnottan stybb . of ˇam hnottan stybbe 7lang hæccean to ∂one mycclan mapeldran. Andlang hæccean to ˇære ræw apoldran. Andlang hæccean to cern hlinces herpa∂e. Andlang herpa∂es to ˇan holan wege. Andlang dic su∂ to ˇære holan lace. 7 lang ∂ære lace . up innan ˇone herpa∂. Andlang herpaˇes innan hweoulforda. Scripta est autem hæc singrapha . Anno dominice incarnationis . Millesimo quadragesimo .iiii. Indictione uero .xii. Horum consilio et testimonio quorum nomina hic infra habentur.

Ego Eadweard rex Anglorum agiae crucis signaculo hanc munificentiam consignaui.

Ego Eadsige Doruernensis aecclesie archiepiscopus consensi et subscripsi.

Ego Ælfric Eboracensis aecclesie archiepiscopus.

Ego Ælfwine episcopus.

Ego Brihtwold episcopus.

Ego Lyfincg episcopus.

Ego Brihtwine episcopus.

Ego Alfwold episcopus.

Ego Dudoc episcopus.

Ego Ealldred episcopus.

Ego Ælfstan abbas.

Ego Ælfwine abbas.

Ego Æ∂elweard abbas.

Ego Ælfric abbas.

Ego Ælfwig abbas.

Ego Æˇelwi abbas.

Ego Ælfwig abbas.

Ego Goduuine dux.

Ego Leofric dux.

Ego Siwerd dux.

Ego Osgod minister.

Ego Brihtric minister.

Ego Ælfstan minister.

Ego Ælfget minister.

Ego Siwerd minister.

Ego Wulfno∂ minister.

Ego Ecglaf minister.

John of Worcester. 1049. Eadnoth, bishop of Dorchester, died, and was succeeded by Ulf, the king's chaplain, a native of Normandy. Oswy, abbot of Thorney, and Wulfnoth, abbot of Westminster, died; also Siward, coadjutor-bishop of Eadsige, archbishop of Canterbury, and he was buried at Abingdon. Moreover, in this year pope St. Leo came to France, at the request of the most excellent abbot Herimar, having in his company the prefect and some of the principal persons of Rome, and dedicated with great ceremony the monastery of St. Remigius, the apostle of the Franks, built at Rheims, in which city he afterwards held a numerous synod of archbishops, bishops, and abbots, which lasted six days. There were present at this synod Alfwine, abbot of Ramsey, and the abbot of St. Augustine's monastery [at Canterbury], who were sent there by Edward, king of England.

John of Worcester. 1050. Macbeth (age 45), king of Scotland, distributed freely large sums of money at Rome. Eadsige, archbishop of Canterbury, died, and was succeeded by Robert, bishop of London, a Norman by birth. Spearheafoc, abbot of Abingdon, was elected bishop of London, but was ejected by king Edward before consecration. Heriman, bishop of Wilton, and Aldred, bishop of Worcester, went to Rome.

On 29 Oct 1050 Archbishop Eadsige died.

Charter S1000 King Edward to Coventry Abbey. A.D. 1043. King Edward to Coventry Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land, as granted by Leofric, dux, at Southam, Grandborough, Bishops Itchington, Honington, Kings Newnham, Ufton, Chadshunt, Priors Hardwick, Chesterton, Wasperton, Snohham, Birdingbury, Marston in Wolston, Long Marston, Ryton, Walsgrave on Sowe, Warwicks.; Salwarpe, Worcs.; Easton, Ches.; Kilsby and Winwick, Northants.; Burbage, Barwell, Scraptoft and Packington, Leics. [incorporating a privilege of Pope Alexander] Latin

Pace regnante, largiflua Christi omnipotentis bonitas semper ab omnibus est laudanda omnique laude praeferenda, quia nullo bonitatis termino ualet concludi in saeculorum saecula, utpote quia idem deus ipse sit suae propriae bonitatis bonitas, distribuens gratis non tantum dignis uerum etiam indignis partem suae bonitatis; est quippe rex regum et dominus dominantium omniumque subsistentium uisibilium atque inuisibilium creator, et suae creationis discretissimus dispositor, attingens a fine usque ad finem suauiterque disponens omnem creaturam ut competit diuinae dominationi eius. Nam quosdam libero arbitrio quibusdam praefecit dignitate huius saeculi et operibus diuersis, quibus rursum mandat ut ipsi sua sufficienta et bonorum habundantia illorum releuare et sustentare debeant inopiam qui minus saecularibus habundant negotiis, ut pro hoc maiori possint mercede ab eo donari. Unde ego Eadwardus Anglorum rex omnibus post me futuris regibus, archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, ducibus, omnibusque Christi fidelibus notum fieri uolo quod uenerabilis dux Leofricus, diuina inspirante gratia monitisque gloriosi ac deo dilecti summi pontificis Alexandri, monasterium sanctae dei genitricis Mariae sanctique Petri et omnium sanctorum in uilla quae dicitur Couentre extruxit largisque muneribus adornauit, atque subscripta maneria ad uictuale subsidium abbatis et monachorum in eodem loco deo perpetue seruientium mea larga donatione et concessione ibidem contulit; uidelicet medietatem eiusdem uillae in qua fundata est ipsa aecclesia, deinde Sou∂am, Greneburgan, Icketonam, Hunitonam, Neowenham, Hulhtune, Chadeleshunte, Herdewyk, Cestretune, Waspertune, Suohham, Byrtingabirig iuxta Auen, Merston, item Merstuna, in Gloecestria, medietatem uillae de Ruitune, Sowe, Salewarp, Eatuna iuxta fluuium Dee, Kildesbig, Winewican, Burhbeca, Barwalle, Scrapetoft, Pakinton, pro reuerentia itaque et honore sanctae dei genitricis Mariae sanctique aduocati mei apostoli Petri, do et concedo abbati Leofwino, et omnibus futuris ibidem post eum abbatibus, in tota possessione monasterii, sakam et socnam, et theloneum suum in terra et in aqua, in urbe et extra, et omnes leges et consuetudines tam plene et tam libere sicut eas praefatus dux honorificentius et liberius de me tenuit. Praecipio itaque ut omnia quae ad ipsam aecclesiam pertinent sint omnino libera, terrae cultae et incultae, cum exitibus atque redditibus praedictorum necnon maneria et aecclesiae, cimiteria, decimae, redditus, et seruitia debita, oblationes, luminaria, causarum discussiones, emendationes aecclesiasticae uel saeculares, et quicquid illi loco collatum est sub integra inmunitate concedimus et perpetuo firmamus. Et ne quis praesentium uel magis futurorum ambiget quae sit illa libertas quam amabiliter et firmiter concedo, omnimodis cuncta illius aecclesiae possessio nullis sit unquam grauata oneribus nec expeditionis nec pontis et arcis aedificatione, nec iuris regalis fragimine nec furis apprehensione. Et ut omnia simul comprehendam, nil debet exsolui nec regi nec regis praeposito uel episcopo uel ulli homini, sed omnia debita exsoluantur iugiter quae in ipsa ditione fuerint ad supradictum sanctum locum secundum quod ordinauerint fratres eiusdem coenobii. Ut autem cunctis haec transgredientibus ad damnationem suam euidenter possit ostendi literas summi pontificis papae Alexandri quas ab eo suscepimus, directas tam posteris quam praesentibus hic manifestari curauimus. Alexander episcopus seruus seruorum dei dilecto filio Eadwardo regi Anglorum salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Scriptorum uestrorum eloquia incolumitatem uestram significantia laeti suscepimus, gratias itaque omnipotenti deo retulimus qui cordis uestri sinceritatem ad omnia utilia sanctae matris aecclesiae compungit. Proinde iuxta scripta uestra monasterio sanctae Mariae de Couentria ubi seruorum dei constituta est congregatio a reuerendae memoriae Leofrico duce nuper exstructo, huiusmodi priuilegia praesentis authoritatis nostrae indulgemus, concedimus, atque confirmamus, statuentes ut ipse locus regiis praeceptis et priuilegiis apostolicis fultus per omnia tempora sine conuexatione cuiuscumque diocesani episcopi, aut alicuius iudiciariae potestatis cuiuscumque ordinis uel dignitatis sit, sed semper sicut praeoptat et expetit beneuolentia tua regalis futuro tempore permaneat. Fratres igitur eiusdem loci idoneos ex se uel ex qua uoluerint congregatione abbates siue decanos sibi per successiones eligendi habeant potestatem, et ne impediantur auctoritate apostolica prohibemus. Praeterea quicquid illi loco contuleris, uel collatum est, uel conferetur, diuina et nostra auctoritate roboramus; necnon priuilegia uestra ad honorem dei pertinentia quae ibi instituere uolueris gratanti affectu annuimus, confirmamus, et confirmando imperpetuum stare decreuimus; et infractores eorum aeterna maledictione damnamus. Anno incarnationis dominicae .m.xliii. scripta est haec syngrapha, hiis consentientibus ierarchis qui subter notati: uidelicet,

Ego Eadwardus rex hanc meam libertatem regali stabilimento affirmaui.

Ego Ælfgyfa mater eiusdem regis assensum accommodaui.

Ego Eadgi∂ regina eiusdem collateralis regis eiusdem donationi regali consensi [The queen of the same collateral agreed to the king's royal donation of the same.].

Ego Eadsinus Dorobernensis aecclesiae archiepiscopus adquieui.

Ego Ælfricus Eboracensis aecclesiae archipraesul corroboraui.

Ego Ælfwoldus Londoniensis episcopus subposui.

Ego Ealdredus episcopus Wygornensis impressi.

Ego Duduco episcopus Willensis adnotaui.

Ego Wlfinus episcopus Lichesfeldensis consolidaui.

Ego Æ∂elstanus episcopus Herfordensis stabiliui.

Ego Liuingus episcopus Cridiensis adposui.

Ego Eadno∂us episcopus Dorcensis consensum praebui.

Ego Brihtwinus episcopus Scirbernensis confirmaui.

Ego Berhtwold episcopus Wiltuniensis conclusi.

Ego Manni abbas.

Ego Siward abbas.

Ego Ælfwinus abbas.

Ego Godwinus abbas.

Ego Ælfstanus abbas.

Ego Godwinus dux.

Ego Haroldus dux.

Ego Leofricus dux.

Ego Siward dux.

Ego Sweyn dux.

Ego Tostig dux.

Ego Radulphus More.

Ego Esgar.

Ego Rodbord minister.

Ego Hulfketel minister.

Ego Godwine minister.

Ego Frewine minister.

Ego Leofric minister.

Ego Morcere minister.

Ego Ælfgar minister.

Ego Godric minister.

Ego Leofric minister.

Ego Siwerd minister.

Ego Æ∂elsi minister.