On this Day in History ... 01 April

01 Apr is in April.

1204 Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

1328 Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

1445 Marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

1536 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

1683 Rye House Plot

1917 Battle of the Somme

Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

On 01 Apr 1274 Robert Clifford 1st Baron Clifford was born to Roger Clifford (age 31) and Isabella Vipont (age 20) at Clifford Castle [Map].

On 01 Apr 1282 Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor was born to Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria (age 52) and Matilda Habsburg Duchess Bavaria (age 29). He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Death of Charles IV of France Sucession of Philip VI

On 01 Feb 1328 Charles IV King France I King Navarre (age 33) died. On 01 Apr 1328 His first cousin King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France (age 34) succeeded VI King France: Capet Valois. The succession somewhat complicated by Charles' wife Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France being pregnant. The child Blanche Capet was born two months later on 01 Apr 1328. A girl child therefore excluded from the succession confirming Philip's as King. Charles the last of the House of Capet. Philip the first of the House of Valois. His niece Joan Capet II Queen Navarre (age 16) succeeded II Queen Navarre. Her husband Philip "Noble" III King Navarre (age 21) by marriage III King Navarre.

Before 01 Apr 1353 John Segrave 4th Baron Segrave (age 37) and Margaret Plantagenet 2nd Countess Norfolk were married. She by marriage Baroness Segrave. She the daughter of Thomas of Brotherton 1st Earl Norfolk and Alice Hales Countess Norfolk. He a great x 5 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

Chronicle of Gregory 1445. 01 Apr 1445. And a pon the fyrste day of Aprylle Quene Margarete (age 15) landed at Portysmowthe [Map], and a-pon the x day of the same monythe sche was weddyd at a lytylle velage [Map] in Hampsehyre i-namyd.

On 01 Apr 1485 Thomas Lumley 1st Baron Lumley (age 76) died. On 01 Apr 1485 His son George Lumley 2nd Baron Lumley (age 40) succeeded 2nd Baron Lumley 2C 1461. Elizabeth Thornton Baroness Lumley (age 45) by marriage Baroness Lumley.

On 01 Apr 1488 John Bourbon II Duke Bourbon (age 62) died. His brother Charles Bourbon Archbishop Lyons (age 54) succeeded Duke Bourbon.

On 01 Apr 1495 Cecily "Rose of Raby" Neville Duchess York (age 79) made her last will. It was proved 27 Aug 1495.

SOURCE: A Selection From the Wills of Eminent Persons by Camden Society (Great Britain). Published 1838. Transcribed by John Gough Nichols and John Bruce.

IN the name of allmyghty God, the blessed Trinite, fader and son and the holigost, trusting in the meanes and mediacions of oure blessed Lady Moder, of oure most blessed Saviour Jh'u Crist, and by the intercession of holy Saint John Baptist, and all the saintes of heven: I, CECILLE, wife unto the right noble prince Richard late Duke of Yorke, fader unto the most cristen prince my Lord and son King Edward the iiij th, the first day of Aprill the yere of our Lord M.CCCC.lxxxxv. after the computacion of the Church of Englond, of hole mynde and body, loving therfore be it to Jh'u, make and ordeigne my testament in fourme and maner ensuyng.

Furst, I bequeath and surrendour my soule in to the mercifull handes of allmyghty God my maker, and in to protecion of the blessed yrgin our lady Saint Mary, and suffrage of Saint John Baptist, and of all other saintes of heven. Also my body to be buried beside the body of my moost entierly best beloved Lord and housbond, fader unto my said lorde and son, and in Fstamfordhis tumbe within the collegiate church of Fodringhay [Map], a if myn executours by the sufferaunce of the King (age 38) finde goode sufficient therto; and elles at the Kinges (age 38) pleasure. And I will that after my deceasse all my dettes sufficiently appering and proved be paid, thanking oure Lord at this tyme of making of this my testament to the knolege of my conscience I am not muche in dett; and if it happen, as I trust to God it shalnot, that there be not found sufficient money aswell to pay my dettes as to enture my body, than in advoiding such charges as myght growe for the same, the whiche God defende, I lymytte and assigne all such parcelles of plate as belongith to my chapell, pantry, cellour, ewry, and squillery, to the perfourmyng of the same, as apperith in the inventary, except such plate as I have bequeithed. Also I geve and bequeith to the Kinges noble grace all such money as is owing to me of the customes, and two cuppes of gold.

Also I geve and bequeith to the Quene (age 29) a crosse croslette of diamantes, a sawter with claspes of silver and guilte enameled covered with grene clothe of golde, and a pix with the fleshe of Saint Cristofer.

Also I bequeith to my lady the Kinges moder (age 51) a portuos with claspes of gold covered with blacke cloth of golde.

Also I geve to my lord Prince (age 8) a bedde of arres of the Whele of Fortune and testour of the same, a counterpoint of arras and a tappett of arres with the pope.

Also I geve to my lord Henry Duke of Yorke (age 3) b three tappettes of arres, oon of them of the life of Saint John Baptist, another of Mary Maudeleyn, and the thirde of the passion of our Lord and Saint George.

And if my body be buried at Fodringhay [Map] in the colege there with my most entierly best beloved lord and housbond, than I geve to the said colege a square canapie of crymeson clothe of gold with iiij. staves, twoo auter clothes of crymeson clothe of gold, twoo copes of crymeson cloth of gold, a chesibull and twoo tenucles of cryinyson clothe of golcrvith iij. abes, c twoo auter clothes of crymeson damask browdered, a chesibull, twoo tenucles, and iij. copes of blewe velwett brodered, with iij. abes, thre masse bokes, thre grayles, and vij. processioners.

Also I geve to the colege of Stoke Clare [Map] a chesibull and twoo tenucles of playn crymyson cloth of gold with iij. abes, twoo auter clothes, a chesibull, twoo tenucles, and fyve coopes of white damaske browdered, with iij. abes, twoo awter clothes of crymeson velwett upon the velwete (sic), a vestement of crymeson playne velvet, iiij. antiphoners, iiij. grayles, and sixe processioners.

Also I geve to the house of Sion [Map] two of the best coopes of crymyson clothe of gold.

Note. These next four people refer to her grand-daughters, children of Edward IV.

Also I geve to my doughter Brigitte (age 14) the boke of Legenda Aurea in velem, a boke of the life of Saint Kateryn of Sene, a boke of Saint Matilde.

Also I geve to my doughter Cecill (age 26) a portuous with claspes silver and gilte covered with purple velvet, and a grete portuous without note.

Also I geve to my doughter Anne (age 19) the largest bedde of bawdekyn, withe countrepoint of the same, the barge with bailies, tilde, and ores belonging to the same.

Also I geve to my doughter Kateryn (age 15) a traves of blewe satten.

Also I geve to my doughter of Suffolke (age 50) a the chare with the coveryng, all the quoshons, horses, and harneys belonging to the same, and all my palfreys.

Note. The next people are her grand-children, children of her daughter Elizabeth York Duchess Suffolk (age 50).

Also I geve to my son of Suffolke (age 24) b a clothe of estate and iij. quoschons of purpull damaske cloth of gold.

Also I geve to my son Humfrey (age 21) c two awter clothes of blewe damaske brawdered and a vestyment of crymeson satten for Jh'us masse.

Also I geve to my son William (age 17) d a traves of white sarcenet, twoo beddes of downe, and twoo bolsters to the same.

Also I geve to my doughter Anne priores of Sion, a boke of Bonaventure and Hilton in the same in Englishe, and a boke of the Revelacions of Saint Burgitte.

Also I woll that all my plate not bequeithed be sold, and the money thereof be putte to the use of my burying, that is to sey, in discharging of suche costes and expensis as shalbe for carying of my body from the castell of Barkehampstede [Map] unto the colege of Fodringhey [Map]. And if any of the said plate be lefte unexpended I woll the said colege have it.

Also I geve to the colege of saint Antonies in London an antiphoner with the ruelles of musik in the later ynd.

Also I geve unto Master Richard Lessy all suche money as is owing unto me by obligations what soever they be, and also all such money as is owing unto me by the Shirfe of Yorkeshire, to helpe to bere his charges which he has to pay to the Kinges grace, trusting he shall the rather nyghe the said dettes by the help and socour of his said grace.

Also I geve to Master William Croxston a chesibull, stoles, and fanons of blake velwett, with an abe.

Also I geve to Master Eichard Henmershe a chesibill, stoles, and fanons of crymyson damaske, with an abe; and a chesibill, stoles and fanons of crymeson saten, with an abe.

Also I geve to Sir John More a frontell of purpull cloth of gold, a legend boke, and a colett boke.

Also I give to Sir Kandall Brantingham a chesibill, stoles, and fanons of white damaske, orfreys of crymson velvet, with an abe, the better of bothe.

Also I geve to Sir William Grave a chesibill, stoles, and fanons of white damaske, orfreys of crymeson velvett, with an abe; a masse-boke that servith for the closett, a prymour with claspes silver and gilt, covered with blewe velvett, and a sawter that servith for the closett covered with white ledder.

Also I geve to Sir John Blotte a gospell boke, a pistill covered with ledder, and a case for a corporax of grene playne velvett. Also I geve to Sir Thomas Clerk a chesibill, twoo tenucles, stoles, fanons, of rede bawdeken, with iij. abes.

Also I geve to Sir William Tiler twoo coopes of rede bawdekyn.

Also I geve to Robert Claver iij. copes of white damaske brawdered, and a gowne of the Duchie b facion of playne blake velvett furred with ermyns.

Also I geve to John Bury twoo old copes of crymysyn satten cloth of gold, a frontell of white bawdekyn, twoo curteyns of rede sarcenett fringed, twoo curteyns of whit sarcenet fringed, a feder bed, a bolstour to the same, the best of feders, and two whit spervers of lynyn.

Also I geve to John Poule twoo auter clothes, a chesibull, twoo tenucles, stoles, and fanons of white bawdekyn, with iij. abes; a short gowne of purple playne velvett furred with ermyns, the better of ij. and a kirtill of damaske with andelettes of silver and gilt furred.

Also I geve to John Smyth twoo auter clothes, a chesibill, twoo tenucles, stoles, and fanons of blew bawdekyn, with iij. abes. Also I geve to John Bury twoo copes of crymysyn clothe of gold that servith for Sondays.

Also I geve to John Walter a case for corporax of purple playne velvett, twoo cases for corporax of blewe bawdekyn, twoo auter clothes, a chesibill of rede and grene bawdekyn, a canapie of white sarcenett, iij. abes for children, and iiij. pair of parrours of white bawdekyn, twoo pair parrours of crymsyn velvett, twoo pair parrours of rede bawdekyn, a housling towell that servith for my selfe, twoo corteyns of blewe sarcenett fringed, a sudory of crymy-syn and white, the egges blak, a crose cloth and a cloth of Saint John Baptist of sarcenett painted, a long lantorn, a dext standing doble, twoo grete stondardes and ij. litill cofers.

Also I geve to John Peit-wynne twoo vestimentes of white damaske, a white bedde of lynnyn, a federbedde and a bolstour, and a short gowne of purple playne velvet furred with sabilles. Also I geve to Thomas Lentall six auter clothes of white sarcenett, with crosses of crymsyn velvet.

Also I geve to John Long iij. peces of bawdekyn of the lengur sorte. Also I geve to Sir [John] Verney knighte and Margarett his wiffe a a crosse [of] silver and guilte and berall, and in the same a pece of the holy crosse and other diverse reliques.

Also I geve to Dame Jane Pesemershe, widue, myne Inne that is called the George in Grauntham, during terme of her life; and after her decesse I woll that the reversion therof be unto the college of Fodringhay [Map] for evermore, to find a prest to pray for my Lord my housbond and me.

Also I geve to Nicholas Talbott and Jane his wife a spone of gold with a sharp diamount in the ende, a dymy-sent of gold with a collumbine and a diamont in the same, a guirdill of blewe tissue harnessed with gold, a guirdill of gold with a bokull and a pendaunt and iiij. barres of gold, a hoke of gold with iij. roses, a pomeamber of gold garnesshed with a diamont, sex rubies and sex perles, and the surnap and towell to the same.

Also I geve to Richard Boyvile and Gresild his wife my charrett and the horses with the harnes that belongith therunto, a gowne with a dymy trayn of purpull saten furred with ermyns, a shorte gowne of purple saten furred with jennetes, a kirtill of white damaske with aunde lettes silver and gilte, a spone of gold, a dymysynt of gold with a columbyne garnesshed with a diainant, a saphour, an amatist, and viij. perles, a pomeamber of gold enameled, a litell boxe with a cover of gold and a diamant in the toppe.

Also I geve to Richard Brocas and Jane his wife a long gown of purpull velvett upon velvet furred with ermyns, a greate Agnus of gold with the Trinite, Saint Erasmus, and the Salutacion of our Lady; an Agnus of gold with our Lady and Saint Barbara; a litell goblett with a cover silver and part guild; a pair of bedes of white amber gauded with vj. grete stones of gold, part aneled, with a pair of bedes of x. stones of gold and v. of corall; a cofor with a rounde lidde bonde with iron, which the said Jane hath in her keping, and all other thinges that she hath in charge of keping.

Also I geve to Anne Pinchbeke all other myne Agnus unbequeithed, that is to sey, ten of the Trinite, a litell malmesey pott with a cover silver and parte guilte, a possenett with a cover of silver, a short gowne of playne russett velvett furred with sabilles, a short gowne of playne blewe velvett furred with sabilles, a short gowne of purple playn velvet furred with grey, a tester, a siler, and a countrepoint of bawdekyn, the lesser of ij.

Also I geve to Jane Lessy a dymysent of gold with a roos, garnisshed with twoo rubies, a guirdell of purple tissue with a broken bokull, and a broken pendaunt silver and guilte, a guirdill of white riband with twoo claspes of gold with a columbyne, a guirdell of blewe riband with a bokell and a pendaunt of gold, a litell pair of bedes of white amber gaudied with vij. stones of gold, an haliwater stope with a strynkkill silver and gilte, and a laier silver and part guilte.

Also I geve to John Metcalfe and Alice his wife all the ringes that I have, except such as hang by my bedes and Agnus, and also except my signet, a litell boxe of golde with a cover of golde, a pair of bedes of Ixj. rounde stones of golde gaudied with sex square stones of golde enemeled, with a crosse of golde, twoo other stones, and a scalop shele of geete honging by.

Also I geve to Anne Lownde a litell bokull and a litell pendaunt of golde for a guirdill, a litell guirdell of golde and silke with a bokill and a pendaunt of golde, a guirdell of white riband with aggelettes of golde enameled, a hoke of golde playne, a broken hoke of golde enameled, and a litell rounde bottumed basyn of silver.

Also I geve to the house of Asshe-rugge a chesibull and ij. tenucles of crymysyn damaske embrawdered, with thre abes.

Also I geve to the house of Saint Margaretes twoo auter clothes with a crucifix and a vestiment of grete velvet.

Also I geve to the parish church of Stoundon a coope of blewe bawdekyn, the orffreys embrawdered.

Also I geve to the parishe church of Much Barkehampstede a coope of blewe bawdekyn, the orffreys embrawdered.

Also I geve to the parish church of Compton by sides Guilford a eorporax case of blake cloth of gold and iiij. auter clothes of white sarcenett embrawdered with garters.

Also I geve to Alisaunder Cressener my best bedde of downe and a bolster to the same.

Also I geve to Sir Henry Haidon knyght a tablett and a cristall garnesshed with ix. stones and xxvij. perles, lacking a stone and iij. perles.

Also I geve to Gervase Cressy a long gown of playn blewe velvet furred with sabilles.

Also I geve to Edward Delahay twoo gownes of musterdevilers furred with mynckes, and iiij u of money.

Also I geve to Thomas Manory a short gowne of crymesyn playn velvet lyned, purfilled with blake velvet, and iiij ll in money.

Also I geve to John Broune all such stuf as belongith to the kechyn in his keping at my place at Baynardcastell in London, and iiij u in money.

Also I geve to William Whitington a short gown of russett cloth furred with matrons and calabour wombes, a kirtill of purpull silke chamblett with awndelettes silver and gilte, all such floures of brawdery werke and the cofer that they be kept in, and xls. in money.

Also I geve to all other gentilmen that be daily a waiting in my houshold with Mr. Richard Cressy and Robert Lichingham everich of theime iiij u in money.

Also I geve to every yoman that be daily ad waiting in my houshold with John Otley xls. in money.

Also I geve to every grome of myne xxvj s. viij d. in money. And to every page of myne xiij s. iiij d. in money.

Also I geve to Robert Harison xls. in money and all the gootes.

And if ther be no money founde in my cofers to perfourme this my will and bequest, than I will that myne executours, that is to sey the reverend fader in God Master Olyver King bisshop of Bath (age 63), Sir Reignolde Bray (age 55) knight, Sir Thomas Lovell, councellours to the Kinges grace, Master William Pikinham doctour in degrees dean of the colege of Stoke Clare, Master William Felde master of the colege of Fodringhey, and Master Richard Lessy dean of my chapell, havyng God in reverence and drede, unto whome I geve full power and auctorite to execute this my will and testament, make money of such goodes as I have not geven and bequeithed, and with the same to content my dettes and perfourme this my will and testament.

And the foresaid reverend fader in God, Sir Rignold Bray knyght, Sir Thomas Lovell knyght, Master William Pikenham, and Master William Felde, to be rewarded of suche thinges as shalbe delivered unto theme by my commaundement by the hondes of Sir Henry Haidon knyght stieward of my houshold and Master Richard Lessy, humbly beseching the Kinges habundant grace in whome is my singuler trust to name such supervisour as shalbe willing and favorabull diligently to se that this my present testament and will be perfittely executed and perfourmyd, gevyng full power also to my said executours to levey and receyve all my dettes due and owing unto me at the day of my dethe, as well of my receyvours as of all other officers, except such dettes as I have geven and bequeathed unto Master Richard Lessy aforesaid, as is above specified in this present will and testament.

And if that Master Richard Lessy cannot recover such money as I have geven to hym of the Shirffes of Yorkeshire and of my obligacions, than I will he be recompensed of the revenues of my landes to the sume of v c. marcs at the leest.

IN WITTENESSE HEROF I have setto my signet and signemanuell at my castell of Berkehamstede [Map] the last day of May the yere of our Lord abovesaid, being present Master Richard Lessy, Sir William Grant my confessour, Richard Brocas clerc of my kechyn, and Gervays Cressy. Proved at "Lamehithe" the 27 th day of August, A.D. 1495, and commission granted to Master Richard Lessy the executor in the said will mentioned to administer, &c. &c.

Before 01 Apr 1517 George Leslie 4th Earl Rothes (age 32) and Margaret Crichton Countess Rothes (age 37) were married. She by marriage Countess Rothes. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

1536 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters 1536. 01 Apr 1536. R. O. 608. John Husee to Lady Lisle (age 42).

I have written to my Lord at large how everything stands. I have done as much as I can for my life. I received your letters by Mr. Porter's servant, which I will deliver at my coming to London, and send you a speedy answer of lord Dawbeney's letter, and see the other conveyed into Devonshire, for I know Mr. Roolles is gone long since. As to the book, I have received none, and you do not write by whom you send it. Mr. Danastre will do all the law will bear. Mr. Basset is merry, and wants a horse against his riding into the country, and also money. Mr. George was a little unwell, but is better. I am sorry the plague is beginning there. At my return to London I will do my best to send your gentlewoman, who, I hope, will be there before Easter. I cannot yet meet with Thomas Seller. He has been with Mr. Basset two or three times. You will receive by Goodalle your kirtle with sleeves of the Queen's (age 35) gift. Campion and Mr. Skut have been with me for money; also the broiderer and the saddler. Dover, 1 April. Hol., p. 1. Add.

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

On 01 Apr 1554 the Lord Chancellor Bishop Edmund "Bloody" Bonner of London (age 54), assisted by Bishop Stephen Gardiner (age 71), Bishop Nicholas Ridley (age 54) and Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall (age 80), consecrated seven bishops at Southwark Cathedral [Map]:

Bishop George Cotes was consecrated Bishop of Chester.

Bishop Gilbert Bourne was consecrated Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Bishop James Brooks (age 41) was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester.

Bishop Maurice Griffiths (age 47) was consecrated Bishop of Rochester.

Bishop Henry Morgan was consecrated Bishop of St David's.

Bishop John White (age 44) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln.

Bishop Robert Parfew aka Warton was consecrated Bishop of Hereford.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 01 Apr 1554. The first day of Aprill was consecrated at St. Marye Overies churche [Map] in Southwerke vi new Bishopps after the olde sorte, the Lord Chauncellor (age 54) and Bishop of Winchester (age 71) singinge the masse, the Bishop of London (age 54) and the Bishop of Durham (age 80) assistinge him.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Apr 1554. [The first day of April my lord chancellor (age 54) did consecrate six new bishops at St. Mary Overy's [Map], before the high altar; and a goodly mass was said. And when all] was done thay yede unto my lord ch[ancellor's,] for ther was as grett a dener as youe ha[ve seen.] Thes be the bysshopes names that wher consecrated, [doctor] Whyt (age 44), warden of Wynchastur, the bysshope of Ly[ncoln]; doctur Borne, bysshope of Bathe; doctur Morgan, bishop of sant Davys; doctur Brokes (age 41), bysshope of Gloss [ter]; doctur Cottes, bysshope of Westtchastur; bysshope of sant Asse changyd to be bysshope of Arfford; master [Griffith] (age 47) parsun of sant Magnus bysshope of Rochastur.

1586 Exeter Black Assizes

In Mar 1586 a virulent outbreak of gaol fever occurred during the Assizes in Exeter, Devon [Map]. The cause according to modern medical opinion was typhus transmitted by the human body-louse. Among the dead victims were eight judges, eleven of the twelve jurors, several constables, and the surrounding population which was ravaged by the disease for several months.

Edward Flowerdew died of gaol fever.

On 28 Mar 1586 Thomas Carew of Haccombe (age 70) died of gaol fever.

On 31 Mar 1586 John Chichester died of gaol fever.

On 01 Apr 1586 Robert Carey (age 71) died of gaol fever.

On 02 Apr 1586 Arthur Bassett (age 45) died of gaol fever.

On 10 Apr 1586 Bernard Drake (age 58) died of gaol fever.

On 01 Apr 1614 Henry Guise II Duke Guise was born to Charles Guise I Duke Guise (age 42).

On 01 Apr 1617 Ralph Eure 3rd Baron Eure (age 58) died. He was buried at St Laurence's Church, Ludlow [Map]. His son William Eure 4th Baron Eure (age 38) succeeded 4th Baron Eure.


On 01 Apr 1638 Henry Ley 2nd Earl of Marlborough (age 42) died. His son James Ley 3rd Earl Marlborough (age 20) succeeded 3rd Earl Marlborough 1C 1626 and Mary Capell (age 40).

On 01 Apr 1639 Johann Philipp Wettin Duke Saxe Altenburg (age 42) died at Altenburg.

Before 01 Apr 1657 Brien Cockayne 2nd Viscount Cullen (age 25) and Elizabeth Trentham Viscountess Cullen (age 17) were married.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_Trentham_as_Venus.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_Trentham.jpg

On 01 Apr 1661 Francis Prujean (age 68) was knighted by King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30).

PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Charles_II_of_England_in_Coronation_robes.jpg PAINTINGS/GREENHILL/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/HANNEMAN/Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/DANCKERTS/Pineapple_Charles_II.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/Charles_II.jpg

Rye House Plot

Before 21 Mar 1683 the Rye House Plot was an attempt to assassinate King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 52) and his brother King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 49) as they passed Rye House Hoddesdon when were returning from the races at Newmarket on 01 Apr 1683. In the event a fire at Newmarket on the 22 Mar 1683 the races were cancelled.


Evelyn's Diary. 01 Apr 1700. The Parliament nominated fourteen persons to go into Ireland as commissioners to dispose of the forfeited estates there, toward payment of the debts incurred by the late war, but which the King (age 49) had in great measure given to some of his favorites of both sexes, Dutch and others of little merit, and very unseasonably. That this might be done without suspicion of interest in the Parliament, it was ordered that no member of either House should be in the commission. The great contest between the Lords and Commons concerning the Lords' power of amendments and rejecting bills tacked to the money bill, carried for the Commons. However, this tacking of bills is a novel practice, suffered by King Charles II, who, being continually in want of money, let anything pass rather than not have wherewith to feed his extravagance. This was carried but by one voice in the Lords, all the Bishops following the Court, save one; so that near sixty bills passed, to the great triumph of the Commons and Country party, but high regret of the Court, and those to whom the King had given large estates in Ireland. Pity it is, that things should be brought to this extremity, the government of this nation being so equally poised between King and subject; but we are satisfied with nothing; and, while there is no perfection on this side heaven, methinks both might be contented without straining things too far. Among the rest, there passed a law as to Papists' estates, that if one turned not Protestant before eighteen years of age, it should pass to his next Protestant heir. This indeed seemed a hard law, but not only the usage of the French King to his Protestant subjects, but the indiscreet insolence of the Papists here, going in triumphant and public processions with their Bishops, with banners and trumpets in divers places (as is said) in the northern counties, has brought it on their party.


On 01 Apr 1709 Henri Jules Bourbon Condé Prince Condé (age 65) died.

On 01 Apr 1715 Chambre Brabazon 5th Earl Meath (age 70) died. His son Chaworth Brabazon 6th Earl Meath (age 29) succeeded 6th Earl Meath.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 01 Apr 1719. Mr Hill brought a drawing of the Monument of the first Prior of the Monastery of Saint Bartholemew, and some other Inscriptions and Coats of Arms in the Church there.

On 01 Apr 1746 Bishop Henry Egerton (age 57) died.

On 01 Apr 1748 George Anson 1st Baron Anson (age 50) and Elizabeth Yorke (age 23) were married. The difference in their ages was 27 years. She the daughter of Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke (age 57) and Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/George_Anson_1st_Baron_Anson.png PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Elizabeth_Yorke.png

On 01 Apr 1757 Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond (age 22) and Mary Bruce Duchess Richmond were married. Mary Bruce Duchess Richmond by marriage Duchess Richmond. She the daughter of Charles Bruce 4th Earl Elgin 3rd Earl Ailesbury and Caroline Campbell Countess Elgin and Ailesbury (age 36). He the son of Charles Lennox 2nd Duke Richmond and Sarah Cadogan Duchess Richmond. He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

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After 01 Apr 1769. Floor slab to Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston (deceased) at St Nicholas Church, Whiston [Map].

Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston: In 1719 she was born to Henry Selwyn. On 26 Aug 1746 William Irby 1st Baron Boston (age 39) and Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston (age 27) were married. In 1761 William Irby 1st Baron Boston (age 53) was created 1st Baron Boston. Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston (age 42) by marriage Baroness Boston. On 01 Apr 1769 Albania Selwyn Baroness Boston (age 50) died. She was buried at St Nicholas Church, Whiston.

On 01 Apr 1771 George Greville 2nd Earl Warwick and Brooke (age 24) and Georgiana Peachey Baroness Brooke were married at St George's Church, Hanover Square. He the son of Francis Greville 1st Earl Brooke Warwick Castle 1st Earl Warwick (age 51) and Elizabeth Hamilton Countess Brooke Warwick Castle and Warwick (age 51). She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 01 Apr 1779 William Stanhope 2nd Earl of Harrington (age 59) died. His son Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl of Harrington (age 26) succeeded 3rd Earl Harrington, 3rd Viscount Petersham, 3rd Baron Harrington. Jane Fleming Countess Harrington (age 23) by marriage Countess Harrington.


PAINTINGS/MACKENZIE/York_Cathedral.jpg01 Apr 1818. Frederick Mackenzie (age 30). York Minster [Map]. The History And Antiquities Of The Metropolitan Church Of York; Illustrated By A Series Of Engravings, Of Views, Elevations, Plans, and Details Of The Architecture of that Edifice: With Biographical Anecdotes Of The Archbishops. By John Britton, F.S.A. - London: 1819

Archaeologia Volume 19 Appendix. 01 Apr 1819. William Daniell, Esq. presented to the Society a drawing of an Urn, found in a Pictish Cairn, at Crakraig, in the county of Sutherland, North Britain, on the farm of Major Clunes, in the spring of 1818. Its dimensions are: Height 7½ inches. Superior diameter 6½ inches.

The material is clay, and the colour yellowish grey: when found it lay in an obliquely inclined position, and on the lower side, near the bottom, there were indications of a liquid, which had apparently lodged so long as to produce an indelible stain on the substance of the vessel.

The drawing of the Urn was accompanied by a sketch of the country, including the two cairns, from one of which the Urn was taken. [See PI. XLIII.] The cairns are distant not more than two miles from the sea, and near the great parliamentary road leading through the Eastern side of Sutherlandshire.

On 01 Apr 1865 John Cuffe 3rd Earl Desart (age 46) died. His son William Ulick O'Connor Cuffe 4th Earl of Desart (age 19) succeeded 4th Earl Desart.

After 01 Apr 1876. Church of St Andrew Wickmere [Map]. Memorial to Frederick Walpole (deceased). Note the memorial incorrectly describes his father as 7th rather than 3rd Earl Orford.

Frederick Walpole: On 18 Sep 1822 he was born to Horatio Walpole 3rd Earl Orford (age 39) and Mary Fawkener Countess Orford (age 34) at Naples. Before 10 Jul 1854 Frederick Walpole (age 31) and Laura Sophia Frances Walpole (age 22) were married. He the son of Horatio Walpole 3rd Earl Orford (age 71) and Mary Fawkener Countess Orford (age 66). They were half second cousin once removed. On 01 Apr 1876 Frederick Walpole (age 53) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church Kingsbury.

Before 01 Apr 1896 William Bridgeman 1st Viscount Bridgeman (age 31) and Caroline Beatrix Parker Viscountess Bridgeman (age 22) were married.

On 01 Apr 1897 Archbishop William Plunket 4th Baron Plunket (age 68) died. His son William Plunket 5th Baron Plunket (age 32) succeeded 5th Baron Plunket of Newtown in County Cork. Victoria Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood Baroness Plunket by marriage Baroness Plunket of Newtown in County Cork.

After 01 Apr 1915. Church of St Lawrence [Map]. Memorial to Captain Philip Noel Sanderson 1887-1915.

Battle of the Somme

On 01 Apr 1917 Second Lieutenant Robert Bosse (age 27) died from wounds received at the Battle of the Somme. He was buried at Tempeux-la-Fosse and subsequently buried at Peronne Communal Cemetery. Memorial at Holy Trinity Church Eccleshall [Map].

Second Lieutenant Robert Bosse: On 19 May 1889 he was born at Eccleshall.

On 01 Apr 1928 or 21 Apr 1928 Evan Morgan 2nd Viscount Tredegar (age 34) and Lois Sturt (age 27) were married.

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On 01 Apr 1947 George II King Hellenes (age 56) died.