On this Day in History ... 06 December

06 Dec is in December.

1290 Eleanor Crosses

1666 Battle of Rullion Green

1680 Trial and Execution of William Howard 1st Viscount Stafford

On 06 Dec 1185 Afonso "Conqueror Founder Great" I King Portugal (age 76) died. On 06 Dec 1185 His son Sancho "Populator" I King Portugal (age 31) succeeded I King Portugal and reigned for twenty six years.

On 06 Dec 1214 Floris Gerulfing IV Count Holland (age 4) and Mathilde Reginar Countess Holland and Palatine (age 14) were married. She by marriage Countess Holland. She the daughter of Henry Reginar VIII Duke Lower Lorraine I Duke Brabant (age 49) and Maud Metz. He the son of William Gerulfing I Count Holland (age 47) and Adelaide Guelders Countess Holland. They were half third cousin once removed. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King William "Conqueror" I of England.

On 06 Dec 1214 Alexander II King Scotland (age 16) was crowned II King Scotland.

On 06 Dec 1285 Ferdinand IV King Castile IV King Leon was born to Sancho IV King Castile IV King Leon (age 27) and Maria Molina Queen Consort Castile Queen Consort Leon.

Eleanor Crosses

On 06 Dec 1290 and/or 07 Dec 1290 Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England (deceased) body rested at Geddington, Northamptonshire [Map].

On 06 Dec 1309 William Bohun 1st Earl of Northampton was born to Humphrey Bohun 4th Earl Hereford 3rd Earl Essex (age 33) and Princess Elizabeth of Rhuddlan Countess Essex, Hereford and Holland (age 27) at Caldicot Castle. He a grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 06 Dec 1445 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 57) died.

Chronicle of Gregory 1460. Then the Quene (age 30) havynge knowelechynge of thys praty whyle sche sende unto the Duke of Somersett (age 24), at that tyme beynge in Dorset schyre at the Castelle of Corffe [Map], and for the Erle of Devyschyre (age 28), and for Elysaundyr Hody, and prayde hem to com to hyr as hastely as they myght, with hyr tenantys as stronge in hyr harnys as men of warre, for the Lorde Rosse (age 33), the Lorde Clyfforde (age 25), the Baron of Grestocke (age 46), the Lorde Nevyle (age 50), the Lorde Latymer (age 53), were waytyng a-pon the Duke of Excete[r] (age 30) to mete with hyr at Hulle [Map]. And thys mater was not taryd but fulle prevely i-wrought; and she sende letters unto alle hyr ehyffe offycers that they wold doo the same, and that they shulde warne alle the servantys that lovyd hyr or purposyd to kepe and rejoyse hyr ofYysce, to wayte a-pon hyr at Hulle by that day as hit a-poyntyd by hyr. Alle thes pepylle were gaderyd and conveyde so prevely that they wer hole in nombyr of xvM [Note. 15000] or any man wolde be-leve hyt; in so moche yf any man sayde, or tolde, or talkyd of suche gaderyng, he shulde be schende, and sum were in grete donger, for the comyn pepylle sayde by thoo that tolde the, troughthe, "Ye talke ryght ye wolde hit were," and gave noo credens of hyr sayynge. But the laste the lordys purposyd to knowe the troughthe. And the ix day of December nexte folowyng the Duke of Yorke (age 49), the Erle of Salysbury (age 60), the Erle Rutlond (age 17) (he was the Duke of Yorke ys secunde sone, one the beste dysposyd lorde in thys londe), and Syr Thomas Haryngdon (age 60), whythe many mo knyghtys and quyers and grete pepylle with hem, and soo departyd owte of London towarde Yorke, &c.

Before 06 Dec 1592 Charles Cavendish (age 39) and Catherine Ogle 8th Baroness Ogle (age 22) were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward IV of England.

On 06 Dec 1615 Frederick Schomberg 1st Duke Schomberg was born to Hans Meinhard Schomberg (age 33) and Anne Dudley (age 26).

On 06 Dec 1626 Simonds D'Ewes 1st Baronet (age 23) was knighted by King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 26).


On 06 Dec 1626 John Ernest Wettin I Duke Saxe Weimar (age 32) died.


On 14 Nov 1627 Elizabeth Waldegrave died. On 06 Dec 1629 Arthur Coke (age 42) died in Bury St Edmunds [Map]. Jacobean Hooded Monument sculpted by Nicholas Stone (age 40) in St Andrew's Church Bramfield [Map]. White and black marble; reclining effigy of Elizabeth with Arthur kneeling in prayer above within an arched Recess; Arms over the arch and surrounding it are seven Cartouche's.

Elizabeth Waldegrave: She was born to George Waldegrave. On 08 Feb 1608 Arthur Coke (age 21) and she were married at Hitcham as recorded in the papers of the Winthrop Family Folio 36: "The viijth of Feb. beinge Shrovetuesday the L Cokes seconde soonne maryed the daughter and heire of Sir George Waldegrave at Hiccham". The Hitcham Register gives 09 Feb as the date of the marriage. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Arthur Coke: In 1587 he was born to Edward Coke Lord Chief Justice (age 34) and Bridget Paston.

On 06 Dec 1642 Thomas Windsor 6th Baron Windsor (age 51) died. Baron Windsor of Stanwell in Buckinghamshire abeyant between his sisters.

Around 06 Dec 1652 George Twisleton of Wormesly in Yorkshire and Cecil Twisleton 10th Baroness Saye and Sele were married.

Battle of Rullion Green

Pepy's Diary. 06 Dec 1666. So to supper and to bed. This day, in the Gazette, is the whole story of defeating the Scotch rebells, and of the creation of the Duke of Cambridge (age 3), Knight of the Garter.

On 06 Dec 1669 Benjamin Mildmay 17th Baron Fitzwalter (age 23) and Catherine Fairfax (age 25) were married.

Trial and Execution of William Howard 1st Viscount Stafford

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Dec 1680. One thing my Lord (age 66) said as to Oates (age 31), which I confess did exceedingly affect me: That a person who during his depositions should so vauntingly brag that though he went over to the Church of Rome, yet he was never a Papist, nor of their religion, all the time that he seemed to apostatize from the Protestant, but only as a spy; though he confessed he took their sacrament; worshiped images, went through all their oaths and discipline of their proselytes, swearing secrecy and to be faithful, but with intent to come over again and betray them; that such a hypocrite, that had so deeply prevaricated as even to turn idolater (for so we of the Church of England termed it), attesting God so solemnly that he was entirely theirs and devoted to their interest, and consequently (as he pretended) trusted; I say, that the witness of such a profligate wretch should be admitted against the life of a peer,-this my Lord looked upon as a monstrous thing, and such as must needs redound to the dishonor of our religion and nation. And verily I am of his Lordship's opinion: such a man's testimony should not be taken against the life of a dog. But the merit of something material which he discovered against Coleman, put him in such esteem with the Parliament, that now, I fancy, he stuck at nothing, and thought everybody was to take what he said for Gospel. The consideration of this, and some other circumstances, began to stagger me; particularly how it was possible that one who went among the Papists on such a design, and pretended to be intrusted with so many letters and commissions from the Pope and the party,-nay, and delivered them to so many great persons,-should not reserve one of them to show, nor so much as one copy of any commission, which he who had such dexterity in opening letters might certainly have done, to the undeniable conviction of those whom he accused; but, as I said, he gained credit on Coleman. But, as to others whom he so madly flew upon, I am little inclined to believe his testimony, he being so slight a person, so passionate, ill bred, and of such impudent behavior; nor is it likely that such piercing politicians as the Jesuits should trust him with so high and so dangerous secrets.NOTEXT

Evelyn's Diary. 06 Dec 1697. I went to Kensington with the Sheriff, Knights, and chief gentlemen of Surrey, to present their address to the King (age 47). The Duke of Norfolk (age 42) promised to introduce it, but came so late, that it was presented before be came. This insignificant ceremony was brought in in Cromwell's time, and has ever since continued with offers of life and fortune to whoever happened to have the power. I dined at Sir Richard Onslow's (age 43), who treated almost all the gentlemen of Surrey. When we had half dined, the Duke of Norfolk (age 42) came in to make his excuse.NOTEXT

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On 06 Dec 1766 Edward Ligonier 1st Earl Ligonier (age 26) and Penelope Pitt (age 17) were married. She by marriage Countess Ligonier.

On 06 Dec 1794 George John Butler-Danvers 5th Earl of Lanesborough was born to Augustus Richard Butler-Danvers (age 18) and Mary Danvers.

On 06 Dec 1835 William Humble Ward 10th Baron Ward (age 54) died. His son William Ward 1st Earl of Dudley (age 18) succeeded 11th Baron Ward of Birmingham.

On 06 Dec 1849 Charles John Darling 1st Baron Darling was born.

On 06 Dec 1870 Thomas Taylour 2nd Marquess of Headfort (age 83) died. His son Thomas Taylour 3rd Marquess of Headfort (age 48) succeeded 3rd Marquess of Headfort.

On 06 Dec 1880 Harry Grey 8th Earl Stamford 4th Earl Warrington (age 68) and Martha Solomon Countess Stamford and Warrington (age 42) were married. She by marriage Countess Stamford, Countess Warrington. The difference in their ages was 25 years.

On 06 Dec 1898 Henry Byng 4th Earl Strafford (age 67) and Cora Smith Countess Strafford were married. She by marriage Countess Strafford. He the son of George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford and Agnes Paget.

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On 06 Dec 1905 Gilbert Heathcote-Willoughby-Drummond 2nd Earl Ancaster (age 38) and Eloise Lawrence Breese Countess Ancaster (age 23) were married at St Margaret's Church, Westminster [Map]. Dollar Princess. He the son of Gilbert Henry Heathcote Drummond Willoughby 1st Earl Ancaster (age 75) and Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon Countess Ancaster (age 59).