On this Day in History ... 06 March

06 Mar is in March.

1400 Death of Richard II

1536 Anne Boleyn's Miscarriage

1536 Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

1662 Great Storm

John of Worcester. 06 Mar 1052. Elfgiva Emma (age 67), wife of the kings Ethelred and Canute, died at Winchester [Map] on the second of the nones [the 6th] of March, and was buried there.

On 06 Mar 1340 John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster was born to King Edward III of England (age 27) and Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England (age 25) at the Prinsenhof Palace in Ghent aka Gaunt. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.00%.

Before 06 Mar 1345 William Morley 4th Baron Marshal 3rd Baron Morley (age 26) and Cecily Bardolf Baroness Marshal Baroness Morley were married. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 06 Mar 1353 Roger Grey 1st Baron Grey Ruthyn (age 63) died at Ruthyn. His son Reginald Grey 2nd Baron Grey Ruthyn (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baron Grey of Ruthyn 1324.

Death of Richard II

On 14 Feb 1400 (exact date not known) King Richard II (age 33) died at Pontefract Castle [Map] where he had been imprisoned three months before; possibly murdered, possibly starved to death. His death was a consequence of the Epiphany Rising; he was still considered a threat. His first cousin Philippa Plantagenet Countess March 5th Countess Ulster de jure Heir to the Throne of England since she was the daughter of Lionel Plantagenet 1st Duke of Clarence. She at this time had four children with her husband Edmund Mortimer 3rd Earl March, Earl Ulster. The new King Henry IV (age 32) ignored her claim.

On 17 Feb 1400 Richard's (deceased) corpse was displayed at St Paul's Cathedral [Map].

On 06 Mar 1400 Richard's (deceased) remains were buried at King's Langley Priory [Map].

On 06 Mar 1405 John II King Castile was born to Henry III King Castile (age 25) and Catherine of Lancaster Queen Consort Castile (age 31). He a great grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 1.75%.

On 06 Mar 1427 John Holland 2nd Duke Exeter (age 31) and Anne Stafford Duchess Exeter were married. She by marriage Duchess Exeter. She the daughter of Edmund Stafford 5th Earl Stafford and Anne of Gloucester Plantagenet Countess Eu and Stafford (age 44). He the son of John Holland 1st Duke Exeter and Elizabeth Lancaster Duchess Exeter. They were second cousins. He a great grandson of King Edward III of England. She a great granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

On 06 Mar 1450 John Chideock 6th Baron Fitzpayn (age 48) died.

On 06 Mar 1491 Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers (age 38) died. Earl Rivers 1C 1466 extinct.

Funeral of Catherine of Aragon

Letters 1536. 06 Mar 1536. The Queen was buried as princess, at an abbey 18 miles from where she died, called Yperveru (Peterborough). The King only sent some ladies to assist in the interment. No exequies or honors were performed in London, but only at a town on the road (de camino) called Octuiton (?).

Calendars. 06 Mar 1536. 35. Dr. Ortiz to the Empress.

His last letter, announcing the death and martyrdom of the Queen of England, was dated the 30th of January.

Since then he (Ortiz) has received one, dated the 19th of January, [from Chapuys?], informing him that the Princess (age 20) (Mary) was in good health. The Queen before dying showed well what her whole life had been; for not only did she ask for, and receive, all the sacraments ordained by the Church, but answered the questions put by the priest with such ardour and devotion that all present were edified. Some of those who were by her bedside, having suggested that it was not yet time to receive the sacrament of Extreme Unction, she replied that she wished to hear and understand everything that was said, and make fitting answers. She preserved her senses to the last, &c.

They say that when the king of England (age 44) heard of the death of his Queen, dressed in mauve silk as he was at the time, and with a white feather in his cap, he went to solace himself with the ladies of the palace. In fact it may well be said of him and of his kingdom what the Prophet Isaias says, cap. lvii., "Justus periet, et non est qui recogitet in corde suo, et viri misericordia colliguntur quia non est qui intelligat."

Her Highness the Queen was buried with the honors of a Princess [dowager], 18 miles from the place where she died, at an abbey called Yperberu [Map] (Peterborough), the King having only sent thither some ladies of his Court to attend the funeral. The King and the concubine (age 35) were not in London, but at a place on the road called Octinton [Map] (Huntingdon).

Anne Bolans (age 35) is now in fear of the King deserting her one of these days, in order to marry another lady.

The King having sent his ambassadors into Scotland to persuade the king (age 23) of that country to separate from, and refuse obedience to, the Apostolic See, it happened that the very day and moment when the English were delivering their embassy a storm arose, and a most tremendous clap of thunder was heard, at which king James (age 23) horrified rose from his seat, crossed himself, and exclaimed, "I scarcely know which of the two things has caused me most fear and horror, that thunder and lightning we have just heard, or the proposition you have made me." After which, and in the very presence of the English ambassadors, he ordered unconditional obedience to the Church to be proclaimed throughout his dominions.

Here, at Rome, when the news of the good Queen's death arrived, the Papal bull excommunicating king Henry for his iniquitous conduct, and depriving him of his kingdom, was already sealed and closed. Since then nothing further has been done in the matter, but the executory letters (executoriales) in the principal cause have actually been taken out, though with no small trouble.-Rome, 6 March 1536.

Since the above was written I have had a letter from the Imperial ambassador in France, in date of the 15th ultimo, intimating that, according to news received from England, the King wished to marry the Princess to a gentleman of his kingdom, and that king Francis had told the Imperial ambassador that in consequence of a fall from his horse king Henry had been two hours unconscious without speech1; seeing which Ana Bolans (age 35) (Boleyn) was so struck that she actually miscarried of a son. Great news these, for which we are bound to thank God, because, were the Princess to be married as reported, she may at once be considered out of danger; for her marriage may hereafter be dissolved and declared null, as it would effectually be owing to the violence used, and the evident fear the Princess has of her life, should she not consent to it. At any rate, it must be owned that though the King himself was not converted like St. Paul after his fall, at least his adulterous wife (age 35) has miscarried of a son.

Note 1. Que el Rey de Inglaterra auia caitlo con su cavallo, y estado mas de dos horas sin habla, de lo qual la Ana (age 35) tuvo tan grande alteracion que movió un hijo."


Anne Boleyn's Miscarriage

Letters 1536. 06 Mar 1536. La Ana (age 35) fears now that the King will leave her to make another marriage. The King has sent ambassadors to Scotland to ask the King to separate himself from the See Apostolic. During their audience there was a great storm and thunder, at which the Scotch king was much frightened, and, crossing himself, said he did not know whether to be more frightened at the thunder or their proposals. He ordered a sermon to be preached before the ambassadors on the obedience due to the Church.

When the Queen's death was known here the bull for the King's privation was already sealed. It has not been published, but the executorials in the principal cause have been obtained, with no little trouble to get them before the Queen's death was known. Rome, 6 March 1536.

Has received a letter from the ambassador in France, dated 15 Feb., stating that he hears from England that the King intends to marry the Princess to an English knight. The French king said that the king of England had fallen from his horse, and been for two hours without speaking. "La Ana" (age 35) was so upset that she miscarried of a son. This is news to thank God for. The Princess being thus married will be out of danger; and the marriage itself will be of no validity, on account of her fear being so great and so evident unless she consented; and although the King has not improved in consequence of his fall, it is a great mercy that his paramour miscarried of a son.

Sp., pp. 5. Modern copy.


Before 06 Mar 1545 Robert Ogle 5th Baron Ogle (age 32) and Jane Radclyffe Baroness Ogle (age 23) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ogle. He a great grandson of King Edward IV of England.

On 06 Mar 1545 Robert Ogle 5th Baron Ogle (age 32) died. On 06 Mar 1545 His son Robert Ogle 6th Baron Ogle (age 16) succeeded 6th Baron Ogle.

Before 06 Mar 1561 Dean Seth Holland died at the Marshalsea Prison [Map].

On 06 Mar 1597 William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham (age 69) died. His son Henry Brooke 11th Baron Cobham (age 32) succeeded 11th Baron Cobham 1C 1313.

Before 06 Mar 1647 John Savage 2nd Earl Rivers (age 44) and Mary Ogle Countess Rivers were married. She by marriage Countess Rivers. He the son of Thomas Savage 1st Viscount Savage and Elizabeth Darcy 1st Countess Rivers (age 66).

1662 Great Storm

Pepy's Diary. 06 Mar 1662. This night my new camelott riding coat to my coloured cloth suit came home. More news to-day of our losses at Brampton by the late storm.

On 06 Mar 1663 Bishop Francis Atterbury was born.


On 24 Feb 1683 John Finch 6th Earl Winchilsea was born to Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Winchilsea (age 55) and Elizabeth Ayres Countess Winchelsea. He was christened on 06 Mar 1683 at Eastwell.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Philip_Sidney_3rd.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/Elizabeth_egerton.png

On 06 Mar 1701 William Brownlow 4th Baronet (age 35) died. His son John Brownlow 1st Viscount Tyconnel (age 10) succeeded 5th Baronet Brownlow of Humby in Lincolnshire and inherited Belton House [Map].


On 06 Mar 1704 George Seton 4th Earl Winton (age 63) died. His son George Seton 5th Earl of Winton (age 26) succeeded 5th Earl Winton.

On 06 Mar 1704 John Ward 1st Viscount Dudley and Ward was born to William Ward (age 27) and Mary Grey. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.15%.

PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Philip_Yorke_1st_Earl_Hardwicke.png PAINTINGS/HOARE/Philip_Yorke.jpg PAINTINGS/RAMSAY/Jemima_Campbell.jpg

After 06 Mar 1764. St Andrew's Church, Wimpole [Map]. Monument to Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke (deceased) and Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke.

Framed inscription panel in white marble surmounted by an enriched sarcophagus in brown veined marble against a grey obelisk to which is affixed an achievement of arms in oval frame; around the base are putti with wreaths and emblems of office; on each side, life-size figures, one of Athene; two medallions on the sarcophagus depict the Earl (deceased) and Countess; signed 'J. STUART (age 51), INVT P. SCHEEMAKERS, SCULPR (age 73).'

Margaret Cocks Countess Hardwicke: She was born to Charles Cocks and Mary Somers. In or before 1716 William Lygon and she were married. On 16 May 1719 Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke (age 28) and she were married. In 1754 Philip Yorke 1st Earl of Hardwicke (age 63) was created 1st Earl Hardwicke, 1st Viscount Royston. She by marriage Countess Hardwicke. In 1761 she died.


On 06 Mar 1773 William Maxwell 6th Earl Nithsdale died without male issue. Earl Nithsdale, Lord Maxwell and Lord Herries of Terregles extinct?

On 06 Mar 1781 George John Spencer 2nd Earl Spencer (age 22) and Lavinia Bingham Countess Spencer (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Charles Bingham 1st Earl Lucan (age 45) and Margaret Smith Countess Lucan (age 41). He the son of John Spencer 1st Earl Spencer (age 46) and Margaret Georgiana Poyntz Countess Spencer (age 43).

PAINTINGS/COPLEY/George_Churchill.jpg PAINTINGS/PICKERSGILL/John_Spencer.jpg PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Lavinia_Bingham2.jpg

On 06 Mar 1793 Richard Barry 7th Earl Barrymore (age 23) died. His brother Henry Barry 8th Earl Barrymore (age 22) succeeded 8th Earl Barrymore.

In Apr 1813 Fanny Mary ffolkes (age 36) died.

On 06 Mar 1869 Fanny Anna West (age 43) died.

On 16 Nov 1867 William John Browne ffolkes Cricketer (age 47) died.

Memorials in Church of St Mary Hillington [Map].

Fanny Mary ffolkes: In Apr 1777 she was born to Martin ffolkes 1st Baronet (age 27) and Fanny Turner. On 28 May 1802 Gilbert Hervey West (age 21) and Fanny Mary ffolkes (age 25) were married.

Fanny Anna West: In 1826 she was born to Edward West Chief Justice of Bombay and Lucretia Georgiana ffolkes at Bombay. Before 06 Mar 1869 Lieutenant Colonel Robert Gregory Wale (age 48) and Fanny Anna West (age 43) were married.

William John Browne ffolkes Cricketer: On 13 Jan 1820 he was born to William Browne ffolkes 2nd Baronet (age 33) and Charlotte Philippa Browne (age 21).

After 06 Mar 1821. Monument in Ripon Cathedral [Map] to George Coates of Bishopton sculpted by Fisher of York.

On 06 Mar 1835 Margaret Williams Lady Williams (age 66) died. Memorial at St Asaph Cathedral sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 59).

Margaret Williams Lady Williams: On 25 Apr 1768 she was born. On 21 Oct 1791 John Williams 1st Baronet (age 29) and Margaret Williams Lady Williams (age 23) were married. On 27 Jul 1798 John Williams 1st Baronet (age 36) was created 1st Baronet Williams of Bodelwyddan in Flintshire. Margaret Williams Lady Williams (age 30) by marriage Lady Williams of Bodelwyddan in Flintshire.

Parsley Hay. March 6th was passed in opening a cairn or tumulus [Map] [Parsley Hay Barrow [Map]] of stone in a plantation near the Parcelly Hay wharf of the Cromford and High Peak Railway. We found the primary interment beneath the middle of the barrow, in a small oval excavation in the rook below the natural surface of the land, about three feet in depth, and not exceeding the same in its greatest diameter, consequently the body had been placed upright in a sitting or crouching posture, as was abundantly evident from the order in which the bones were found. The grave was roughly covered in with large flat slabs of limestone, which had prevented the material of the tumulus from quite filling it up; a good deal of earth had, however, been washed in, which had the effect of preserving the bones in unusual perfection. The remains accompanying the body were of the poorest description, consisting merely of three pieces of chipped flint, some shreds from a drinking cup, and various animal bones and teeth, some of which were calcined. The fine skull from this interment has been engraved in the magnificent work by Messrs. Davis and Thumam, entitled "Crania Britannica," where its internal capacity is given at 72½ ounces; length of the femur, 18.3 inches. The high antiquity of this interment may be inferred when we take into consideration the fact, that upon the covering stones there lay another skeleton, quite unprotected from the loose stone of the barrow, and accompanied by weapons indicating that the owner lived at a very remote period. This body was badly preserved, owing to the percolation of water through the over lying stones, but it appeared to have been laid as usual upon the lefl side, with the knees slightly advanced; near the upper part of the person were placed a very elegantly formed axe head of granite, with a hole for the shaft, and a very fine bronze dagger of the earliest or archaic bronze period, with three studs for fastening the handle. The engraving gives an accurate section of this remarkable barrow,


After 06 Mar 1857. St Peter and St Paul's Church, Rock [Map]. Memorial to Leopold Reiss (deceased) and Caroline m Reiss (age 43).

Caroline m Reiss: Around 1814 she was born. Before 09 Jun 1833 Leopold Reiss (age 29) and Caroline m Reiss (age 19) were married. In 1841 Leopold Reiss (age 37) and Caroline m Reiss (age 27) lived at Crumpsall Crescent, Crumpsall, Manchester. On 10 Jan 1893 Caroline m Reiss (age 79) died at Swyncombe, Henley-on-Thames.

After 06 Mar 1907 Robert Garnet Head 3rd Baronet (age 61). Monument in Rochester Cathedral [Map].

Robert Garnet Head 3rd Baronet: On 18 Mar 1845 he was born to Francis Somerville Head 2nd Baronet (age 27). On 26 Aug 1887 Francis Somerville Head 2nd Baronet (age 70) died. His son Robert Garnet Head 3rd Baronet (age 42) succeeded 3rd Baronet Head of Rochester in Kent. On 06 Mar 1907 Robert Garnet Head 3rd Baronet (age 61) died. His son Robert Pollock Somerville Head 4th Baronet (age 22) succeeded 4th Baronet Head of Rochester in Kent.

On 06 Mar 1915 George Cadogan 5th Earl Cadogan (age 74) died. His son Gerald Oakley Cadogan 6th Earl Cadogan (age 45) succeeded 6th Earl Cadogan 2C 1800, 6th Viscount Chelsea.

On 06 Mar 1964 Paul I King Greece (age 62) died.