On this Day in History ... 7th March

07 Mar is in March.

1190 Massacre of the Jews at Stamford

1556 Great Comet

1623 Charles I's Trip to Spain

1771 Field of the Cloth of Gold

1533 Buggery Act

1827 Shrigley Abduction

Events on the 7th March

On 07 Mar 1190 at Stamford [Map] during the Easter Fair a significant number of the Jewish population were murdered.

Letters and Papers 1533. 07 Mar 1533. 7 March. Add. MS. 28,585, f. 229. B. M. 208. Mai to Cobos.

"Memorial de lo que pase con los Cardenales Franceses."

Visited the card. of Agramont (Grammont), who has been ill, and the cardinal of Tornon, who lodged near him. Was told by them that they were surprised to hear so much about war, and also at what was now newly published, that the kings of France and England would meet again (que se habian de ver otra vez los Reyes, &c.), for this was the greatest lie in the world. The Emperor should only believe what his Ambassador wrote. Assured them that the Emperor did not believe this, as he considered the French king as his good brother and ally, but there was cause for suspicion, which they could remedy. Referred to his former negotiation with the duke of Albany.

The Cardinals complained of their not having access to the Emperor, while his Ambassadors in France were always well treated. They complained also of Imperial influence in the election of Cardinals, and that the cardinal of Siguenca had said to them that the Emperor would not regard their wishes. They said they spoke in the matter of the Auditor of the Chamber, because they had orders from their King to treat the affairs of the king of England as his own.

Said they might have had a more honorable commission than that, supposing they meant the divorce. They replied they said nothing about that, and Francis did not wish to meddle in it, except that justice might be done; —that he had already endeavored to dissuade Henry, and would still dissuade him as far as possible, from marrying the Lady (age 32), which it is to be feared he will do in fact. Does not believe them.

Endd.: Al Comendador Mayor—de Micer Mai, vij. Março de 1533. Sp., pp. 6. Modern copy.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 07 Mar 1556. The vij day of Marche be-gane the blassyng [star] at nyght, and yt dyd shutt owt fyre to grett [wonder] and marvell to the pepull, and contynud serten [nights].

Note. The blasyng star. This is recorded by Stowe to have appeared on the 4th March, and continued for twelve days (Summarie 1566); but in his chronicle 1580 he limits its continuance to five nights from the 6th to the 10th of March.

Note. P. 101. The blazing star which is noticed in this page, and of which Stowe's account has been quoted in p. 348, was calculated by Halley to have been the same comet which had before appeared in the year 1264, and which, having completed its presumed revolution of two hundred and ninety-two years, may be expected to appear again in the present year, 1848. The learned Fabricius described the comet of 1556 as of a size equal to half that of the moon. Its beams were short and flickering, with a motion like that of the flame of a conflagration or of a torch waved by the wind. It alarmed the Emperor Charles the Fifth, who, believing his death at hand, is said to have exclaimed "His ergo indiciis me mea fata vocant." This warning, it is asserted, contributed to the determination which the monarch formed, and executed a few months later, of resigning the imperial crown to his brother Ferdinand.

Autobiography Simon D'Ewes. 17 Feb 1623. There happened on Monday, the 17th day of the month, so strange an accident as after ages will scarce believe it. For Charles Prince of Wales (age 22) began his journey from London into Spain on Monday, the 17th day of February, with the beloved Marquis of Buckingham (age 30), Sir Francis Cottington (age 44), and Mr. Endimion Porter (age 36), only in his campaign; who only, besides the King himself, were the alone men aquainted with the Prince's resolution. Their going was so secretly carried as none, I believe, knew of it in England till they were landed in France, through which kingdom they passed by posthorse into Spain.1 The journey was thought so dangerous, being above 1100 English miles by land, besides the crossing of the seas between Dover and Calais, as all men were generally ensaddened at the ad- venture, often wishing it had been better advised upon; although they knew the Spaniards durst do the Prince no harm, so long as his royal sister and her illustrious oflspring survived. Soon after followed the Lord Hays (age 43), Earl of Carlisle, and passed into France to excuse to that King the Prince's sudden and secret passing through his kingdom without giving him a visit. All men now took it for granted, that the Prince's marriage with the Infanta Maria, the King of Spain's sister, was concluded on, and that he went over only to consummate it; no man imagining that he would take up such a resolution upon uncertainties, especially occasioning so vast and unnecessary expense at a time when the King's wants pressed him much. But God, whose decree binds princes as well as peasants, had otherwise disposed, so as our royal suitor, arriving at Madrid in Spain on Friday the 7th (or 17th) of March, about three weeks later his departure from London, and taking ship for his return to England on the 18th (or 28th) of September, then next ensuing, stayed in Spain about seven months; in all which time he seldom saw or spoke with the Spanish Princess, nor could ever receive a fair or sincere denial from her brother, although her marriage had been absolutely disposed of by her father's last will and testament; he bequeathing her to Ferdinand, son and heir of Ferdinand the Second, Emperor of Germany, who afterwards did accordingly espouse her.

Note 1. "And now behold a, strange adventure and enterprise! The Prince and the Marquis of Buckingham, accompanied with Cottington and Endimion Porter, post in disgiuse to Spain to accelerate the marriage. The 17th of February they went privately from Court, and the next day came to Dover, where they embarked for Boulogne, and from thence rode post to Paris, where they made some atop. The Prince, shadowed under a bushy peruque, beheld the splendour of that court, and had a full view of the Princess Henrietta Maria (age 13), who was afterwards his royal consort. For, besides the great privacy of the journey, they had so laid the English ports, that none should follow or give the least advertisement, until they had got the start of intelligencers, and passed the bounds of France. Howbeit they escaped narrowly, and a swift intelligence sent to the King of Spain from Don Carlos Coloma was even at their heels before they arrived at Madrid. The Prince and Buckingham being in the territories of Spain, to make but little noise, rode post before their company. The 7th of March they arrived at Madrid, the royal residence, and were conveyed with much secrecy into the Earl of Bristol's (age 43) house-Rushworth, i. p. 76. A fuller account of this extraordinary adventure will be found elsewhere.

On 07 Mar 1623 King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 22), accompanied by George Villiers 1st Duke of Buckingham (age 30), Endymion Porter (age 36) and Richard Wynn 2nd Baronet (age 35), arrived in Madrid, incognito, in an attempt to bring to a conclusion his betrothal to Maria Anna of Spain Holy Roman Empress (age 16), much to the surprise of her brother Philip IV King Spain (age 17) and the English ambassador John Digby 1st Earl Bristol (age 43). The negotiations ultimately failed.

Evelyn's Diary. 07 Mar 1690. I dined with Mr. Pepys (age 57), late Secretary to the Admiralty, where was that excellent shipwright and seaman (for so he had been, and also a Commission of the Navy), Sir Anthony Deane (age 56). Among other discourse, and deploring the sad condition of our navy, as now governed by inexperienced men since this Revolution, he mentioned what exceeding advantage we of this nation had by being the first who built frigates, the first of which ever built was that vessel which was afterward called "The Constant Warwick", and was the work of Pett of Chatham, for a trial of making a vessel that would sail swiftly; it was built with low decks, the guns lying near the water, and was so light and swift of sailing, that in a short time he told us she had, ere the Dutch war was ended, taken as much money from privateers as would have laden her; and that more such being built, did in a year or two scour the Channel from those of Dunkirk and others which had exceedingly infested it. He added that it would be the best and only infallible expedient to be masters of the sea, and able to destroy the greatest navy of any enemy if, instead of building huge great ships and second and third rates, they would leave off building such high decks, which were for nothing but to gratify gentlemen-commanders, who must have all their effeminate accommodations, and for pomp; that it would be the ruin of our fleets, if such persons were continued in command, they neither having experience nor being capable of learning, because they would not submit to the fatigue and inconvenience which those who were bred seamen would undergo, in those so otherwise useful swift frigates. These being to encounter the greatest ships would be able to protect, set on, and bring off, those who should manage the fire ships, and the Prince who should first store himself with numbers of such fire ships, would, through the help and countenance of such frigates, be able to ruin the greatest force of such vast ships as could be sent to sea, by the dexterity of working those light, swift ships to guard the fire ships. He concluded there would shortly be no other method of seafight; and that great ships and men-of-war, however stored with guns and men, must submit to those who should encounter them with far less number. He represented to us the dreadful effect of these fire ships; that he continually observed in our late maritime war with the Dutch that, when an enemy's fire ship approached, the most valiant commander and common sailors were in such consternation, that though then, of all times, there was most need of the guns, bombs, etc., to keep the mischief off, they grew pale and astonished, as if of a quite other mean soul, that they slunk about, forsook their guns and work as if in despair, every one looking about to see which way they might get out of their ship, though sure to be drowned if they did so. This he said was likely to prove hereafter the method of seafight, likely to be the misfortune of England if they continued to put gentlemen-commanders over experienced seamen, on account of their ignorance, effeminacy, and insolence.

On 07 Mar 1735 Richard Hoare 1st Baronet was born to Richard Hoare (age 26).

On 07 Mar 1745 Thomas Gascoigne 8th Baronet was born to Edward Gascoigne 6th Baronet (age 22) and Mary Hungate Lady Gascoigne.

Archaeologia Volume 3 Section XXIV. An historical Description of an ancient Picture in Windsor castle, representing the Interview between king Henry VIII. and the French king Francis I. between Guînes and Ardres, in the year 1520. By Sir Joseph Ayloffe (age 63), Baronet, V. P. A. S. and F. R. S.

Read at the Society of ANTIQUARIES, March 29, 1770; and a second Time, by Order of the Society, March 7, 1771.

Joseph Ayloffe 6th Baronet: In 1708 he was born to Joseph Ayloffe. Archaeologia Volume 3 Section XLIII. An Account of the Body of King Edward the First, as it appeared on opening his Tomb in the Year 1774. By Sir Joseph Ayloffe, Bart. V. P. S. A. and F. R. S. Read at the Society of Antiquaries, May 12, 1774. On 19 Apr 1781 he died.

After 07 Mar 1796. St Martin's Church, Ancaster [Map]. Memorial to William and Elizabeth Roe, and John Roe sculpted by T King of Bath.

After 07 Mar 1807. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to Elizabeth Ogle (deceased).

Elizabeth Ogle: On 29 Jun 1714 she was born to Nathaniel Ogle. On 14 Jun 1740 George Grey and she were married. On 07 Mar 1807 Elizabeth Ogle died.

On 08 Jul 1810 the Bow Street police raided the White Swan on Vere Street in London that had been established as a molly-house in early 1810 by two men, James Cook and Yardley. Twenty-seven men were arrested, but the majority of them were released (perhaps as a result of bribe); eight were tried and convicted. On 27 Sep 1810 six men were pilloried at the Haymarket. On 07 Mar 1811 John Hepburn (46) and Thomas White (16), a drummer boy, were hanged at Newgate Prison, London [Map] despite not being present on the night of the raid.

On 07 Mar 1827 Ellen Turner (age 16) was abducted from Margaret Daulby's elite boarding school for girls in Liverpool by, Edward Thevenot, a servant of Edward Gibbon Wakefield (age 30). Edward Gibbon Wakefield (age 30) and Ellen Turner (age 16) were married at Gretna Green, Dumfrieshire, she believing she was marrying to protect her father from financial ruin. After the marriage they set out for France, another jurisdiction, where he intended they settle as man and wife. He was subsequently arrested, tried and imprisoned.

On 07 Mar 1853 William Onslow 4th Earl Onslow was born to George Augustus Cranley Onslow (age 39) and Mary Harriet Anne Loftus at Old Alresford, Hampshire.

The London Gazette 31221. 07 Mar 1919. 3rd E. W. Fus.

Capt. N. G. C. McClellan is placed on the ret. list on .account of ill-health contracted on active service. 1919. 12th Mar. 1919.

Lt. (actg. Capt.) S. L. Sassoon (age 32), M.C., relinquishes .his actg. rank, is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health caused by wounds, 12th Mar. 1919, and is granted the rank of Capt.

Births on the 7th March

On 07 Mar 1314 Richardis Jülich Duchess Lower Bavaria was born to Gerhard Jülich V Count Jülich (age 64) and Elisabeth Brabant Countess Jülich.

Around 07 Mar 1337 Maud Bernake was born to John Bernake (age 32) and Joan Marmion (age 19).

On 07 Mar 1558 Duke John VII of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was born to Duke John Albert I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 32) and Anna Sophia Hohenzollern (age 30). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.02%.

On 07 Mar 1593 Anna Sabine Oldenburg was born to John "Younger" Oldenburg Duke Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg (age 47) and Agnes Hedwig of Anhalt (age 19).

On 07 Mar 1609 Albrecht Christian Hohenzollern was born to John Sigismund Hohenzollern (age 36) and Anna Hohenzollern (age 32).

On 07 Mar 1671 John Savile was born to John Savile of Methley (age 26) and Sarah Tryon (age 20).

On 07 Mar 1735 Richard Hoare 1st Baronet was born to Richard Hoare (age 26).

On 07 Mar 1736 William Jerningham of Cossey Park 6th Baronet was born to George Jerningham 5th Baronet (age 56) and Marie Françoise "Mary" Plowden.

On 07 Mar 1739 John Howard 15th Earl Suffolk was born to Philip Howard (age 35) and Margaret Skreen (age 24).

On 07 Mar 1745 Thomas Gascoigne 8th Baronet was born to Edward Gascoigne 6th Baronet (age 22) and Mary Hungate Lady Gascoigne.

On 07 Mar 1745 Joseph Cotton was born to Nathaniel Cotton (age 38).

On 07 Mar 1746 Frances Boscawen was born to Edward Boscawen (age 34) and Frances Evelyn Evelyn (age 26).

On 07 Mar 1754 Edward Clive 1st Earl Powis was born to Robert Clive "Clive of India" (age 28) and Margaret Maskelyne.

On 07 Mar 1772 Arthur Jewitt was born to Arthur Jewitt and Mary Priestly.

On 07 Mar 1777 David William Murray 3rd Earl of Mansfield was born to David Murray 2nd Earl Mansfield (age 49) and Louisa Cathcart 2nd Countess Mansfield (age 19).

On 07 Mar 1795 Reverend Edgar Rust d'Eye of Abbot's Hall was born.

On 07 Mar 1808 Captain John Heron-Maxwell 6th Baronet was born.

On 07 Mar 1810 Frances Matilda Irby was born to George Irby 3rd Baron Boston (age 32) and Rachel Ives Drake Baroness Boston (age 27).

On 07 Mar 1842 Annie Paxton was born to Joseph Paxton (age 38) and Sarah Bown (age 42).

On 07 Mar 1847 George Drummond Ince Perceval was born to Frederick James Perceval (age 49).

On or before 07 Mar 1852 Louisa Elizabeth Jane Grey was born to Henry John Milbank (age 27) and Margaret Henrietta Maria Grey.

On or before 07 Mar 1852 Katharine Henrietta Venezia Grey was born to Henry John Milbank (age 27) and Margaret Henrietta Maria Grey.

On 07 Mar 1853 William Onslow 4th Earl Onslow was born to George Augustus Cranley Onslow (age 39) and Mary Harriet Anne Loftus at Old Alresford, Hampshire.

On 07 Mar 1856 Violet Lindsay Duchess Rutland was born to Charles Hugh Lindsay (age 39).

On 07 Mar 1865 Charles William Trotter was born.

On 07 Mar 1868 Susannah Jane Beverly was born to James Beverly (age 25) at Hope, Derbyshire [Map].

On 07 Mar 1874 Francis Dyke Acland 14th Baronet was born to Arthur Dyke Acland 13th Baronet (age 26) and Alice Sophia Cunningham Lady Acland (age 25).

On 07 Mar 1917 Maureen Therese Josephine Noel Baroness Dormer was born to Arthur Noel 4th Earl of Gainsborough (age 32) and Alice Mary Eyre Countess Gainsborough. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 07 Mar 1930 Antony Armstrong-Jones 1st Earl of Snowdon was born.

On 07 Mar 1944 Rudolf Russell was born to John Ian Robert Russell 13th Duke Bedford (age 26) and Clare Bridgman (age 41).

Marriages on the 7th March

On 07 Mar 1461 Gaston V Count Foix (age 18) and Magdalena Valois Countess Foix (age 17) were married. She by marriage Countess Foix. She the daughter of Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 58) and Marie Valois Anjou Queen Consort France (age 56). He the son of Gaston IV Count Foix (age 38) and Eleanor Trastámara Queen Consort Navarre (age 35). They were third cousin once removed.

Before 07 Mar 1685 Giles Hungerford (age 70) and Frances Croke (age 67) were married.

On 07 Mar 1697 Michael Biddulph 2nd Baronet (age 43) and Elizabeth D'Oyly were married.

Before 07 Mar 1759 Thomas Salusbury and Anna Maria Penrice were married.

On 07 Mar 1770 Charles Style 5th Baronet and Isabella Wingfield were married.

On 07 Mar 1775 Thomas Frankland 6th Baronet (age 24) and Dorothy Smelt Lady Thirkleby (age 25) were married. They were third cousins.

On 07 Mar 1793 Arthur Jewitt (age 21) and Martha Sheldon of Crooke's Moor in Sheffield were married.

On 07 Mar 1812 William Eliot 2nd Earl St Germans (age 44) and Charlotte Robinson (age 22) were married at Earl of Powis' House Mayfair. She died sixteen months later. The difference in their ages was 22 years.

On 07 Mar 1814 John Wallop 3rd Earl Portsmouth (age 46) and Mary Anne Hanson Countess Portsmouth were married. The marriage had been arranged in secret by her father John Hanson who was one of John's trustees. George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron (age 26), another of John Hanson's clients, gave the bride away. She had an adulterous affair with William Alder with whom she had three children. In 1828 the marriage was annulled and the children declared illegitimate as a consequence of a de lunatico inquirendo instigated by his nephew Henry Arthur Wallop Fellowes (age 14). He the son of John Wallop 2nd Earl Portsmouth and Urania Fellowes.

On 07 Mar 1821 Andrew Robert Drummond and Elizabeth Frederica Manners (age 19) were married. She the daughter of John Henry Manners 5th Duke Rutland (age 43) and Elizabeth Howard Duchess Rutland (age 40).

On 07 Mar 1822 George James Welbore Agar 1st Baron Dover (age 25) and Georgiana Howard Lady Dover (age 18) were married. She the daughter of George Howard 6th Earl Carlisle (age 48) and Georgiana Cavendish Countess Carlisle (age 38). They were third cousins.

On 07 Mar 1827 Ellen Turner (age 16) was abducted from Margaret Daulby's elite boarding school for girls in Liverpool by, Edward Thevenot, a servant of Edward Gibbon Wakefield (age 30). Edward Gibbon Wakefield (age 30) and Ellen Turner (age 16) were married at Gretna Green, Dumfrieshire, she believing she was marrying to protect her father from financial ruin. After the marriage they set out for France, another jurisdiction, where he intended they settle as man and wife. He was subsequently arrested, tried and imprisoned.

On 07 Mar 1829 George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford (age 22) and Agnes Paget (age 25) were married. She the daughter of Henry William Paget 1st Marquess Anglesey (age 60) and Caroline Elizabeth Villiers Duchess Argyll (age 54). He the son of John Byng 1st Earl Strafford (age 57) and Mary Stevens Mackenzie.

On 07 Mar 1857 Major Sutherland George Gordon Orr (age 41) and Alexandra Orr nee Leighton (age 28) were married at Bath, Somerset [Map]. He died fifteen months later.

On 07 Mar 1882 Reginald Walkeline Chandos-Pole (age 29) and Violet Catherine Beckett-Denison (age 21) were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 07 Mar 1882 Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke Wellington (age 35) and Evelyn Katrine Gwenfra Williams Duchess Wellington (age 27) were married.

On 07 Mar 1918 Vice Admiral Charles Andrew Fountaine (age 38) and Louisa Constance Catherine Maclean were married.

Deaths on the 7th March

On 07 Mar 1138 Anchitel Grey (age 86) died at Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire.

On 07 Mar 1226 Ida Tosny Countess Norfolk (age 70) died at Framlingham, Suffolk [Map].

On 07 Mar 1266 Robert St John (age 66) died at Basing, Hampshire.

On 07 Mar 1305 Guy Dampierre Count Flanders (age 79) died. His son Robert Dampierre III Count Flanders (age 56) succeeded III Count Flanders.

On 07 Mar 1360 Richardis Jülich Duchess Lower Bavaria (age 46) died.

On 07 Mar 1369 Michael Poynings 1st Baron Poynings (age 51) died. His son Thomas Poynings 2nd Baron Poynings (age 20) succeeded 2nd Baron Poynings.

On 07 Mar 1401 Frederick Wittelsbach (age 24) died.

Before 07 Mar 1408 John Gordon died.

Before 07 Mar 1450 William Borthwick 2nd of Borthwick died.

On 07 Mar 1456 Thomas Walsingham died.

On 07 Mar 1494 Elizabeth Bruyn (age 49) died.

On 07 Mar 1544 Thomas Larke Dean (age 54) was hanged at Tyburn [Map].

On 07 Mar 1550 William Wittelsbach IV Duke Bavaria (age 56) died. His son Albert V Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 22) succeeded V Duke Bavaria.

On 07 Mar 1578 Margaret Douglas Countess Lennox (age 62) died.

On 07 Mar 1591 Thomas Kempe (age 78) died.

On 07 Mar 1595 Thomas Bowyer of Leighthorne, Sussex died.

On 07 Mar 1610 Maria Wettin (age 48) died.

On 07 Mar 1623 John Byron (age 67) died.

On 07 Mar 1624 Richard Spencer (age 75) died.

On 07 Mar 1625 Joachim Ernst Hohenzollern (age 41) died at Ansbach.

Before 07 Mar 1635 Mary Wilbraham Lady Pelham (age 45) died.

On 07 Mar 1636 Walter Vaughan of Dunraven and Tealstone (age 76) died.

On 07 Mar 1644 George Talbot (age 24) died.

Between 20 Mar 1652 and 07 Mar 1655 Thomas Trollope 1st Baronet (age 60) died. His son William Trollope 2nd Baronet (age 31) succeeded 2nd Baronet Trollope of Casewick in Lincolnshire.

On 07 Mar 1660 Jehan Lord of Heenvliet (age 65) died.

On 07 Mar 1670 Richard Evelyn (age 47) died.

On 07 Mar 1682 William Bullock of Norton (age 66) died.

On 07 Mar 1685 Giles Hungerford (age 70) died at Coulston, Wiltshire. He was buried in Salisbury.

On 07 Mar 1710 George Eyre (age 30) died.

On 07 Mar 1714 Robert Ridgeway 4th Earl Londonderry (age 63) died. Earl Londonderry extinct.

On 07 Mar 1720 John Morgan of Tredegar (age 49) died. William Morgan (age 19) inherited Tredegar House, Monmouthshire.

On 07 Mar 1722 Catherine Manners Baroness Gower (age 46) died.

On 07 Mar 1727 William Monson 4th Baronet (age 73) died without issue. His nephew John Monson 1st Baron Monson (age 34) succeeded 5th Baronet Monson of Carleton in Lincolnshire.

On 07 Mar 1731 William Douglas 2nd Earl March (age 34) died. His son William Douglas 4th Duke Queensberry (age 6) succeeded 3rd Earl March.

On 07 Mar 1733 Robert Furnese 2nd Baronet (age 45) died. His son Robert Furnses 3rd Baronet (age 17) succeeded 3rd Baronet Furnese of Waldershare in Kent.

On 07 Mar 1733 Anne Chaplin died.

On 07 Mar 1736 Diana Cecil (age 73) died.

On 07 Mar 1740 Elizabeth Shirley (age 61) died.

On 07 Mar 1759 Anna Maria Penrice died.

On or before 07 Mar 1765 John Waterhouse (age 93) died. He was buried on 07 Mar 1765 at Chinley [Map].

On 07 Mar 1765 Charles Dalston 4th Baronet (age 46) died. Baronet Dalston of Dalston extinct.

On 07 Mar 1770 Colonel Thomas Stanhope (age 52) died. He was buried at St Peter's Church Shelford [Map].

On 07 Mar 1772 Roger Twisden 5th Baronet (age 66) died. His son Roger Twisden 6th Baronet (age 34) succeeded 6th Baronet Twisden of Bradbourne in Kent.

On 07 Mar 1779 Henry Howard 12th Earl Suffolk 5th Earl Berkshire (age 39) died at Bath, Somerset [Map]. He was buried at Charlton, Wiltshire. On 08 Aug 1779 his postumous son His son Henry Howard 13th Earl Suffolk 6th Earl Berkshire succeeded 13th Earl Suffolk, 6th Earl Berkshire although he died two days later.

On 07 Mar 1785 Arthur Brooke 1st Baronet (age 59) died at Sackville Street Dublin. Baronet Brooke of Colebrooke in Fermanagh extinct.

On 07 Mar 1786 Philip Stanhope 2nd Earl Stanhope (age 71) died. His son Charles Stanhope 3rd Earl Stanhope (age 32) succeeded 3rd Earl Stanhope.

On 07 Mar 1789 Frances Catherine Legge (age 5) died.

On 07 Mar 1793 Reverend Thomas Vivian died.

On 07 Mar 1807 Elizabeth Ogle (age 92) died.

On 07 Mar 1808 George Damer 2nd Earl Dorchester (age 61) died unmarried in Park Lane. Earl Dorchester extinct.

On 07 Mar 1810 Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood (age 61) died. Baron Collingwood of Caldbourne and Hethpoole in Northumberland extinct.

On 07 Mar 1818 Caroline Bennett Lady Wrottesley (age 45) died.

On 07 Mar 1823 John Stratford 3rd Earl Aldborough (age 83) died at Belan House, County Kildare.

On 07 Mar 1839 William Mildmay Fane (age 49) died. He was buried at the Cape of Good Hope.

On 07 Mar 1851 Alexander Hood 2nd Baronet (age 57) died. His son Alexander Hood 3rd Baronet (age 31) succeeded 3rd Baronet Hood of Tidlake in Surrey. Isabel Harriet Acland Lady Hood by marriage Lady Hood of Tidlake in Surrey.

On 07 Mar 1852 Arthur Jewitt (age 80) died at Headington, Oxfordshire.

On 07 Mar 1852 Margaret Henrietta Maria Grey died.

On 07 Mar 1857 Robert Rundell Guiness (age 67) died.

On 07 Mar 1873 Evelyn Denison 1st Viscount Ossington (age 73) died without issue. Viscount Ossington of Ossington in Nottinghamshire extinct.

On 07 Mar 1879 Jesse David Watts-Russll (age 67) died.

On 07 Mar 1886 Christopher Turnor (age 76) died.

On 07 Mar 1898 George Russell 4th Baronet (age 69) died. His son George Arthur Charles Russell 5th Baronet (age 30) succeeded 5th Baronet Russell of Swallowfield in Berkshire.

On 07 Mar 1909 John Clowes (age 86) died.

On 02 Mar 1919 Mary Hadfield Waterhouse (age 71) died. She was buried on 07 Mar 1919 at St Matthew's Church, Hayfield [Map] with her husband.

On 07 Mar 1927 Hugh Amherst 4th Earl Amherst (age 71) died. His son Jeffery Amherst 5th Earl Amherst (age 30) succeeded 5th Earl Amherst, 6th Baron Amherst of Montreal in Kent.

On 07 Mar 1927 Victoria Alexandrina Hare died.

On 07 Mar 1945 Maud Marianne Calvert (age 79) died.

On 07 Mar 1951 Katharine Mary Montagu-Douglas-Scott (age 75) died.

On 07 Mar 1966 William Waldorf Astor 3rd Viscount Astor (age 58) died. His son William Astor 4th Viscount Astor (age 14) succeeded 4th Viscount Astor, 4th Baron Astor.

On 07 Mar 2006 Mary Spencer Watson (age 92) died. She bequeathed Dunshay Manor [Map] to the Landmark Trust.

On 07 Mar 2018 Other Windsor-Clive 3rd Earl of Plymouth (age 94) died. His son Ivor Windsor-Clive 4th Earl of Plymouth (age 66) succeeded 4th Earl Plymouth in Devon.