On this Day in History ... 10 September

10 Sep is in September.

1419 Murder of John the Fearless

1533 Birth and Christening of Elizabeth I

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

1591 Battle of Flores

1660 September Creation of Peerages

1665 Battle of Vågen

On 10 Sep 918 Baldwin "Bald" II Margrave Flanders (age 52) died. His son Arnulf "Great" I Count Flanders (age 28) succeeded I Count Flanders.

On 10 Sep 954 Louis "Overseas" IV King West Francia (age 34) died. His son Lothair III King West Francia (age 13) succeeded III King West Francia.

On 10 Sep 1167 Empress Matilda (age 65) died. She was buried under the high alter at Bec Abbey [Map] during a service performed by Rotrou Newburgh Archbishop Rouen. Her tomb's epitaph reads 'Great by birth, greater by marriage, greatest in her offspring: here lies Matilda, the daughter, wife, and mother of Henry'.

On 10 Sep 1198 Bishop Richard Fitzneal (age 68) died.

Before 10 Sep 1217 William Redvers 5th Earl Devon and Mable de Beaumont were married. She the daughter of Robert Beaumont Count Meulan and Maud FitzRoy de Dunstanville of Cornwall (age 74). He the son of Baldwin Redvers 1st Earl Devon. She a great granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

On 10 Sep 1316 John Fitzgerald 1st Earl of Kildare (age 66) died. His son Thomas Fitzgerald 2nd Earl of Kildare succeeded 2nd Earl Kildare.

On 10 Sep 1382 Louis I King Hungary King Poland (age 56) died. His daughter Mary Hungary I Queen Hungary (age 11) succeeded I Queen Hungary.

On 10 Sep 1384 Joan "Lame" Capet Countess Penthièvre (age 65) died.

Murder of John the Fearless

On 10 Sep 1419 Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 16) and John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 48) met on the bridge at Montereau to progress their peace negotiations. During the course of the discussions John "Fearless" Valois Duke Burgundy (age 48) was assassinated. His son Philip "Good" Valois III Duke Burgundy (age 23) succeeded III Duke Burgundy. Michelle Valois Duchess Burgundy (age 24) by marriage Duchess Burgundy.

On 10 Sep 1454 René Valois Anjou I Duke Anjou (age 45) and Jeanne Laval Duchess Anjou (age 20) were married at Abbey St Nicholas, Angers. She by marriage Duchess Anjou. The difference in their ages was 24 years. He the son of King Louis of Naples and Yolanda Barcelona Queen Consort Naples. They were half fourth cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry III of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

On 10 Sep 1469 King Edward IV of England (age 27) was released by Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 40) afer Warwick realised he didn't have sufficient support for an alternative regime.

On 10 Sep 1504 Philibert "Handsome Good" Savoy 2nd Duke Savoy (age 24) died. His brother Charles 3rd Duke Savoy (age 17) succeeded 3rd Duke Savoy.

Before 10 Sep 1510 Henry Ughtred 6th Baron Ughtred and Agnes Constable Baroness Ughtred were married. She by marriage Baroness Ughtred. They were third cousins. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Birth and Christening of Elizabeth I

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 10 Sep 1533. And the Wednesdaie next followinge,a the most honorable yonge ladie was christened at Greenewychb in the Friers Church, all the noble lordes and ladies doing service about the christening in their Elizabeth. offices after their degrees, which was a goodlie sight to see, and their shee had geaven her to name Elizabeth; my Lord Thomas Cranmer (age 44), Archbishopp of Canterberie, godfather; the old Dutchesse of Northfolke (age 56),c wydowe, my Ladie Marques of Dorcett (age 46), widowe, godmothers at the fonte, and my Ladie Marques of Exceter (age 30) godmother at the bishoppinge;d and the morrowe after their was fiers made in London, and at everie fire a vessell of wyne for people to drinke for the said solempnitie.

Note a. September 10.

Note b. Compare this with the accomit of the maimer of the chrifltening "of the Lady Elisabeth" in MS. Harleian. Cod. 643, fol. 128-80.

Note c. The Dowager Duchess (age 56) of Norfolk carried the infant, in a mantle of purple velvet, with a long train furred with ermine. Hall's "Chronicle" ed. 1809, p. 806.

Note d. Immediately after the christening the Archbishop (age 44) confirmed the infant princess, the Marchioness of Exeter (age 30) being godmother.

1535 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

Letters and Papers 1535. 10 Sep 1535. R. O. St. P. ii. 278. 331. William Brabazon to Cromwell.

Since Thomas Fitzgerald's departure, his followers and all his uncles are returned home. If the traitor ever comes back, the King's cost is wasted. His advice is "to discharge this land of all the sect of them." The Deputy is going to Dungarvan Castle, and before him have gone the Lord Treasurer, lord Leonard's company, and Sir John Seyntlaw with his retinue. They will be at the castle on Monday next, and make a running assault. Hears that Seyntlaw has been sent for to England. The King can evil spare him here, though it is more to his profit to be in England. Lord Leonard should come speedily, for the good ordering of the army.

Rides with the Chief Justice about the King's lands, which are most wasted. Advises the banishment of the Tooles, the Burnes, the Cavenaghs, and McMargho and his sect.

The present Lord Deputy is a good man of war, but not quick enough for this country, and somewhat covetous. Advises his recall. Does not think the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, who is now with Cromwell, fit for the office. The lord of Kilmenen would be the best man. Divers abbots and priors in England have great revenues of spiritualties here, which should be put to houses of religion, and the King to have temporal lands for them. Reminds Cromwell that the King should have the temporalities of the bishop of Dublin, who can have spiritual lands for them. By this means and attainders, the King will have 4,000 marks a year more. Thinks the commonalty here to be very true people and conformable to all good order. The Deputy intends to hinder the Chief Justice and Master of the Rolls of Ireland by writing to his friends in England; which were pity, seeing the pains they take in the King's affairs here. Does not now think 500 kerne necessary, but retained them for a time, that they might not be enemies. The captains are all in good health, notwithstanding the plague. Hears my lady of Kildare (age 38) has a book of the late earl of Kildare's lands. Cromwell should get it and send it hither. 10 Sept. Signed.

Add.: Mr. Secretary. Endd.

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

On 10 Sep 1547 an English army commanded by Edward Seymour 1st Duke Somerset (age 47) defeated a Scottish army commanded by James Hamilton 2nd Earl Arran (age 31) and Archibald Douglas 6th Earl Angus (age 58) at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh at Musselburgh.

The English army included John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 43), Francis Talbot 5th Earl of Shrewsbury (age 47), Miles Partridge Courtier and Thomas Wentworth 2nd Baron Wentworth (age 22). John Thynne (age 32) and Edmund Brydges 2nd Baron Chandos (age 25) were knighted.

William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley (age 26) accompanied Edward Seymour 1st Duke Somerset (age 47).

John Forbes 6th Lord Forbes (age 82), Christopher Coningsby (age 31) and Edward Clere were killed.

John Thynne (age 32) was knighted after the battle.

The Scottish army included John Gordon 11th Earl Sutherland (age 22) who commanded the Rearguard and Gilbert Kennedy 3rd Earl Cassilis (age 32). John Stewart, Robert Douglas (age 41), John Livingston, Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield and Hugh Montgomerie were killed. John Hay 4th Lord Hay was captured but soon released.

Malcolm Fleming 3rd Lord Fleming (age 53) was killed. His son James Fleming 4th Lord Fleming (age 13) succeeded 4th Lord Fleming. Barbara Hamilton Lady Fleming by marriage Lord Fleming.

Robert Graham Master of Montrose was killed.

On 10 Sep 1547 William Parr 1st Baron Parr of Horton (age 64) died. He was buried at Horton.

On 10 Sep 1558 David Lindsay 9th Earl Crawford (age 55) died. He had disinherited his own sons. His half third cousin once removed David Lindsay 10th Earl Crawford (age 31) succeeded 10th Earl Crawford.

On 10 Sep 1569 Bishop Gilbert Bourne died.

Before 10 Sep 1584 William Burgh 8th Baron Cobham 6th Baron Strabolgi 2nd Baron Burgh (age 51) and Katherine Clinton Baroness Cobham, Strabolgi and Burgh (age 46) were married. She by marriage Baroness Cobham, Baroness Strabolgi, Baroness Burgh. She the daughter of Edward Clinton 1st Earl Lincoln (age 72) and Elizabeth "Bessie" Blount Baroness Clinton and Tailboys. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Battle of Flores

On 10 Sep 1591 Richard Grenville (age 49) died from wounds received at the Battle of Flores whilst serving on the The Revenge.


Evelyn's Diary. 10 Sep 1641. I took waggon for Dort, to be present at the reception of the Queen-mother, Marie de Medicis (age 66), Dowager of France, widow of Henry the Great, and mother to the French King, Louis XIII (age 39), and the Queen of England (age 31), whence she newly arrived, tossed to and fro by the various fortune of her life. From this city, she designed for Cologne, conducted by the Earl of Arundel (age 14) and the Herr Van Bredrod. At this interview, I saw the Princess of Orange (age 39), and the lady her daughter (age 13), afterwards married to the House of Brandenburgh. There was little remarkable in this reception befitting the greatness of her person; but an universal discontent, which accompanied that unlucky woman wherever she went.NOTEXT

Before 10 Sep 1647 John Evelyn (age 26) and Mary Browne (age 12) were married by Bishop John Earle (age 46) at Paris [Map]. She is first mentioned in his diary John Evelyn's Diary 1647 September 10.


1660 September Creation of Peerages

In Sep 1660 King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 30) rewarded a further tranche of those who supported his Restoration ...

On 04 Sep 1660 John King 1st Baron Kingston was created 1st Baron Kingston of Kingston in Dublin 1C 1660.

On 05 Sep 1660 Roger Boyle 1st Earl Orrery (age 39) was created 1st Earl Orrery. Margaret Howard Countess Orrery (age 38) by marriage Countess Orrery.NOTEXT

On 05 Sep 1660 Oliver St George 1st Baronet was created 1st Baronet St George of Carrickdrumrusk in Leitrim in the Peerage of England.

On 06 Sep 1660 Francis Boyle 1st Viscount Shannon (age 37) was created 1st Viscount Shannon. Elizabeth Killigrew Viscountess Shannon (age 38) by marriage Viscountess Shannon.

On 06 Sep 1660 Richard Coote 1st Baron Coote (age 40) was created 1st Baron Coote.

On 10 Sep 1660 Charles Gordon 1st Earl Aboyne (age 22) was created 1st Earl Aboyne.

1665 Battle of Vågen

Pepy's Diary. 10 Sep 1665. But before I come out there happened newes to come to the by an expresse from Mr. Coventry (age 37), telling me the most happy news of my Lord Sandwich's (age 40) meeting with part of the Dutch; his taking two of their East India ships, and six or seven others, and very good prizes and that he is in search of the rest of the fleet, which he hopes to find upon the Wellbancke, with the loss only of the Hector, poor Captain Cuttle. This newes do so overjoy me that I know not what to say enough to express it, but the better to do it I did walk to Greenwich [Map], and there sending away Mr. Andrews (age 33), I to Captain Cocke's (age 48), where I find my Lord Bruncker (age 45) and his mistress, and Sir J. Minnes (age 66). Where we supped (there was also Sir W. Doyly (age 51) and Mr. Evelyn (age 44)); but the receipt of this newes did put us all into such an extacy of joy, that it inspired into Sir J. Minnes (age 66) and Mr. Evelyn (age 44) such a spirit of mirth, that in all my life I never met with so merry a two hours as our company this night was. Among other humours, Mr. Evelyn's (age 44) repeating of some verses made up of nothing but the various acceptations of may and can, and doing it so aptly upon occasion of something of that nature, and so fast, did make us all die almost with laughing, and did so stop the mouth of Sir J. Minnes (age 66) in the middle of all his mirth (and in a thing agreeing with his own manner of genius), that I never saw any man so out-done in all my life; and Sir J. Minnes's (age 66) mirth too to see himself out-done, was the crown of all our mirth. In this humour we sat till about ten at night, and so my Lord (age 45) and his mistress home, and we to bed, it being one of the times of my life wherein I was the fullest of true sense of joy.

PAINTINGS/WISSING/Dorothy_Ferrers.jpgBefore 10 Sep 1687 Willem Wissing (age 31). Portrait of Dorothy Ferrers Countess Arran (age 32).

Dorothy Ferrers Countess Arran: Richard Butler 1st Earl Arran and she were married. She by marriage Countess Arran. He the son of James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde and Elizabeth Preston Duchess Ormonde. In 1655 she was born to John Ferrers (age 25) and Anne Carlton (age 30) On 30 Nov 1716 Dorothy Ferrers Countess Arran (age 61) died.

PAINTINGS/WISSING/Alice_Sherard.jpgBefore 10 Sep 1687 Willem Wissing (age 31). Portrait of Alice Sherard Baroness Brownlow (age 28).

PAINTINGS/WISSING/James_Butler.jpgBefore 10 Sep 1687 Willem Wissing (age 31). Portrait of James Butler 1st Duke Ormonde (age 76).

PAINTINGS/JACKSON/John_Belasyse.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/John_Belasyse.jpg

On 10 Sep 1772 Henry Herbert 1st Earl Powis (age 69) died at Bath [Map]. He was buried at St Mary's Church, Welshpool. His son George Edward Henry Arthur Herbert 2nd Earl Powis (age 17) succeeded 2nd Earl Powis 2C 1748.

PAINTINGS/HUDSON/Henry_Herbert_1st_Earl_Powis.png PAINTINGS/BATONI/George_Herbert.png

On 10 Sep 1839 James Maitland 8th Earl Lauderdale (age 80) died at Thirlestane Castle, Lauder.

St Conan aka Petroc's Church, Egloshayle [Map]. After 10 Sep 1845. Memorial to James Bruce Carstairs (age 75), commissioned by his daughter of Andalusia Carstairs Lady Molesworth (age 35), wife of William Molesworth 8th Baronet (age 35). The reference to him being the last Baronet of Kinross would appear to be a mistake although the last Baronet John Bruce 2nd Baronet had a sister Anne Bruce who married a John Carstairs of Kilconquhar?

On 10 Sep 1853 Henry Gerard Sturt 1st Baron Alington (age 28) and Augusta Bingham Baroness Alington (age 21) were married. She the daughter of George Charles Bingham 3rd Earl Lucan (age 53) and Anne Brudenell Countess Lucan (age 44). They were first cousins.

On 10 Sep 1859 John Hay-Williams 2nd Baronet (age 65) died. Memorial at St Asaph Cathedral signed in Greek by L Droses of Athens, 1873. His brother Hugh Williams 3rd Baronet (age 57) succeeded 3rd Baronet Williams of Bodelwyddan in Flintshire.

John Hay-Williams 2nd Baronet: On 09 Jan 1794 he was born to John Williams 1st Baronet (age 32) and Margaret Williams Lady Williams (age 25). In 1842 John Hay-Williams 2nd Baronet (age 47) and Sarah Elizabeth Amherst (age 40) were married. She the daughter of William Pitt Amherst 1st Earl Amherst (age 68) and Sarah Archer Countess Plymouth and Amherst.

Hugh Williams 3rd Baronet: On 08 Jan 1802 he was born to John Williams 1st Baronet (age 40) and Margaret Williams Lady Williams (age 33). On 16 May 1843 Hugh Williams 3rd Baronet (age 41) and Henrietta Charlotte Williams-Wynn (age 24) were married. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland. On 10 May 1876 Hugh Williams 3rd Baronet (age 74) died. His son William Grenville Williams 4th Baronet (age 31) succeeded 4th Baronet Williams of Bodelwyddan in Flintshire.

After 10 Sep 1863. Church of St Mary East Raynham [Map]. Memorial to John Townshend 4th Marquess Townshend (deceased) sculpted by George Gammon Adams (age 42).

PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Daisy_Countess_Warwick2.jpg PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Daisy_Countess_Warwick.jpg PAINTINGS/LAFAYETTE/Daisy_Countess_Warwick2.jpg PAINTINGS/SINGER-SARGENT/Daisy_Greville.jpg PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Frances_Maynard.jpg PAINTINGS/BASSANO/Frances_Maynard_2.jpg

On 10 Sep 1948 Hamar Greenwood 1st Viscount Greenwood (age 78) died. His son David Henry Hamar Greenwood 2nd Viscount Greenwood (age 34) succeeded 2nd Viscount Greenwood of Holbourne in London, 2nd Baron Greenwood of Llanbister in Radnorshire and 2nd Baronet Greenwood of Onslow Gardens in Kensington.

On 10 Sep 1959 Fergus Leveson-Gower 6th Earl Granville was born to Granville James Leveson-Gower 5th Earl Granville (age 40) and Doon Aileen Plunket.

On 10 Sep 1977 Guy David Innes-Kerr 10th Duke Roxburghe (age 22) and Jane Meriel Grosvenor Duchess Roxburghe (age 24) were married. She by marriage Duchess Roxburghe. She the daughter of Robert George Grosvenor 5th Duke Westminster (age 67) and Viola Maud Lyttelton Duchess Westminster (age 65). He the son of George Victor Robert John Innes-Kerr 9th Duke Roxburghe and Margaret Elizabeth Mcconnel Duchess Roxburghe (age 58).