On this Day in History ... 11 January

11 Jan is in January.

On 11 Jan 1311 Reginald "Black" II Duke Guelders (age 16) and Sophia Berthout Berthout were married. He the son of Reginald I Count Guelders (age 56) and Margaret Dampierre Duchess Gueders (age 39).

On 11 Jan 1350 King Philip "Fortunate" VI of France (age 56) and Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France (age 19) were married. Blanche Évreux Queen Consort France by marriage Queen Consort of France. The difference in their ages was 37 years. She the daughter of Philip "Noble" III King Navarre and Joan Capet II Queen Navarre. He the son of Charles Valois I Count Valois and Margaret Capet Countess Valois. They were half first cousin once removed. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

Archaeologia Volume 35 1853 XXXIII. On the 10th and 11th of January, 1358, Isabella (age 63) is visited by the Countess of Pembroke (age 41), the Isabella aka Elizabeth Julich Countess Kent (age 28), and Sir John de Wynewyk. Of these, the Countess of Pembroke has been already noticed. The Countess of Kent was Isabella aka Elizabeth Julich Countess Kent (age 28), daughter of the Marquess of Juliers (age 59), and widow of John Plantagenet, Earl of Kent. Her husband had died in the year 13531; upon which she took the veil at Waverley [Map]; but afterwards, as Dugdale tells us, "quitting her profession, was clandestinely married to Sir Eustace Dabrischecourt." The name of this knight is usually written D'Ambreticourt. He was the son of Sir Sanchez D'Ambreticourt (age 28), Knight of the Garter, and a descendant of the poor knight of Ostrevant, in Hainault, in whose house Isabella found shelter on her dismissal from the court of her brother, Charles IV. of France, and whom, with his whole family, she had invited over into England, and had in various ways advanced. In reference to the Countess of Kent, Froissart says— "This lady was greatly attached to Sir Eustace D'Ambreticourt, for his gallant deeds of arms, which had been related to her: and she sent him coursers, hackneys, and letters full of love; which so much emboldened Sir Eustace, and spurred him to perform such feats of chivalry and of arms, that all those under him made fortunes." Dugdale tells us, in respect of the Countess's breach of her vows, that "she and her said husband, being personally convented before the said Archbishop of Canterbury in his manor house of Maghfeld," the Archbishop imposed on them a certain penance of prayers and alms very skilfully adapted to their offence.

Of Sir John de Wynewyk, I have been unable to learn anything of certainty. He appears to have been attached to the King's court, and was perhaps the medium employed for managing Isabella's affairs. He visited her and exchanged letters with her constantly.

Note 1. Possibly a mistake for 1352? John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent died 26 Dec 1352.

After 11 Jan 1389 Bertrand IV Count Auvergne (age 29) and Marie I Countess Auvergne (age 12) were married.

PAINTINGS/GHIRLANDAIO/Clarice_Orsini.jpgBefore 11 Jan 1494 Domenico Ghirlandaio (age 45). Portrait of Clarice Orsini.

Clarice Orsini: In 1450 she was born to Giacomo Orsini (age 26). On 04 Jun 1469 Lorenzo de Medici (age 20) and Clarice Orsini (age 19) were married. The marriage had been arranged by his mother Lucrezia Tornabuoni (age 41). Her dowry was 6000 florins. On 30 Jul 1488 Clarice Orsini (age 38) died.

On 11 Jan 1546 Ernest I Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (age 48) died. On 11 Jan 1546 His son William "Younger" Welf Duke Brunswick-Lüneburg (age 10) succeeded Duke Brunswick Lüneburg.

On 11 Jan 1564 Richard Southwell (age 61) died at Windham Manor. His will of 24 Jul 1561, to which he had added a codicil on the day of his death, was proved on 22 June by Norfolk, Thomas Cornwallis and Thomas aka Francis Gawdy (age 36). He bequeathed over 10,000 sheep to members of his family and left his personal armour to his 'cousin and friend' Henry Bedingfield (age 55) and other armour to the young 4th Duke of Norfolk (age 27), whom he named an executorNOTEXT

PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Robert_Devereux_essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex_Garter.jpg
PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Henry_Howard_6th_Duke_of_Norfolk_1669.png PAINTINGS/SOEST/Henry_Howard.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Henry_Howard_6th_Duke_Norfolk.png PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Anne_Somerset.png

On 03 Jan 1657 Heneage Finch 5th Earl Winchilsea was born to Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Winchilsea (age 29) and Mary Seymour Countess Winchelsea (age 20). He was baptised on 11 Jan 1657.

1663 Farneley Wood Plot

Pepy's Diary. 11 Jan 1664. The general talke of the towne still is of Collonell Turner (age 55), about the robbery; who, it is thought, will be hanged. I heard the Duke of York (age 30) tell to-night, how letters are come that fifteen are condemned for the late plot by the judges at York; and, among others, Captain Oates, against whom it was proved that he drew his sword at his going out, and flinging away the scabbard, said that he would either return victor or be hanged.

On 11 Jan 1668 Thomas Pope 3rd Earl Downe (age 70) died.

On 11 Jan 1673 Henry St John 1st Viscount St John (age 20) and Mary Rich (age 35) were married. She the daughter of Robert Rich 3rd Earl Warwick and Anne Cheeke Countess Warwick.


Before 11 Jan 1676 Henry Moore 1st Earl Drogheda (age 54) and Alice Spencer Countess Drogheda (age 50) were married. She by marriage Countess Drogheda.

On 11 Jan 1695 Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch was born to James Scott (age 20) and Henrietta Hyde Countess Dalkeith (age 18). On 20 Jan 1695 Francis Scott 2nd Duke Buccleuch was baptised at St Margaret's Church, Westminster [Map]. He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

After 11 Jan 1701 Monument to Thomas Brotherton (deceased).

Thomas Brotherton: Around 1657 he was born. On or after 05 Jun 1693, the date of the licence, Thomas Brotherton (age 36) and Margaret Gunter were married. On 04 Dec 1694 Thomas Brotherton (age 37) was elected MP Liverpool which seat he held until 11 Jan 1695. In 1695 Thomas Brotherton (age 38) was elected MP Newton which seat he held until Nov 1701. On 11 Jan 1701 Thomas Brotherton (age 44) died.

On 11 Jan 1716 Edmund Sheffield 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Normanby was born to John Sheffield 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (age 67) and Catherine Darnley Duchess Buckingham and Normandby (age 36). He a grandson of King James II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 11 Jan 1744 James Hamilton 7th Earl Abercorn (age 57) died. His son James Hamilton 8th Earl Abercorn (age 31) succeeded 8th Earl Abercorn.

On 11 Jan 1751 Anne Croker 1st Lady Crofton was born.

On 11 Jan 1755 William Legge 2nd Earl Dartmouth (age 23) and Frances Catherine Gounter Nicoll Countess Dartmouth (age 22) were married. She by marriage Countess Dartmouth.

PAINTINGS/BATONI/William_Legge.png PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Countess_Dartmouth.png

Before 11 Jan 1794 Bishop John Hinchcliffe (age 63) and Elizabeth Crewe were married.

On 11 Jan 1794 Bishop John Hinchcliffe (age 63) died. He was buried at Peterborough Cathedral [Map].

On 11 Jan 1794 Bishop John Hinchliffe (age 63) died. He was buried in Peterborough Cathedral [Map].

On 11 Jan 1794 Caroline Campbell 1st Baroness Greenwich (age 76) died. Baron Greenwich extinct since her

On 11 Jan 1807 Bishop Charles Baring was born to Thomas Baring 2nd Baronet (age 34) and Mary Ursula Sealy Lady Baring (age 33).


On 11 Jan 1923 Constantine I King Greece (age 54) died.


After 11 Jan 1955. Memorial at St Columb's Church, St Columb. On 11 January 1955, two squadron Shackleton MR.2s (WG531 and WL743) disappeared while operating near Fastnet Rock. Both missing believed to have collided. Eighteen aircrew missing presumed killed. The two Shackletons departed on a routine exercise off Fastnet Rock on the southwest Irish coast. The two maritime patrol aircraft took off from RAF St Eval at 10:14 and 10:20 respectively to carry out search exercises as part of their 15-hour patrol. Radio messages received from the two airplanes through 20:00 that night indicated that they were flying at the prescribed 85 mi (137 km) distance from one another, despite their having departed St. Eval with only six minutes' separation. From 20:58 all contact was lost. A three-day search was conducted, but both aircraft remained missing without a trace, leading to the assumption that there had been a mid-air collision. In 1966, the starboard outer (No. 4) engine of WL743 was recovered about 75 miles north of where authorities had long assumed the collision had occurred.