On this Day in History ... 17 July

17 Jul is in July.

924 Death of King Edward Exile

1119 Battle of Bures-en-Bray

1328 Marriage of King David II of Scotland and Princess Joan

1330 Battle of Teba

1429 Coronation of Charles VII of France

1483 Robert Brackenbury appointed Constable of the Tower of London

1942 First Battle of El Alamein

Death of King Edward Exile

On 17 Jul 924 King Edward "Elder" of the Anglo Saxons (age 50) died. He was buried in St Oswald's Priory [Map]. His son King Æthelstan I of England (age 30) succeeded King Anglo Saxons. His son King Æthelstan I of England (age 30) succeeded I King Anglo Saxons.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 17 Jul 924. This year died King Edward (age 50) at Farndon in Mercia; and Aelfweard Wessex (age 22) his son died very soon after this, in Oxford [Map]. Their bodies lie at Winchester. And Athelstan (age 30) was chosen king in Mercia, and consecrated at Kingston [Map]. He gave his Eadgyth Wessex Queen Consort Germany to Otho (age 11), son of the king of the Old-Saxons (age 48). St. Dunstan (age 15) was now born; and Wulfhelm took to the archbishopric in Canterbury. This year King Athelstan and Sihtric king of the Northumbrians came together at Tamworth [Map], the sixth day before the calends of February, and Athelstan (age 30) gave away his Edith Wessex to him.

On 17 Jul 1070 Baldwin VI Count Flanders I Count Hainault (age 40) died. 17 Jul 1070 His son Arnulf III Count Flanders (age 15) succeeded III Count Flanders.

On 17 Jul 1077 Hugues Normandy Bishop Lisieux died.

Battle of Bures-en-Bray

On or before 17 Jul 1119 at the Battle of Bures-en-Bray King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 51) fought against the army of Louis "Fat" VI King France (age 37).

Baldwin VII Count Flanders (age 26) who was killed. His first cousin Charles Estrigen I Count Flanders (age 35) succeeded I Count Flanders. Marguerite Clermont Countess Flanders (age 14) by marriage Countess Flanders.

After 19 Oct 1216 King John "Lackland" of England (age 49) was buried in the Lady Chapel of Worcester Cathedral [Map]. Originally his effigy would have covered his coffin at floor level. Sometime around 1500 his tomb was moved to the Choir in front of the High Altar - the Chest Tomb similar to that of Prince Arthur's nearby. The Purbeck Marble effigy is the earliest of a King in England. Unusually carved to be life-like. His head supported by St Oswald and St Wulfstan, the two patron saints of Worcester. The base constructed in the 16th Century. The tomb was opened again on Monday 17 Jul 1797 at the instigation of Valentine Green (1739-1813). Inside the tomb chest, a stone coffin was discovered, containing the royal remains - see Monumental Effigies.

Marriage of King David II of Scotland and Princess Joan

Battle of Teba

Froissart. 25 Aug 1330. Battle of Teba. And within a while after that this knight sir William Douglas (age 44) was come to the king of Spain (age 19), on a day the king issued out into the field to approach near to his enemies. And the king of Granade issued out in like wise on his part, so that each king might see other with all their banners displayed. Then they arranged their battles each against other. Then sir William Douglas (age 44) drew out on the one side with all his company, to the intent to shew his prowess the better. And when he saw these battles thus ranged on both parties, and saw that the battle of the king of Spain (age 19) began somewhat to advance toward their enemies, he thought then verily that they should soon assemble together to fight at hand strokes; and then he thought rather to be with the foremost than with the hindermost, and strake his horse with the spurs, and all his company also, and dashed into the battle of the king of Granade, crying, 'Douglas! Douglas!' weening to him the king of Spain (age 19) and his host had followed, but they did not; wherefore he was deceived, for the Spanish host stood still. And so this gentle knight (age 44) was enclosed, and all his company, with the Saracens, whereas he did marvels in arms, but finally he could not endure, so that he and all his company were slain. The which was great damage, that the Spaniards would not rescue them. Also in this season there were certain lords that treated for peace between England and Scotland. So that at the last there was a marriage made and solemnised between the young king of Scotland (age 4) and dame Joan of the Tower (age 7), sister to king Edward of England (age 15), at Berwick [Map], as the English chronicle saith, on Mary Maudlin day [Note. the Feast of Mary Magdalen is 22 Jul?], the year 'of our Lord MCCCXXVIII., against the assent of many of the nobles of the realm. But queen Isabel (age 35) the king's mother and the earl Mortimer (age 43) made that marriage; at the which, as mine author saith, there was great feast made on both parties.

In 17 Jul 1378 Ralph Bassett 1st Baron Basset Sapcote (age 49) died. Baron Basset Sapcote abeyant between his two daughters

Coronation of Charles VII of France

On 17 Jul 1429 Charles "Victorious" VII King France (age 26) was crowned at Reims Cathedral by Cardinal Regnault de Chartres (age 49) with Joan of Arc (age 17) present.

Guy 14th de Laval Count (age 23), who was present, was created Count Laval.


On 17 Jul 1431 Philippa Mohun Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale Duchess York (age 64) died at Carisbrooke Castle [Map]. She was buried at Chapel of St Nicholas, Westminster Abbey [Map]. Her nephew Richard Strange 3rd Baron Dunster 7th Baron Strange Knockin (age 49) succeeded 3rd Baron Mohun of Dunster as a result of her death bring the title out of abeyance.

On 17 Jul 1444 Henry Grey 3rd or 6th Baron Grey of Codnor (age 39) died. His son Henry Grey 4th or 7th Baron Grey of Codnor (age 9) succeeded 4th or 7th Baron Grey of Codnor 1299.

Robert Brackenbury appointed Constable of the Tower of London

On 17 Jul 1483 Robert Brackenbury was appointed Constable of the Tower of London for life. As Constable he was in direct care of The Princes in the Tower: King Edward V of England (age 12) and his brother Richard of Shrewsbury 1st Duke York (age 9).


On 17 Jul 1492 Edward Grey 1st Viscount Lisle (age 60) died at Astley. He was buried at Church St Mary the Virgin Astley. His son John Grey 2nd Viscount Lisle (age 11) succeeded 2nd Viscount Lisle 2C 1483.

On 17 Jul 1537 Janet Douglas Lady Glamis (age 39) was burned at the stake at Edinburgh Castle [Map] for conspiring against the king's (age 25) life. Her son, John 7th Lord Glamis Lyon (age 16), was supposedly a witness to the burning.


Henry Machyn's Diary. 17 Jul 1559. The xvij day of July the Quen('s) (age 25) grace removyd from Grenwyche [Map] of her prograsse unto Darford [Map] in Kent; so the next day removyd unto Cobham [Map], my lord Cobham('s) (age 31) plasse, and ther her grace had grett chere.

PAINTINGS/SCROTS/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/MEULEN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Elizabeth_I_Hans_Eworth.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Queen_Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Phoenix.jpg PAINTINGS/GOWER/George_Gower_Elizabeth_Sieve_Portrait.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_I.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Queen_Elizabeth_I_The_Ditchley_portrait_Marcus_Gheeraerts_the_Younger.jpg

On 17 Jul 1645 Robert Carr 1st Earl Somerset (age 58) died without male issue. Earl Somerset 3C 1613 extinct.

PAINTINGS/LARKIN/Edward_Sackville_4th_Earl_Dorset.png PAINTINGS/WALKER/Richard_Sackville.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/Frances_Cranfield.png PAINTINGS/WEESOP/Frances_Cranfield.png

PAINTINGS/CRADOCK/William_Pierrepoint.jpgBefore 17 Jul 1678 Mary Beale aka Cradock (age 45). Portrait of William Pierrepont of Thoresby (age 70).

On 17 Jul 1683 Bishop James Fleetwood (age 80) died at Chalfont St Giles.

After 17 Jul 1685 Charles Cheyne 1st Viscount Newhaven (age 59) and Letitia Isabella Smythe Countess Radnor (age 55) were married. She by marriage Viscountess Newhaven.

On 17 Jul 1716 Harry Trelawny 5th Baronet (age 29) and Letitia Trelawny were married. She the elder sister of John Trelawny 4th Baronet (age 24). They had been courting for many years before her father Bishop Jonathan Trelawny 3rd Baronet (age 66) consented to their marriage. They had a son, who predeceased him, and three daughters, one of whom, Laetitia, also married a cousin. She the daughter of Bishop Jonathan Trelawny 3rd Baronet (age 66) and Rebecca Hele Lady Trelawny. They were first cousins.


On 17 Jul 1726 William Cadogan 1st Earl Cadogan (age 54) died without male issue. Earl Cadogan 1C 1718 extinct. His brother Charles Cadogan 2nd Baron Cadogan (age 41) succeeded 2nd Baron Cadogan. Elizabeth Sloane Baroness Cadogan (age 31) by marriage Baroness Cadogan.

On 17 Jul 1737 John Lyon 9th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne was born to Thomas Lyon 8th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne (age 33) and Jean Nicholson.

After 17 Jul 1779. Monument at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map] to James Stribling and his father James Stribling who died in 1779 and 1784 respectively.

On 17 Jul 1785 George Nugent 1st Marquess Westmeath was born.

Effigy of King John. Valentine Green, F.S.A. the historian of Worcester, published a pamphlet, giving a very interesting account of the opening of the tomb of King John on the 17th of July 1797. Two walls of were found to form the supporters of the effigy of the monarch. The coffin containing his remains, of which it had originally formed the top, was covered with two strong elm planks, the intervening spaces between the sides of the tomb and the effigy, being filled up with mortar and brick rubbish. These circumstances, and the state of the King's mortal relics, shewed that they had been at some previous time disturbed, and seem to favour the conjecture of their having been translated from the Lady Chapel in the Cathedral into the Choir, most probably about the time of Henry the Seventh, as the altar tomb, on which the coffin lid lies, resembles the monument of Prince Arthur in the same Church, and brick was much employed in architecture about that period. The skull was found turned completely round, and presented what anatomists term the foramen magnum, or aperture through which the spinal marrow passes. The upper jaw lay near the right elbow. The agreement of the dress on the body with that of the effigy on the tomb was very remarkable, and shews, as in the instance of Henry the Second's figure, that these effigies very faithfully represented the defunct as he lay in state. John had, however, no crown on his head or gloves on his hands; in the place of the former was found the celebrated monk's cowl, confirming the minute accuracy of the Chronicles. This sacred envelope fitted the head very closely, and had been buckled under the chin by straps, parts of which still remained. The body had been covered with a crimson robe of damask of strong texture, reaching from the neck to the feet: see the effigy. Part of the embroidery was still perfect near the left knee. His left arm was bent towards his breast, and the hand had grasped a sword in the same manner as on the tomb. The cuff of this arm still remained lying on the breast. The sword was much decomposed and its parts found at intervals down the left side, the scabbard was much more perfect. The covering of the legs (the precise nature of which was not ascertained) was tied round the ancles. These were probably the red hose seen in the effigy. Thus lay royal John, as the immortal dramatizer of his reign has said, — but now a king—now thus — A clod and module of confounded royalty!

On 17 Jul 1813 Admiral Charles Middleton 1st Baron Barham (age 86) died. His daughter Diana Middleton 2nd Baroness Barham (age 50) succeeded 2nd Baroness Barham.

After 17 Jul 1818. Grave slab and monument by Fisher of York to Richard Henry Liulph Lumley at Church of St Michael and All Angels, Thornhill [Map].

On 17 Jul 1827 George Douglas 16th Earl Morton (age 66) died. His half first cousin George Sholto Douglas 17th Earl Morton (age 37) succeeded 17th Earl Morton.


On 17 Jul 1833 Fitzherbert Edward Stafford-Jerningham 11th Baron Stafford was born to Edward Stafford-Jerningham (age 28) and Marianne Smythe.

On 17 Jul 1840 Balthazar Walter Foster 1st Baron Ilkeston was born to Balthazar Foster.

On 17 Jul 1845 Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl Harewood (age 21) and Elizabeth Joanna Burgh (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Ulick Burgh 1st Marquess Clanricarde (age 42) and Harriet Canning Marchioness Clanricarde (age 41). He the son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl Harewood (age 48) and Louisa Thynne Countess Harewood (age 44).

On 17 Jul 1845 Charles Grey 2nd Earl Grey (age 81) died. His son Henry George Grey 3rd Earl Grey (age 42) succeeded 3rd Earl Grey, 3rd Viscount Grey of Howick in Northumberland, 3rd Baron Grey of Howick in Northumberland 1801, 4th Baronet Grey of Howick in Northumberland. Maria Moyle 3rd Countess Grey (age 46) by marriage Countess Grey.


Longstone Edge. On the 17th of July we broke ground in a fresh district, by opening a barrow near Longstone called Blake Low [Map], which had been a good deal mutilated by the removal of stone. Nevertheless we found the interment in the centre to be quite undisturbed, though the remains of about six individuals in a rude cist close by were in a state of the utmost disorder. These were accompanied by four neat instruments of flint, and the remains of a curiously-decorated urn. The preservation of the central deposit was owing to the body having been laid in a grave cut in the rock to the depth of two feet. The skeleton was that of a very young woman, or rather of a girl, and lay on the left side, with the knees drawn up. At the head was a drinking cup, rather more globular in form than usual, 7½ inches high, the upper part ornamented by parallel grooves; and along with the skeleton were the bones of an infant, with the tine of a stag's antler. The grave was filled up to the level of the natural soil with limestone, amongst which was as large an accumulation pf the bones of the water-vole as we have seen in any barrow.

On 17 Jul 1850 Miles Stapleton 10th Baron Beaumont was born to Miles Thomas Stapleton 8th Baron Beaumont (age 45) and Isabella Anne Browne Baroness Beaumont (age 25).

On 28 Jun 1853 Francis Charteris 8th Earl Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 81) died. His son Francis Charles Charteris 9th Earl Wemyss (age 56) succeeded 9th Earl Wemyss. Louisa Bingham Countess Wemyss (age 55) by marriage Countess Wemyss.

His obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine by Sylvanus Urban Volume XL reads as follows:

THE EARL OF WEMYSS AND MARCH June 28 At Gosford House East Lothian in his 81st year the Right Hon Francis Wemyss Charteris Wemyss sixth Earl of Wemyss and Lord Elcho and Methel 1633 Baron Wemyss of Elcho 1628 Earl of March Viscount of Peebles and Lord Niedpath, Lyne and Munard 1697 all dignities in the peerage of Scotland Baron Wemyss of Wemyss co Fife 1821 and Lord Lieutenant of Peebleshire.

He was born on the 15th April 1772 the only son of Francis Lord Elcho son and heir apparent of the fifth Earl by Miss Susan Tracy Keck one of the Maids of Honour to Queen Charlotte the second daughter of Anthony Tracy Keck esq of Great Tew co Oxford by Lady Susan Hamilton fourth daughter of James fourth Duke of Hamilton and first Duke of Brandon KG and KT.

In early life his lordship had a commission in the army and from 1793 to 1797 was aide de camp to his grand uncle Lord General Adam Gordon Commander in chief of the forces in Scotland He quitted the army in 1797.

His father Francis Wemyss Douglas died on the 20th June 1808 and his grandfather on the 24th August following whereupon he succeeded to the Earldom of Wemyss and its attendant titles. On the death of William fourth Duke of Queensberry in Dec 1810 he inherited the barony of Niedpath and the extensive property which had belonged to his Grace in the county of Peebles in pursuance of the terms of the marriage contract of the first Earl of March his Grace's grandfather. He also succeeded to the dignities of Earl of March, Viscount of Peebles and Lord Douglas of Niedpath, Lyne and Munard the patent of creation being to Lord William Douglas et heredes masculos de ejus corpore quibus deficientibus alios ejus hæredes masin culos et talliæ contentos in ejus infeofa mentis terrarum et dominii de Niedpath.

His Lordship was created a peer of the united kingdom by the title of Baron Wemyss at the Coronation of King George IV by patent dated 17 Jul 1821. He supported the Conservative party in parliament but took but little interest in politics.

He married May 31 1794 Margaret fourth daughter of Walter Campbell esq of Shawfield by his first wife Eleanor Kerr of Newfield daughter of Robert Kerr of Newfield eldest son of Charles Kerr second son of Robert first Marquess of Lothian. By that lady who died in 1850 he had issue two sons and nine daughters 1 Francis his successor (age 56) 2 Lady Eleanor Charteris married in 1820 to Walter Frederick Campbell of Woodhall co Lanark (age 55) esq eldest son of Colonel John Campbell by Lady Charlotte Susan Maria Campbell (age 78) daughter of John fifth Duke of Argyle and died in 1832 3 the Hon Walter Charteris died 1818 4 Susan who died in infancy 5 Lady Margaret Charteris married in 1824 to Lieut Colonel John Wildman and died in 1825 6 Lady Katherine Charteris Baroness Grey Groby married in 1824 to her cousin George Harry Grey 8th Baron Grey of Groby who died in 1835 and she died in 1844 leaving issue the present Earl of Stamford and Warrington (age 26) and Lady Margaret Milbanke 7 Lady Charlotte Charteris (age 58) married in 1825 to Andrew Fletcher esq of Salton Castle East Lothian 8 Lady Louisa Antoinetta Charteris (age 58) married in 1832 to William Forbes esq of Callendar co Stirling late MP for Stirlingshire 9 Lady Harriet Charteris (age 58) married in 1829 to Sir George Grant Suttie Bart 10 Lady Jane and 11 Lady Caroline. The present Earls (age 56) in 1796 married in 1817 Lady Louisa Bingham (age 55) fourth daughter of Richard 2d Earl Lucan by whom he has issue Francis Lord Elcho (age 34) four other sons and daughters.


On 17 Jul 1876 David Stuart Erskine 13th Earl of Buchan (age 60) and Maria James (age 58) were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


On 17 Jul 1917 David Ogilvy 12th Earl of Airlie (age 23) and Bridget Coke Countess Airlie (age 26) were married. She by marriage Countess Airlie. She the daughter of Thomas William Coke 3rd Earl of Leicester (age 68) and Alice Emily White Countess Leicester (age 61). He the son of David Ogilvy 11th Earl of Airlie and Mabell Gore Countess Airlie (age 51).


On 17 Jul 1922 Henry Herbert 6th Earl Carnarvon (age 23) and Anne Catherine Tredick Wendell Countess Carnarvon (age 21) were married at St Margaret's Church, Westminster [Map]. He the son of George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert 5th Earl Carnarvon (age 56) and Almina Wombwell Countess Carnarvon (age 46).

First Battle of El Alamein

On 17 Jul 1942 Peter Fortescue (age 21) was killed in action at the First Battle of El Alamein. He was unmarried. There is a memorial at the Church of St Paul, Filliegh: "In proud and ever-loving memory of Hugh Peter, Viscount Ebrington, only son of the Fifth Earl and Countess Fortescue, Lieutenant Royal Scots Greys, who was born on 9 December 1920 and killed near El Alamein on 17 July 1942. He leaves a white unbroken glory, a gathered radiance, a shining peace"