On this Day in History ... 19 July

19 Jul is in July.

1333 Battle of Halidon Hill

1408 Battle of Bramham Moor

1535 Execution of the Carthusians

1540 Arrest and Attainder of Thomas Cromwell

1545 Battle of the Solent

1549 Kett's Rebellion

1603 Main and Bye Plots

1664 Battle of Levice

1667 Raid on the Medway

1691 Battle of the Boyne

1821 Coronation of King George IV

1821 Coronation of William IV

Battle of Halidon Hill

On 19 Jul 1333 King Edward III of England (age 20) defeated the Scots army at the Battle of Halidon Hill near Berwick on Tweed [Map]. John of Eltham 1st Earl Cornwall (age 16) commanded.

English archers, just as at the Battle of Dupplin Moor one year previously, had a significant impact on the massed ranks of Scottish schiltrons. Edward's army included: Thomas of Brotherton 1st Earl Norfolk (age 33), who commanded the right wing, Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon (age 56), Robert Pierrepont, Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (age 30), Henry Beaumont Earl Buchan (age 54) and John Sully (age 50). One of the few English casualties was John Neville (age 34) who was killed.

The Scottish army included King David II of Scotland (age 9). Alexander Bruce, Alan Stewart (age 61), James Stewart (age 57), John Stewart, William Douglas 1st Earl Atholl, Archibald Douglas (age 35) who were all killed.

Hugh 4th Earl Ross (age 36) was killed. His son William 5th Earl Ross succeeded 5th Earl Ross.

Malcolm Lennox 2nd Earl Lennox was killed. His son Domhnall Lennox Earl Lennox succeeded Earl Lennox 1C 12th Century.

Kenneth de Moravia Sutherland 4th Earl Sutherland was killed. His son William de Moravia Sutherland 5th Earl Sutherland succeeded 5th Earl Sutherland. Johanna Menteith Countess Sutherland by marriage Countess Sutherland.

On 19 Jul 1333 Edward Balliol I King Scotland (age 50) was restored I King Scotland.

On 19 Jul 1337 Bishop John Langton died.

On 19 Jul 1352 Archbishop William Zouche died at Cawood [Map]. He was buried at York Minster [Map].

After 19 Jul 1353 Albert Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria (age 16) and Margaret Silesia were married. He the son of Louis Wittelsbach IV Holy Roman Emperor and Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress (age 41). He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Battle of Bramham Moor

On 19 Feb 1408 Thomas Rokeby's force of Yorkshire levies defeated the Percy army during the Battle of Bramham Moor bringing to an end the Percy rebellion.

Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland (age 66) was killed. His body was afterwards hanged, drawn and quartered, his head being sent to London bridge and his quarters to diverse places. His grandson Henry Percy 2nd Earl of Northumberland (age 15) succeeded 5th Baron Percy of Alnwick 1C 1299, 13th Baron Percy of Topcliffe.

Thomas Bardolf 5th Baron Bardolf (age 38) was killed. Baron Bardolf of Wormegay in Norfolk had been forfeited in 1406 when Thomas Bardolf 5th Baron Bardolf (age 38) was declared a traitor. It was restored on 19 Jul 1408 to his two daughters Anne Bardolf Baroness Cobham Sternborough (age 18) and Joan Bardolf (age 17) and their husbands William Clifford (age 33) and William Phelip (age 25).

On 19 Jul 1420 William VIII Marquis of Montferrat was born to John Jacob Marquis of Montferrat (age 25) and Joan of Savoy.

On 19 Jul 1529 Thomas Brooke 8th Baron Cobham (age 59) died. He was buried at St Mary Magdalene New Churchyard, Cobham. His son George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham (age 32) succeeded 9th Baron Cobham 1C 1313. Anne Braye Baroness Cobham (age 28) by marriage Baroness Cobham.


Execution of the Carthusians

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 19 Jul 1535. The 19th day of June, beinge Saterday, the 3 muncks of the Charterhowsse, afore written, were drawne from the Tower to Tyborne, and there were executed accordinge to their judgment, and their heades and bodies hanged at diverse gates aboute the Cittie.

Arrest and Attainder of Thomas Cromwell

Hall's Chronicle 1540. 19 Jul 1540. The xix. day of July, Thomas Lord Cromwell (age 55), late made Earl of Essex, as before you have hard, being in the counsel chamber, was suddenly apprehended, and committed to the Tower of London [Map], the which many lamented, but more rejoiced, and especially such, as ether had been religious men, or favoured religious persons, for they banqueted, and triumphed together that night, many wishing that that day had been seven years before, and some fearing least he should escape, although he were imprisoned, could not be merry. Other who knew nothing but truth by him, both lamented him, and heartily prayed for him. But this is true that of certain of the clergy, he was detestably hated, and specially of such as had borne swinge, and by his meanes was put from it, for in deed he was a man, that in all his doings, seemed not to favour any kind of Popery, nor could not abide the snoffing pride of some prelates, which undoubtedly whatsoever else was the cause of his death, did shorten his life, and procured the end that he was brought unto which was that the xix. day of the said month, he was attainted by Parliament, and never came to his answer, which law many reported, he was the causer of the making thereof, but the truth thereof I know not. The Articles for which he died, appear in the Record, where his attainder is written, which are too long to be here rehearsed, but to conclude he was there attainted of heresy, and high treason.


On 19 Jul 1543 Mary Boleyn (age 44) died. Her considerable wealth and properties were inherited by her two children from her first marriage Catherine Carey (age 19) and Henry Carey 1st Baron Hunsdon (age 17), and her second husband William Stafford (age 35).


Battle of the Solent

On 19 Jul 1545 during the Battle of the Solent the Mary Rose sank. Roger Grenville (age 27) and George Carew (age 41) drowned.

Kett's Rebellion


Henry Machyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1553. The xix day of July was qwene Mare (age 37) proclamyd qwene of England, France, and Yrland, and alle domy(ni)ons, [as the] syster of the late kyng Edward the vj. and doythur unto the nobull kyng Henry the viij. be-twyn v and vj of the cloke at nyght, and ther wher at proclamasyon iiij trumpeters and ij harold(s) of armes, and the erle of Arundell (age 41), the erle of Shrossbery (age 53), th'erle Penbroke (age 52), my lord Tressorer (age 70), my lord of Preveselle, my lord Cobham (age 56), my lord Warden, master Masun, and my lord Mare, and dyvers odur nobull men; and thys was done at the crosse [Map] in Chepe, and from that plasse thay whent unto Powlls and ther was Te Deum Laudamus, with song, and the organes playhyng, and all the belles ryngyng thrugh London, and bone-fyres, and tabuls in evere strett, and wyne and bere and alle, and evere strett full of bonfyres, and ther was money cast a-way.

Note. Proclamation of queen Mary. A printed copy of the proclamation making known the title of queen Mary, is at the Society of Antiquaries.

On 19 Jul 1553 Lady Jane Grey (age 17) Abdicated I King England. Her first cousin once removed Queen Mary I of England and Ireland (age 37) succeeded I Queen England.

PAINTINGS/MOR/Mary_I_of_England.jpg PAINTINGS/EWORTH/Mary1_Eworth_1556.jpg

Main and Bye Plots

On 19 Jul 1603 Walter Raleigh (age 49) arrested for his part in the Main and Bye Plots.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Walter_Raleigh.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Walter_Raleigh2.jpg PAINTINGS/HILLIARD/Walter_Raleigh.jpg PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Walter_Raleigh_1598.jpg

On 19 Jul 1629 Matthew Plunkett 5th Baron Louth died. His son Oliver Plunkett 6th Baron Louth (age 21) succeeded 6th Baron Louth 1C 1541.

Battle of Levice

On 19 Jul 1664 the Habsburg Imperial Army commanded by Jean-Louis Raduit Count de Souches (age 55) defeated an Ottoman army under the command of Ali Pasha. Ali Pasha was killed.

1667 Raid on the Medway

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1667. I went to Gravesend [Map]; the Dutch fleet still at anchor before the river, where I saw five of his Majesty's (age 37) men-at-war encounter above twenty of the Dutch, in the bottom of the Hope, chasing them with many broadsides given and returned toward the Buoy of the Nore, where the body of their fleet lay, which lasted till about midnight. One of their ships was fired, supposed by themselves, she being run on ground. Having seen this bold action, and their braving us so far up the river, I went home the next day, not without indignation at our negligence, and the nation's reproach. It is well known who of the Commissioners of the Treasury gave advice that the charge of setting forth a fleet this year might be spared, Sir W. C. (William Coventry (age 39)) by name.

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Evelyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1683. George, Prince of Denmark (age 30), who had landed this day, came to marry the Lady Anne (age 18), daughter to the Duke (age 49); so I returned home, having seen the young gallant at dinner at Whitehall [Map].


PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Laura_Martinozzi.jpgBefore 19 Jul 1687 . Unknown Painter. Portrait of Laura Martinozzi Duchess Modena (age 48).

Laura Martinozzi Duchess Modena: On 27 May 1639 she was born to Girolamo Martinozzi Count da Fano (age 29) and Laura Mazarin (age 31). On 27 May 1655, her sixteenth birthday, Alfonso Este IV Duke Modena (age 20) and Laura Martinozzi Duchess Modena (age 16) were married. Evelyn's Diary. 30 Nov 1673. On St. Andrew's day I first saw the new Duchess of York (age 15), and the Duchess of Modena, her mother (age 34). On 19 Jul 1687 Laura Martinozzi Duchess Modena (age 48) died.

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1689. The Scots have now again voted down Episcopacy there. Great discontents through this nation at the slow proceedings of the King (age 38), and the incompetent instruments and officers he advances to the greatest and most necessary charges.


Evelyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1689. The Convention (or Parliament as some called it) sitting, exempt the Duke of Hanover (age 29) from the succession to the crown, which they seem to confine to the present new King (age 38), his wife (age 27), and Princess Anne of Denmark (age 24), who is so monstrously swollen, that it is doubted whether her being thought with child may prove a TYMPANY only, so that the unhappy family of the Stuarts seems to be extinguishing; and then what government is likely to be next set up is unknown, whether regal and by election, or otherwise, the Republicans and Dissenters from the Church of England evidently looking that way.


Battle of the Boyne

Evelyn's Diary. 19 Jul 1691. The great victory of King William's army in Ireland was looked on as decisive of that war. The French General, St. Ruth, who had been so cruel to the poor Protestants in France, was slain, with divers of the best commanders; nor was it cheap to us, having 1,000 killed, but of the enemy 4,000 or 5,000.

On 19 Jul 1721 Bishop Jonathan Trelawny 3rd Baronet (age 71) died. His son John Trelawny 4th Baronet (age 29) succeeded 4th Baronet Trelawny of Trelawny in Cornwall.


On 19 Jul 1731 James Darcy 1st Baron Darcy of Navan (age 81) died. His grandson James Jessop aka Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy of Navan (age 24) succeeded 2nd Baron Darcy of Navan.

In or before 19 Jul 1735 Richard Colley aka Wesley 1st Baron Mornington (age 45) and Elizabeth Sale were married.

On 19 Jul 1735 Garrett Wellesley 1st Earl Mornington was born to Richard Colley aka Wesley 1st Baron Mornington (age 45) and Elizabeth Sale in Dangan Castle, Summerhill, Trim, County Meath.

On 19 Jul 1764 Richard Grosvenor 1st Earl Grosvenor (age 33) and Henrietta Vernon Countess Grosvenor (age 28) were married.

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Coronation of William IV

Coronation of King George IV


On 19 Jul 1823 James Innes-Kerr 5th Duke Roxburghe (age 87) died. His son James Innes-Kerr 6th Duke Roxburghe (age 7) succeeded 6th Duke Roxburghe.

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Diary of a Dean by Merewether. 20th. Opened a flat barrow (No. 1) of about 25 yards from skirt to skirt, and 5 feet from the apex to the level of the surrounding down, situated in the centre of the flat down about a mile and a quarter from Avebury, and at half a mile's distance from any other barrow. At the centre, 18 inches below the surface, were the fragments of a coarse unornamented vase, containing the bones of a child which had cut its first teeth, but had not changed them. In the chalk rubble were numerous pieces of deer's ribs. 2 ft. 6 in. from the surface was a skeleton of an adult (A); the thigh-bones measured 14½ inches, the whole frame compressed, tlie right hand turned hack under the wrist, the left laid across the face, and the bones of the wrist and forearm between the upper and lower jaws; the skull fractured into minute portions. The crouched posture of the skeleton, the rudeness of the vase with the hones of the child, the flat form and insulated position of the barrow, assign it to the earliest period of sepulture. The molar teeth were much worn, but were evidently those of a young person.

On 19 Jul 1913 Bishop Gerald Fitzmaurice Colin was born.

On 28 Jul 1915 Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow (age 20) died from wounds received whilst trying to take a wounded man into safety on 19 Jul 1915. He was buried at Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. Memorial in All Saints Church, Ledsham [Map].

Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow: Around 1895 he was born to Reverend George Edmund Warlow (age 31) and Ellen Constance Eiloart (age 36). Before 19 Jul 1915 Lieutenant Theodore William Warlow (age 20) was appointed Lieutenant of the 6th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

On 19 Jul 1966 Fenella Hepburn Stuart Forbes Trefusis (age 76) died. Her great nephew Gerard Nevile Mark Fane-Trefusis 22nd Baron Clinton (age 32) abeyance terminated 22nd Baron Clinton.

On 19 Jul 1971 John Jacob Astor 1st Baron Astor (age 85) died.

On 19 Jul 2001 Richard Gibbs 2nd Baron Wraxall (age 73) died unmarried. His brother Eustace Gibbs 3rd Baron Wraxall (age 72) succeeded 3rd Baron Wraxall.