On this Day in History ... 20 September

20 Sep is in September.

1066 Battle of Fulford

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

1486 Birth and Christening of Arthur Prince of Wales

1547 Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

1586 Babington Plot

1643 First Battle of Newbury

1665 Great Plague of London

1854 Battle of Alma

Battle of Fulford

John of Worcester. 20 Sep 1066. After these transactions, Harold Harfaager (age 51), king of Norway, brother [Note. maternal half-brother] of St. Olave the king, suddenly arrived at the mouth of the river Tyne [Map], with a powerful fleet of more than five hundred great ships. Earl Tosti (age 40) joined him with his fleet, as they had before agreed, and they made all sail into the Humber; and then ascending the river Tyne against the current, landed their troops at a place called Richale. As soon as king Harold (age 44) received this news, he marched with all expedition towards Northumbria; but, before the king's arrival, the two brothers, earls Edwin and Morcar, at the head of a large army, fought a battle with the Norwegians on the northern bank of the river Ouse, near York, on the eve of the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle [20th September], being Wednesday; and their first onset was so furious that numbers of the enemy fell before it. But, after a long struggle, the English, unable to withstand the attack of the Norwegians, fled with great loss, and many more of them were drowned in the river than slain in the fight. The Norwegians remained in possession of the field of death; and, having taken one hundred and fifty hostages from York, and leaving there one hundred and fifty hostages of their own, returned to their ships.

On 20 Sep 1293 Henry of Bar III Count of Bar (age 34) and Eleanor Plantagenet (age 24) were married. She the daughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 54) and Eleanor of Castile Queen Consort England. He the son of Theobald of Bar II Count of Bar and Jeanne Toucy Countess Bar. He a great x 5 grandson of King William "Conqueror" I of England.

On 20 Sep 1301 Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (age 14) and Joan Geneville Baroness Mortimer 2nd Baroness Geneville (age 15) were married. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England.

Before 20 Sep 1303 Robert Umfraville 8th Earl Angus (age 26) and Lucy Kyme were married. He the son of Gilbert Umfraville 7th Earl Angus (age 58) and Elisabetha Comyn.

On 20 Sep 1307 Joan Munchensi Countess Pembroke (age 77) died. Her son Aymer de Valence 2nd Earl Pembroke (age 32) succeeded 2nd Earl Pembroke 3C 1247.

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

On 20 Sep 1349 Archbishop Simon Islip was elected Archibishop Canterbury. His three predecessors having died in quick succession from the 1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak.

On 20 Sep 1384 Louis Valois Anjou I Duke Anjou (age 45) died. His son King Louis of Naples (age 6) succeeded Louis II Duke Anjou.

On 20 Sep 1398 Thomas Boteler 4th Baron Sudeley (age 39) died at Bewsey. His son John Boteler 5th Baron Sudeley (age 13) succeeded 5th Baron Sudeley 1C 1299.

On 20 Sep 1404 Peter Valois II Count Alençon (age 64) died.

On 20 Sep 1440 Frederick I Elector Brandenburg (age 68) died.

Birth and Christening of Arthur Prince of Wales

On 20 Sep 1486, nine months exactly after his parents married, Prince Arthur Tudor was born to King Henry VII of England and Ireland (age 29) and Elizabeth York Queen Consort England (age 20) at Winchester Priory [Map]. he was created Duke Cornwall at birth.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Arthur_Tudor.jpg PAINTINGS/MEYNART/Henry_VII_of_England_Society_of_Antiquaries.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Henry_VII.jpg PAINTINGS/LEEMPUT/Henry_VIII.jpg PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Elizabeth_York.jpg

On 20 Sep 1492 Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick (age 66) died.

Detail of his head with a short haircut and beard. He wearing a circlet, possibly coronet. His head resting on a Great Helm with Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of his Leg Garter, Shoulder Garter and his Knots and Encircled Sheilds Collar Livery Collar.

Her feet on a Griffin. His feet resting on a Unicorn, with its horn missing.

His Mitten Gauntlets with the cloven-hooved foot of the Unicorn visible.

Detail of his Great Helm with Cap of Maintenance and the Manners Peacock in Pride ie with its feathers displayed.

Detail of the panels of the chest.

Detail of her dress with fastenings, heart locket, hands crasped in prayer.

Battle of Pinkie Cleugh

Wriothesley's Chronicle. This yeare also the Lord Protectors Grace (age 47) went into Scotlande with an armie riall in the beginning of September, and the 20th daie of September [Note. Mistake for 20 Sep 1547] he had battell with the Scottes within fower miles of Edenboroughe, where, by the power of God, he had the victorie, and there was slaine of the Scottes fiftene thousande, and tow thousand taken prisoners. The Erle of Huntley (age 33), Chauncelor of the Scottes, was one, the Earl of Cassells slaine [Note. Gilbert Kennedy 3rd Earl Cassilis (age 32) was captured.], and the Lord Fleeming (deceased). And of Englishemen their were not slaine above an hundred persons in all. The Scottes were numbred above fortie thousande, and the Englishmen not above sixteene thousande; and also they tooke there shipps and all their ordinance, with all the spoile of the fielde, and certeyne castells were yelded to him.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. The 20th daie, being Sainct Matthewes Eaven, was a solemne sermon made in Poules [Map] by the Bishopp of Lincolne, with procession, Ponies. kneeling with their copes in the quire, and after that Te Deum song with the organns playinge to give laude to God for the said victorie, my lord major, with his brethren the aldermen, being present, with all the comens in their lyveries, and that night great fiars were made in everie streete with banqueting for joy of the said victorie.

On 20 Sep 1580 Christina Stewart 4th Countess Buchan (age 32) died.

Babington Plot

On 20 Sep 1586 Anthony Babington (age 24), John Ballard, Henry Donn, Thomas Salusbury (age 22) and Chideock Tichbourne (age 24) were hanged at St Giles' Field Holborn for their involvement.

On 20 Sep 1615 Samson Lennard Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 71) died. His son Henry Lennard 12th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 45) succeeded 12th Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321. Chrysogona Baker Baroness Dacre Gilsland by marriage Baroness Dacre Gilsland.

On 20 Sep 1643 William Brooke (age 45) died. Baron Cobham 1C 1313 abeyant between his four daughters and co-heirs

First Battle of Newbury

On 20 Sep 1643 the First Battle of Newbury was fought at Newbury [Map] with King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 42) commanding the Royalist army and Robert Devereux 3rd Earl Essex (age 52) commanding the victorious Parliamentary army. For King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 42) John Byron 1st Baron Byron (age 44) fought with distinction.

Henry Bertie was killed.

Robert Dormer 1st Earl Carnarvon (age 33) was killed. His son Charles Dormer 2nd Earl Carnarvon (age 10) succeeded 2nd Earl Carnarvon 1C 1628, 3rd Baron Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire, 3rd Baronet Dormer of Wyng in Buckinghamshire.

William Villiers 2nd Viscount Grandison (age 29) was killed. His brother John Villiers 3rd Viscount Grandison succeeded 3rd Viscount Grandison 1C 1620.

Edward Villiers (age 23) fought.

Lucius Carey 2nd Viscount Falkland (age 33) was killed. His son Lucius Carey 3rd Viscount Falkland (age 11) succeeded 3rd Viscount Falkland.

Richard Neville (age 28) served under the Earl Carnarvon (age 33). Carnarvon was killed and Neville took up the command as a Colonel of Horse.

Major General Charles Fleetwood (age 25) was wounded.

After 20 Sep 1643. Monument to Lucius Carey 2nd Viscount Falkland (deceased) who was killed at the First Battle of Newbury and who is buried in St Michael & All Angels Church Great Tew [Map].

On 20 Sep 1643 Major Thomas Eure (age 36) died. His brother William Eure of Elvet and Kelloe in County Durham (age 35) succeeded 14th Baron Scrope of Bolton.

After 20 Sep 1643 Charles Villiers 2nd Earl Anglesey and Mary Bayning Countess Anglesey (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess Anglesey. He a cousin of her first husband. He the son of Christopher Villiers 1st Earl Anglesey and Elizabeth Sheldon Countess Anglesey (age 35).

Essex Cheeke Countess Manchester: She was born to Thomas Cheeke and Essex Rich. On 20 Dec 1642 Edward Montagu 2nd Earl Manchester (age 40) and she were married. She by marriage Countess Manchester. He the son of Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (deceased) and Catherine Spencer.


On 20 Sep 1659 Thomas Morton Bishop (age 95) died at Easton Maudit.

After 20 Sep 1659. Church of St Peter and St Paul, Easton Maudit [Map]. Grave slab for Thomas Morton Bishop (deceased). Note his grave slab states his name as Thomas Dunelm. Dunelm is the surname traditionally taken by Bishops of Durham. Main armorial the arms of the Bishop of Durham impaled with unknown arms.

Before 20 Sep 1660 John Gauden Bishop and Elizabeth Russell (age 50) were married.

On 20 Sep 1660 John Gauden Bishop died.

On 20 Sep 1663 Henry Vaux 5th Baron Vaux Harrowden (age 72) died unmarried. Baron Vaux Harrowden abeyant between his sisters and their issue. In 1838 His great x 7 nephew George Charles Mostyn 6th Baron Vaux of Harrowden abeyance terminated 6th Baron Vaux Harrowden. Caroline Vansittart Baroness Vaux by marriage Baroness Vaux Harrowden.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 20 Sep 1665. But, Lord! what a sad time it is to see no boats upon the River; and grass grows all up and down White Hall court, and nobody but poor wretches in the streets! And, which is worst of all, the Duke (age 31) showed us the number of the plague this week, brought in the last night from the Lord Mayor; that it is encreased about 600 more than the last, which is quite contrary to all our hopes and expectations, from the coldness of the late season. For the whole general number is 8,297, and of them the plague 7,165; which is more in the whole by above 50, than the biggest Bill yet; which is very grievous to us all.


PAINTINGS/KRAFFT/Hedvig_Sophia.jpgBefore 20 Sep 1724. David von Krafft (age 69). Portrait of Hedvig Sophia of Sweden.

Hedvig Sophia of Sweden: On 26 Jun 1681 she was born to Charles XI King Sweden (age 25) and Ulrika Eleonora Oldenburg (age 24). On 12 May 1698 Frederick IV Duke of Holstein Gottorp (age 26) and Hedvig Sophia of Sweden (age 16) were married. She the daughter of Charles XI King Sweden and Ulrika Eleonora Oldenburg. On 22 Dec 1708 Hedvig Sophia of Sweden (age 27) died.

PAINTINGS/KRAFFT/Charles_XII.jpgBefore 20 Sep 1724. David von Krafft (age 69). Equestrian Portrait of Charles XII King of Sweden.

Charles XII King of Sweden: On 17 Jun 1682 he was born to Charles XI King Sweden (age 26) and Ulrika Eleonora Oldenburg (age 25). On 11 Dec 1718 Charles XII King of Sweden (age 36) was killed whilst in the trenches around Fredriksten which he was besieging. He was struck in the head by a projectile and killed. The shot struck the left side of his skull and exited from the right. It isn't clear who fired the shot. His sister Ulrika Eleonora Palatinate Zweibrücken Queen Consort Sweden (age 30) succeeded Queen Sweden. She effectively usurped her nephew Charles Frederick Duke of Holstein Gottorp (age 18) whose parents were both dead.

On 20 Sep 1783 Arthur Annesley 1st Earl Mountnorris (age 39) and Sarah Cavendish Countess Mountnorris were married. She by marriage Viscountess Valentia. He the son of Richard Annesley 6th Earl Anglesey and Juliana Donovan Countess Anglesey.

On 20 Sep 1822 Georgiana Elizabeth Miller Mundy Duchess Newcastle under Lyne (age 33) died from childbirth. She had given birth to twins one of whom was stillborn, one survived ten days.

Monument in Milton Mausoleum Markham Clinton [Map] sculpted by Richard Westmacott (age 47).

Georgiana Elizabeth Miller Mundy Duchess Newcastle under Lyne: On 01 Jun 1789 she was born to Edward Miller Mundy (age 38). On 18 Jul 1807 Henry Pelham-Clinton 4th Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme (age 22) and Georgiana Elizabeth Miller Mundy Duchess Newcastle under Lyne (age 18) were married in Lambeth Palace. She by marriage Duchess Newcastle under Lyme. He the son of Thomas Pelham-Clinton 3rd Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme and Anna Maria Stanhope Countess Lincoln. He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 20 Sep 1848 William Harry Hay 19th Earl Erroll (age 25) and Eliza Amelia Gore Countess Erroll (age 19) were married in Montreal. She by marriage Countess Erroll. He the son of William Hay 18th Earl Erroll and Elizabeth Fitzclarence Countess Erroll (age 47). He a grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 20 Sep 1848 Henry Monck 1st Earl of Rathdowne (age 63) died without male issue. Earl Rathdowne extinct. His brother Charles Monck 3rd Viscount Monck (age 57) succeeded 2nd Viscount Monck.

Battle of Alma

On 20 Sep 1854 Charles Pierrepont Darcy Lane-Fox (age 24) was wounded, Poulett George Henry Somerset (age 32) fought.

Major-General John Douglas (age 37) commanded the 79th Regiment of Foot.

William Frederick Waldegrave (age 38) died from wounds received.

Henry Hugh Manvers Percy (age 37) was shot through the arm.

General George Augustus Frederick Paget (age 36), Godfrey Morgan 1st Viscount Tredegar (age 23) and Hedworth Joliffe 2nd Baron Hylton (age 25) fought.

Arthur Williams-Wynn (age 35), Captain of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, was killed.

On 20 Sep 1854 Captain William Monck (age 31) was killed at the Battle of Alma.

On 20 Sep 1856 Frederick Grand Duke of Baden (age 30) and Princess Louise of Prussia (age 17) were married. She the daughter of William I King Prussia (age 59). They were fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland. She a great x 4 granddaughter of King George I of Great Britain and Ireland.

On 20 Sep 1858 James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan (age 60) and Adeline Horsey Countess Cardigan (age 33) were married after having been his mistress. She by marriage Countess Cardigan. The marriages something of a scandal since James Brudenell 7th Earl Cardigan (age 60) had left his first wife; Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 39) refused to have her at court. The difference in their ages was 27 years. He the son of Robert Brudenell 6th Earl Cardigan and Penelope Cooke Countess Cardigan.

PAINTINGS/ROSSETTI/Drawing_Louisa_Ruth_Herbert_1858.jpg20 Sep 1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 30). Drawing of Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 27).

On 20 Sep 1939 Anthony FitzHardinge Gueterbock 18th Baron Berkeley was born to Brigadier Ernest Adolphus Leopold Gueterbock of The Plough in Terrick in Buckinghamshire and Cynthia Ella Foley (age 30).

On 20 Sep 1975 George Parker 7th Earl Macclesfield (age 87) died. His son George Parker 8th Earl Macclesfield (age 61) succeeded 8th Earl Macclesfield 2C 1721. Valerie Mansfield Countess Macclesfield (age 56) by marriage Countess Macclesfield.