On this Day in History ... 23 December

23 Dec is in December.

619 Boniface V Elected Pope

1069 Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

1230 Death of Berengaria of Navarre

1392 Death of Isabella of Castile

1543 Parr Family Ennobled

1588 "Day of the Dagger" Assassination of Henry 1st Duke Guise

1600 Baptism of Prince Charles

1644 Execution of Alexander Carew 2nd Baronet

1664 Comet

1683 Frost Fair

1688 Abdication of James II

1815 "Emma" published by Jane Austen

1861 Funeral of Prince Albert

1888 Vincent Van Gogh Cuts his Ear Off

1947 Transistor First Demonstrated

Boniface V Elected Pope

On 23 Dec 619 Boniface V Pope was elected Pope.

On 23 Dec 766 Bishop Frithbert died.

Murder of Robert de Comines Earl Northumbria

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1069. This year died Aldred, Archbishop of York; and he is there buried, at his see [Map]. He died on the day of Protus and Hyacinthus, having held the see with much dignity ten years wanting only fifteen weeks. Soon after this came from Denmark three of the sons of King Sweyne (age 50) with two hundred and forty ships, together with Earl Esborn and Earl Thurkill, into the Humber; where they were met by the child Edgar (age 18), and Earl Waltheof, and Merle-Sweyne, and Earl Gospatric with the Northumbrians, and all the landsmen; riding and marching full merrily with an immense army: and so all unanimously advanced to York; where they stormed and demolished the castle, and won innumerable treasures therein; slew there many hundreds of Frenchmen, and led many with them to the ships; but, ere that the shipmen came thither, the Frenchmen had burned the city, and also the holy minster of St. Peter [Map] had they entirely plundered, and destroyed with fire. When the king heard this, then went he northward with all the force that he could collect, despoiling and laying waste the shire withal; whilst the fleet lay all the winter in the Humber, where the king could not come at them. The king was in York on Christmas Day, and so all the winter on land, and came to Winchester at Easter. Bishop Egelric, who was at Peterborough, was this year betrayed, and led to Westminster; and his brother Egelwine was outlawed. This year also died Brand, Abbot of Peterborough, on the fifth before the calends of December.

On 23 Dec 1173 Louis Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria was born to Otto Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria (age 56) and Agnes Loon Duchess Bavaria (age 23) at Kelheim.

Death of Berengaria of Navarre

On 23 Dec 1230 Berengaria of Navarre Queen Consort England (age 65) died. She the widow of King Richard "Lionheart" I of England who she had married in 1191 in Cyprus whilst he was on Crusade. She had been brought to Cyprus by his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England who was near seventy at the time. Their marriage started with his taking Jerusalem then being captured and held hostage for three years. There were no children of the marriage. She is believed to have never set foot in England. She didn't marry again.

On 27 Nov 1245 Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke (age 46) died at Goodrich Castle, Gloucestershire [Map]. He was buried at Tintern Abbey [Map] next to his mother Isabel Clare Countess Pembroke His brother Anselm Marshal 6th Earl Pembroke (age 37) succeeded 6th Earl Pembroke 2C 1199 although he only enjoyed the title for one month dying on 23 Dec 1245.

On 23 Dec 1245 Anselm Marshal 6th Earl Pembroke (age 37) died at Chepstow Castle [Map]. He was buried at Tintern Abbey [Map] next to his brother Walter Marshal 5th Earl Pembroke (deceased), who had died only a month before, and mother Isabel Clare Countess Pembroke. Earl Pembroke 2C 1199 extinct.

On 23 Dec 1340 Hugh Courtenay 9th Earl Devon (age 64) died. His son Hugh Courtenay 10th Earl Devon (age 37) succeeded 10th Earl Devon 1C 1141, 5th Baron Okehampton, 2nd Baron Courtenay. Margaret Bohun Countess Devon (age 29) by marriage Countess Devon.

Death of Isabella of Castile

On 23 Dec 1392 Isabella of Castile Duchess York (age 37) died. She the wife of Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 51). Isabella had travelled to England with her sister Constance of Castile Duchess of Lancaster (age 38) who had married Edmund's elder brother John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (age 52). Isabella and Edmund's marriage was not, apparently, a happy one. She is known to have had an affair with John Holland 1st Duke Exeter (age 40) who may have been the father of Richard of Conisbrough 1st Earl Cambridge (age 7) progenitor of the House of York.

Around 23 Dec 1394 Bishop Thomas de Brantingham died. He was buried in the nave in Exeter Cathedral [Map].

On 23 Dec 1397 Philip Artois (age 4) died. His brother Charles Artois Count Eu (age 3) succeeded Count Eu.

On 23 Dec 1473 Fadrique Enríquez Count Melgar Count Rueda (age 83) died. His son Alonso Enríquez (age 38) succeeded 3rd Admiral Castile.

Parr Family Ennobled

On 23 Dec 1543 Henry VIII (age 52) enobled his new wife's (age 31) brother (age 31) and uncle (age 60) at ceremony in the Presence Chamber Hampton Court Palace [Map]. Henry Grey 1st Duke of Suffolk (age 26) and Edward Stanley 3rd Earl of Derby (age 34) were present. Christopher Barker Garter King of Arms read the Patents.

William Parr 1st Baron Parr of Horton (age 60) was created 1st Baron Parr of Horton. William was sixty with five daughters. He died four years later at which time the Barony became extinct.

William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton (age 31) was created 1st Earl Essex 7C 1543. His estranged wife Anne Bourchier 7th Baroness Bourchier (age 26) was daughter of the last Earl of Essex of the Fifth Creation. A somewhat curious choice given his wife had eloped the year previous year with John Lyngfield, the prior of Tandbridge, Surrey [Map], by whom she had an illegitimate child.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Dec 1552. The xxiij day of Desember the Kynges (age 15) grace removyd from Westmynster unto Grenwyche [Map] to kepe ys Crystymas, and so he begane to kepe Halle, and ys grasse had a lord of myss-rulle, keepyng goodly pastyme, for ys grace('s) plesur, and with alle passtyme as have bene sene.

Note. The king's lord of misrule. This important officer was "a gentleman, wise and learned, named George Ferrers." (Holinshed, 1st edit. p. 1709.) He was a member of Lincoln's Inn. (Stowe's Chronicle, p. 608.) Many curious documents respecting his revels in this and subsequent years are printed in Kempe's Loseley Manuscripts, 8vo. 1835, pp. 24, et seq. George Ferrers was probably the same person who, being member of Parliament for Plymouth in 1542, was arrested for debt in the city of London, and committed to the counter: whereupon he was reclaimed by the house of commons, and the sheriffs committed to the Tower: see a long narrative in the histories of London.

The procession of the lord of misrule, or "lord of merry disports" (as he was also called), into London, which occurs subsequently in this page, is also described in Stowe's Chronicle, p. 608: "hee was received by sergeant Vawce, lord of misrule to John Mainard one of the sheriffes of London."


Henry Machyn's Diary. 23 Dec 1558. The xxiij day of Desember was the obseque at Westmynster[with the] sam herse that was for quen Mare (deceased), was for Charles the V., Emporowre of Rome, was durge, and the morow masse with .. mornars and (blank) was the cheyff morner.

Note. P. 184. Obsequies of the emperor. The emperor's ambassador was present as chief mourner. The ceremonial is in the College of Arms, I. 14, f. 3, and I. 15, f. 284.


"Day of the Dagger" Assassination of Henry 1st Duke Guise

On 23 Dec 1588 Henry 1st Duke Guise (age 37), leader of the Catholic League, was assassinated at the Château de Blois by the King's bodyguard whilst Henry III King France (age 37) looked on.


Baptism of Prince Charles

On 23 Dec 1600 the future King Charles I was baptised at Holyrood Palace [Map]. He was created Duke Albany 4C 1600.


On 23 Dec 1605 William Knollys 1st Earl Banbury (age 61) and Elizabeth Howard Countess Banbury (age 22) were married. She by marriage Baroness Knollys. The difference in their ages was 39 years. She the daughter of Thomas Howard 1st Earl Suffolk (age 44) and Catherine Knyvet Countess Suffolk (age 41). They were third cousin once removed.NOTEXT

PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Knollys.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/Elizabeth_Howard.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 05 Dec 1643. The Earl of Norwich (age 58) came as Ambassador extraordinary: I went to meet him in a coach and six horses, at the palace of Monsieur de Bassompière, where I saw that gallant person, his gardens, terraces, and rare prospects. My lord was waited on by the master of the ceremonies, and a very great cavalcade of men of quality, to the Palais Cardinal, where on the 23d he had audience of the French king (age 5), and the queen Regent his mother (age 42), in the golden chamber of presence. From thence, I conducted him to his lodgings in Rue St. Denis, and so took my leave.


Execution of Alexander Carew 2nd Baronet

On 19 Nov 1644 Alexander Carew 2nd Baronet (age 35) was tried for treason, for attempting to betray the Parliamentary cause, by court-martial and convicted at Guildhall [Map].

On 23 Dec 1644 Alexander Carew 2nd Baronet (age 35) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map]. His son John Carew 3rd Baronet (age 9) succeeded 3rd Baronet Carew of Antony in Cornwall.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN/Alexander_Carew.jpg PAINTINGS/RILEY/John_Carew.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Dec 1661. I heard an Italian play and sing to the guitar with extraordinary skill before the Duke (age 28).

PAINTINGS/LELY/Josceline_Percy_2.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Josceline_Percy.png

1664 Comet

Pepy's Diary. 23 Dec 1664. This day Sir W. Batten (age 63) sent and afterwards spoke to me, to have me and my wife come and dine with them on Monday next: which is a mighty condescension in them, and for some great reason I am sure, or else it pleases God by my late care of business to make me more considerable even with them than I am sure they would willingly owne me to be. God make me thankfull and carefull to preserve myself so, for I am sure they hate me and it is hope or fear that makes them flatter me. It being a bright night, which it has not been a great while, I purpose to endeavour to be called in the morning to see the Comet, though I fear we shall not see it, because it rises in the east but 16 degrees, and then the houses will hinder us.

Frost Fair

Evelyn's Diary. 23 Dec 1683. The smallpox very prevalent and mortal; the Thames frozen.

Abdication of James II


On 23 Dec 1700 Francis Aungier 1st Earl of Longford (age 68) died.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/William_Russell.jpgBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of William Russell 7th Baronet (age 13).

William Russell 7th Baronet: Around 1726 he was born to Francis Russell 6th Baronet (age 28). Around 1750 Francis Russell 6th Baronet (age 52) died. His son William Russell 7th Baronet (age 24) succeeded 7th Baronet Russell of Chippenham in Wiltshire. On 16 Jan 1758 William Russell 7th Baronet (age 32) died. His second cousin John John Russell 8th Baronet (age 16) succeeded 8th Baronet Russell of Chippenham in Wiltshire.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Algernon_Seymour.jpgBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Algernon Seymour 7th Duke Somerset (age 55).

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Elizabeth_Shirley.pngBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton (age 45).

Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton: On 19 Aug 1694 she was born to Robert Shirley (age 20) and Anne Ferrers (age 16). In 1716 James Compton 5th Earl of Northampton (age 28) and Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton (age 21) were married. She by marriage Baroness Compton of Compton in Warwickshire. He by marriage Baron Ferrers of Chartley. He the son of George Compton 4th Earl of Northampton (age 51) and Jane Fox Countess Northampton (age 47). On 25 Dec 1717 Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers (age 67) died. His son Washington Shirley 2nd Earl Ferrers (age 40) succeeded 2nd Earl Ferrers, 8th Baronet Shirley of Staunton Harold in Leicestershire. Mary Levinge Countess Ferrers by marriage Countess Ferrers. His granddaughter Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton (age 23) succeeded 15th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley. On 15 Apr 1727 George Compton 4th Earl of Northampton (age 62) died. His son James Compton 5th Earl of Northampton (age 39) succeeded 5th Earl of Northampton 5C 1618. Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton (age 32) by marriage Countess of Northampton. On 13 Mar 1741 Elizabeth Shirley Countess Northampton (age 46) died. Baron Ferrers of Chartley abeyant.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Joseph_Butler.pngBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Joseph Butler Bishop of Bristol.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Dorothy_Lambton_1722_1795.jpgBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Dorothy Lambton (age 17).

Dorothy Lambton: Between 01 May 1722 and 22 May 1722 she was born to Thomas Lambton. In 1744 Robert Surtees (age 50) and Dorothy Lambton (age 21) were married. The difference in their ages was 28 years. On 20 Nov 1795 Dorothy Lambton (age 73) died.

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Mary_Cardonnel.jpgBefore 23 Dec 1739 John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Mary Cardonnel Countess Talbot (age 20).

PAINTINGS/VANDERBANK/Elizabeth_Davenport.jpg23 Dec 1739. John Vanderbank (age 45). Portrait of Elizabeth Davenport (age 31) in Montacute House.

Elizabeth Davenport: In 1708 she was born to Henry Davenport (age 29) in India. Before 15 Sep 1740 John Mytton (age 50) and Elizabeth Davenport (age 32) were married. On 15 Sep 1740 Elizabeth Davenport (age 32) died.

On 23 Dec 1746 John Rawdon 1st Earl Moira (age 26) and Anne Hill were married.


PAINTINGS/MEYTENS/Maria_Johanna_Gabriela_of_Austria_1750_1762.jpgBefore 23 Dec 1762. Martin van Meytens (age 67). Portrait of Maria Johanna Gabriela of Austria (age 12).

Maria Johanna Gabriela of Austria: On 04 Feb 1750 she was born to Francis I Holy Roman Emperor (age 41) and Maria Theresa Habsburg Spain Holy Roman Empress (age 32). On 23 Dec 1762 Maria Johanna Gabriela of Austria (age 12) died of smallpox.

On 23 Dec 1765 George Paulett 12th Marquess Winchester (age 43) was appointed Groom Porter to King George III (age 27) which office he held until it was abolished on 14 November 1782.


On 23 Dec 1779 Augustus John Hervey 3rd Earl Bristol (age 55) died due to a gout in the stomach in St James' Square. His brother Frederick Augustus Hervey 4th Earl Bristol (age 49) succeeded 4th Earl Bristol 2C 1714. Elizabeth Davers Countess Bristol (age 46) by marriage Countess Bristol.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Augustus_Hervey.png PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/Augustus_John_Hervey.png PAINTINGS/ZOFFANY/Frederick_Hervey.jpg PAINTINGS/LEBRUN/4th_Earl_Bristol.jpg PAINTINGS/DOUGLAS-HAMILTON/Frederick_Hervey.jpg

On 23 Dec 1789 George Sholto Douglas 17th Earl Morton was born to John Douglas (age 33) and Frances Lascelles (age 27).

On 23 Dec 1810 William Douglas 4th Duke Queensberry (age 86) died. His second cousin twice removed Francis Charteris 8th Earl Wemyss Douglas 4th Earl March (age 38) succeeded 4th Earl March 4C 1697. He, Francis, assumed the additional surname Douglas. Earl Ruglen extinct.

"Emma" published by Jane Austen

On 23 Dec 1815 the book "Emma" by Jane Austen Author (age 40) was first published (Note. the title page stated 1816).

On 23 Dec 1832 Ernest Saxe Coburg Gotha I Duke Saxe Coburg Gotha (age 48) and Marie Württemberg Duchess Saxe Coburg Gotha (age 33) were married. She by marriage Duchess Saxe Coburg Gotha. She the daughter of Alexander Württemberg Duke Württemberg (age 61) and Antoinette Ernestine Amalie Saxe Coburg Gotha Duchess Württemberg. He the son of Francis Saxe Coburg Gotha I Duke Saxe Coburg Gotha and Augusta Reuss Duchess Saxe Coburg Gotha. They were uncle and niece.

On 23 Dec 1832 Charles Henry Sloane 2nd Earl Cadogan (age 83) died unmarried in Enfield [Map]. His brother George Cadogan 3rd Earl Cadogan (age 49) succeeded 3rd Earl Cadogan 2C 1800, 3rd Viscount Chelsea.

Funeral of Prince Albert


Times Newspaper Funerals. 24 Dec 1861. Yesterday, with little of the pomp and pageantry of a State ceremonial, but with every outward mark of respect, and with all the solemnity which befitted his high station and his public virties, the mortal remains of the husband (deceased) of our Queen (age 42) were interred in the last resting-place of England's Sovereigns-the Chapel Royal of St. George's, Windsor [Map]. By the express desire of his Royal Highness the funeral was of the plainest and most private character; but in the Chapel, to do honour to his obsequies, were assembled all the chiefest men of the State, and throughout England, by every sign of sorrow and imourning, the nation manifested its sense of the loss wlhich it has sustaiined. Windsor itself wore an aspect of the most profound gloom. Every shop was closed and every blind drawn down. The streets were silent and almost deserted, and all wvho appeared abroad were dressed in the deepest mourning. The great bell of Windsor Castle [Map] clanged out: its doleful sound at intervals from an early hour, and minute bells were tolled also at St. John's Church. At the parish church of Cleover and at St. John's there were services in the morning and: aternoon, and the day was observed throughout the Royal borough in the strictest manner. The weather was in character with the occasion, a chill, damp air, with a dull leaden sky above, increased the gloom which hung over all. There were but few visitors in the town, for the procession did not pass beyond the immediate precincts of the Chapel and Castle, and none were admitted except those connected with the Castle andi their friends. At 11 o'clock a strong force of the A division took possession of the avenues leading to the Chapel Royal, and from that time only the guests specially invited and those who were to take part in the ceremonial were allowed to pass. Shortly afterwards a of honour of the Grenadier Guards, of which regiment his Royal Highness was Colonel, with the colonrs of the regiment shrouded in crape, marched in and took up its position before the principal entrance to the Chapel Royal. Another guard of honour from the same regiment was also on duty in the Quadrangle at the entrance to the State apartments. They were speedily followed by a squadron of the 2nd Life Guards dismounted, and by two companies of the Fusileer Guards, who were drawn uip in single file along each side of the road by which the procession was to pass, from the Norman gateway to the Chapel door. The officers wore the deepest military mourning-scarves, sword-knots, and rosettes of crape. In the Rome Park was stationed a troop of Horse Artillery, which commenced firing minute guns at the end of the Long Walk, advancing slowly until it reached the Castle gates just at the close of the ceremony. The Ministers, the officers of the Queen's Household, and other distinguished personages who had been honoured with an invitation to attend the ceremonial, reached Windsor a special train from Paddington. They were met by carriages provided for them at the station, and began to arrive at the Chapel Royal soon after 11 o'clock. The Earl of Derby (age 62), the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 81), Earl Russell (age 69), and the Duke of Buccleuch were among the first to make their appearance, and as they alighted at the door of the Chapel they were received by the proper officials and conducted to the seats appointed for them in the Choir. In the Great Quadrangle were drawn up the hearse and the mourning coaches, and, all the preparations having been completed within the Castle, the procession began to be formed shortly before 12 o'clock. It had been originally intended that it should leave the Castle by the St. George's gate, and, proceeding down Castle-hill, approach the Chapel through Henry VII.'s gateway, but at a late hour this arrangement was changed, and the shorter route by the Norman gatewvay was chosen.

The crowd which had gradually collected at the foot of Castle-hill, owing to this change, saw nothing of the procession but the empty carriages as they returned to the Castle after setting down at the Chapel. The few spectators who were fortunate enough to gain admission to the Lower Ward stood in a narrow fringe along the edge of the flags in front of the houses of the Poor Knights, and their presence was the only exception to the strict privacy of the ceremonial. The Prince of Wales (age 20) and the other Royal mourners assembled in the Oak Room, but did not form part of the procession. They were conveyed to the Chapel in private carriages before the coffin was placed in the hearse, passing through St. George's gatewayinto the Lower Ward. In the first carriage were the Prince of Wales (age 20), Prince Arthur (age 11), and the Duke of Saxe Coburg (age 8). The Crown Prince of Prussia (age 30), the Duke of Brabant (age 26), and the Count of Flanders (age 24) followed in the next; and in the others were the Duke de Nemours (age 47), Prince Louis of Hesse (age 24), Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar (age 38), and the Maharajah Dhuleep Singh, with the gentlemen of their respective suites. Scarcely had they alighted at the door of Wolsey's Chapel, from which they were conducted through the Chapter Room to the door of the Chapel Royal to be in readiness to meet the coffin, when the first minute gun fired in tlhe distance, and the rattle of the troops reversing arms announced that the procession had started, and exactly at 12 o'clock the first mourning coach moved from under the Norman gateway. First came nine mourning coaches, each drawn by four horses, conveying the Physicians, Equerries, and other members of the household of the late Prince. In the last were the Lord Steward (age 63) (Earl St. Germans), the Lord Chamberlain (age 56) (Viscount Sidney), and the Master of the Horse (age 57) (the Marquis of Ailesbury). The carriages and trappings were of the plainest description; the horses had black velvet housings and feathers, but on the carriages there, were no feathers or ornaments of any kind. The mourning coaches were followed by one of the Queen's carriages, drawn by six horses, and attended by servants in State liveries, in which was the Groom of the Stole (age 26), Earl Spencer, carrying the crowvn, and a Lord of the Bedchamber, Lord George Lennox, carrying the baton, sword, and hat of his late Royal Highness. Next escorted by a troop of the 2nd Life Guards, came the hearse, drawn by six black horses, which, like the carriages, was quite plain and unornamented. On the housings of the horses and on the sides of theW hearse were emblazoned the scutcheons of Her Majesty and of the Prince, each surmounted by a, crown, the Prince's arms being in black and Her Majesty's in white. The procession was closed by four State carriages.

Matthew Blakiston 3rd Baronet: On 13 May 1783 he was born to Matthew Blakiston 2nd Baronet (age 22). On 20 Sep 1806 Matthew Blakiston 2nd Baronet (age 45) died. His son Matthew Blakiston 3rd Baronet (age 23) succeeded 3rd Baronet Blakiston of the City of London. Before 15 Jan 1811 Matthew Blakiston 3rd Baronet (age 27) and Lucy Mann Lady Blakiston were married. She by marriage Lady Blakiston of the City of London.

Matthew Blakiston 4th Baronet: On 15 Jan 1811 he was born to Matthew Blakiston 3rd Baronet (age 27). On 03 Dec 1883 Matthew Blakiston 4th Baronet (age 72) died unmarried at Sandybrook Cottage, Ashbourne. His nephew Horace Neville Blakiston 5th Baronet (age 22) succeeded 5th Baronet Blakiston of the City of London.

On 23 Dec 1868 Henry George Percy 7th Duke Northumberland (age 22) and Edith Campbell Duchess Northumberland (age 19) were married. She the daughter of George Douglas Campbell 8th Duke Argyll (age 45) and Elizabeth Georgiana Leveson-Gower Duchess Argyll. He the son of Algernon George Percy 6th Duke Northumberland (age 58) and Louisa Drummond Duchess Northumberland.

After 23 Dec 1882. Memorial at St Peter's Church, Tawstock [Map] to Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet (deceased). In loving memory of the Revd Sir Henry Bourchier Wrey, 9th Baronet, 40 years Rector of Tawstock, Born 5th June 1797, Died 23rd December 1882. Married first, Ellen Maria Toke, Daughter of Nicholas Roundell Toke Esqre of Godinton, Kent; Married secondly, Jane 3rd daughter of H. Lamb Esqre, of Ryton Hall, Durham. Throughout his honored life, he ever was benevolent, just and courteous, deservedly loved and respected. He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief. Also in loving memory of the above Ellen Maria Wrey, who died March 1st 1864, and the above Jane Wrey, who died July 26th 1889.

Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet: On 05 Jun 1797 he was born to Bourchier Wrey 7th Baronet (age 40) and Anne Osborn Lady Wrey (age 34). On 27 Sep 1827 Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet (age 30) and Ellen Maria Toke (age 26) were married at St James' Church, Piccadilly. They were first cousins. On 11 Sep 1879 Bourchier Wrey 8th Baronet (age 90) died. His brother Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet (age 82) succeeded 9th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall. On 23 Dec 1882 Henry Bourchier Wrey 9th Baronet (age 85) died. His son Henry Bourchier Toke Wrey 10th Baronet (age 53) succeeded 10th Baronet Wrey of Trebitch in Cornwall.

On 23 Dec 1883 Colonel Edward Chaplin (age 41) died.

Colonel Edward Chaplin: On 28 Mar 1842 he was born to Reverend Henry Chaplin (age 52) and Caroline Horatia Ellice (age 27). On 18 Jan 1877 Colonel Edward Chaplin (age 34) and Gwendolen Theresa Chetwynd-Talbot (age 19) were married. She the daughter of Charles Chetwynd-Talbot 19th Earl of Shrewsbury 4th Earl Talbot (age 46) and Anna Theresa Cockerell Countess Shrewsbury and Waterford (age 40).

Vincent Van Gogh Cuts his Ear Off

On 23 Dec 1888 Vincent van Gogh severed his left ear with a razor. He bandaged the wound, wrapped the ear in paper, and delivered the package to a woman at a brothel he and Gauguin both frequented.

On 23 Dec 1894 William Grosvenor 3rd Duke Westminster was born to Henry George Grosvenor (age 33) and Dora Mina Erskine-Wemyss (age 38). On 25 Dec 1894 his mother (age 38) died from childbirth. He a great x 2 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 23 Dec 1916 Arthur Purey Cust Archdeacon Buckingham (age 88) died.

On 23 Dec 1928 Arthur Ramsay 14th Earl Dalhousie (age 50) died at Brechin Castle, Brechin.

Memorials to the Mack family at St Margaret's Church Paston [Map].

On 18 May 1933 Hugh Paston Mack died.

On 23 Dec 1917 Lieutenant Commander Ralph Michael Mack (age 34) was killed in action when his destoyer Tornado was mined.

On 29 Apr 1943 Rear-Admiral Philip John Mack (age 50) died in a plane crash.

Hugh Paston Mack: On 22 Mar 1828 he was born to John Mack of Paston Hall (age 30).

Lieutenant Commander Ralph Michael Mack: On 11 Oct 1883 he was born to Hugh Paston Mack (age 55).

Rear-Admiral Philip John Mack: On 06 Oct 1892 he was born to Major Philip Paston Mack (age 38). On 15 Sep 1905 Rear-Admiral Philip John Mack (age 12) joined the Royal Navy as a naval cadet at the Osborne and Britannia Royal Naval Colleges. On 09 Aug 1910 Rear-Admiral Philip John Mack (age 17) was posted to the battlecruiser Indomitable as a midshipman, transferring to the cruiser Amethyst on 15 Jul 1913 having been promoted to sub-lieutenant on 15 Jun 1913.

Transistor First Demonstrated

On 23 Dec 1947 Walter Brattain and H. R. Moore demonstrated the first working transistor; the commencement of the Computer Age.

On 23 Dec 1999 Alexander Ronald George Strutt 4th Baron Belper (age 87) died.