On this Day in History ... 29 September

29 Sep is in September.

1308 de Clare and de Burgh Double Marriage

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

1364 Battle of Auray

1397 Richard II Rewards his Supporters

1399 Abdication of Richard II

1469 Execution of the Neville Brothers

1553 Coronation of Mary I

1555 Great Flood

1599 Robert Devereux Earl Essex loses the Plot

1915 Battle of Loos

On 29 Sep 792 Æthelred I of Northumbria (age 30) and Ælfflæd Queen of Mercia were married. She by marriage Queen Northumbria. She the daughter of King Offa of Mercia and Cynethryth Queen Mercia. He the son of Æthelwald Moll King of Northumbria.

On 29 Sep 1052 Sweyn Godwinson 1st Earl Hereford (age 31) died at Constantinople on his return from the Holy Land. Earl Hereford 1C 1043 extinct.

On 29 Sep 1241 Bishop Roger Niger died.

On 29 Sep 1253 Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria (age 47) died.

On 29 Sep 1259 Hugh Bardolf 1st Baron Bardolf was born.

On 29 Sep 1268 John Burgundy Count Charolais (age 37) died.

On 29 Sep 1273 Rudolph I King Romans (age 55) was elected I King Romans.

On 29 Sep 1304 John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey (age 73) died at Kennington. He was buried at Lewes Priory [Map]. His grandson John Warenne 7th Earl Surrey (age 18) succeeded 7th Earl Surrey 1C 1088 and inherited his estates including Conisbrough Castle [Map].

On 29 Sep 1305 Henry Wittelsbach XIV Duke Bavaria was born to Stephen Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria (age 34) and Jutta Jawor Duchess Bavaria.

de Clare and de Burgh Double Marriage

On 29 Sep 1308 (possibly 30th) in a Siblings Marriage de Clare siblings married de Burgh siblings at Waltham Abbey [Map] in the presence of King Edward II of England (age 24).

John Burgh (age 22) and Elizabeth Clare Lady Verdun (age 13) were married. She the daughter of Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester 6th Earl Hertford and Joan of Acre Countess Gloucester and Hertford. He the son of Richard "Red Earl" Burgh 2nd Earl Ulster (age 49) and Margaret Burgh Countess Ulster. She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Gilbert de Clare 8th Earl Gloucester 7th Earl Hertford and Matilda Burgh Countess Gloucester and Hertford (age 20) were married. She by marriage Countess Gloucester, Countess Hertford. She the daughter of Richard "Red Earl" Burgh 2nd Earl Ulster (age 49) and Margaret Burgh Countess Ulster. He the son of Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester 6th Earl Hertford and Joan of Acre Countess Gloucester and Hertford. He a grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

On 29 Sep 1312 Henry Scrope 1st Baron Scrope Masham was born to Geoffrey Scrope (age 27) and Ivette Ros (age 27) at Masham.

On 29 Sep 1328 Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Princess Wales was born to Edmund of Woodstock 1st Earl Kent (age 27) and Margaret Wake Countess Kent (age 31) at Woodstock Palace [Map]. She a granddaughter of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

1348 Black Death Plague Outbreak

On 29 Sep 1349 Margaret Wake Countess Kent (age 52) died of plague. Her son John Plantagenet 3rd Earl Kent (age 19) succeeded 4th Baron Wake of Liddell and inherited her dower lands and the estates she had inherited from her brother Thomas Wake 2nd Baron Wake of Liddell.

On 29 Sep 1360 Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France (age 34) died. Her son Philip I Duke Burgundy (age 14) succeeded Count Auvergne and Count Boulogne.

Battle of Auray

On 29 Sep 1364 Battle of Auray decided the Breton Succession in favour of John Montfort V Duke Brittany (age 25). The Breton and English army was commanded by John Chandos (age 44) and included William Latimer 4th Baron Latimer of Corby (age 34), Miles Stapleton (age 44) and Hugh Calverley (age 40). Charles "Saint" Chatillon Duke Brittany (age 45) was killed. Bertrand Geusclin (age 44) surrendered.

Richard II Rewards his Supporters

On 29 Sep 1397 King Richard II (age 30) rewarded his relations with Dukedoms, possibly for their part in downfall of Thomas of Woodstock 1st Duke of Gloucester (deceased), Thomas Beauchamp 12th Earl Warwick (age 59) and Richard Fitzalan 9th Earl Surrey 11th Earl Arundel (deceased) ...

His older half-brother John Holland 1st Duke Exeter (age 45) was created 1st Duke Exeter 1C 1397. Elizabeth Lancaster Duchess Exeter (age 34) by marriage Duchess Exeter.

His nephew Thomas Holland 1st Duke Surrey (age 23) was created 1st Duke Surrey.

His second cousin once removed Thomas Mowbray 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 29) was created 1st Duke Norfolk 1C 1397. Elizabeth Fitzalan Duchess Norfolk (age 31) by marriage Duchess Norfolk.

His first cousin Edward York 2nd Duke of York 1st Duke Albemarle (age 24) was created 1st Duke Albemarle aka Aumale 2C 1397. Beatrice Burgundy Countess Rutland and Cork (age 24) by marriage Duchess Albemarle aka Aumale.

His illegitimate first cousin John Beaufort 1st Marquess Somerset and Dorset (age 24) was created 1st Marquess Somerset 2C 1397, 1st Marquess Dorset 1C 1397. Margaret Holland Duchess Clarence (age 12) by marriage Marchioness Somerset, Marchioness Dorset.

Ralph Neville 1st Earl of Westmoreland (age 33) was created 1st Earl of Westmoreland 1C 1397. Joan Beaufort Countess of Westmoreland (age 18) by marriage Countess of Westmoreland.

Abdication of Richard II

PAINTINGS/CRETON/Richard_II_London.jpgAround 1401. Jean Creton Chronicler. The Capture and Death of King Richard. King Richard II of England delivered to the citizens of London.

On 29 Sep 1408 Thomas Lumley 1st Baron Lumley was born to John Lumley (age 25) and Felicia Wodecok.


Before 29 Sep 1442 John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 17) and Katherine Moleyns (age 18) were married. They were half third cousins. He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King Henry III of England.

Execution of the Neville Brothers

On 29 Sep 1469 brothers Humphrey Neville of Brancepeth (age 30) and Charles Neville of Brancepeth were beheaded at York [Map] in the presence of King Edward IV of England (age 27) and Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 40) bringing to an end the Neville-Neville feud that arose as a consequence of the senior line being dis-inherited.

Around 29 Sep 1488 James Tuchet 7th Baron Audley, 4th Baron Tuchet (age 25) and Joan Bourchier Baroness Audley and Tuchet were married. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Before 29 Sep 1494 David Kennedy 1st Earl Cassilis (age 24) and Agnes Borthwick were married.

Before 29 Sep 1502 Vladislaus II King Hungary (age 46) and Anna Foix Queen Consort of Hungary and Bohemia (age 18) were married. The difference in their ages was 27 years.

On 29 Sep 1548 William Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria was born to Albert V Wittelsbach V Duke Bavaria (age 20) and Anna Habsburg Spain Duchess Bavaria (age 20). Coefficient of inbreeding 1.58%.

Coronation of Mary I

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Sep 1553. The xxix day of September the Qwuen('s) (age 37) grace mad knyghts of the Bathe xv; the furst was the yerle of Devonshyre (age 26), the yonge yerle of Surray (age 17), the iijde lord of Borgane, and lord Barkley, the lord Monjoye (age 20), lord Sowche (age 27), ser Wylliam Pallet, my lord Cardyff (age 52), the lord Wyndsore('s) (age 54) sune (age 21), sir Ryche('s) sune, sir Clynton, ser Pagett, ser Robart Rochaster, ser Hare Jernyngham (age 41), ser Edward Dormer.NOTEXT

Note. P. 45. The knights of the Bath made at the coronation of queen Mary were, Edward earl of Devonshire (age 26), Thomas earl of Surrey (age 17), William lord Herbert of Cardiff (age 52), Henry lord Bergavenny (age 23), Henry lord Berkeley (age 18), John lord Lumley, James lord Mountjoy (age 20), sir Robert Rochester (age 59), controller of the queen's house, sir Henry Jerningham (age 41), sir William Powlett (age 21), sir Henry Clinton, sir Hugh Rich, sir Henry Paget, sir Henry Parker, and sir William Dormer. The arms of these knights are beautifully tricked in the Cottonian MS. Claudius C. III.

Note. P. 45. Coronation of queen Mary. A document respecting the claims at this coronation has been printed in the Society's volume of Rutland Papers, p. 118: and, as there mentioned, a formulary of the ceremonial is in the library of the Society of Antiquaries.

1555 Great Flood

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Sep 1555. The xxix day of September was the grettest rayn and fludes that ever was sene in England, that all low contreys was drounyd, and in dyver plasses boyth men and catell drounyd, and all the marssys, and sellers boyth of wyne and bere and alle and odur marchandysse, in London and odur plassys, drounyd; and the rayne begane after Bathellmuw-tyd telle sant Edwardes tyde, after not x days fayre....ij goodly whytt branchys and xij longe torchys .... stayffes torchys grett, and a c. mornars in blake, [xij poor] men and xij women, and all xxiiij in rosett gownes [and the] vomen raylles apon ther heds, and iiij gylt candyllstykes, with iiij grett tapurs and xx prestes and xx clarkes.

On 29 Sep 1557 William Bourchier 3rd Earl Bath was born to John Bourchier and Frances Kitson.

On 29 Sep 1557 William Courtenay 2nd Earl Devon (age 28) died.

On 29 Sep 1558 George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham (age 61) died. His son William Brooke 10th Baron Cobham (age 30) succeeded 10th Baron Cobham 1C 1313. Dorothy Neville Baroness Cobham (age 33) by marriage Baroness Cobham.


On 29 Sep 1560 King Gustav I of Sweden (age 64) died. His son King Erix XIV of Sweden (age 26) succeeded XIV King Sweden.

Robert Devereux Earl Essex loses the Plot

On 29 Sep 1599 Robert Devereux 2nd Earl Essex (age 33) was compelled to stand before the Council during a five-hour interrogation. The Council, which included his uncle William Knollys 1st Earl Banbury (age 55), took a quarter of an hour to compile a report, which declared that his truce with O'Neill was indefensible and his flight from Ireland tantamount to a desertion of duty. He was committed to the custody of Sir Richard Berkeley (age 68) in his own York House [Map] on 1 October.

PAINTINGS/SEGAR/Robert_Devereux_essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex.jpg PAINTINGS/GHEERAERTS_YOUNGER/Robert_Devereux_2nd_Earl_of_Essex_Garter.jpg PAINTINGS/MIJTENS/William_Knollys.jpg

On 29 Sep 1616 Henry Clinton 2nd Earl Lincoln (age 77) died at Sempringham. His son Thomas Clinton 3rd Earl Lincoln (age 45) succeeded 3rd Earl Lincoln 8C 1572, 11th Baron Clinton. Elizabeth Knyvet Countess Lincoln (age 38) by marriage Countess Lincoln.


On 29 Sep 1636 Archbishop Thomas Tenison was born in Cottenham.

On 29 Sep 1642 William Stanley 6th Earl of Derby (age 81) died. His son James Stanley 7th Earl of Derby (age 35) succeeded 7th Earl Derby 3C 1485. Charlotte Thouars Countess Derby (age 42) by marriage Countess Derby.

PAINTINGS/MIEREVELT/James_Stanley.jpg PAINTINGS/VANDYCK/James_Earl_Derby.png PAINTINGS/JOHNSON/James_Stanley.jpg PAINTINGS/MIEREVELT/Charlotte_Stanley.jpg

On 29 Sep 1642 David Barry 1st Earl Barrymore (age 37) died in Castlelyons, County Cork. He was buried in Youghal, Cork. His son Richard Barry 2nd Earl Barrymore (age 11) succeeded 2nd Earl Barrymore.


After 29 Sep 1679. Monument to John Manners 8th Earl of Rutland (deceased) and Frances Montagu Countess Rutland. Monument sculpted by Grinling Gibbons (age 31).

Frances Montagu Countess Rutland: Around 1614 she was born to Edward Montagu 1st Baron Montagu (age 51) and Frances Cotton (age 36) at Boughton House. Before 02 Jun 1629 John Manners 8th Earl of Rutland (age 24) and Frances Montagu Countess Rutland (age 15) were married. On 19 May 1671 Frances Montagu Countess Rutland (age 57) died at Bottesford, Leicestershire.

On 29 Sep 1685 George Brudenell 3rd Earl Cardigan was born to Francis Brudenell (age 31) and Frances Savile (age 27).


Evelyn's Diary. 29 Sep 1695. Very cold weather. Sir Purbeck Temple, uncle to my son Draper, died suddenly. A great funeral at Addiscombe. His lady being own aunt to my son Draper, he hopes for a good fortune, there being no heir. There had been a new meeting of the commissioners about Greenwich Hospital [Map], on the new commission, where the Lord Mayor, etc. appeared, but I was prevented by indisposition from attending. The weather very sharp, winter approaching apace. The King (age 44) went a progress into the north, to show himself to the people against the elections, and was everywhere complimented, except at Oxford [Map], where it was not as he expected, so that he hardly stopped an hour there, and having seen the theater, did not receive the banquet proposed. I dined with Dr. Gale (age 60) at St. Paul's school, who showed me many curious passages out of some ancient Platonists' MSS. concerning the Trinity, which this great and learned person would publish, with many other rare things, if he was encouraged, and eased of the burden of teaching.

On 29 Sep 1699 Charles Calvert 5th Baron Baltimore was born to Benedict Calvert 4th Baron Baltimore (age 20) and Charlotte Lee Baroness Baltimore (age 20). He a great grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 29 Sep 1703 Thomas Needham 9th Viscount Kilmorey was born to Robert Needham 7th Viscount Kilmorey (age 20).

On 29 Sep 1728 Charles Sloane Cadogan 1st Earl Cadogan was born to Charles Cadogan 2nd Baron Cadogan (age 43) and Elizabeth Sloane Baroness Cadogan (age 33).

On 29 Sep 1782 George Legge 3rd Earl Dartmouth (age 26) and Frances Finch Countess Dartmouth (age 21) were married. She the daughter of Heneage Finch 3rd Earl Aylesford and Charlotte Seymour Countess Aylesford (age 52). He the son of William Legge 2nd Earl Dartmouth (age 51) and Frances Catherine Gounter Nicoll Countess Dartmouth (age 49). They were second cousin once removed.


On 29 Sep 1789 James Brydges 3rd Duke Chandos (age 57) died without male issue. Duke Chandos, Marquess Carnarvon, Earl Carnarvon 2C 1714, Viscount Wilton 1C 1714, Baron Chandos of Sudeley and Baronet Brydges of Wilton in Herefordshire extinct. His wife Anne Eliza Gamon Duchess Chandos (age 52) had pulled away a chair, whether inadvertently or deliberately is unknown, he was about to sit in causing him injuries from which he ultimately died. She was, thereafter, declared a lunatic and confined to their London home, 2 Queen Anne Street aka Chandos House Marylebone.


On 29 Sep 1812 Archibald William Montgomerie 13th Earl Eglinton was born to Archibald Montgomerie (age 39) and Mary Montgomerie (age 25) at Palermo.


On 29 Sep 1833 Ferdinand VII King Spain (age 48) died. His daughter Isabella II Queen Spain (age 2) succeeded Queen Spain. Her succession was disputed by her uncle Infante Carlos María Isidro of Spain (age 45) since her father Ferdinand VII King Spain (age 48) had modified the laws of the Salic Spanish Succession, known as the Pragmatic Sanction, shortly before her birth. Traditionally the Spanish succession has allowed females to inherit. When Philippe V King Spain inherited the throne he introduced the French Salic Law barring females.

Adeline Horsey Recollections. It is said that few people achieve greatness, but that some have it thrust upon them. I can class myself with the latter, for I could have married a Prince of the Royal Family of Spain, the Count de Montemolin (age 26), who was at one time regarded as the rightful King of Spain.

Carlos Luis Fernando de Bourbon, Count de Montemolin (age 26), born 1818, was the eldest son of the first Don Carlos (age 45), the legitimist claimant to the Spanish throne on the death of his brother, Fernando VII (age 48), in 1833. After the ending of the first Carlist war in the defeat of the legitimists and the establishment of Isabella (age 14) on the throne, the old Don Carlos (age 56) retired into private life and abdicated his claims in 1845 to his eldest son Montemolin (age 26), who thus became the second Don Carlos. He was a young man of some ability but weak and unstable. There was a strong party in Spain desirous to bring about a reconciliation of the two branches of the Royal Family by a marriage between the young Queen Isabella (age 14) and her first cousin, Montemolin (age 26), but political passion and personal animosity stood in the way, and all Europe took part in the intrigue known as the Spanish Marriages. This ended of course in the disastrous marriage of Isabella (age 14) with her cousin Francisco, and that of her sister Fernanda (age 12) with the Due de Montpensier (age 20), the son of Louis Philippe (age 71), a defeat for English diplomacy which nearly caused a war with France. The Carlists had never been favourable to the idea of a marriage of Montemolin (age 26) and Isabella (age 14), whom they regarded as a usurper, and they looked out a legitimist Royal Princess for him. His younger brother, Don Juan (age 22), married Princess Beatrix of Modena, and their son was the late Don Carlos. Queen Isabella married in 1846, and dissensions very soon broke out between her and her wretched husband, who really, like most of the Royal Family, was a Carlist at heart. Montemolin had issued a manifesto at Bourges in France in 1845, when he saw that he could not marry Isabella (age 14) on his own terms, and his father had abdicated in the same year, and he soon after came to London, mustered his party, and began to organise a fresh Carlist rising in Spain. English diplomacy had suffered a great defeat and he found plenty of people here to help him; he was made much of in Society and became a lion for a time, being treated with full royal honours.

On 29 Sep 1886 Paul Ayshford Methuen 4th Baron Methuen was born to Paul Methuen 3rd Baron Methuen (age 41) and Mary Ethel Sanford Baroness Methuen.

On 29 Sep 1911 Gerald Bridgeman 6th Earl of Bradford was born to Orlando Bridgeman 5th Earl Bradford (age 37) and Margaret Cecilia Bruce Countess Bradford (age 28).

Battle of Loos

On 29 Sep 1915 Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur George Edward Egerton (age 36) was killed in action at the Battle of Loos.

PAINTINGS/UNKNOWN_PHOTO/7th_Earl_Harewood_Wedding.jpgOn 29 Sep 1949 George Henry Hubert Lascelles 7th Earl Harewood (age 26) and Marion Stein Countess Harewood (age 22) were married at St Mark's Church North Audley Street. King George VI of the United Kingdom (age 53), his uncle, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Queen Consort England (age 49), Victoria Mary Teck Queen Consort England (age 82) Princess Mary Windsor Countess Harewood (age 52), his mother, and other members of the Royal family attended the wedding. He the son of Henry Lascelles 6th Earl Harewood and Princess Mary Windsor Countess Harewood (age 52). He a grandson of George V King United Kingdom.

Marion Stein Countess Harewood: On 18 Oct 1926 she was born at Vienna. On 06 Mar 2014 Marion Stein Countess Harewood (age 87) died.

After 29 Sep 1984. Memorial to Predendary John Hugh Barker Andrews at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Weare Giffard.