Drowned is in Accident.

1120 Sinking of The White Ship

1264 Battle of Lewes

1282 Battle of Moel y don

1545 Battle of the Solent

1563 Wreck of The Greyhound

1585 Raid of Ruthven

1652 Sinking of Defiance

1682 Sinking of the Gloucester

1685 Execution of the Wigtown Martyrs

1707 Scilly Naval Disaster

1804 Sinking of York

1880 Disappearance of HMS Atalanta

1915 Sinking of the SS Persia

On 13 Jan 47BC Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator 61BC 47BC (age 14) drowned in the River Nile following, or during the course of, the Battle of the Nile.

In 872 Gwgon King Seisyllwg drowned.

In 933 Edwin the Ætheling was drowned at sea. The circumstances of his death are unclear. Some sources say a storm caused the ship to sink, some say his brother King Æthelstan I of England (age 39) sent him to sea in a leaky boat.

In 1030 Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson drowned at sea.

Sinking of The White Ship

On 25 Nov 1120 the White Ship left Barfleur, Basse Normandie, with a party of young Normans. King Henry I "Beauclerc" England (age 52) had left earlier on another ship. A mile out the White Ship foundered on a submerged rock. William Adelin Normandy Duke Normandy (age 17), his half-siblings Richard Fitzroy (age 19) and Matilda Fitzroy Countess Perche, William Bigod (age 27), Lucia Mahaut Blois Countess Chester, brothers Geoffrey Aigle and Engenulf Aigle, half-brothers Richard Avranches 2nd Earl Chester (age 26) and Ottiwel Avranches, brothers Ivo Grandesmil and William Grandesmil and Geoffrey Ridel were all drowned.

Battle of Lewes

On 14 May 1264 the army of Simon de Montfort 6th Earl of Leicester 1st Earl Chester (age 56) including Gilbert "Red Earl" Clare 7th Earl Gloucester 6th Earl Hertford (age 20), Henry Hastings (age 29) and Nicholas Segrave 1st Baron Segrave (age 26) defeated the army of King Henry III of England (age 56) during the Battle of Lewes at Lewes [Map].

King Henry III of England (age 56), his son, the future, King Edward "Longshanks" I of England (age 24), Humphrey Bohun 2nd Earl Hereford 1st Earl Essex (age 60), Richard of Cornwall 1st Earl Cornwall (age 55), John "Red" Comyn 1st Lord Baddenoch (age 44), Philip Marmion 5th Baron Marmion (age 30) and John Giffard 1st Baron Giffard Brimpsfield (age 32) were captured. John Warenne 6th Earl of Surrey (age 33), John Balliol (age 56), Robert Bruce 5th Lord Annandale (age 49), Roger Leybourne (age 49) and William de Valence 1st Earl Pembroke fought for the King. Guy Lusignan was killed. Fulk IV Fitzwarin (age 44) drowned. Bishop Walter de Cantelupe (age 73) was present and blessed the Montfort army before the battle.

In Jul 1268 Maurice Fitzgerald 3rd Lord Offaly (age 30) drowned in the Irish Sea whilst crossing from England to Ireland. His uncle Maurice Fitzgerald 4th Lord Offaly (age 30) succeeded 4th Lord Offaly. Emmeline Longespée Baroness Offaly (age 18) by marriage Lord Offaly.

On 21 Dec 1281 Hartmann Habsburg (age 18) drowned.

Battle of Moel y don

On 12 Nov 1282 the English forces attempted to cross the Menai Straits to invade Gwynedd without waiting for the arrival of Edward's larger force. The battle was a rout. Roger Clifford (age 39) drowned. The brothers William Burnell and Philip Burnell were killed.

In Jan 1362 Thomas Manny (age 5) drowned in a well at Deptford, Kent [Map].

On 05 Nov 1376 or 05 Dec 1376 John Arundell (age 40) was drowned on the journey to Brittany. See Adam of Usk.

On 16 Dec 1379 John Fitzalan 1st Baron Arundel Baron Maltravers (age 31) drowned. He was buried at Lewes Priory [Map]. The Chronica Majora reports "... that during the panic of the storm, Sir John murdered those of his men who refused to make for shore for fear of being shipwrecked upon the rocks. Subsequently, after safely arriving on an island off the Irish coast, Sir John and his boat captain were swept back into the sea and drowned". His son John Fitzalan Baron Maltravers 2nd Baron Arundel (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Arundel.

On 16 Dec 1379 Thomas Banastre (age 45) drowned.

On 25 Nov 1431 Walter Fitzwalter 7th Baron Fitzwalter (age 31) drowned at sea in a storm whilst returning from France.

Elizabeth Fitzwalter Baroness Dinham 8th Baroness Fitzwalter (age 1) succeeded 8th Baroness Fitzwalter. Note. Chronicle of Gregory 1432 states 24 Nov 1432 or, more specifically, "on Syn Kateryn ys eve" - St Katherine's feast day is 25 Nov.

In Sep 1475 Henry Holland 3rd Duke Exeter (age 45) drowned on his return from France having probably been thrown over-board on the orders of King Edward IV of England (age 33).

In 1504 Edmund Knyvet (age 43) drowned.

Battle of the Solent

On 19 Jul 1545 during the Battle of the Solent the Mary Rose sank. Roger Grenville (age 27) and George Carew (age 41) drowned.

On 21 Aug 1557 Admiral John Clere (age 46) drowned with around ninety of his men whilst attempting to storm the Bishop's Palace Kirkwall.

Wreck of The Greyhound

On 19 Mar 1563 the Greyhound was wrecked on its journey to Le Havre with the loss of around two-hundred lives.

Captain Thomas Finch (age 51) drowned.

Brothers John Wentworth (age 25) and James Wentworth (age 23) drowned.

Raid of Ruthven

In Mar 1585 Robert Douglas Master of Morton and Laurence Oliphant Master of Oliphant drowned. They had been exiled for his part in the Raid of Ruthven. The ship in which they were travelling was lost at sea.

On 07 Sep 1589 (possibly 08 Sep 1589) Jane Kennedy Lady in Waiting drowned when crossing the River Forth.

In May 1592 Thomas "The Navigator" Cavendish (age 31) drowned; lost at sea.

On 03 Dec 1614 brothers John Sheffield, Edmund Sheffield (age 25) and Philip Sheffield (age 21) were drowned whilst attempting to cross the flooded River Ouse at the Whitgift Ferry, East Yorkshire [Map].

On 15 Dec 1619 Thomas Butler Viscount Thurles (age 38) drowned accidentally at Skerries, Anglesey having been sent to England to answer charges of having garissoned Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, County Kilkenny.

On 28 Apr 1625 Henry Montagu (age 2) drowned after having fallen into a pond swelled by heavy rain. Some sources, including the local guidebook, say he was chasing an orange. He was buried at All Saints Church, Barnwell [Map].

On 28 Oct 1628 Richard Preston 1st Earl Desmond was drowned whilst travelling between Dublin [Map] and Holyhead, Anglesey.

On 01 Jan 1629 Frederick Henry Palatinate Simmern (age 15) drowned. He was on his way to Amsterdam to see the captured Spanish treasure fleet there and drowned crossing the Haarlemmermeer.

On 20 Feb 1640 Essex Devereux (age 25) drowned when attempting to cross the River Teme with a friend. He was buried at St Edburga's Church, Leigh [Map].

In 1641 Charles Berkeley (age 18) drowned.

In 1648 Philip Mainwaring (age 10) drowned.

Sinking of Defiance

In Sep 1652 Peyton Carteret and Maurice Palatinate Simmern (age 31) drowned in the Virgin Islands Caribbean when HMS Defiance sank.

In 1655 James Hamilton 3rd Baron Hamilton of Strabane (age 22) drowned in the River Mourne near Strabane. His brother George Hamilton 4th Baron Hamilton of Strabane (age 21) succeeded 4th Baron Hamilton of Strabane.

On 05 Dec 1657 John Reynolds (age 32) was drowned when the ship on which he was sailing was wrecked on the Goodwin Sands [Map] when travelling to England from Mardyke Fort.

On 15 Dec 1657 Richard Clifton (age 53) drowned.

In 1658 Nathaniel Dummer (age 6) drowned when playing alone in a canoe.

Before 01 Feb 1664 Robert Bowyer drowned.

On 21 Nov 1664 Theophilus Wray (age 40) drowned.

On 05 Jun 1669 Robert Brooke (age 32) drowned at Avignon [Map].

On 25 Mar 1675 Edward Brabazon 2nd Earl Meath (age 65) drowned whilst travelling from Ireland to England. His son William Brabazon 3rd Earl Meath (age 40) succeeded 3rd Earl Meath.

In Sep 1678 Humphrey Ferrers (age 25) drowned in the River Trent.

Sinking of the Gloucester

On 06 May 1682 The Gloucester sank during a strong gale when it struck a sandbank twenty-eight miles off Great Yarmouth, Norfolk [Map] on a journey from Portsmouth to Edinburgh. Of the estimated 330 people on board it is believed between 130 and 250 sailors and passengers perished.

The Duke of York (age 48) [the future King James II] and John Churchill 1st Duke of Marlborough (age 31) were rescued in the ship's boat.

Robert Ker 3rd Earl Roxburghe (age 24) drowned. His son Robert Ker 4th Earl Roxburghe (age 5) succeeded 4th Earl Roxburghe.

John Hope of Hopetoun drowned. He gave up his seat in a lifeboat to the future King James II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 48) for which his son was rewarded with an Earldom twenty-one years later when he came of age.

Richard Hill drowned.

The pilot James Ayres was blamed for the disaster. The Duke of York (age 48) wished him to be hanged immediately. He was court-martialled and imprisoned.

1685 Execution of the Wigtown Martyrs

On 11 May 1685, despite the reprieves Margaret Wilson (age 18) and Margaret McLachlan were drowned at Wigtown, Wigtownshire on the orders of Robert Grierson 1st Baronet (age 30), for refusing to swear an oath declaring James II and VII (age 51) as head of the church.

In 1693 Admiral Francis Wheler (age 35) drowned off Gibraltar.

In Aug 1702 James Howard drowned.

1707 Scilly Naval Disaster

On 22 Oct 1707 Rear-Admiral Cloudesley Shovell (age 56) drowned.

In 1710 John Foley (age 28) drowned.

On 25 Apr 1721 James Herbert (age 16) drowned having fallen off a footbridge near his home whilst out walking. He is known to have suffered from apoplexy; his most recent occurrence being five days prior to his death.

On 27 Jan 1735 Reverend Robert Dymoke of Grebby Hall in Lincolnshire (age 35) drowned in the Chequer Well, Lincoln. He was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Reverend Robert Dymoke of Grebby Hall in Lincolnshire: On or before 17 Oct 1699, the date he was baptised, he was born to Robert Dymoke of Scremby in Lincolnshire.

On 05 Nov 1743 Erasmus Philipps 5th Baronet (age 43) drowned in the River Avon after his horse was frightened by pigs. He was unmarried. His brother John Philipps 6th Baronet (age 43) succeeded 6th Baronet Philips of Picton Castle.

In 1744 Archibald Hamilton drowned.

On 04 Oct 1744 William Hamilton (age 23) drowned when Victory sank near Alderney.

After 1751 George Rodney Brydges drowned in a stream in his garden.

On 18 Dec 1755 John Hamilton (age 41) drowned in Portsmouth Harbour.

On 13 Nov 1760 George Tollemache (age 16) drowned after on a voyage to Lisbon after falling from the mizzen topmast head of HMS Modeste.

On 16 Dec 1776 William Tollemache (age 25) drowned when HMS Repulse sank in a hurricane off Bermuda.

On 17 Sep 1783 Richard Eyre Cox drowned at his home in Dunmanwy County Cork. During an afternoon boating on a nearby pond. He was accidentally knocked out by an oar and subsequently drowned.

In 1788 Gerald Fitzgerald (age 21) drowned.

In Oct 1793 George Samuel Browne 8th Viscount Montagu (age 24) was drowned whilst trying to ride the Rhine Falls, Schaffhausen with his friend Charles Sedley Burdett with whom he was travelling. Given the Rhine Falls is 150 feet wide and 75 feet high, attempting to ride the falls in a fishing boat was not one of George's best ideas. His third cousin twice removed Reverend Mark Browne 9th Viscount Montagu (age 48) succeeded 9th Viscount Montagu.

On 14 Sep 1803 Henry Fitzgerald drowned at sea at Civitavecchia.

1804 Sinking of York

In Jan 1804 Captain Henry Reveley Mitford (age 35) drowned during the 1804 Sinking of York.

On 26 Jan 1805 Captain William Henry Ricketts aka Jervis (age 40) drowned at Brest when the four-oared gig in which he and Captain Patrick Campbell of the Doris had set off to attend Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Cotton (age 47) aboard his flagship San Josef capsized. Campbell survived by clinging to an oar, but Jervis died despite the valiant efforts of his coxswain who stayed with his captain until he could no longer save him.

On 04 Apr 1808 Philip Yorke (age 23) drowned in a storm off Memel in a ship called the Agatha of Lübeck.

On 12 Sep 1808 Charles Herbert (age 34) drowned in Gijon Harbour whilst a volunteer in the Peninsular War. His widow survived him, without remarrying, sixty-eight years.

On 22 Jan 1809 Edward William Waldegrave (age 21) drowned at sea off Falmouth, Cornwall.

In 1810 John Ashburnham (age 20) was drowned whilst returning from Portugal.

In 1812 Henry Adam Lennox (age 14) drowned.

In 1812 Thomas Wybergh aka Lawson (age 18) drowned off the coast of Madeira.

On 07 Jul 1815 Son Poyntz drowned at Bognor Regis.

On 07 Jul 1815 Son Poyntz drowned at Bognor Regis.

On 08 Jul 1822 Percy Bysshe Shelley drowned. He was returning on the Don Juan with Edward Williams from a meeting at Livorno with Leigh Hunt and Byron to make arrangements for a new journal, The Liberal. The boat was sunk is a storm. Shelley's badly decomposed body washed ashore at Viareggio ten days later and was identified by Trelawny from the clothing and a copy of Keats's Lamia in a jacket pocket. On 16 Aug 1822 his body was cremated on a beach near Viareggio and the ashes were buried in the Protestant Cemetery of Rome. The cremation was attended by George "Lord Byron" 6th Baron Byron (age 34). His wife Mary Godwin aka Shelley (age 24) did not attend.

On 08 Jan 1826 Vere Fane (age 19) drowned when the brig of war Algernine sank off Hydra in the Grecian Archipelago with the loss of all on board.

In 1828 William Pitt Canning (age 26) drowned at Madeira.

On 23 Jan 1831 Horace Beckford aka Pitt-Rivers 3rd Baron Rivers (age 53) drowned himself in The Serpentine, Hyde Park having reneged on a pledge to never play cards again. His son George Pitt-Rivers 4th Baron Rivers (age 20) succeeded 4th Baron Rivers of Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

On 05 May 1831 Admiral Joseph Sydney Yorke (age 62) drowned when the boat in which he was travelling was hit by lightning. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Wimpole [Map].

Large grey marble panel with achievement of arms, descriptive tablet with naval trophies and emblems, and a female mourner, all in white marble.

In Mar 1841 Fitzroy George Charles Gordon-Lennox (age 20) drowned when the SS President was lost at sea with all 136 on board drowned.

On 08 Jul 1841 Thomas Peregrine Courtenay (age 59) drowned at Torquay, Devon.

On 27 Apr 1842 Clement Royds (age 20) drowned in the River Mersey.

In 1843 James Marlay (age 13) drowned. He was buried at St Mary's Church Twickenham, Richmond [Map].

On 10 Nov 1845 Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton (age 21) drowned in Rostherne Mere Rostherne Tatton the evening before her wedding day, or possibly died after a short illness. Her death certificate states "Bronchitis and exhaustion after 12 days" - information provided by CB Newham.

On 27 Jan 1870 George Hamilton-Gordon 6th Earl Aberdeen (age 28) drowned. Travelling from Boston to Melbourne on the Hera, Lord Aberdeen was washed overboard during a violent storm and drowned,

On 07 Sep 1870 Lewis Gordon (age 22) drowned being lost at sea on board the Captain.

Disappearance of HMS Atalanta

On 31 Jan 1880 HMS Atlanta, serving as a training ship, set sail from the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda for Falmouth, England. It was presumed that she sank in a powerful storm which crossed her route a couple of weeks after she sailed. The search for evidence of her fate attracted worldwide attention, and the Admiralty received more than 150 telegrams and 200 personal calls from anxious friends and relatives after it was announced that the ship was missing, and possibly lost.

Philip Ernest Fisher (age 22) was presumed drowned.

On 02 Aug 1880 Francis Dukinfield Astley (age 27) drowned in Canada while shooting rapids in a boat with two Indian guides whilst on a sporting holiday with a group of friends.

On 12 Feb 1892 Harold Lewis Henry Everard ffolkes was drowned whilst attempting to rescue a friend at King's Weir Oxford. Memorial in the Church of St Mary, Hillington [Map].

Harold Lewis Henry Everard ffolkes: he was born to Reverend Henry Edward Browne ffolkes.

On 07 Nov 1901 Frank Alexander Garforth (age 42) drowned while in command of the guardship H.M.S. Hotspur at Bermuda. He was found to have fallen into the sea, but "no evidence exists to shew how he got there." He was buried at the Royal Naval Cemetery, Ireland Island, Sandys Parish, Bermuda.

Sinking of the SS Persia

On 30 Dec 1915 Eleanor Thornton (age 35) drowned during the Sinking of the SS Persia.

On 10 Oct 1918 Alexandra Phyllis Hamilton (age 42) drowned whilst travelling from Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin to Holyhead, Anglesey aboard the mailboat RMS Leinster that was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine UB-123.

On 26 Jun 1920 Rachel Anne Gurney Countess Dudley (age 52) drowned at Screebe House, Connemara. She had left the house alone to swim in the lake from which her body was later recovered.

On 10 Jul 1921 William Craven 4th Earl Craven (age 52) drowned having fallen overboard during Cowes Week. His body washed ashore two days later. His son William Craven 5th Earl Craven (age 23) succeeded 5th Earl Craven in Yorkshire, 5th Viscount Uffington, 11th Baron Craven of Hamstead Marshall in Berkshire. Mary Williamina George Countess Craven by marriage Countess Craven in Yorkshire.

On 17 Jun 1947 Francis Christopher Fane (age 47) drowned when taking his ex-Admiralty motor yacht Aarla, originally the Hecate, from Kyles, Bute to Lowestoft for a refit. There was an explosion onboard which causedd the loss with all hands near Ailsa Craig. His body was never recovered. A board of inquiry later found the vessel to have been unseaworthy and ordered to payt £300 costs.

James Hyde drowned.

Around Robert Allgood drowned whilst at Eton College [Map] in the River Thames.