On this Day in History ... 03 February

03 Feb is in February.

1014 Death of King Sweyn "Forkbeard"

1134 Death of Robert Curthouse

1388 Merciless Parliament

1399 Death of John of Gaunt

1470 Welles' Rebellion and Battle of Losecoat Field aka Empingham

1537 Execution of the Fitzgeralds

1544 Wyatt's Rebellion

1624 Happy Parliament

On 03 Feb 994 William "Proud Arm" IV Duke Aquitaine (age 57) died. His son William "Great" V Duke Aquitaine (age 25) succeeded V Duke Aquitaine.

Death of King Sweyn "Forkbeard"

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1014. This year King Sweyne (age 54) ended his days at Candlemas, the third day before the nones of February; and the same year Elfwy, Bishop of York, was consecrated in London, on the festival of St. Juliana. The fleet all chose Knute (age 19) for king; whereupon advised all the counsellors of England, clergy and laity, that they should send after King Ethelred (age 48); saying, that no sovereign was dearer to them than their natural lord, if he would govern them better than he did before. Then sent the king hither his son Edward, with his messengers; who had orders to greet all his people, saying that he would be their faithful lord-would better each of those things that they disliked-and that each of the things should be forgiven which had been either done or said against him; provided they all unanimously, without treachery, turned to him. Then was full friendship established, in word and in deed and in compact, on either side. And every Danish king they proclaimed an outlaw for ever from England. Then came King Ethelred (age 48) home, in Lent, to his own people; and he was gladly received by them all. Meanwhile, after the death of Sweyne (age 54), sat Knute (age 19) with his army in Gainsborough [Map] until Easter; and it was agreed between him and the people of Lindsey, that they should supply him with horses, and afterwards go out all together and plunder. But King Ethelred (age 48) with his full force came to Lindsey before they were ready; and they plundered and burned, and slew all the men that they could reach. Knute (age 19), the son of Sweyne (age 54), went out with his fleet (so were the wretched people deluded by him), and proceeded southward until he came to Sandwich [Map]. There he landed the hostages that were given to his father, and cut off their hands and ears and their noses. Besides all these evils, the king ordered a tribute to the army that lay at Greenwich [Map], of 21,000 pounds. This year, on the eve of St. Michael's day, came the great sea-flood, which spread wide over this land, and ran so far up as it never did before, overwhelming many towns, and an innumerable multitude of people.

On 03 Feb 1014 Sweyn "Forkbeard" King Denmark King Norway King England (age 54) died. His son Harald King Denmark succeeded King Denmark. There was a dispute as to who succeeded to the Kingdom of England with some supporting King Æthelred "Unready" II of England (age 48) and some King Canute of England (age 19).

On 03 Feb 1112 Raymond Berenguer Barcelona III Count Barcelona (age 29) and Douce Gevaudan Countess Barcelona (age 22) were married. She by marriage Countess Barcelona. He the son of Ramon Berenguer "Towhead" Barcelona II Count Barcelona.

Death of Robert Curthouse

On 03 Feb 1134 Robert Curthose Normandy III Duke Normandy (age 83) died at Cardiff Castle having spent twenty-eight years in captivity. He was buried at Gloucester Cathedral [Map].

In 03 Feb 1168 Hugh Toucy Archbishop Sens died.

On 03 Feb 1267 Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl Arundel was born to John Fitzalan 7th Earl Arundel (age 20) and Isabella Mortimer Countess Arundel. He a great x 3 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England.

On 03 Feb 1276 Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet 1st Earl of Leicester 1st Earl Lancaster (age 31) and Blanche Capet Queen Navarre (age 28) were married. She by marriage Countess Lancaster. He the son of King Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England (age 53). They were second cousin once removed. She a great x 2 granddaughter of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

On 03 Feb 1290 Henry Wittelsbach I Duke Lower Bavaria I Duke Bavaria (age 54) died. His son Otto Wittelsbach III Duke Bavaria (age 28) succeeded III Duke Bavaria.

On 03 Feb 1343 William Ros 2nd Baron Ros Helmsley (age 58) died. He was buried at Kirkham Priory North Yorkshire [Map]. His son William Ros 3rd Baron Ros Helmsley (age 13) succeeded 3rd Baron Ros Helmsley and inherited Belvoir Castle [Map]. Margaret Neville (age 13) by marriage Baroness Ros Helmsley.

Before 03 Feb 1388 Henry Ferrers 4th Baron Ferrers of Groby (age 32) and Joan Poynings Baroness Ferrers Groby (age 32) were married. She by marriage Baroness Ferrers of Groby. They were fourth cousins. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Merciless Parliament

On 03 Feb 1388 the Merciless Parliament commenced. It ended on 04 Jun 1388. Its primary function was to prosecute members of the Court of King Richard II of England (age 21). The term "Merciless" is contemporary having been coined by the chronicler Henry Knighton.

Michael de la Pole 1st Earl Suffolk (age 58) was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered in his absence. He had escaped to France.

Archbishop Alexander Neville (age 47) was found guilty of treason and it was determined to imprison him for life in Rochester Castle [Map]. He fled to Louvain where he became a parish priest for the remainder of his life.

On 19 Feb 1388 Robert Tresilian Chief Justice was hanged naked and his throat cut. See Chronicle of Adam of Usk.

On 25 Mar 1388 Nicholas Brembre was hanged. He was buried at Christ Church Greyfriars [Map].

On 05 May 1388 Simon Burley (age 48) was executed despite the protestations of his friend Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York (age 46). See Chronicle of Adam of Usk.

On 12 May 1388 John Beauchamp 1st Baron Beauchamp (age 69) was beheaded at Tower Hill [Map]. He was buried at Worcester Cathedral [Map].

Robert de Vere 1st Duke Ireland (age 26) was attainted.

On 03 Feb 1393 Henry Percy 2nd Earl of Northumberland was born to Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 28) and Elizabeth Mortimer Baroness Camoys (age 21) at Alnwick Castle [Map]. He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward III of England.

Death of John of Gaunt

On 03 Feb 1399 John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster (age 58) died at Leicester Castle [Map]. Katherine Roet Duchess Lancaster (age 48) was by his side. He was buried in the Choir of St Paul's Cathedral [Map] with his first wife Blanche Plantagenet Duchess Lancaster. His son Henry IV King England (age 31) succeeded 2nd Duke Lancaster 2C 1362, 7th Earl of Leicester 2C 1265.

King Richard II of England (age 32) witheld the future Henry IV's (age 31) inheritance from him giving Henry (age 31) reason to return to England to claim his lands and titles.

Welles' Rebellion and Battle of Losecoat Field aka Empingham

Before 03 Feb 1470 Robert Welles 8th Baron Willoughby 8th Baron Welles attacked Gainsborough Old Hall [Map] home of Thomas Burgh 1st Baron Burgh (age 39), a senior Yorkist, Edward IV's (age 27) Master of the Horse. It isn't known whether this attack was a consequence of local or national issues. King Edward IV of England (age 27) summoned Robert's father Richard Welles 7th Baron Willoughby 7th Baron Welles (age 42) and uncle-in-law Thomas Dymoke (age 42) (married to Margaret Welles (age 38) sister of Robert Welles 8th Baron Willoughby 8th Baron Welles) to London. Both initially went into Sanctuary Westminster Abbey [Map] but were pardoned on 03 Mar 1470.

Execution of the Fitzgeralds

Hall's Chronicle 1537. 03 Feb 1537. The third day of February was Thomas Fitz Garrad (age 24) late Earl of Kildare and five of his uncles drawn, hanged and quartered at Tiborne [Map] for high treason.

On 03 Feb 1537 the six Fitzgeralds, nephew and five uncles, Thomas "Silken" Fitzgerald 10th Earl of Kildare (age 24), James Fitzgerald (age 41), Oliver Fitzgerald (age 41), Richard Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald and Walter Fitzgerald (age 41) were executed at Tyburn [Map].

Wyatt's Rebellion

Henry Machyn's Diary. 03 Feb 1544. The iij day of Feybruarii was a proclamacyon that who so ever do take ser Thomas Wyatt (age 23), exsept Harper, Ysseley (age 44), and Rudston (age 29), shuld have C. lb. land to ym and ys heirs for ever.


Henry Machyn's Diary. 03 Feb 1544. The iij day of Feybruary cam in to Sowthwarke [Map] ser Thomas Wyatt (age 23) and odur captaynes at after-none with ys army; and the morow after thay mayd trenchys in dyvers parts and dyvers placys, with ordenanse.


On 03 Feb 1609 James Hay (age 45) died. His son John Hay 1st Earl Tweeddale (age 16) succeeded 8th Lord Hay of Yester.

On 03 Feb 1614 Robert Ker 1st Earl Roxburghe (age 44) and Jean Drummond Countess Roxburghe (age 29) were married at Somerset House [Map]. She, Jean, was the sister of his son-in-law John Drummond 2nd Earl Perth (age 26) who had married his daughter Jean Ker Countess Perth. The wedding was attended by the King (age 47) and Queen (age 39). There was a masque Hymen's Triumph written by Samuel Daniel.

Happy Parliament

On 03 Feb 1624 Henry Mildmay (age 31) was elected MP Westbury.

Evelyn's Diary. 03 Feb 1644. The Palaise, as they call the upper part, was built in the time of Philip the Fair, noble and spacious. The great Hall annexed to it, is arched with stone, having a range of pillars in the middle, round which, and at the sides, are shops of all kinds, especially booksellers'. One side is full of pews for the clerks of the advocates, who swarm here (as ours at Westminster). At one of the ends stands an altar, at which mass is said daily. Within are several chambers, courts, treasuries, etc. Above that is the most rich and glorious Salle d'Audience, the chamber of St. Louis, and other superior Courts where the Parliament sits, richly gilt on embossed carvings and frets, and exceedingly beautified.


On 03 Feb 1683 Randall MacDonnell 1st Marquess Antrim (age 73) died. Marquess Antrim extinct. His brother Alexander Macdonnell 3rd Earl Antrim (age 68) succeeded 3rd Earl Antrim. Helena Burke Countess Antrim by marriage Countess Antrim.


On 03 Feb 1699 John Stewart 6th Earl Traquair was born to Charles Stewart 4th Earl Traquair (age 40) and Mary Maxwell Countess Traquair (age 28). Coefficient of inbreeding 1.82%.


On 03 Feb 1738 Thomas Needham 9th Viscount Kilmorey (age 34) died.

On 03 Feb 1801 William Edwardes 3rd Baron Kensington was born to William Edwardes 2nd Baron Kensington (age 23) and Dorothy Patricia Thomas Baroness Kensington.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Duke_Wellington.jpg PAINTINGS/LUCAS/Duke_Wellington.jpg

Before 03 Feb 1809 John George Monson 4th Baron Monson (age 24) and Sarah Elizabeth Savile Countess Warwick (age 22) were married. She the daughter of John Savile 2nd Earl Mexborough (age 47) and Elizabeth Stephenson Countess Mexborough (age 47).


After 03 Feb 1830. Monument in Church of St Oswald, Methley [Map] to John Savile 2nd Earl Mexborough (deceased).

On 03 Feb 1844 Frederick Ponsonby 3rd Earl Bessborough (age 86) died. His son John Ponsonby 4th Earl Bessborough (age 62) succeeded 4th Earl Bessborough.


Times Newspaper Court Circulars. 03 Feb 1866. Her Majesty (age 46) drove out yesterday morning and afternoon. Mr. Engleheart arrived at Osborne on Thursday, and had the honour of dining with Her Majesty (age 46) and the Royal family yesterday. The Queen (age 46) held a Council today, which was attended by Earl Russell (age 73), Earl de Grey and Ripon (age 38), and Mr. Guschen.

Mr. Helps was Clerk of the Council.

Earl Cowley (age 61), Viscount Sydney (age 60), and Sir Charles Young (age 70), Garter King of Arms, arrived from London this morning. Lord Cowley (age 61) was introduced by Lord Sydney (age 60), Lord Chamberlain (Sir Charles Young (age 70) attending with the insignia of the Order of the Garter), and Her Majesty (age 46) invested Lord Cowley (age 61) with the Riband and Badge of the Garter.

Earl Russell (age 73) and Earl de Grey (age 38) had audiences of Her Majesty (age 46).

Note. On 03 Feb 1866 Henry Richard Charles Wellesley 1st Earl Cowley (age 61) was appointed 747th Knight of the Garter by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (age 46).

On 03 Feb 1866 Francis Hope Pelham-Clinton-Hope 8th Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme was born to Henry Pelham Alexander Pelham-Clinton 6th Duke Newcastle-under-Lyme (age 32) and Henrietta Adela Hope Duchess Newcastle under Lyne (age 23).

On 03 Feb 1881 John Benn Walsh 1st Baron Ormathwaite (age 82) died. His son Arthur Walsh 2nd Baron Ormathwaite (age 53) succeeded 2nd Baron Ormathwaite of Ormathwaite in Cumberland. Katherine Somerset Baroness Ormathwaite (age 46) by marriage Baroness Ormathwaite of Ormathwaite in Cumberland.

On 03 Feb 1886 Bishop Leslie Owen was born.

On 03 Feb 1904 Roger Makins 1st Baron Sherfield was born.

Times Newspaper Court Circulars. 04 Feb 1905.

We have to announce the death of Florence, Marchioness of Hastings (age 62), wife of Sir George Chetwynd, Bart., which took place on Sunday morning at Long Walk House, Windsor, after a few days' illness. The funeral will take place at Grendon, Atherstone, on Thursday next, at 2 o'clock.

Note. On 03 Feb 1907 Florence Cecilia Paget Marchioness Hastings (age 64) died.

After 03 Feb 1911. Church of the Holy Trinity Embleton [Map]. Memorial to brothers George Grey (deceased) and Charles Grey (age 37).

George Grey: On 14 Jul 1866 he was born to Lieutenant Colonel George Henry Grey (age 31) and Harriet Jane Pearson (age 27) at Fallodon Hall. On 03 Feb 1911 George Grey (age 44) died at Nairobi.

Charles Grey: On 23 Aug 1873 he was born to Lieutenant Colonel George Henry Grey (age 38) and Harriet Jane Pearson (age 34) at Fallodon Hall. On 28 Sep 1928 Charles Grey (age 55) died at Tabora.

On 03 Feb 1951 Charles Fitzroy 5th Baron Southampton (age 47) and Rachel Christine Zaman Baroness Southampton were married. She by marriage Baroness Southampton.