On this Day in History ... 04 February

04 Feb is in February.

1194 Richard I Released

1397 Legitimation of the Beauforts

1400 Epiphany Rising

1495 Edward IV's Daughter's Marriages

1520 Marriage of William Carey and Mary Boleyn

1555 Protestant Executions

1685 Death and Burial of Charles II

Richard I Released

On 04 Feb 1194 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 36) was released from his captivity; his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine Queen Consort Franks and England (age 72) having brought the ransom of 100,000 pounds of silver. On release King Philip II of France (age 28) is said to have sent a message to the future King John (age 27) "Look to yourself; the devil is loose".

On 04 Feb 1222 William Gerulfing I Count Holland (age 55) died. His son Floris Gerulfing IV Count Holland (age 11) succeeded IV Count Holland.

On 04 Feb 1337 Louis Bourbon II Duke Bourbon was born to Peter Bourbon Duke Bourbon (age 26) and Isabella Valois Duchess Bourbon (age 24). He a great x 3 grandson of King Henry III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 2.38%.

Legitimation of the Beauforts

Calendars. 28. Be it remembered that on Tuesday, the fifteenth day of the parliament [4 February 1397], the chancellor (age 53), by order of the king (age 30), declared that our holy father the pope, in reverence of the most excellent person of the king (age 30) and his honourable uncle the duke of Guyenne and of Lancaster (age 56), and of his blood, has enabled and legitimized my lord John Beaufort (age 24), his brothers [Note. Cardinal Henry Beaufort (age 22) and Thomas Beaufort 1st Duke Exeter (age 20)], and his sister (age 18). And therefore our lord the king, as sole ruler of his kingdom of England, for the honour of his blood, willed and enabled of his abundant royal power, and legitimized, of his own authority, the said John, his said brothers, and sister. And he also pronounced and published the ability and legitimation, according to the form of the charter of the king made thereon.

Epiphany Rising

On 04 Feb 1400 Bernard Brocas (age 46) was tried, and condemned to death, by Thomas Fitzalan 10th Earl Surrey 12th Earl Arundel (age 18) at Tower of London [Map] for his role in the Epiphany Rising having been captured in Cirencester, Gloucestershire [Map].

On 05 Feb 1400 Bernard Brocas (age 46) was beheaded at Tyburn [Map]. He was buried at the Chapel of St Edmund, Westminster Abbey [Map].

On 04 Feb 1443 Anne Beauchamp 15th Countess Warwick was born to Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick (age 17) and Cecily Neville Duchess Warwick (age 19) at Cardiff. She a great x 3 granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Baron Burghesh 2C 1330, and the representation of the three Despencers Baronies abeyant between her cousin George Neville 5th and 3rd Baron Bergavenny and her aunt Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick (age 16).

Her subsequent death aged four (her father died when she was aged three) resulted in Richard "Kingmaker" Neville Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury (age 14) unexpectedly becoming Earl of Warwick by marriage ie by right of his wife Anne Beauchamp 16th Countess Warwick (age 16) who was the younger Anne's Aunt.

Edward IV's Daughter's Marriages

On 04 Feb 1495 Thomas Howard 3rd Duke of Norfolk (age 22) and Anne York (age 19) were married. She the daughter of King Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England. He the son of Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 52) and Elizabeth Tilney Countess of Surrey (age 51).NOTEXT

On 04 Feb 1505 Joan Valois Queen Consort France (age 40) died.

Marriage of William Carey and Mary Boleyn

On 04 Feb 1520 William Carey (age 20) and Mary Boleyn (age 21) were married. Around the time, possibly shortly after, Mary Boleyn (age 21) became mistress to King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 28) leading to speculation one or both of her children were fathered by Henry (age 28). She the daughter of Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 43) and Elizabeth Howard Countess of Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 40). He a great x 4 grandson of King Edward III of England. NOTEXT

On 04 Feb 1523 Bishop Thomas Ruthall (age 51) died. He was buried in the Chapel of St John the Baptist, Westminster Abbey [Map].

1555 Protestant Executions

On 20 Jan 1555 the statutes for burning heretics, originally enacted to repress Lollardism, De heretico comburendo was re-enacted to allow the burning of Protestants.

In early Feb 1555 the first of the Protestant executions took place:

On 04 Feb 1555 John Rogers (age 50) was burned at the stake at Smithfield [Map].

On 08 Feb 1555 Laurence Saunders Martyr (age 36) was burned at the stake at Coventry [Map].

On 09 Feb 1555 Bishop John Hooper (age 60) was burned at the stake at Gloucester, Gloucestershire [Map].

On 09 Feb 1555 Rowland Taylor Martyr was burned at the stake at Aldham Common. His wife and child were, reportedly, present.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1555. The sam day was Rogers (age 50) cared be-twyn x and xj of the cloke in-to Smyth-feld [Map], and bornyd, for aronyus [erroneous] apinions, with a grett compene of the gard.

PAINTINGS/FOXES/John_Rogers.pngFoxe's Book of Martyrs. 04 Feb 1555. Now when the time came, that he, being delivered to the sheriffs, should be brought out of Newgate [Map] to Smithfield [Map], the place of his execution, first came to him Master Woodroofe, one of the aforesaid sheriffs, and calling Master Rogers (age 50) unto him, asked him if he would revoke his abominable doctrine, and his evil opinion of the sacrament of the altar. Master Rogers (age 50) answered and said, "That which I have preached I will seal with my blood." "Then," quoth Master Woodroofe, "thou art a heretic." "That shall be known," quoth Rogers, "at the day of judgment." "Well," quoth Master Woodroofe, "I will never pray for thee." "But I will pray for you," quoth Master Rogers: and so was brought the same day, which was Monday the fourth of February, by the sheriffs towards Smithfield, saying the psalm Miserere by the way, all the people wonderfully rejoicing at his constancy, with great praises and thanks to God for the same. And there, in the presence of Master Rochester, comptroller of the queen's household, Sir Richard Southwell (age 52), both the sheriffs, and a wonderful number of people, the fire was put unto him; and when it had taken hold both upon his legs and shoulders, he, as one feeling no smart, washed his hands in the flame, as though it had been in cold water. And, after lifting up his hands unto heaven, not removing the same until such time as the devouring fire had consumed them - most mildly this happy martyr yielded up his spirit into the hands of his heavenly Father. A little before his burning at the stake, his pardon was brought, if he would have recanted, but he utterly refused. He was the first protomartyr of all the blessed company that suffered in Queen Mary's time, that gave the first adventure upon the fire. His wife and children, being eleven in number, and ten able to go, and one sucking on her breast, met him by the way as he went towards Smithfield. This sorrowful sight of his own flesh and blood could nothing move him; but that he constantly and cheerfully took his death, with wonderful patience, in the defence and quarrel of Christ's gospel.

PAINTINGS/FOXES/John_Hooper_Degraded.pngFoxe's Book of Martyrs. 04 Feb 1555. The fourth day of February, the year above mentioned, in the chapel in Newgate [Map], the bishop of London (age 55) there sitting with his notary and certain other witnesses, came Alexander Andrew, the gaoler, bringing with him Master Hooper (age 60) and Master Rogers (age 50), being condemned before by the chancellor (age 72); where the said bishop of London (age 55), at the request of the aforesaid Winchester (age 72), proceeded to the degradation of the parties above mentioned, Master Hooper and Master Rogers, after this form and manner: first, he put upon him all the vestures and ornaments belonging to a priest, with all other things to the same order appertaining, as though (being revested) they should solemnly execute their office. Thus they, being apparelled and invested, the bishop beginneth to pluck off, first the uttermost vesture; and so, by degree and order, coming down to the lowest vesture, which they had only in taking Benet and Collet; and so, being stript and deposed, he deprived them of all order, benefit, and privilege belonging to the clergy; and consequently, that being done, pronounced, decreed, and declared the said parties so degraded, to be given personally to the secular power, as the sheriffs being for that year, Master Davy Woodroofe, and Master William Chester; who, receiving first the said Master Rogers at the hands of the bishop, had him away with them, bringing him to the place of execution where he suffered. The witnesses there present were Master Harpsfield, archdeacon of London; Robert Cosin, and Robert Willerton, canons of Paul's; Thomas Mountague, and George How, clerks; Tristram Swadock, and Richard Cloney, the sumner, &c.


On 04 Feb 1663 Edward Lee 1st Earl Lichfield was born to Francis Lee 4th Baronet (age 24) and Elizabeth Pope Countess Lindsey.


Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1684. His Majesty (age 53) being dead, the Duke, now K. James II (age 50) went immediately to Council, and before entering into any businesse, passionately declaring his sorrow, told their Lordships that since the succession had fallen to him, he would endeavour to follow the example of his predecessor in his clemency and tendernesse to his people; that, however he had ben misrepresented as affecting arbitrary power, they should find the contrary, for that the Laws of England had made ye King as greate a monarch as he could desire; that he would endeavor to maintain the Government both in Church and State, as by Law established, its principles being so firme for monarchy, and the members of it shewing themselves so good and loyal subjects; and that as he would never depart from the just rights and prerogatives of y Crown, so would he never invade any man's property; but as he had often adventur'd his life in defence of the Nation, so he would still proceede, and preserve it in all its lawful rights and liberties. This being the substance of what he said, the Lords desir'd it might be publish'd, as ontaining matter of greate satisfaction to a jealous people upon this change, which his Ma* consented to. Then were the Counsel sworn, and a Proclamation order'd to be publish'd, that all Officers should continue in their stations, that there might be no failure of public justice, till his further pleasure should be known.


Death and Burial of Charles II

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1685. I went to London, hearing his Ma* (age 54) had ben the Monday before (02 Feb 1685) surpriz'd in his bed-chamber with an apoplectic fit, so that if, by God's providence, Dr. King (that excellent chirurgeon as well as physitian) had not ben accidentally present to let him blood (having his lancet in his pocket) his Ma* had certainly died that moment, which might have ben of direful consequence, there being nobody else present with the King (age 54) save this Doctor and one more, as I am assur'd. It was a mark of the extraordinary dexterity, resolution, and presence of mind in the Dr, to let him bloud in the very paroxysm, without staying the coming of other physitians, which regularly should have ben don, and for want of which he must have a regular pardon, as they tell me *. This rescu'd his Ma* for the instant, but it was only a short reprieve. He still complain'd, and was relapsing, often fainting, with sometimes epileptic symptoms, till Wednesday, for which he was cupp'd, let bloud in both jugulars, had both vomit and purges, which so rellev'd him that on Thursday hopes of recovery were signified in the publiq Gazette, but that day, about noone, the physitians thought him feaverish. This they seem'd glad of, as being more easily allay'd and methodically dealt with than his former fits; so as they prescrib'd the famous Jesuits powder: but it made him worse, and some very able Doctors who were present did not think it a fever, but the effect of his frequent bleeding and other sharp operations us'd by them about his head, so that probably the powder might stop the circulation, and renew his former fits, which now made him very weake. Thus he pass'd Thursday night with greate difficulty, when complaining of a paine in his side, they drew 12 ounces more of bloud from him; this was by 6 in the morning on Friday, and it gave him reliefe, but it did not continue, for being now in much paine, and strugling for breath, he lay dozing, and after some conflicts, the physitians despairing of him, he gave up the ghost at halfe an houre after eleven in the morning, being the sixth of February 1685, in the 36th yeare of his reigne, and 54th of his age.

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1685. Thus died King Charles II (age 54) of a vigorous and robust constitution, and in all appearance promising a long life. He was a Prince of many virtues, and many greate imperfections; debonaire, easy of accesse, not bloudy nor cruel; his countenance fierce, his voice greate, proper of person, every motion became him; a lover of the sea, and skilfull in shipping; not affecting other studies, yet he had a laboratory, and knew of many empyrical medicines, and the easier mechanical mathe matics; he lov'd planting and building, and brought in a politer way of living, which pass'd to luxury and intolerable expence. He had a particular talent in telling a story, and facetious passages, of which he had innumerable; this made some buffoons and vitious wretches too presumptuous and familiar, not worthy the favour they abus'd. He tooke delight in having a number of little spaniels follow him and lie in his bed-chamber, where he often suffer'd the bitches to puppy and give suck, which render'd it very offensive, and indeede made the whole Court nasty and stinking. He would doubtlesse have ben an excellent Prince, had he ben less addicted to women, who made him uneasy, 'and allways in want to supply their unmeasurable profusion, to ye detriment of many Indigent persons who had signaly serv'd both him and his father. He frequently and easily chang'd favorites, to his greate prejudice. As to other publiq transactions and unhappy miscarriages, .'tis not here I intend to number them; but certainly never had King more glorious opportunities to have made himselfe, his people, and all Europe happy, and prevented innumerable mischeifs, had not his too easy nature resign'd him to be manag'd by crafty men, and some abandon'd and profane wretches who corrupted his otherwise sufficient parts, disciplin'd as he had ben by many afflictions during his banishment, which gave him much experience and knowledge of men and things; but those wicked creatures took him off from all application becoming so greate a King. The history of his reigne will certainely be the most wonderfull for the variety of matter and accidents, above any extant in former ages: the sad tragical death of his father, his banishment and hardships, his miraculous restauration, conspiracies against him, parliaments, wars, plagues, fires, comets, revolutions abroad happening in his time, with a thousand other particulars. He was ever kind to me, and very gracious upon all occasions, and therefore I cannot, without ingratitude, but deplore his losse, which for many respects as well as duty I do with all my soul.

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1685. Prayers were solemnly made in all the Churches, especialy in both ye Court Chapells, where the Chaplaines reliev'd one another every halfe quarter of an houre from the time he began to be in danger till he expir'd, according to the forme prescrib'd in the Church Offices. Those who assisted his Majesty's (age 54) devotions were, the Abp. of Canterbury (age 68), the Bishops of London (age 53), Durham (age 52), and Ely (age 47), but more especialy Dr. Ken, the Bp. of Bath and Wells (age 47) receiving the Holy Sacrament, but his Ma* told them he would consider of it, which he did so long 'till it was too late. Others whisper'd that the Bishops and Lords, except the Earles of Bath (age 56) and Feversham (age 44), being order'd to withdraw the night before, Hurlston, the 'Priest, had presumed to administer the Popish Offices. He gave his breeches and keys to yc Duke (age 51), who was almost continually kneeling by his bed-side, and in teares. He also recommended to him the care of his natural children, all except the Duke of Monmouth (age 35), now in Holland, and in his displeasure. He intreated the Queene (age 46) to pardon him (not without cause); who a little before had sent a Bishop to excuse her not more frequently visiting him, in reguard of her excessive griefe, and withall, that his Ma* (age 54) would forgive it if at any time she had offended him. He spake to ye Duke (age 51) to be kind to the Dutchesse of Cleaveland (age 44), and especialy Portsmouth (age 35), and that Nelly (age 35) might not starve.

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Feb 1693. After five days' trial and extraordinary contest, the Lord Mohun (age 18) was acquitted by the Lords of the murder of Montford, the player, notwithstanding the judges, from the pregnant witnesses of the fact, had declared him guilty; but whether in commiseration of his youth, being not eighteen years old, though exceedingly dissolute, or upon whatever other reason, the King (age 42) himself present some part of the trial, and satisfied, as they report, that he was culpable. 69 acquitted him, only 14 condemned him.


On 04 Feb 1696 Philip Wharton 4th Baron Wharton (age 82) died. His son Thomas Wharton 1st Marquess Wharton (age 47) succeeded 5th Baron Wharton. Lucy Loftus Marchioness Wharton (age 26) by marriage Baroness Wharton.

PAINTINGS/HOSKINS/Philip_Wharton.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Thomas_Wharton.png PAINTINGS/LELY/Lucy_Loftus.png PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Lucy_Loftus.jpg

On 04 Feb 1698 Thomas Strode of Parnham (age 70) died. Monument in Church of St Mary Beaminster [Map]. William and Mary. Marble with standing figure in wig, gown, side pilasters support cornice.

Thomas Strode of Parnham: In 1628 he was born to John Strode of Parnham (age 67) and Anne Wyndham. On 01 Jul 1642 Thomas Strode of Parnham (age 14) matriculated Oxford University. On 01 Feb 1665 Thomas Strode of Parnham (age 37) and Mary Adams were married. In 1677 Thomas Strode of Parnham (age 49) was appointed Serjeant at Law.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 04 Feb 1719. Mr Director (age 41) was ordered to deliver out prints of Richard II to be sold after the rate of 2s:6d a peice [sic], allowing to the sellers 6d a peice [sic], and one over in a dozen. The Prints of the Font of St James after the rate of 1s:6d a peice allowing to the seller 4d a piece. The prints of Ulphus's Horn at 1s allowing Seller 3d a peice [sic].

On 04 Feb 1725 Charles Seymour 6th Duke Somerset (age 62) and Charlotte Finch Duchess Somerset (age 32) were married. She by marriage Duchess Somerset. The difference in their ages was 30 years. She the daughter of Daniel Finch 2nd Earl Nottingham 7th Earl Winchilsea (age 77) and Anne Hatton Countess Nottingham and Winchelsea. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.


On 14 Oct 1736 Charles Le Gros of Croftwight (age 85) died. On 04 Feb 1758 Elizabeth Turner (age 85) died. They were buried at All Saints Church Narborough [Map].

Charles Le Gros of Croftwight: Around 1651 he was born. Before 14 Oct 1736 Charles Le Gros of Croftwight (age 85) and Elizabeth Turner (age 63) were married. The difference in their ages was 22 years.

Elizabeth Turner: Around 1673 she was born to William Turner Attorney of North Elmham.

After 04 Feb 1743. Saint Mary Magdalene's Church, Sherborne [Map]. Monument to John Dutton 2nd Baronet (deceased) sculpted by John Michael Rysbrack (age 48). Full figure of man leaning on an Urn.

On 04 Feb 1752 Louis Bourbon Duke Orléans (age 48) died. His son Louis Philippe "The Fat" Bourbon I Duke Orléans (age 26) succeeded I Duke Orléans. Louise Henriette Bourbon Duchess Orléans by marriage Duchess Orléans.

On 04 Feb 1757 George Thicknesse 19th Baron Audley was born to Captain Philip Thicknesse (age 38) and Elizabeth Tuchet.

On 04 Feb 1768 Francis Ingram Seymour-Conway 2nd Marquess Hertford (age 24) and Alice Elizabeth Windsor (age 18) were married. He the son of Francis Seymour-Conway 1st Marquess Hertford (age 49) and Isabella Fitzroy Countess Hertford (age 41). He a great x 2 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.


PAINTINGS/BATONI/Charles_Stewart.pngBefore 04 Feb 1787 Pompeo Batoni (age 79). Portrait of Charles Lennox 3rd Duke Richmond (age 51).

PAINTINGS/BATONI/George_Cholmondeley.pngBefore 04 Feb 1787 Pompeo Batoni (age 79). Portrait of George Cholmondeley 1st Marquess Cholmondeley (age 37).

PAINTINGS/BATONI/Henry_Herbert.pngBefore 04 Feb 1787 Pompeo Batoni (age 79). Portrait of Henry Herbert 10th Earl Pembroke.

On 04 Feb 1794 Charles Trevor Roper 18th Baron Dacre Gilsland (age 49) died. His sister Gertrude Trevor Roper 19th Baroness Dacre Gilsland (age 43) succeeded 19th Baroness Dacre Gilsland. Thomas Brand Baron Dacre (age 44) by marriage Baron Dacre Gilsland 1C 1321 albeit for seventeen days only since he died on 21 Feb 1794.

PAINTINGS/GAINSBOROUGH/Francis_Rawdon_Hastings.png PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings2.jpg PAINTINGS/HOPPNER/Francis_Rawdon-Hastings.jpg

On 04 Feb 1856 William Hare 2nd Earl Listowel (age 54) died. His son William Hare 3rd Earl of Listowel (age 22) succeeded 3rd Earl Listowel in County Kerry.

On 04 Feb 1869 Arthur Rice 6th Baron Dynevor (age 33) and Selina Lascelles (age 28) were married. They were half third cousins.

Susan Carolina Somerset Marchioness Cholmondeley: On 10 May 1804 she was born to Henry Charles Somerset 6th Duke Beaufort (age 37) and Charlotte Sophia Leveson-Gower Duchess Beaufort (age 33). On 11 May 1830 George Cholmondeley 2nd Marquess Cholmondeley (age 38) and Susan Carolina Somerset Marchioness Cholmondeley (age 26) were married. She by marriage Marchioness Cholmondeley. She the daughter of Henry Charles Somerset 6th Duke Beaufort (age 63) and Charlotte Sophia Leveson-Gower Duchess Beaufort (age 59). He the son of George Cholmondeley 1st Marquess Cholmondeley and Georgina Charlotte Bertie Marchioness Cholmondeley (age 68).

On 04 Feb 1894 Henry Eric Bagot 7th Baron Bagot was born to Charles Frederick Heneage Bagot (age 36) and Florence Eleanor Bagot. Coefficient of inbreeding 6.25%.

Around 04 Feb 1901 Wilfred William Ashley 1st Baron Mount Temple (age 33) and Amalia Mary Maud Cassel (age 21) were married. The Prince of Wales (age 59) attended some eighteen days before he acceeded the throne.


Times Newspaper Court Circulars. 04 Feb 1905.

We have to announce the death of Florence, Marchioness of Hastings (age 62), wife of Sir George Chetwynd, Bart., which took place on Sunday morning at Long Walk House, Windsor, after a few days' illness. The funeral will take place at Grendon, Atherstone, on Thursday next, at 2 o'clock.

Note. On 03 Feb 1907 Florence Cecilia Paget Marchioness Hastings (age 64) died.

On 04 Feb 1922 Maurice Fitzgerald 6th Duke Leinster (age 34) died having spent most of his life being cared for in a psychiatric institution at Edinburgh [Map]. His brother Edward Fitzgerald 7th Duke Leinster (age 29) succeeded 7th Duke Leinster.


On 04 Feb 1950 David Mountbatten 3rd Marquess Milford Haven (age 30) and Romaine Pierce Marchioness Milford Haven were married. She by marriage Marchioness Milford Haven. He the son of George Mountbatten 2nd Marquess Milford Haven and Nadejda Mikhailovna Torby Marchioness Milford Haven (age 53). He a great x 2 grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

On 04 Feb 1970 John Frederick Lambton 5th Earl Durham (age 85) died. His son Antony Lambton 6th Earl of Durham (age 47) succeeded 6th Earl Durham.