On this Day in History ... 08 June

08 Jun is in June.

1042 Death of King Harthacnut

1191 Richard I Lands at Acre

1376 Death of the Black Prince

1405 Northern Rising

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

1467 Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

1532 Coronation of Anne Boleyn

1587 Singeing the King of Spain's Beard

1658 Royalist Conspiracy

1665 Great Plague of London

1665 Battle of Lowestoft

1666 Four Days' Battle

1667 Raid on the Medway

1688 Trial and Imprisonment of the Seven Bishops

Death of King Harthacnut

On 08 Jun 1042 King Harthacnut of Denmark and England (age 24) died. His brother King Edward "Confessor" of England (age 39) succeeded King England.

John of Worcester. 1042. Hardicanute (age 24), king of England, while he was present at a joyous feast given at a place called Lambeth, Surrey [Map], by Osgod Clapa, a man of great wealth, on occasion of his giving the hand of his daughter Githa in marriage to Tovi, surnamed Prudan, a noble and powerful Dane,—and carousing, full of health and merriment, with the bride and some others, fell down, by a sad mischance, while in the act of drinking, and continued speechless until Tuesday the sixth of the ides [the 8th] of June, when he expired. He was carried to Winchester and buried near his father Canute. His brother Edward (age 39) was proclaimed king at London, chiefly by the exertions of earl Godwin (age 41), and Living, bishop of Worcester. Edward (age 39) was the son of Ethelred, who was the son of Edgar, who was the son of Edmund, who was the son of Edward the Elder, who was the son of Alfred.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 08 Jun 1042. This year died King Hardacnute (age 24) at Lambeth, as he stood drinking: he fell suddenly to the earth with a tremendous struggle; but those who were nigh at hand took him up; and he spoke not a word afterwards, but expired on the sixth day before the ides of June. He was king over all England two years wanting ten nights; and he is buried in the old minster at Winchester with King Knute his father. And his mother for his soul gave to the new minster the head of St. Valentine the Martyr: and ere he was buried all people chose Edward (age 39) for king in London. And they received him as their king, as was natural; and he reigned as long as God granted him. All that year was the season very severe in many and various respects: both from the inclemency of the weather, and the loss of the fruits of the earth. More cattle died this year than any man ever remembered, either from various diseases, or from the severity of the weather. At this same time died Elfsinus, Abbot of Peterborough; and they chose Arnwy, a monk, for their abbot; because he was a very good and benevolent man.

Richard I Lands at Acre

On 08 Jun 1191 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 33) landed at Acre.

Before 08 Jun 1286 Roger Mortimer 1st Baron Mortimer of Chirk (age 30) and Lucy Wafre were married. He a great x 2 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England.

Before 08 Jun 1322 Thomas Furnival 1st Baron Furnivall (age 62) and Elizabeth Montfort Baroness Furnivall Baroness Montagu (age 47) were married. She by marriage Baroness Furnivall.

Death of the Black Prince


On 08 Jun 1384 Thomas Ros 4th Baron Ros Helmsley (age 49) died at Uffington. He was buried at Rievaulx Abbey [Map]. His son John Ros 5th Baron Ros Helmsley succeeded 5th Baron Ros Helmsley and inherited Belvoir Castle [Map].

Northern Rising

Chronicle of Gregory 1403-1419. 08 Jun 1405. Alle so the same yere Syr Richard Schroppe, Archebyschoppe of Yorke (age 55), and the Lorde Mombray (age 19), were be-heddyd at Yorke.

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

Chronicle of Gregory 1450. 07 Jun 1450. And yn the fowarde, as they wolde have folowyde the captayne, was slayn Syr Umfray Stafforde (age 50) and Wylliam Stafford (age 30), squyer, one the mannylste man of alle thys realme of Engelonde, whythe many moo othyr of mene personys at Sevenocke [Map], in Kentt, in hyr oute ragyng fro hyr oste of our soverayne lordys the kyng, Harry the vj te . And the kyng (age 28) loggyd that nyght at Grenewyche [Map], and sone aftyr every lorde whythe hys retynewe rood home in to hyr contraye. [Note. The date sometimes given as the 08 Jun 1450 and 18 Jun 1850]

Tournament Bastard of Burgundy

On 08 Jun 1467 King Edward IV of England (age 25) and John "Butcher of England" Tiptoft 1st Earl of Worcester (age 40) went to Whitehall Palace [Map] to retrieve the Great Seal from Archbishop George Neville (age 35). Considered as a slight against the Neville family to whom King Edward IV of England (age 25) was increasingly distant.

On 08 Jun 1476 Archbishop George Neville (age 44) died.

Wriothesley's Chronicle. 08 Jun 1492. The Queenes (age 26) mother (age 55)l deceased, and the Lowersm set upon Guylde Hall [Map].

Note l. Elizabeth Woodville (age 55), widow of Edward IV.

Note m. Towers.

On 08 Jun 1501 George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntley (age 46) died. His son Alexander Gordon 3rd Earl Huntley succeeded 3rd Earl Huntley. Jean Stewart Countess Huntley (age 40) by marriage Countess Huntley.

On 08 Jun 1529 James Fitzgerald 10th Earl Desmond (age 34) died at Dingle. He was buried at Tralee. His uncle Thomas Fitzgerald 11th Earl Desmond (age 75) succeeded 11th Earl Desmond.

Coronation of Anne Boleyn

The Noble Triumphant Coronacyon of Quene Anne. 08 Jun 1532. Also the sonday after Whytsonday beyng trynyte sonday and the eighth daye of June was made at Grenewyche these knyghtes followynge.

Sir Johan Dawne

Sir Richarde Haughton.

Sir Thomas Langton.

Sir Edwarde Bowton.

Sir Henry Capell.

Sir Christofer Cowen.

Sir Geffray Mydelton.

Sir Hugh Treuyneon.

Sir George West.

Sir Clement Herleston.

Sir Humfrey Feryes.

Between 12 Mar 1561 and 08 Jun 1561 Christopher Plunkett 6th Baron Killeen (age 38) died. His brother James Plunkett 7th Baron Killeen (age 19) succeeded 7th Baron Killeen.

On 08 Jun 1564 Ralph Gell (age 73) died. He was buried in St Mary's Church, Wirksworth [Map]. Elizabethan Period. Chest with Weepers.

Ralph Gell: In 1491 he was born.

Singeing the King of Spain's Beard

On 08 Jun 1587 the English fleet commanded by Francis Drake (age 47) sighted a Portuguese carrack, the São Filipe, twenty leagues from the Island of São Miguel, returning from the Indies laden with treasure. After a brief exchange of fire it was captured, the first ship to be so on the return run from the Indies. Its enormous fortune of gold, spices, and silk was valued at £108,000 (of which 10% was to go to Francis Drake (age 47)); the fleet returned to England, arriving on 06 July 1587. The expedition led by Francis Drake (age 47) was a resounding military success: over one hundred Spanish vessels of different tonnages were destroyed or captured during the expedition. Economic and material losses caused to the Spanish fleet by the English attack ensured that Spanish plans for the invasion of England had to be postponed for over a year. It was not until Aug 1588 that the Armada was ready to leave for the British Isles.


On 08 Jun 1606 Edward Clere (age 69) died. Chest tomb in St Andrew's Church Blickling [Map].

Edward Clere: On 15 Jun 1536 he was born to Admiral John Clere (age 25) and Anne Tyrrell at Blickling Hall. In 1561 James Boleyn (age 95) died. Edward Clere (age 24) inherited the estate at Blickling.

Royalist Conspiracy

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Jun 1658. That excellent preacher and holy man, Dr. Hewer, was martyred for having intelligence with his Majesty (age 28), through the Lord Marquis of Ormond (age 47).

PAINTINGS/LELY/James_Butler.png PAINTINGS/LELY/James_Butler_2.png PAINTINGS/WISSING/James_Butler.jpg PAINTINGS/KNELLER/James_Butler.jpg

Evelyn's Diary. 04 Jun 1660. Addressing myself to the Duke (age 26), I was carried to his Majesty (age 30), when very few noblemen were with him, and kissed his hands, being very graciously received. I then returned home, to meet Sir Richard Browne (age 55), who came not till the 8th, after nineteen years exile, during all which time he kept up in his chapel the Liturgy and Offices of the Church of England, to his no small honor, and in a time when it was so low, and as many thought utterly lost, that in various controversies both with Papists and Sectaries, our divines used to argue for the visibility of the Church, from his chapel and congregation.


Battle of Lowestoft

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jun 1665. VICTORY OVER THE DUTCH, JUNE 3RD, 1665.

This day they engaged; the Dutch neglecting greatly the opportunity of the wind they had of us, by which they lost the benefit of their fire-ships. The Earl of Falmouth (deceased), Muskerry, and Mr. Richard Boyle killed on board the Duke's ship, the Royall Charles, with one shot: their blood and brains flying in the Duke's (age 31) face; and the head of Mr. Boyle striking down the Duke (age 31), as some say. Earle of Marlborough (deceased), Portland (deceased), Rear-Admirall Sansum (to Prince Rupert (age 45)) killed, and Capt. Kirby and Ableson. Sir John Lawson (age 50) wounded on the knee; hath had some bones taken out, and is likely to be well again. Upon receiving the hurt, he sent to the Duke (age 31) for another to command the Royall Oake. The Duke (age 31) sent Jordan1 out of the St. George, who did brave things in her. Capt. Jer. Smith of the Mary was second to the Duke (age 31), and stepped between him and Captain Seaton of the Urania (76 guns and 400 men), who had sworn to board the Duke (age 31); killed him, 200 men, and took the ship; himself losing 99 men, and never an officer saved but himself and lieutenant. His master indeed is saved, with his leg cut off: Admirall Opdam blown up, Trump killed, and said by Holmes; all the rest of their admiralls, as they say, but Everson (whom they dare not trust for his affection to the Prince of Orange), are killed: we having taken and sunk, as is believed, about 24 of their best ships; killed and taken near 8 or 10,000 men, and lost, we think, not above 700. A great[er] victory never known in the world. They are all fled, some 43 got into the Texell, and others elsewhere, and we in pursuit of the rest.

Note 1. Afterwards Sir Joseph Jordan, commander of the "Royal Sovereign", and Vice-Admiral of the Red, 1672. He was knighted on July 1st, 1665. B.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Jun 1665. Came news of his highness's (age 35) victory, which indeed might have been a complete one, and at once ended the war, had it been pursued, but the cowardice of some, or treachery, or both, frustrated that. We had, however, bonfires, bells, and rejoicing in the city. Next day, the 9th, I had instant orders to repair to the Downs, so as I got to Rochester [Map] this evening. Next day I lay at Deal [Map], where I found all in readiness: but, the fleet being hindered by contrary winds, I came away on the 12th, and went to Dover [Map], and returned to Deal [Map]; and on the 13th, hearing the fleet was at Solbay, I went homeward, and lay at Chatham [Map], and on the 14th, I got home. On the 15th, came the eldest son of the present Secretary of State to the French King, with much other company, to dine with me. After dinner, I went with him to London, to speak to my Lord General for more guards, and gave his Majesty (age 35) an account of my journey to the coasts under my inspection. I also waited on his Royal Highness (age 31), now come triumphant from the fleet, gotten into repair. See the whole history of this conflict in my "History of the Dutch War"..

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jun 1665. I to my Lord Treasurer's (age 58) by appointment of Sir Thomas Ingram's (age 50), to meet the Goldsmiths; where I met with the great news at last newly come, brought by Bab May (age 37) from the Duke of Yorke (age 31), that we have totally routed the Dutch; that the Duke (age 31) himself, the Prince (age 45), my Lord Sandwich (age 39), and Mr. Coventry (age 37) are all well: which did put me into such joy, that I forgot almost all other thoughts. The particulars I shall set down by and by.

Great Plague of London

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jun 1665. Alone at home to dinner, my wife, mother, and Mercer dining at W. Joyce's; I giving her a caution to go round by the Half Moone [Map] to his house, because of the plague.

Four Days' Battle

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jun 1666. After dinner Balty (age 26) and I to my office, and there talked a great deal of this fight; and I am mightily pleased in him and have great content in, and hopes of his doing well.

1667 Raid on the Medway

Pepy's Diary. 08 Jun 1667. Up, and to the office, where all the news this morning is, that the Dutch are come with a fleete of eighty sail to Harwich [Map], and that guns were heard plain by Sir W. Rider's people at Bednallgreene, all yesterday even.

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Jun 1667. To London, alarmed by the Dutch, who were fallen on our fleet at Chatham [Map], by a most audacious enterprise, entering the very river with part of their fleet, doing us not only disgrace, but incredible mischief in burning several of our best men-of-war lying at anchor and moored there, and all this through our unaccountable negligence in not setting out our fleet in due time. This alarm caused me, fearing the enemy might venture up the Thames even to London (which they might have done with ease, and fired all the vessels in the river, too), to send away my best goods, plate, etc., from my house to another place. The alarm was so great that it put both country and city into fear, panic, and consternation, such as I hope I shall never see more; everybody was flying, none knew why or whither. Now, there were land forces dispatched with the Duke of Albemarle (age 58), Lord Middleton (age 59), Prince Rupert (age 47), and the Duke (age 33), to hinder the Dutch coming to Chatham [Map], fortifying Upnor Castle [Map], and laying chains and bombs; but the resolute enemy broke through all, and set fire on our ships, and retreated in spite, stopping up the Thames, the rest of the fleet lying before the mouth of it.

PAINTINGS/LELY/George_Monck.png PAINTINGS/LELY/George_Monck_2.png PAINTINGS/HUYSMANS/John_Middleton.jpg PAINTINGS/DOBSON/Prince_Rupert.jpg PAINTINGS/HONTHORST/Rupert.jpg PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/Prince_Rupert.jpg PAINTINGS/VERELST/Prince_Rupert.jpg

On 08 Jun 1671 Edgar Stewart 1st Duke Cambridge (age 3) died. Duke Cambridge 2C 1667 extinct.

Trial and Imprisonment of the Seven Bishops

Evelyn's Diary. 08 Jun 1688. This day, the Archbishop of Canterbury (age 71), with the Bishops of Ely (age 50), Chichester (age 64), St. Asaph (age 60), Bristol (age 38), Peterborough (age 60), and Bath and Wells (age 50), were sent from the Privy Council prisoners to the Tower [Map], for refusing to give bail for their appearance, on their not reading the Declaration for liberty of conscience; they refused to give bail, as it would have prejudiced their peerage. The concern of the people for them was wonderful, infinite crowds on their knees begging their blessing, and praying for them, as they passed out of the barge along the Tower wharf.

Roger Whitley's Diary. 08 Jun 1690. Sonday, (Whitsonday) his Majesty (age 39) went from Peele to Chester; (Portland (age 40), Scarborough (age 40) & Warrington (age 38) in the coach with him interl); I, Bidolph & one of his servants followed the Guards, &c.( the Mayor, Aldermen met him at Boughton, the Livery & Bearers in the streete interl); he went directly to the Cathedral [Map], sate in the Bishops seate; the Bishop (age 57) attended him as Clarke of the Closet; then preached; after sermon took coach immediately at the church doore, soe to dinner at Geaton, &c. I had 2 pockets picked in the church & severall others besides myselfe; the Mayor invited me but I refused him; I, Bidolph & G.Mainwaring (age 47) dined with Streete; severall came here to us; Bellot & I went thence to visit Sir Thomas Delves (age 37), &c. I left Bellot there; went to Jacksons; there were Bidolph, Streete, G.Mainwaring (age 47), my 2 sons, Warburton, Wright, Governor (but he stayd not), Colonel Harman, another officer,&c. I and Bidolph & Roger left them past 7; came home neare 9; found Mr Offley there, he stayd all night.

On 08 Jun 1691 James Cecil 5th Earl Salisbury was born to James Cecil 4th Earl Salisbury (age 25) and Frances Bennett Countess of Salisbury (age 20).

On 08 Jun 1693 Charles Mildmay 18th Baron Fitzwalter (age 23) and Elizabeth Bertie Baroness Fitzwalter (age 17) were married. She by marriage Baroness Fitzwalter.

After 1713. St Andrew's Church Denton [Map]. Monument to Richard Welby. Sculpted by Thomas Green of Camberwell (age 54). The fully wigged standing life sized figure of the deceased stands in an arched surround flanked by fluted Pilasters with acanthus scrolls and broken segmental pediment contaning a cherub and putti leaning down from heaven holding a metal coronet, surmounted by an achievement. Beneath is he inscription panel and to either side putti holding memento mori, and mourning, one with tears.

The inscription reads:


Here are deposited the Remains of

RICHARD WELBY of Denton Esqr

Lord of the Mannours of Welby Streglethorp Saperton and

Swinsted and High Sheriff of the County of Lincoln 1705

A Gentleman of an ancient & Virtuous Family, a good Christian

a Loyal Subject, a true lover of the Church

a sincere Respector of its Clergy and

a daily Frequentor of its Worship

In His private Character, Modest, Humble and Courteous

of great Probity and universal Charity

The Poor lost in him a liberal and silent Benefactor

his Tenants, a forbearing Landlord;

his Servants, a kind and prudent master;

his Relations, an invaluable Friend;

his Children, a most indulgent Father and

his Mournfull Wife ye Best of Husbands.

He marry'd MARY Daughter & Sole Heiress of JOHN TOWERS of

the Isle of Ely Esqr, by whom he had Issue;


After a tedious Sickness, which he bore with exemplary patience

and resignation, he dyed on Easter day 1713

In hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection; & lament his loss

the Righteous shall be had in everlasting Remembrance

MARY his once happy Wife now Sorrowfull Relict

??????? her own Affection

Erected this Monument Dec 10 1714.


Ob June 8 1759

Ae 74

Richard Welby: On 05 Apr 1713 he died.

Stonehenge by William Stukeley. Table XXV. The Approach to Radfyn [Map] fronting the Avenue of Stonehenge. 8 Jun 1724. A. the avenue [Map]. B. the old Kings Barrows. C. the new Kings barrows. D. Vespasians camp [Map]. E. the beginnings of the avenue.

On 08 Jun 1751 John Hely-Hutchinson (age 27) and Christiana Nixon 1st Baroness Donoughmore (age 19) were married. They had ten children.


On 08 Jun 1771 George Montagu Dunk 2nd Earl Halifax (age 54) died. Earl Halifax 3C 1715 extinct.

PAINTINGS/REYNOLDS/George_Montagu_Dunk_2nd_Earl_Halifax.jpg PAINTINGS/GARDNER/George_Montagu-Dunk.jpg

On 08 Jun 1774 Henry Gough 1st Baronet (age 66) died. On 08 Jun 1774 His son Henry Gough-Calthorpe 1st Baron Calthorpe (age 25) succeeded 2nd Gough-Calthorpe of Edgbaston in Warwickshire.

On 08 Jun 1795 Louis XVII King France (age 10) died. His uncle Louis XVIII King France (age 39) de jure XVIII King France: Capet Valois Bourbon.

On 08 Jun 1797 Henry William Powlett 3rd Baron Bayning was born to Charles Townshend 1st Baron Bayning (age 67) and Annabella Smith-Powlett (age 42). He was educated at Eton College [Map] and St John's College, Cambridge University [Map]. Coefficient of inbreeding 3.24%.

On 08 Jun 1803 Henry Villiers Stuart was born to Henry Crichton-Stuart (age 26) and Gertrude Amelia Mason Villiers (age 31).

On 08 Jun 1806 George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford was born to John Byng 1st Earl Strafford (age 34) and Mary Stevens Mackenzie.

On 08 Jun 1838 Lewis Clayton Bishop was born.

On 08 Jun 1842 Henry Parnell 1st Baron Congleton (age 65) committed suicide by hanging having suffered for some time from ill-health and melancholy. His son John Vesey Parnell 2nd Baron Congleton (age 36) succeeded 2nd Baron Congleton of Congleton in Cheshire, 5th Baronet Parnell of Rathleague Queen's County.

Archaeologia Volume 33 Section XIII. Account of a Gold Torquis found in Needwood Forest in Staffordshire, in a Letter to the Viscount Mahon, President, from Sir HENRY ELLIS, K.H. Secretary. Read June 8th, 1848.

Wetton. Several unsuccessful attempts to open the barrow at Longlow [Map], near Wetton, are noticed in the preceding pages, which failed from a great part of the mound being surrounded by mine hillocks, imder which it extended much further than was at first anticipated, in fact, a shaft had been sunk very near the centre of the tumulus. From a careful measurement of part of the barrow still remaining in its original condition, it appears to have had a circumference of ninety yards. It is chiefly composed of flat stones, many of which are large, and set on end, inclining towards each other at the top, by which mode of construction many vacancies are occasioned. Near the surface and at the edge the stones are smaller, and the interstices are filled with gravel and earth; the depth in the highest part was more than seven feet. Convinced that we had not yet found the principal interment, and as the presumed centre had been examined down to the rock, we excavated the S.E. side of the mound in the month of March of the present year, without finding more than detached pieces of human bone, and lumps of flint amongst a quantity of charcoal near the surface; and laying bare at the bottom, a low wall of square stones, altogether about four feet long and eight inches high. At length, on the 8th of June, after having expended part of the preceding day in excavation, we had the satisfaction of discovering a very large cist, or chamber, the first indication of which were two large stones lying parallel to each other in an inclined direction. They had originally constituted one stone only, forming one end of the cist which had been displaced, and each was seven feet long by five broad. At the foot of these appeared the end of another stone of almost equal size placed on edge, which proved to be one side of the sepulchral chamber; It was seven Inches thick. The opposite side was formed by a stone equally long, but about a foot narrower, and eleven inches in thickness. The stone forming the end inclined Inwards, having given way; it was five feet broad by six feet long, thus rendering the chamber, as originally constructed, six feet long, five wide, and about four deep. Excepting at a little vacancy at the end first discovered, where human remains were seen scattered amongst the stones, the chamber was filled In the upper part with earth and stones, below with stones only, which being removed, exposed a well-paved floor, covered from end to end with human bones, which lying altogether in the primitive contracted position, appeared to be in great confusion, though not so in reality. Two skulls lay close together, in contact with the side of the cist, beneath another skull (shortly to be described; In the middle lay the leg bones of one skeleton and the arms of another. One skeleton was situated rather higher up amongst the stones. Bones of the ox, hog, deer, and dog; also three very finely chipped arrow-heads, and many other pieces of calcined flint accompanied the human remains, which, as well as we could ascertain, represented at least thirteen individuals, ranging from infancy to old age, and including several females.

On 08 Jun 1859 Francis Edmund Cecil Byng 5th Earl Strafford (age 24) and Florence Louisa Miles (age 19) were married. He the son of George Byng 2nd Earl Strafford (age 53) and Agnes Paget.

After 08 Jun 1865. St Peter's Church, Edensor [Map]. Memorial and grave of Joseph Paxton (deceased).

Joseph Paxton: Around 1785 Edensor, Chatsworth William Cavendish 6th Duke Devonshire, working with Joseph Paxton relocated Edensor, Chatsworth, possibly so that it could no longer be seen from Chatsworth House. One the east of the original village one house was left in situ being occupied by an elderly retainer Anthony Holmes. It was walled around to protect it against deer and cattle. Six houses were left in-situ although they were modified to include ornamental chimneys. The new village was provided with allotments, a small prison and a mortuary. On 03 Aug 1803 he was born at Milton Bryant. In 1827 Joseph Paxton (age 23) and Sarah Bown (age 26) were married. On 08 Jun 1865 Joseph Paxton (age 61) died at Rockhills House, Sydenham. He was buried at St Peter's Church, Edensor.

On 08 Jun 1893 Charles Gordon-Lennox 8th Duke Richmond (age 22) and Hilda Madeline Brassey Duchess Richmond (age 20) were married. He the son of Charles Gordon-Lennox 7th Duke Richmond (age 47) and Amy Mary Ricardo.

On 08 Jun 1923 Francis Money-Coutts 5th Baron Latymer (age 70) died.

On 08 Jun 1940 William Philip Sidney 1st Viscount de l'Isle (age 31) and Jacqueline Vereker Countess de l'Isle (age 25) were married. He a great x 2 grandson of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

On 08 Jun 1954 Auckland Geddes 1st Baron Geddes (age 74) died.

On 08 Jun 1956 Walter FitzUryan Rice 7th Baron Dynevor (age 82) died.

On 08 Jun 1961 Edward Windsor 2nd Duke Kent (age 25) and Katharine Worsley Duchess of Kent (age 28) were married at York Minster [Map]. She by marriage Duchess Kent. He the son of Prince George Windsor 1st Duke Kent and Princess Marina Glücksburg Duchess Kent (age 54). He a grandson of George V King United Kingdom.

Edward Beckett 5th Baron Grimthorpe (age 6) served as a Page.