On this Day in History ... 13 April

13 Apr is in April.

1360 Black Monday Hailstorm

1477 Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

1640 Short Parliament

1641 Trial and Execution of the Earl of Strafford

1685 Execution of the Wigtown Martyrs

On 13 Apr 1035 Herbert "Wakedog" Maine I Count Maine (age 51) died. His son Hugh Maine IV Count Maine (age 15) succeeded IV Count Maine.

On 13 Apr 1111 Henry V Holy Roman Emperor (age 29) was crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

On 13 Apr 1229 Louis "Strict" Wittelsbach II Duke Upper Bavaria was born to Otto "Illustrious" Wittelsbach II Duke Bavaria (age 23) and Agnes Welf Duchess Bavaria (age 28) at Heidelburg. He a great x 2 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

Before 13 Apr 1319 John Charleton 2nd Baron Cherleton and Maud Mortimer (age 12) were married. She the daughter of Roger Mortimer 1st Earl March (age 31) and Joan Geneville Baroness Mortimer 2nd Baroness Geneville (age 33). She a great x 4 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

Black Monday Hailstorm

On 13 Apr 1360 a freak weather event known as Black Monday Hailstorm occurred as the army of King Edward III of England (age 47) were camped outside Chartres [Map]. Thomas Beauchamp 11th Earl Warwick (age 47), William Bohun 1st Earl of Northampton (age 50), Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke Lancaster (age 50), Edward "Black Prince" (age 29) and Walter Mauny were present. Around one thousand English were killed, with up to six thousand horses. King Edward III of England (age 47) believed the event to be an Act of God and proceeded to negotiate with the French resulting in the Treaty of Brétigny.

On 28 Apr 1360 Guy Beauchamp died from injuries received during the Black Monday Hailstorm.

Before 13 Apr 1367 John Tiptoft 2nd Baron Tibetot (age 53) and Elizabeth Aspall Baroness Tibetot were married. She by marriage Baroness Tibetot.

On 13 Apr 1367 John Tiptoft 2nd Baron Tibetot (age 53) died. His son Robert Tiptoft 3rd Baron Tibetot (age 26) succeeded 3rd Baron Tibetot.

On 13 Apr 1444 Walter Tailboys 6th Baron Kyme (age 56) died. His son William Tailboys 7th Baron Kyme (age 29) succeeded 7th Baron Kyme.

On 13 Apr 1458 John "Babymaker" La Marck II Duke Cleves was born to John La Marck I Duke Cleves (age 39) and Elizabeth Valois Duchess Cleves (age 19). Coefficient of inbreeding 2.05%.

On 13 Apr 1466 Giles Brugge 4th Baron Chandos (age 69) died at Coberley, Gloucestershire. His son Thomas Brugge 5th Baron Chandos (age 39) succeeded 5th Baron Chandos 1C 1337. Florence Darell Baroness Chandos (age 41) by marriage Baroness Chandos.

Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

On 12 Apr 1477 Ankarette Twynyho was arrested at Keyford and taken to Bath [Map]. George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 27) believed she had murdered his wife Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence who had died four months before.

On 13 Apr 1477 Ankarette Twynyho taken to Cirencester, Gloucestershire [Map].

On 15 Apr 1477 Ankarette Twynyho and John Thursby were hanged at Myton Gallows, Warwick [Map].

In 1478 Ankarette Twynyho was pardoned by King Edward IV of England (age 34).

On 13 Apr 1614 George Berkeley 8th Baron Berkeley (age 12) and Elizabeth Stanhope Baroness Berkeley (age 9) were married. She by marriage Baroness Berkeley.

Edward Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory: In 1550 he was born to Thomas Maria Wingfield and Margaret Kaye of Woodsome in Yorkshire at Stonely Priory. On 13 May 1607 Edward Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory (age 57) was elected the first President of Jamestown Virginia. His term lasted four months only when in Sep 1607 he was deposed. On 10 Apr 1608 Edward Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory (age 58) returned to England to answer charges of "being an atheist". In 1631 Edward Maria Wingfield of Stoneley Priory (age 81) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Kimbolton.

Short Parliament

Evelyn's Diary. 11 Apr 1640. I went to London to see the solemnity of his Majesty's (age 39) riding through the city in state to the Short Parliament, which began the 13th following,-a very glorious and magnificent sight, the King (age 39) circled with his royal diadem and the affections of his people: but the day after I returned to Wotton, Surrey [Map] again, where I stayed, my father's (age 53) indisposition suffering great intervals, till April 27th, when I was sent to London to be first resident at the Middle Temple: so as my being at the University, in regard of these avocations, was of very small benefit to me. Upon May the 5th following, was the Parliament unhappily dissolved; and, on the 20th I returned with my brother George to Wotton, Surrey [Map], who, on the 28th of the same month, was married at Albury to Mrs. Caldwell (an heiress of an ancient Leicestershire family, where part of the nuptials were celebrated).


Trial and Execution of the Earl of Strafford

PAINTINGS/HOLLAR/Trial_Strafford.jpgOn 13 Apr 1641 Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford (age 48) was attainted by 204 votes to 59 ostensibly for his authoritarian rule as Lord Deputy of Ireland. Despite his promise not to King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 40) signed the death warrant on the 10 May 1641 in the light of increasing pressure from Parliament and the commons.

Wenceslaus Hollar Engraver (age 33). Engraving of the Trial of Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford (age 48) with the following marked:

A. King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland (age 40).

C. Henrietta Maria Bourbon Queen Consort England (age 31).

D. King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland (age 10).

E. Thomas Howard 21st Earl Arundel 4th Earl Surrey 1st Earl Norfolk (age 55), Lord High Steward.NOTEXT

F. Henry Montagu 1st Earl Manchester (age 78), Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.

G. John Paulet 5th Marquess Winchester (age 43).

H. Robert Bertie 1st Earl Lindsey (age 58), Lord Chamberlain.

I. Philip Herbert 4th Earl Pembroke 1st Earl Montgomery (age 56), Lord Chamberlain of the Household.

V. Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl Strafford (age 48).

Z. Alethea Talbot Countess Arundel, Surrey and Norfolk (age 56).

Wenceslaus Hollar Engraver: On 23 Jul 1607 he was born. Pepy's Diary. 22 Nov 1666. Up, and to the office, where we sat all the morning, and my Lord Bruncker (age 46) did show me Hollar's (age 59) new print of the City, with a pretty representation of that part which is burnt, very fine indeed; and tells me that he was yesterday sworn the King's servant, and that the King (age 36) hath commanded him to go on with his great map of the City, which he was upon before the City was burned, like Gombout of Paris, which I am glad of. On 25 Mar 1677 Wenceslaus Hollar Engraver (age 69) died.

After 13 Apr 1661 William Graham 7th Earl Menteith 1st Earl Airth (age 70) died.

On 13 Apr 1666 Henry Carey 1st Earl Dover (age 86) died at Hunsdon [Map]. His son John Carey 2nd Earl Dover (age 58) succeeded 2nd Earl Dover, 2nd Viscount Rochford 2C 1619. Abigail Cockayne Countess Dover (age 56) by marriage Countess Dover.

On 13 Apr 1673 Charles Cornwallis 2nd Baron Cornwallis (age 41) died. His son Charles Cornwallis 3rd Baron Cornwallis (age 17) succeeded 3rd Baron Cornwallis.


1685 Execution of the Wigtown Martyrs

On 13 Apr 1685 Margaret Wilson (age 18), Agnes Wilson and Margaret McLachlan were indicted as being guilty of conventicles. They were found guilty on all charges, and sentenced to be "tied to palisades fixed in the sand, within the floodmark of the sea, and there to stand till the flood o'erflowed them". Agnes Wilson was subsequently granted freedom on a bond of 100 Pounds Scots. Reprieves were written out for the two Margarets with a date of 30 Apr 1685.


On 13 Apr 1703 David Colyear 1st Earl Portmore (age 47) was created 1st Earl Portmore. Possibly for having married the King's former mistress Catherine Sedley Countess Dorchester and Portmore (age 45). Catherine Sedley Countess Dorchester and Portmore (age 45) by marriage Countess Portmore.

PAINTINGS/LELY/Anne_Hyde_4.png PAINTINGS/GASCAR/James_II.jpg PAINTINGS/LELY/James_II.png PAINTINGS/WRIGHT/King_James_II_1660.png PAINTINGS/KNELLER/Catherine_Sedley.jpg PAINTINGS/CROSS/Catherine_Sedley.jpg

On 13 Apr 1705 Louis Bourbon Duke Brittany died.

On 13 Apr 1716 Admiral Arthur Herbert 1st Earl Torrington (age 68) died. Earl Torrington extinct.

On 13 Apr 1736 Vere Beauclerk 1st Baron de Vere (age 36) and Mary Chambers Baroness Spencer (age 22) were married. She by marriage Baroness Vere. He the son of Charles Beauclerk 1st Duke St Albans and Diana Vere Duchess St Albans (age 57). He a grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland.

On 13 Apr 1738 Edward Devereux 11th Viscount Hereford (age 28) and Catherine Mytton were married.

On 13 Apr 1755 Edward Stawell 4th Baron Stawell died. Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 1C 1683 extinct. His daughter Mary Stawell 1st Baroness Stawell (age 30) inherited his estates. She was created Baron Stawell of Somerton in Somerset 2C 1760 in 1760.


On 13 Apr 1761 Thomas Wallis (age 37) died. He was buried at Lincoln Cathedral [Map].

Thomas Wallis: Around 1724 he was born to Newcomen Wallis (age 28) and Catherine Collingwood.

On 13 Apr 1768 Benjamin Bloomfield 1st Baron Bloomfield was born.

On 13 Apr 1769 Penistone Lamb 1st Viscount Melbourne (age 24) and Elizabeth Milbanke Viscountess Melbourne (age 17) were married.

PAINTINGS/LAWRENCE/Penistone_Lamb.jpg PAINTINGS/GARDNER/Witches_Round_The_Cauldron.jpg

On 13 Apr 1790 John Townshend 2nd Viscount Sydney (age 26) and Sophia Southwell Viscountess Sydney were married.

Archaeologia Volume 21 Section III. Account of King Edward the Fourth's Second Invasion of England, in 1471, drawn up hy one of his Followers; with the King's Letter to the Inhabitants of Bruges upon his success: translated from a French Manuscript in the Public Library at Ghent. Communicated by Edward Jerningham (age 45), Esq. F.S.A. in a Letter to Nicholas Carlisle, Esq. F.R.S. Secretary. Read 13th April, 1820.

Edward Jerningham: On 14 Jul 1774 he was born to William Jerningham of Cossey Park 6th Baronet (age 38) and Frances Dillon (age 27). He a great x 3 grandson of King Charles II of England Scotland and Ireland. On 29 May 1822 Edward Jerningham (age 47) died.

On 13 Apr 1828 Bishop Joseph Barber Lightfoot was born to John Jackson Lightfoot and Ann Matilda Barber.

On 13 Apr 1828 Edward Baring 1st Baron Revelstoke was born to Henry Baring (age 51) and Maria Matilda Bingham (age 45).


On 13 Apr 1919 Rowland Winn 2nd Baron St Oswald (age 61) died. His son Rowland George Winn 3rd Baron St Oswald (age 25) succeeded 3rd Baron St Oswald of Nostell in the West Riding of Yorkshire.


On 13 Apr 1945 Frederic Raymond Clegg-Hill (age 35) was killed in action. Peter David Clegg-Hill 9th Viscount Hill

On 13 Apr 1972 Hugh Molyneux 7th Earl of Sefton (age 73) died without issue. Earl Sefton, Viscount Molyneux, Baronet Molyneux of Sefton extinct.


On 13 Apr 1979 Thomas Cholmondeley 4th Baron Delamere (age 78) died.